One Hundred and Eighty Degrees

We’ve always been invaded. Where did we ever get the idea that we were alone? Insular? Singular? Turn it 180′ on its head, do a one-eighty and then it’s correct. Like most things today.

If you look at it that way, it all makes sense. In fact, the word ‘invaded’ is incorrect. This world is full of higher-order species we know nothing about. So, the very idea that we are the only ‘intelligent’ species on the planet is bogus. Like Bob Bigelow said, its all right under our noses.

Some species have been here longer than humans – they are more indigenous than we are. Like Lou Elizondo says, we aren’t at the top of the food chain on the planet. Some are just visiting, some are marauding, and some are helping.

And we think covid is the biggest psy-op of the century…. HA!

Its not that humans are stupid, we’re just gullible as hell. We are good at adapting and MacIvering shit – we’ve had to be to survive living on the surface for thousands of years. But, HERE WE ARE! And once again we have become so numerous, survived so well, that we have become a problem to somebody or some other life form(s) that live here too. (I count the psychopathic creators of the latest debacle of cv19 as a different species because they are missing half of what it means to be human)

And there are so many species! Indigenous and not. We all live here, have lived here for practically ever, in human reckoning as it is soon to be known. However, its obvious that we’ve pissed off somebody – or something, maybe scared them because we’ve reached a point in the natural evolution of the human race where it is inevitable that we come out of our sleep, our trance and wake up to all that is happening in, on, and around this planet. And we can either accept the fact that earth is a melting pot of many intelligent species, or revolt and have another thousand years of war and destruction and possibly the death of our lovely world. 

Or, we can open our eyes and see what’s in front of our noses, demand for ourselves the same rights, adjudicate past wrongs and write into existence a peace treaty to live together on this world. We work hard – we basically make this world run. We should at least get commensurate pay for what we do and equal rights and equal say, instead of being treated like slaves. We have a lot to offer and it would become obvious, if we weren’t so messed with. 

The fog we have lived in for the last six thousand years is lifting, even the deepest sleeper must awaken because the truth is becoming apparent. Yes, we will need redress for the wrongs, the lies, the actions of everybody – us included. Once we understand, life will be much, much better.

We are all going to have to learn at light speed and – ADAPT. Afterall, really, its what we do best. 

Temporal Wars

Woke to rolling thunder at 3ish. Only it wasn’t raining. Once I got out of bed it was gone. Strange. But the whole world has been strange lately, really strange.

I noticed a Mandela glitch in NCIS last night in the ending of one of the shows. I only noticed because my husband said that the ending was like a non sequitur. I thought about it and he was right. I remembered the ending as happening in the school, in the day light, but last night on the show it happened in the director’s office at night. Almost as if it was pasted on. I have watched and rewatched NCIS on Netflix over and over. So sue me, I like the show a lot and everything else except The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch on TV right now is sheer garbage. So I noticed the change in the ending – I can almost quote dialogue. 

But I also woke up yesterday feeling the time line had moved again… its that weird ‘something is different but you can’t quite put your finger on it’ feeling. I am very familiar with it as it has been happening to me since the 1980’s. Its very disconcerting until you realize that it is real. It would happen on and off until 2008 when it started to happen frequently for a couple of years and then nothing except one or two times a year, until lately. That and having my subconscious mind yelling about waking up from my coma…well, it just adds to the strangeness. Why can’t I have a nice reasonable abduction or something other people will understand??? Its no wonder that I personally wonder about reality all the time. 

The energies have been very strange lately, back and forth and back and forth. The timeline swings (corrections?) have been small, but the one that happened on Sunday was rather annoyingly large and IMO backwards a bit. I fully expect a counter move soon that will bring it back the other way, which actually feels much better to me, more positive, less pressure locked. Anybody else tired of getting yanked around?

All of this reminds me of Sting’s song about how fragile we are. IMO, in August there will be no “aliens” (notice no caps because it is a derogatory term, used by stupid people) of any kind, because there is still too much fighting and money to be made to play that last card. Truth is, I think when the rest of this fuckery wakes the people up, (John Q. Public) to all of BS, what is going to matter, be our graduation test, is not what we do about it, but HOW we handle it. How we respond. In wisdom or woe.

Part of our story (time line) is the concealment and our eventual revealment of it to ourselves. Even more importantly, what we do with that information, how we integrate it into our story. Whether we erupt into fury, or take the wisdom and move on forward. (what is more important living, or revenge??) 

