Abductions aren’t Real???

Here’s the thing. They are real. However I agree with Grant Cameron when he says this subject is classified the highest of all. ( lol – its classified so high that the person who said they aren’t real didn’t even know…IMO) He also said if you don’t want to reveal, you don’t talk about it, … Continue reading Abductions aren’t Real???

The Indeterminate Alien

The Indeterminate Alien could be anything or anyone along an electromagnetic spectrum that is so wide that we have only discovered a small portion of it and are aware of an even smaller portion. If you haven’t put two and two together yet, conscious energy exists in electromagnetic form along ALL electromagnetic frequencies.We exist as … Continue reading The Indeterminate Alien

On Kitten Feet: My opinion

From a journal entry in January 2013: I have a feeling that ‘first contact’ will need to and most probably happen on a person to person basis. Meaning that simultaneously everywhere everyone will have that awakening. Kind of like answering your door bell and your next door neighbor says to you “I’ve been meaning to come … Continue reading On Kitten Feet: My opinion