Murder and Mayhem, or Rise Up!

Once upon a time before murder and mayhem in the government, before bullshit and manipulation in your face (the how much can we get away with in the world before they notice) before MK ultra, there were reasonable expectations in the world. Granted, it was all built on lies, and even older manipulations, the grandest of those being religions (cargo cults the world over) but in the way of humans, it ran, and we worked it. Granted, it’s what we really do well – creating peace out of shit -because we are made that way.

Now it’s apparent that we have to start all over again. The Internet has been used as a tool to create a whole new world of mayhem. It was prophesied that humans would be telepathic one day again as they were before the tower of Babylon incident, linked by their minds and then peace with reign for 1000 years. Well technology has made that happen early and artificially, the Internet and everything else has been Weaponized. (oh joy – not) and instead of acting like adults with it, we act like the children we are. When it was discovered the internet was weaponized, a group of us, weaponized it right back. The Internet has become like the subconscious mind exposed with all its glory and ugliness for all to see and know. 


Why do we call it the “sub” conscious when it seems that it is connected better to reality than we are. Language intimates that the every day conscious state is superior when in reality, we all know it is not. Why can’t we just blend them: both-and proposition, not either-or. We have been taught that our conscious reality is the end all – be all and it’s just flat out wrong. And I think it is one of our biggest distractions and the idiots know that and use it against us all the time. Anyway…

So we arrive to today where a few good people are trying to, by law, (laws that were created by the bad guys in their bad-guy-game) win the game by using the bad guys’ rules – which will NEVER work! Wasn’t it Einstein that said you cannot solve a problem at the level at which it was created? I’m not complaining because I can’t think out of the box or even conceive of out of the box…or even a bigger box. I’d like to see the Star Trek future that all of my alternative woo people talk about. When you think about it the dupers (bad guys, illuminati, aliens, Kazarians – what ever) gave us ST too, and this planet reminds me of the Ox Mix episode of said program. (A Piece of the Action: season 2 ep.17) 

Everything we think we know has been given to us by the duper’s, except the raw experience of being human. That, right now, seems to be the only self evident truth we have.

I’ve been kind of watching the planetary scenario for about 20 years now and there are three naradigms coming together I never in a million years would’ve thought could happen. And they are conservative politics, the alien narrative, and Biblical scholarship. And then, when you take the sub ideas under each of these categories, what you find are conspiracy theories, not so conspiratorial anymore that interlink with each other. 

(the biblical part)

In my opinion we are mind controlled now to not notice the bullshit, the garbage they’re pulling in plain sight. We are confused on purpose, we are conflicted on purpose, we are distracted on purpose, and we are made fearful on purpose. But the bigger part of the lie started about 6000 years ago. Whole entire parts of our history have been wiped out. But when you look at things like forbidden archaeology and giants and megalithic construction around the world you begin to get a handle on just how big the lies are. 

Anytime you want to dig into biblical scholarship from a different viewpoint, its all there in the text – when you can actually look at it from a different perspective by using actual word meanings – not what you have been told words mean by the dogma of the church, watch Paul Wallace, he’s amazing. What this man has discovered and (presents so beautifully of course) will blow your mind in a good way. He’s got three videos with Mauro Biglino and if you watch all three you’ll understand how long this has been going on and to what ends the regressive idiots are willing to go to. 

🔵Episode 1 “Elohim” here: The Elohim – Finally We Know The Truth! Vatican Bible Translator Reveals Shocking Information! Ep 1

🔵Episode 2 “Elyon” here:

🔵Episode 3 :Elyon” here: YAHWEH | Shocking Truth Behind The Original Bible Story!  Episode 3 – Paul Wallis & Mauro Biglino

And what it boils down to is that the angels were aliens. Yahweh was just an angel (god – little ‘g’) not God. The big G God is the one that Jesus talked about…

and Yahweh was a psychopathic asshole. And they are still with us… 

(the political part)