What goes around, comes around. Karma, physics (equal and opposite reaction) will take care of the fates of everybody: which side of that equation you gonna be on? I’ll be 70 in under a year and a half and I’d much rather watch a miracle before I leave this planet. I’d really love to leave miracles for my kids and grandkids and their kids. Jus say’in. 

Poisons, Parasites and Psyops: or, beating a dead horse one last, sad time.

Ok, look, there is an ARMY of information warriors out there who are contributing viable information to the whole puzzle going on currently. Its all so in your face. But there are a few new voices that I think are notable right now, one of them was on the Stew Peters show, a guy who committed to see this from a different angle – one we have all missed. His name is John Lukach. Watch it here.


Picture: Female – Confirmed jabbed: clot from Femoral (groin) vein

The second interview that is worth mentioning is Maria Zee talking to John O’Looney, a funeral director who talks about the clots that are not clots (see above picture) being found in the bodies of most every vaccinated person they embalm. Mr. Hirschman was the embalmer who brought this type of clot into the public eye, now embalmers every where are reluctant to come out, but are admitting with in their groups that it is a common finding. The other thing that Mr. O’Looney talked about were the amount of child casket orders that have recently been seen and why he thinks nobody is saying anything about it – like certain hospitals turning into crematoriums to cover up the number of babies and children dying. This is very sobering. But, they are hiding information – as usual on us. Watch it here.

Here is her first interview with Dr. Jane Ruby introducing what that ghastly picture is about:

Dr Philippe VanWelbergen is studying the blood of the UN-jabbed and he says there is self-assembly occurring

Make no mistake, we are all graphene’d at this point, its in the air, its in the live stock feed, its in the plants – hell, I’ve never been vaccinated and magnets stick to my collar bone.

Then to get hit with extra in the shots – we all have graphene poisoning.

If you don’t understand why – here is a paper that will tell you about high frequency microwaves and their effects on the human body. At this point they can hit us with any frequency and it will look like any disease they want it to.

Exposure to high frequency electromagnetic fields, biological effects and health consequences (100 kHz-300 GHz)

Review of

the scientific evidence on dosimetry, biological effects, epidemiological observations, and health consequences concerning exposure to high frequency electromagnetic fields (100 kHz to 300 GHz).

ICNIRP Cataloguing in Publication Data

Review of the scientific evidence on dosimetry, biological effects, epidemiological observations, and health consequences concerning exposure to high frequency electromagnetic fields (100 kHz to 300 GHz).

ICNIRP 16/2009

1. Electromagnetic fields 2. Biological effects 3. Non-Ionizing Radiation 4. RF

I. Review

ISBN 978-3-934994-10-2

And to show you how they are confusing the issue, here is a headline blaming it on ‘long covid’…

They mistake graphene oxide poisoning as a cv-19 symptom.

An excellent article written by Russell L. Blaylock states exactly how and why its gotten this far and why people are so confused:

We are now witnessing a growing number of excellent scientific papers, written by top experts in the field, being retracted from major medical and scientific journals weeks, months and even years after publication. A careful review indicates that in far too many instances the authors dared question accepted dogma by the controllers of scientific publications—especially concerning the safety, alternative treatments or efficacy of vaccines.[12,63] These journals rely on extensive adverting by pharmaceutical companies for their revenue. Several instances have occurred where powerful pharmaceutical companies exerted their influence on owners of these journals to remove articles that in any way question these companies’ products.[13,34,35]

Worse still is the actual designing of medical articles for promoting drugs and pharmaceutical products that involve fake studies, so-called ghostwritten articles.[49,64] Richard Horton is quoted by the Guardian as saying “journals have devolved into information laundering operations for the pharmaceutical industry.”[13,63] Proven fraudulent “ghostwritten” articles sponsored by pharmaceutical giants have appeared regularly in top clinical journals, such as JAMA, and New England Journal of Medicine—never to be removed despite proven scientific abuse and manipulation of data.[49,63]


Of vital importance is the observation by experts in the field of medical publishing that nothing has been done to stop this abuse. Medical ethicists have lamented that because of this widespread practice “you can’t trust anything.” While some journals insist on disclosure information, most doctors reading these articles ignore this information or excuse it and several journals make disclosure more difficult by requiring the reader to find the disclosure statements at another location. Many journals do not police such statements and omissions by authors are common and without punishment.

