I’m back in my body and I open my eyes – 4:01am. When that happens it is a signal that communication will happen and there is something to write about. But… my body was going, you’re kidding me? I feel like horse shit. So I pass out again. I promptly open my eyes again at 5:01am. The conversation goes:

“Really? But what is there to say? It’s all bullshit right now.”

“Well, how about that there are indigenous energetic beings who live on the planet.

“I already wrote about that…”

“And the really tall people have had more lifetimes here.”

“I’m short – explains a lot…”

“The super tall people may be regenerated instead of born and have continuous memories of the entire time here, like a 1,000 years or more. Which makes them insane. Need I continue?”

“Ok, as always you got me – now I’m interested”

“(background humor)”

Without fail, fat cat feels my waking mind and comes in the bedroom and meows at the top of his lungs and both dogs go instantaneously from deep sleep to loud barking. I grab my clothing head for the bathroom and the damned cat will not even let me pee in peace. I head down stairs where I open the door for the one dog who followed me, immediately feed the cat before I wind up killing him for all the noise, make my coffee, get my candle and and note book and head out doors to write in my garden. Writing for me is sometimes a form of meditation – I hit the zone there. But it requires silence and not just ‘sound’ silence – it requires psychic silence. Just about the whole world is asleep by 4am – even the night owls in a regular suburban neighborhood like mine. 

However, I can fuck that up by looking at my phone or wrangling to many cats and dogs before I actually make it outside to write. This morning I was rather too awake but I think I got the gist of it. 

  1. To go Interdimensional or Transmedium using technology simply means you create your own field of energy around you or your vehicle that translates you to a place or a time or both instantaneously, with the added benefit of molecular frequency mobility allowing for penetration of solids, liquids and other media out of their native phase, also creating invisibility to normal human sight.
  2. It could be that the souls here are not trapped, but, they are addicted to being 3D.
  3. Somebody or group here MOST definitely has the tech mentioned in #1. They are not willing to share. It would mean financial devastation to them. They do not care that others suffer because of this.
  4. I speculate that the human body was created as an avatar on this planet for other species to use to come and visit. That earth is like a national park for this galaxy, one of many, but the avatars became too conscious for use by others. 
  5. Further, when the avatars got out of hand it was decided to reduce the population, while genetically modifying intelligence to make the avatars more amenable to inhabitation by galactic travelers. (? Another speculation as to why. It is rather obvious we are being systematically culled, however.)
  6. We do have a group of immortals on the planet. They are very good at hiding. Many legends have grown up around them, mostly to obfuscate their existence. ( I’m not the only one who thinks so…) Obviously they would need and want to remain unknown.
  7. I asked if consciousness is information (what you know) or what you sense, or both. Then I speculated that it is both. Sensing increases information, but wrong information can block the recognition of what is right in front of your eyes. In other words you can block any or all of that information. You can be programmed and not even know it. We are all waking up to this right now. It’s interesting. 
  8. Systems resonance (part of #1 at the top) is also a biological function and we know as the earth transits space it changes its frequency and thusly we do too. Because of that resonance we are coming out of sleep all of us – because we resonate in the human field frequency and there is feed back between us and the earth in all of her components. 

These things will bounce around in my head now, (they are not new ideas, but there is a different feeling attached to them) creating new connection points, new ideas and greater awareness – hopefully. My best conversations occur in the semi-dream state which is fleeting, because, loud cats, dogs, a husband that objects to lights on while he sleeps and my immediate need for coffee two seconds after I awake. And yet whom ever is with me has a delightful sense of humor and has stuck with me all the years of my life. Through thick and thin, stupidity and moments of brilliance, through devastation and joy. I have found more moments of wisdom in this writing process than any teacher taking multitudes of years with me could ever teach, because I need not translate the movements of my soul to another to try to explain (that happens when I write) because they are a seamless part of me, and only there when I ask. That is why I return the curtesy of hauling my old, creaky, cranky ass out of bed at 4am. That and because I love this time of communion. It took me close to 60 years to figure out what it was, I still may not have a clue, but I enjoy it muchly.

