McGee’s Rule #70

“Keep digging until you hit bottom.”

Its funny (odd) when people like 107 and Gene Decode start talking about ancient history and the reptilians, grays, CV being a creation thereof and that the legendary black goo is the graphene in the vaccs (remember Morgellons) and that entire narrative. Really odd. It sorta slides them right into the flat earth, mud-flood, Tartaria, Ice wall/blue ice gang.  One would think the SSP group, the Randal Carlson, Graham Hancock, Robert Schoch, Nassim Harrimans out there who, at least the have science behind them, would be a better alignment. But who am I to judge? Does that put politics in with the flat earth gang? (lol)

The point is that there are massive psy-ops, world wide gas lighting going on – as we all know, to the extent that well rounded people (like doctors and lawyers not just us fringe) are now openly admitting that the mother WEFers are not human. I heard it straight out of Reiner Fullmich’s and Dr. Christian Northrup’s mouths – two great CV warriors of impeccable credentials. They both contend that the last 60+ years of vaccination poison strategy plus the electrification of our atmosphere combined are a genocide of the human race cooked up by the mother-WEFer’s and that they are NOT human! (I agree, but wait, there’s more)

Which brings us to Nassim’s realm: frequency/ratio/orders of magnitude in any part of the EMF you choose to look at including aether which are proving to be a lynch pin in the whole matter, including the weird and whacky world of UFO/crypto/phenomenology wing of this whole debacle. Imagine being an inter-dimensional, or a spirit or anything unable to exist in this 3D realm at this frequency – what could you do with a body created in an artificial womb – which we now have? Hmmm?

But if you want to go way back into the annals of time, when the debacle began, you can look at the corrected entomologic works of the bible and Sumerian texts et al. If these works, especially the bible is a written history – however corrupted – then the history is plain to see. I can’t see why this would be any less insane than the narratives running amuck today… (more)

I think, maybe:

Once upon a time… there was a planetary war going on between Tiamat and one of its larger satellites now known as the planet Mars. Tiamat was blown to bits. (to whit we now have an asteroid belt in its place) The evidence of which are all the bits and pieces you can see all over Mars.

When this disaster happened the refugees wound up coming to earth, terraforming it and getting stuck here. They continued the war until their irrecoverable tech on an undeveloped planet deteriorated beyond repair. Then they sunk into survival mode trying desperately to keep their knowledge secret but safe.

Its widely accepted that if you blow up your own planet you are helplessly insane. Some of them so insane that they could not get it together enough to incarnate in a human body. So we were invaded doubly. We had our own disincarnate spirits here and they were nice beings, caretakers of the planet, but they got flooded by the really insane ones from Tiamat and Mars, thus becoming our current horde of… well, demons. Then we had the carnate who made it here intact and became mixed with humans but were not human in that they had no heart – which they hid fairly well from the human population. Psychopathy is simply the lack of a heart, the inability to feel anything but yourself. They are not alien any more, but they are not human either. But the truly dark and totally insane ones were the discorporate ones who wanted to be in the 3D world more than anything and were willing to do anything up to and including ruin this world to do it. Why not? It wasn’t their world! Their world was gone and they wanted to continue the war on this planet because, not only did the insanely evil makers of their world war come here but the ones caught in the cross fire did also. They still needed to be decimated. Their plan was to usurp in any manner possible the human race and rid themselves of such inferior fodder and use the bodies this planet creates to finish their war. Now they don’t even have to possess us because the technology to make bodies without a human spark exists. Artificial bodies grown in artificial wombs…used as a doorway into the 3D realm. Just think Avatar. It really doesn’t matter the name you give them Anunnaki, watchers, Nephilim, they were a waring bunch and they continued it here on this planet.

The human over soul of this planet felt empathy, sympathy for them in their plight and we invited them to find refuge here – not knowing they had no heart. We have ever since that time been trying to figure our way out of the mess.

The end.

Maybe. My conjecture is that although there probably are some truths in all of the above, there are also massive lies/misdirection/cover-ups in most of it. Somebody is desperate to garner our attention and weld it in place with blinders… As to the bible: they say that the victor writes the history. That means that it could be a very one sided story.

Just one more thing.  Gibbs rule # 39: “There is no such thing as a coincidence.”

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