Of house hippos and land sharks

4:30 am is the time the baby house hippo turns into a land shark, demanding food. Who, as soon as it’s fed, transforms into a Hero on a Mission willing to brave the misty high stairs in order to find bed land and sleep once more. (i.e.: Max thinks 4:30 is breakfast time) But the journey is fraught with peril and there is a battle being fought in bed land along the enormous southern mountains where an itchy red haired ogre lies in wait guarding the entrance into bed land. Much barking ensues and night noise. This causes an earthquake in the southern mountains and a deep god like voice to ring out with one word: STOP!

The moral of the story: house hippos and land sharks are fun and you just inadvertently trained your pup that 4:30 is breakfast time because you were half asleep while trying to potty train him. 

Also metaphors can be used so many ways – to create a Hero on a Mission, or to gas light an entire planet…

To allow another pandemic, for what ever reason and the ensuing madness, will only allow the already sick and wounded casualties of this war to worsen and die playing directly into the agenda of the genocide group – the enemy, doing their job for them.

We are trying to awaken these people, not hand them to the enemy all wrapped up in a bow for Christmas!!! (you can’t solve any problem at the same level that it was created) 

Which begs the question: are the white hats AND the black hats the same people or are the white hats stupid too??? Are they all caught so deep in the game that they don’t notice they’ve turned into what they hate? Because by the law of frequency and intent you always turn into what you hate until you learn to understand it and release it. Then you have the ability to STOP and change. 

There is a light side – a better way, to become a planetary entity, which is obviously what is happening here. We must find it. We, the People, must find it and to do that we must stop thinking like the enemy and we can’t do that until they stop living rent free in our heads, then we will be able to see a different path. 

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