It seems we have a rather insane group of people who have made sure they created the power to run the world the way they want, and it is quite insane. Millions of people have had no idea at all that all of this was going on right under their noses. If the insane are the enemy, and they’re good at hiding it, to discover what they are up to you must think like your enemy – insanely. That’s hard to do because it makes no sense at all. There are no logical if-then propositions to look at except one: Don’t get caught. One of their idiot tenants of their belief system is that they will not reap any bad effects from anything they do to any of us if they tell us what they are going to do before they do it and if we don’t object that means we give our ok to it – even if we don’t understand it. The easiest way to do that to the population has been mental manipulation chaos and trickery and mostly lies. They are getting us to give up our free will and hand it over to them by making us think it’s a good idea – that they will save us, or solve a problem for us – because we want to, that way it’s really hard for us to recognize or see what we’ve done. The more they take from us, the harder we work to provide for our loved ones, the less time we have to think about it and catch them at what they’re doing. For most of us, the harder it is the harder we work, its a self acceptance of slavery. It’s been that way since the world was divided up for the fallen angels/watchers/Anunnaki/aliens. We need to stop this bullshit!

The definition of insanity is when you do something over and over again expecting a different outcome. It’s kind of what Einstein said, but in a different way. Unfortunately, these are the people that have situated themselves in positions of power in government, institutions, education, medicine, science, media, money and corporations. They are power-hungry, they do not care about us, they are psychopathic, and have no empathy for anything. Those who work under them have chosen to stay asleep and be their minions, because it will mean that they will live safe, comfortable lives and they are encouraged not to think about it. At this point, even regular people are acting poorly; for money, or for their own reasons, no one can be counted on to do the right thing, no morals, no strength of character from anyone and no one willing to stand up for anything. I didn’t vote on purpose. I refused to be a part of that entire game. The universe knows my intent, and I don’t give a good goddamn what anybody else thinks. I will not play their fake game. We used to call that being a conscientious objector back in the hippie days, I’ll opt out until there is some truth and wider options, until it’s not a sham. I refuse the karma of playing their game.

Right now our system of free will is based on our right to vote by the constitution. If our system is so broken that we can’t even have free and clear elections when they can take an instantaneous poll on TV about America’s got talent in 30 seconds… we are not free. We are all being played at every level and we are in chaos by their design.  

(the alien part.)
If you were a reasonably intelligent, advanced, civilization out exploring the galaxy and you drove by our planet and looked down here and saw all the mayhem and craziness, the first thing you would do is throw it in reverse and go somewhere else. Nobody is crazy enough to want to come down here in this mess unless they are meaner and nastier than our resident nasties, unless they have something they can gain from it. I’m sure we’re not catching them at what they are doing either! But why bother when you can make your own aliens??? 

The ‘project blue beam’ technology is so real that you can actually touch the hologram and feel the hologram. It needs no MK ultra or any other kind of programming. It’s like a solid hologram even better than what we saw in Star Wars, more like the Holodeck on the starship Enterprise where you could go in there and play out a whole scenario and its all very realistic. That’s the kind of tech we have. The project blue beam narrative will include a new one world religion (designed by the UN) brought in by the friendly aliens, who help us conquer the bad aliens – after a lot more of us have died. (I feel like my little finger should be resting on the corner of my mouth as I write this)

So for the last 20 years, I’ve been kind of watching the alien part of this three part naradigm weave around, politics and religion. I’ve always kind of known it was all connected. However, I never expected to hear it come out of anybody else’s mouth, not the least of which, serious political science people with brains. It gave me a heads up today. Whenever you’re researching an idea or a piece of information if you can find two other or three other corroborating pieces of evidence, then you probably have a truth, or so Kerry Cassidy says. Cliff High seems to think that they’re going to pop the alien card within the year. I happen to think it is absolutely the very last card that they can play because after the alien card, there’s nothing left to do. The alien card will reveal every single machination, trick and game that they have used against us for the last 6000 years, it’ll all be out in the open along with many uncomfortable questions to be answered. Many years ago Von Braun warned us about the “alien invasion” in light of the capturing of the world under a one-world-government when he told his assistant Carole Rosin before he died, they will use:

1. Russians

2. Terrorists 

3. Third World Crazies 

4. Asteroids 

(the only one he missed was Covid)

5. Alien/ET’s

Each to fracture the world just that much more. 

Notice we are back to their agenda again? They, the fallen angels, aliens, some of whom never left? For 6000 years we have been the good little slaves of the ones who stayed or were mandated to stay, until just like in history, if you look back – every tribe leader who was an appointed one from heaven (space), abused those of us under their rule and there was an uprising. Well, here we are again, only this time the game isn’t for a tribe, or a nation, its for the WORLD. 


The “DARPA” Project They LEAKED on Purpose has Officially Been SWITCHED ON