Fool me once…

What do I think I know?

Lairs always lie. They tell the first one because they are cowards and thieves. They tell the next one to cover for the first one – and because they are cowards. They do NOT want to face the consequences of their actions of what ever they lied about in the first place… and on it goes until most times the liars even begin to believe their lies. 

I think it appears to be that the liars have been given an ultimatum – tell the truth, or ‘We’ will. The ‘We’ being what the first lie was told about. What we are seeing now is a very convoluted plan to squirrel out of most of the blame. And, they are running out of time or they never would have gone this far with it. Plus, they are trying to get the biggest bang for their buck financially while they tell us only partial truths. 

IMO it’s going to back fire in their faces. 

There are many who would let what truth they do know out, but they can’t – not the whole truth. And half truths can be used and spun – twisted to not exactly lie – but lie anyway. Someone coined the phrase ‘truth embargo’. (Richard Dolan, perhaps?) And somewhere in the game, trying to hide the truth with misdirection and talking around it, it tumbled into outright lies, deception and even murder. To make a lie work, you must always tell the next lie. There is never just one lie. Ever. 

IMO, we are fast approaching a deadline of sorts. We all know it, we have all felt it – even not knowing what is coming, we are aware of it. I do believe the gig is up and the game is over. The reveal of what ever it is will occur and the chips will fall where they may. In other words it has been taken out of the secret holder’s hands and they have no recourse but to stand muster and take their consequences. (and probably wish they had told the truth in the first place) 

Never has this earth been a place where all were equal. In the 20th and 21st century the gap between the have and have-nots has gotten so out of hand, the usury so over the top, that it must stop. Now, the financial system that fed the liars is crashing, and the information they used to bank on, will be revealed. Society is already scrambling to reorganize, preparing, mobilizing. The timeline where we wind up in the future as a society that cannot reproduce because we have destroyed our genetics and end up like the greys is being halted, intervened, actually stopped in it’s tracks. 

Intervention is always messy and painful, but with the weight of all of us standing behind it, it will be successful. Now the real work begins. Liars never clean up their messes, those who got hurt do. They quietly begin again and with a greater wisdom and a wary eye on the offenders, rebuild their lives, trusting the liars to always be liars and taking appropriate action. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. 

Aliens exist.

We travel the solar system and beyond.

Technology to greatly alleviate suffering exists.

We are being used, sold, killed off, culled: a commodity without consent.

We have the power to stop this, we just don’t know it.

But we will, very soon.

There would come a time…

I aways knew there would come a time when a man with enough spine, honor and integrity would arrive to handle a corrupt system and see us through to the future. Unflinchingly ethical, principled with a high ideal for the problems ahead in getting and setting a standard we have not seen for a very long time. So watch this. Here he is.

Do You???

Some points to ponder, things I’m wondering about…

  • Why does Lue Elizondo make an issue out of needing to get this done – this whole roll out quickly?
  • It is interesting how we are calling mainstream media lamestream – in light of all the lies and misrepresentations disinformation and outright censorship on everything recently. Now the UFO community is cheering the lamestream for any tidbit of information they ‘report’ on their version of UFO’s? What’s to say the talking heads aren’t feeding us a line of bullshit on this too? (its called spin)
  • This recent flurry of mainstream media reports on supposed UFO’s have over shadowed Jacques Vallee’s and Paola Harris’ new book “Trinity” – that has more truth in it than all the recent lamestream reports put together. 
  • It would seem the way that Elizondo and team are pushing the importance of the UFO community that they might be on a mining expedition for new information from a very rich source, namely us.
  • At the same time people like Danny Sheehan are going full speed ahead to pry information out of the legal dungeon its been hidden in for the last 70 years in an effort to clarify matters.
  • IMO we have two or more parties vying for who’s narrative is going to win and come out on top setting the standard for ET relations for probably the next 500 years. 
  • Which, IMO, leads one to speculate back around to that time limit that Lue mentioned in one of the recent flurry of video interviews he did last week. 
  • Are we looking at some sort of intervention time line that if they do not reveal information to the public about this topic, it will be taken out of their hands???