As concerns the information made available to the public, virtually all the media is under the control of these pharmaceutical giants or others who are benefitting from this “pandemic”. Their stories are all the same, both in content and even wording. Orchestrated coverups occur daily and massive data exposing the lies being generated by these information controllers are hidden from the public. All data coming over the national media (TV, newspaper and magazines), as well as the local news you watch every day, comes only from “official” sources—most of which are lies, distortions or completely manufactured out of whole cloth—all aimed to deceive the public.

I highly recommend you read the full article, there is a ton more relevant  information in it.

But lets get really creepy – Psyops:

Despite the abundance of Hollywood “spy” thrillers and cartoonish depictions of Anglo-American intelligence agencies like MI6 and the CIA protecting citizens, saving the world, or reigning in one of their own “rogue” elements, the nature and extent of genuine intel agency PSYOPS (Psychological Operations) are rarely explored. While conspiracy theories abound, they may or may not be true. On the other hand, PSYOPS and what former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov called  “ideological subversion” are very real, yet seldom discussed in any meaningful manner.

This is especially the case if we consider how the latest “behavioural insights” from the fields of social psychology and behavioural science have been used across the Western world over the last two years. Under the auspices of battling a virus with a 99% survival rate, the population has been bombarded with an aggressive combination of “Neuro Linguistic Programming,” “Nudging,” and public messaging “incantations.” As we will continue to demonstrate, all of these techniques — in one way or another — have been designed to target what social engineers call “automatic motivations” i.e. our unconscious (or preconscious) minds.

Then I found this article and it beyond creeps me out – how they set us up to gracefully accept the tyranny we are currently facing. The “parasite stress” hypothesis.

According to a “parasite stress” hypothesis, authoritarian governments are more likely to emerge in regions characterized by a high prevalence of disease-causing pathogens. Recent cross-national evidence is consistent with this hypothesis, but there are inferential limitations associated with that evidence. We report two studies that address some of these limitations, and provide further tests of the hypothesis. Study 1 revealed that parasite prevalence strongly predicted cross-national differences on measures assessing individuals’ authoritarian personalities, and this effect statistically mediated the relationship between parasite prevalence and authoritarian governance. The mediation result is inconsistent with an alternative explanation for previous findings. To address further limitations associated with cross-national comparisons, Study 2 tested the parasite stress hypothesis on a sample of traditional small-scale societies (the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample). Results revealed that parasite prevalence predicted measures of authoritarian governance, and did so even when statistically controlling for other threats to human welfare. (One additional threat—famine—also uniquely predicted authoritarianism.) Together, these results further substantiate the parasite stress hypothesis of authoritarianism, and suggest that societal differences in authoritarian governance result, in part, from cultural differences in individuals’ authoritarian personalities.

And just to conclude this horror story, part of the end game is infertility: Another part is to irrevocably change the human genome forever – if we manage to live through this, a Swiss study has shown that the mRNA technology becomes inserted into your DNA very quickly and as yet, no therapy or ‘fix’ has been found to change it back and you will pass it down to your children.

I’m not going to beat this poor dead horse any longer – I’m going to bury him. God help us all.

So, I asked…

I woke up frustrated, tired of confusion, tired of not knowing just wtf is going on. I don’t consider my self a ‘Christian’ – not in the modern sense of the word, at least. But it happened again, actually every time I ask a direct question of universe I get an answer. This time it took about and hour, as if to say: ‘When you are direct enough and clear enough, the answer will be given!’

This morning’s journal entry:

July 2nd, 5:55 am 70 degrees outside

It’s gone past

just being quiet enough to listen,

just staying out of the way

just waiting and wondering for events to play out

just speculating

Its gone past normalcy into insanely different, into ‘the real world isn’t anything like the programmed paradigm we are convinced of from the moment of birth onward’.

It’s gone into abnormal/paranormal is more factual than ‘normal’. ‘Normal’ is the lie. AND there is no explanation you could give to those who are still stuck in that ‘normal’ that they could even begin to fathom. It’s so whacked!

Question: How is that possible???? Tell me something I don’t know! I want to see/understand the one nodal point that allows the new information to settle into my brain so that it can become part of my subjective symbolic frame work –

To ask the right questions!

I have a feeling that it is so simple – as simple as turning around to see what is behind me…which makes me want to grind my teeth in frustration (gnashing of teeth…lol)


So, I walk the dog right at the edge of dawn, because he’s too old to go out in the heat and walk. He’d been at my feet as I made my journal entry, waiting patiently, but sort of loudly in my mind…lol It’s a very small slice of time we have in the morning for him to get out and it’s vital to him – I know.