Trust me what is being bandied about in the media today is simply one snowflake on an iceberg so vast and huge that its almost useless. And here we are havin’ a par-tey over it all, acting like idiots when we know better… 

Do you trust the same people (who in lying to us about CV19 are systematically, genetically killing us) to actually report anything on the UFO topic except what they want you to believe?

Do You???



you remove the UFO issue, either by telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth, or even by telling half the truth that includes the new (to us) technology we have funded through taxation, of our blood sweat and tears, 


  • Big Oil falls, (antigrav technology)
  • The Electrical power grid must restructure (free energy minus the cost of  infrastructure management)
  • The oil, coal, water turbine, wind turbine and associated industries fail.
  • The Auto industry must restructure
  • The Flight industry will fall, crash and burn (including NASA, Musk et all and all the monies funneled to them dry up, Rocketry and all explosive antiquated technology become obsolete) 
  • Most all of the lobbies in congress go away
  • Big Pharma and the allopathic medicine only paradigm mostly roll over and die (because frequency technology)
  • All the associated billion dollar a year supportive techno-businesses die
  • Covid becomes a non issue 
  • Government is restructured
  • Military is restructured
  • Big Agriculture is restructured
  • Science can progress after a hundred year hiatus from the truth
  • There are a billion things left on this list

BUT we are left with the ethical and moral implications of the crimes of those who played this game without any care for lives lost, or quality of life for those who gave their blood, sweat and tears. This is what they are so very afraid of. Not that we can’t take the realization of other people who live in, off or around this planet, no. They are terrified of paying the piper once their crimes are exposed to the people, and they are held responsible for them. 

There are those doctors and lawyers out there who are moving towards holding the New Nuremburg Trials on the covid debacle, but instead of one people and one country, this encompasses the entire planet. This is, make no mistake, a war. It will be seen that this war killed as many as WWII, if not more when all is said and done, with far less infrastructure damage and little if no pollution, or loss of expensive equipment and toys. 

Why bother when you can get the enemy to willingly kill themselves? 

If the Med-Beds come out covid-bull-shite will be cured. If the New Nuremburg trials happen, stealth experimentation on the human population will end forever. If the filthy ( and I literally mud dirty) oil dependent industries fall, this earth will become green and healthy again. New businesses will abound because we are nothing if not creative. And the Military Industrial Complex and their gov’t cohorts – what’s to war over if there is enough for everybody?

These are all pretty big ifs. And they are after all ‘If’s.

But the entire shebang rests on the UFO industry – the secrets, the lies, the truth embargo. Once you pull that pin, the axel falls out and the whole cart load of bullshit breaks. 

I really don’t care who does it – which camp, which group, just so long as it is done!

Then there is the shoveling out phase, stinky hot work, but manure is good for the soil and things will begin to grow again – one can hope.

The New Paradigm: Redo your living room!

Nothing is ever inert, even if we can’t see the movement its moving. Just think on the level of electric charge: neg (-) and pos (+) ions doing their dance. Expand that to chemistry and potentials and the laws that govern well behaved compounds and those that are explosive. And if it isn’t moving it carries potential and that potential awaits interaction and on it goes.

Now, think of the population of earth in a similar manner. If the preponderance of the dark entropic force holding much of the population quiet to the point of almost death were not so strong right now, there would be no coming explosion of light – information build up. When that happens, and it will (its simple physics) every last person(molecule) will be thrown into motion (awareness) and for a time the darkness will be obliterated, the pendulum reaching its greatest amplitude –  in that period of time while it defeats gravity just before it starts to move in the other direction (that moment of wonderous weightlessness you feel on a swing just before you start to move the other direction) a reorganization occurs, a focus towards the next vector, until the new order of things settles down and the pendulum starts its long slow swing in the other direction. The universe breathes. As do we. 

To bring in new information, enough to launch a new paradigm (direction) the old paradigm must be shattered, and then reorganized into a more efficient form. Kind of like changing your living room around to better suit its current function. And when you move all the flotsam and jetsam like magazines and papers and TV remotes (et al) and find missing bits and pieces, and things stuck in couch cushions (mostly ear buds and dog chews) in preparation to move the actual couch, you find stuff you had forgotten you owned under the couch (mostly missing socks, more dog chews, maybe the flip flop you thought the dog ate – who knows). Its total disarray before you put it all back together in a better way. But when you are finished, you have a higher order than before and  your room looks, feels and acts new.

This current debacle we are wading through not only has dust under the couch, but some dead rats and a cockroach or two – (gives me the willies). The only thing good about this are the people who have shown up to help move the furniture who bring their strength and integrity and brilliance to the party, who bravely collect the rats and bugs and take them out to the garbage heap to be burned. Those who put their life and limb in extreme jeopardy to prove that rats are rats…

The bad thing about this party is that the rats have been at it for a long time and the nest has to be cleared out, the walls and the furniture inspected for hidden nests and the roaches, just plain exterminated. This is hard work, because there is no living room fairy with a magic wand to come rushing in to save the day. Its nitty gritty work that must be done, with bleach and hot water and gloves and a scrub brush. The grime and the sweat are inevitable and so is the elbow grease. 

To find what has been hidden, you must take it all a part. 

IMO we are in the middle of dismantling our societal norm. Actually, it feels more like we are ripping it a part. Maybe we are. When you take a Band-Aid off its best to do it fast. 

I have used every metaphor I could think of to say society has changed. It can never go back to what I grew up with which for all its glory, was really only a dream, a carrot dangle. It will never go back, be the same, because it wasn’t real. It could get better. It could get worse. We could lose many people we love due to medical poisoning, I hope against hope we don’t, but that will all be a matter of timing. We could begin our new relationship with the rest of the galaxy in peace, or not, depending on how much money the ‘ultra’-elite are willing to give up and how much they are willing to work through their xenophobia. (yah, its theirs, not ours) It all depends on how willing we are to rearrange our living rooms, kick out the messy offenders with the bad attitudes and clean up our living space. 

I’m ready. I have a pressure washer and all the fancy attachments and I’ll share.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Sometimes the best way to get a handle on things is to look at yourself. I keep wondering about my ‘circumstances’ and I am reminded of The Mirror. That what I see that I think is exterior to my self is simply reflecting my inner self, inner conditions. My writing for the last two years has been angry and full of hurt with the resonating shards of betrayal. I know this but it has also freed me up to see it in the world so my writing mostly says “LOOK HERE, DAMNIT!”.

I mean, good heavens we have everybody’s assumptions based on their life’s apprehensions and an assortment of odd occurrences with the flotsam of various bits and pieces, and we are trying to put together a shattered ‘something’ with no idea of what it looked like when it was whole. (and I’m not talking just nuts and bolts craft or even ET, but the whole nine yards. – Which reminds me of the pilot for Star Trek where they tried to put a woman back together with no idea of what a human looked like) All the while hoping to discover function from form, to draw forensic clues from the pieces left behind, sort of like academic archeologists – who are mostly wrong due to a restricted, accepted body of incorrect assumptions…

There are those who can look at this with the capacity to step back, to try to widen their scope of view, but not knowing which direction to look, to pay attention. Then there are those a step further who notice and use patterns for clues as to where to look. However the need to step completely out of the façade to look is almost impossible, as this whole narrative is vastly created – mostly so that any logical linear direction is a mis-direction. Even those who look ‘inside’ (RV) are mis-directed as all elements of this are camouflaged. 

I have tried to bang around inside all of them to see what would shake loose – tried to be as wildly open minded as possible…but how do you find your way out of a maze where every human contingency has been planned for?

How do you suss-out an intelligence that has a totally different perception of reality and therefore no human referents? Where the forensics you have make no sense? Where going ‘direct’ makes no sense? Its like the Three Blind Men trying to ‘know’ what the elephant looks like. And we have no eyes. We can’t see what is apparently staring us in the face and when we try everybody’s experience is different.

And so, I assume (lol, hush, I’m already an ass so it doesn’t count), we are missing a great big piece, I speculate that there is a physics at work here that contains the structure we are looking for within which much of this would make sense. A framework that some people know and are using to their great advantage, that others have discovered and been silenced for, risking their very lives to educate the rest of us on what they have found. 

I will say this, with what Mark McCandlish knows – which we all know if you have listened to any of his presentations, and his up coming testimony to the UFO inquiry board, then his murder, it is obvious that this particular puzzle piece is off the board. The truth is still going to be hidden because they are still not willing to openly admit we’ve been off planet now since the 50’s. That cadre of people have this mystery science and are putting it to selfish good use. They are IMO, planning on using it to create more fear and panic around !Aliens! They are planning on using it to move the population around, to finish culling what Covid will miss. They are planning on using it to scare us to death and even deeper into the New World Order. IMO, of course – 

But here we are – it always comes down to a convenient ‘they’ a someone else – a someone to blame, a perp… and we are back to that mirror thing, again.


Trinity: The Best Kept Secret: by Jaques F. Vallee and Paola Leopizzi Harris

“…everybody might be using obsolete hypotheses. While much has been made of research into complex composition of UFO residue and isotopic ratios, the naked truth is that very advanced technology is not necessarily esoteric. 

pg. 55 second paragraph)

The problem is, that esoteric (- esoteric most commonly means obscure and only understood or intended to be understood by a small number of people with special (and perhaps secret) knowledge. It’s often used to describe knowledge that’s only intended to be revealed to people who have been initiated into a certain group) can also mean psychic (of or relating to the human soul or mind; mental as opposed to physical, pertaining to or noting mental phenomena, outside of natural or scientific knowledge; spiritual. Of or relating to some apparently nonphysical force or agency) because you went to an esoteric school to learn how to become psychic. Esoteric just means hidden. 

If that’s confusing, it’s because it is – on purpose. IMO, if psychic ability, (being psychically gifted) which is a human capacity we all have, was acknowledged by science it would us lead directly into forbidden physics territory and a science that could save the human race. Therefore, it is esoteric – hidden. This has been known for thousands of years and may have been the reason for the first tower of babel moment, when we were restricted from this part of ourselves by (you guessed it) genetic modification. Its taken us 2,000 years to come back around to this part of ourselves proving that you can try to modify human DNA, but it will always heal itself because it is a universal blueprint with self healing capabilities based upon ratio and frequency, the selfsame that keeps the universe running, that eventually comes back to its original intent.

And here lies the reason for the UFO secrecy. Because to reveal the unknown, hidden science behind the UFO’s would lead us directly to our natural minds. This is why in every real UFO contact case, there is a psychic component. They, the ET, actually expect us to know about who we are, but we don’t due to some very slick machinations and carrying on. We persist because of the way we were taught (academia) and because of what science says is only possible, to deny this wholeness of being. In doing so we use only 5 senses to perceive our world –  and we disconnect ourselves from our most powerful sense – the sixth sense. Through the last 2,000 years people have even been put to death for using it. The church has taught us it is a sin to use it, and the ‘modern’ world has called it justifiably insane. But wholeness is reaching homeostasis, rising once again …and once again we have a faction of people trying to kill it. However this article is not about that. 

There are many groups studying this, the RV guys, the science of mind guys (Russell Targ et al), Puthoff, Davis and that gang, the NIDs guys, you get my drift, all who, IMO have been hampered by the onus on the psychic/physics disconnect in one way or another. There is a VERY big link to the psychic component in a true ET/UFO case. IMO that’s how you determine the difference between a hoaxed or terrestrial case and a real case. “Trinity”, makes this absolutely clear. 

This book is as much about psychological gas lighting, redirection, astounding thievery and betrayal of anybody involved in this subject by terrestrial power mongers, as it is about the ETs and UFOs. 

“…I believe that structure works, because the deception (or the ultimate key) is hidden within the illusion of discovery.”  

pg. 284 paragraph 6)

They use this advanced understanding of next level physics to dazzle us with what we seek to find, efficiently enough to hide themselves and their agenda.

And so Vallee says,

“We believe the phenomena is not trying to teach us physics or advanced propulsion, although most researchers will keep trying to extract such data, or turn it into new weapons. Instead we believe it is trying to teach us to transcend our own humanity…”

(pg. 225 paragraph 5)

This is, in my opinion, because, knowing about the ‘wholeness’ of our humanity, they are trying to draw attention to that part of us we rigorously ignore, that has been programmed out of us for centuries.

“Any Disclosure will be managed by the same groups that have safely managed the dossier for the last 75 years, and they can spin it to their liking, claiming that the military must retain control.”

(pg. 274 paragraph 6)

This is exactly what we are seeing in the current rush of 75 year old information being touted as new in the lamestream media today. Sadly, everybody is playing the new, bright and shiny game and some people are jumping at what they already know are stale crumbs.

IMO, when you read this book you will know exactly what is going on, or have a pretty good picture of it. You will be able to sort through the information that is being thrown at you and begin to discern it’s veracity. You will marvel at the synchronicity of a coming together between two different but not dissimilar people to bring this saga into the light of day and you definitely will begin to see things differently and have new questions. 

All the information is out there – you just need to know what questions to ask. This is a brilliant book.

Trinity: The Best Kept Secret: by Jaques F. Vallee and Paola Leopizzi Harris

Copyright 2021 StarworksUSA. ISBN:979-8-7459-0256-7

Into the Slaughter Pen…

From the Covid fiasco right into FAI (Fake Alien invasion) from DJ’s Friday Video. (He’s right, you know)

Nobody has EVER been able to “DEFINE” Who runs the “real” UFO’s.

Nobody has been able to “DEFINE” Who runs the fake/terrestrial UFO’s


There is no way to know where to point the defense to the ‘threat’.

There is no way to know the real agenda behind said threats. 

There is no real way to understand the type of defense needed.

There is no way to know anything. 


Just like Covid, people will react out of fear because certain groups with their own agendas will create another panic psy-op and the “herd” will run straight into the slaughter pen. 

These same groups HAVE, however, been able to replicate the ET’s presumed effects in 3D. Then they have “used” those effects lately on the world stage to present “evidence” of threat. In other words they dazzle us with their tech to hide themselves and their agenda and what is really going on.

Imo: Covid might have been a test to see (on the psychological level – these are many layered ops) how well the panic response would work on a World-Wide level for control (to say nothing of the organism-genetic part of the Operation) because if They were going to run an even bigger World-Wide FAKE Invasion Operation, they needed efficiency numbers. 

I had asked the question: How were Covid and the (Fake ET) questions and all the LARPS around it connected. DJ pointed out one politically relevant way. Which, IMO, The “Real” phenomena or ETs’ or ultra terrestrials (or who ever they really are  – we still don’t know and they really want us to believe they don’t either) are not it, because it would have happened almost 100 years ago.

(it being “invasion”) Which maybe it did when it was pointed out to the world powers at the time the consequences of exploding the first three atomic bombs in 1945. When the ET’s – the real ones – made their point to all the ‘nuclear-capable’ heads of state in the world at the time, and all those who came after in succession. And then they stood back.

Knowing the bomb was out of the question relegated it’s use to threat potential only. IMO, another way to cull the population was needed that didn’t use the creations of principled people to make their plans come true. So, the people who kill people spread the research so thin that accountability would become a moot point, just like they did the science in the black projects around recovered ET tech. They made the next weapon medical. They made it a choice. They then panicked the people so badly they willingly – willingly – took a lethal injection that would in one way or another kill them or limit their reproductive ability, efficiently getting the army to kill it’s self with no bloodshed and no ruin of land or property.

What we are seeing today as the current ET narrative is 100% concocted by these same world powers as just another control mechanism and in reality just another grand game, to bilk more money, blood sweat and tears out of the people of earth. And in one way, truly making us their source of cash and man-power: a commodity, to support whatever Their current agenda is. Whom ever ‘They” are.

If They could do this much damage with Covid imagine what they have planned with a Fake Alien Invasion – another unseen enemy with more lockdowns and loss of freedoms, not counting the loss of life, because there is always loss of life… yeah, just imagine… 

(somebody somewhere is rubbing their hands together in glee and maniacally laughing)