When we get back I finish the morning routine by reading the news and scanning for vital bits of information hidden amongst the weeds. I really wasn’t expecting such a direct and immediate answer to my question, but voila there it was. Before I read the morning funnies, (inane dog videos) I require myself to check certain daily columns produced by people who have interesting lines of information. Nino’s Corner by David Rodriguez is one of them. Today  I find:

Ali Siadatan – “Sons of God – The Final Deception” 7-1-22

5331 views • Jun 30, 2022 • 1h 6m

Ali delivers incredible information on what he believes was the start of humanity and the creation of civilization. We discuss the spontaneous evolutionary jump and how the fallen angels were the ones to deliver this sudden and abrupt spike in human evolution. The fallen angels then became the objects of worship over every nation on earth. This was until the birth of Jesus. Jesus then brought about the renewed kingdom on earth. We are in the last stages of this spiritual war and heading into the final deception.. Buckle up for this one.

Not only does this make sense, but it is a direct answer to the question I asked in my morning writing. BAM!

If you don’t have a membership – its worth one. However he said at the end that he will be putting it up on Bitchute and Rumble and YouTube. Give him a few days – he is his own staff – and it takes him a while, plus it’s 4th of July weekend.

I hope you all have a wonderful, sparkly loud weekend getting together. Good food, good friends, celebrating the WHAT and WHY we have such wonderful freedoms. Me, I’ll be sitting with the dogs, because loud booms. I do dearly love them. Plus I already got my fireworks….

The Story

“I have recently been digging into the connections to Jinn, demons, Yahweh, Jesus and aliens and trying to sort out a history that is so convoluted and messed up that the truth is well hidden in centuries of lies. I sorta think its highly relevant to the psychopaths of today and etc., its more than just deranged people or aliens, there is the thread of something else in there – I can feel it, I just can’t sus it out yet… but I will. “

So I ruminated about that above paragraph for a few days. To be able to take in information, the groundwork – a sort of mental alignment must occur – and then ‘voila!’ the information presents its self. I have come across what I’m going to present a million times, but I never looked at it through the proper…question.

Definition of why story and narrative are so important. The Story: if you were trying to teach a thing verbally, word of mouth, using the story as a mnemonic for other information, to increase the chances that the story will be remembered, you would make it a great story, a passionate one, full of heroic deeds and memorable heroes. Then the mnemonic would also survive. Only those that were taught the proper key, would understand. You would also leave behind as an imperishable record as possible, probably on stone.

That said, when future generations way forward in time like us go hunting obscure myth and stories, when we read ancient texts left in obscure places we begin to realize there is a pattern to them all. But! Taking into account what we know today about the race war that is happening on the planet, you realize that the planning of this current debacle reaches so far back into the mists of history that it is almost impossible to trace the story line. Then you wonder if what was left behind was a lie on purpose leading to a misdirect, or used as a sort of predictive programming – most certainly culminating in the outright destruction of the evidence that doesn’t fit the current narrative (story) of today. Its extremely convoluted.

However, there are pieces of truth out there if you can be clear headed enough to see them. I was listening to Freddy Silva talk to Rex Bear of Leak Project about his new book

where he traces antediluvian history through geography, place names, indigenous oral tradition and entomology to try to figure out the origins of the Scottish and the Irish, which lead him to Armenia. 🙂 I was fascinated.

Restricted History, The Shining Ones, Giants of Sardinia, 22,000 B.C.E. Freddy Silva PT 1

Recurring Armageddon, Ancient Records of the Vile Stars, Giants & Descending Dragons, Freddy Silva

My speculation:

As it turns out, IMO, the Anunnaki WERE the Atlanteans. They were a race of much taller people with technology more advanced than what we think we have today. In my view they were the survivors of the explosion of Tiamat, which is now the asteroid belt and mars was its moon. Several of earth’s catastrophes can be, or should be linked to pieces of that planet smashing into us: giant waves, and climate change and the settling and rebalancing of the solar system after Tiamat’s destruction. 

 Yes, they genetically modified us in a number of ways, but when their continent fell here, on this planet due to over using it – forcing energies the wrong way – they realized they better bring us up to speed because their chimeric creations were going to fail without their power sources – they already had transhuman creations working for them here, as they did on Tiamat. (psst – they’re trying to do it again… ahem) IMO, they were rather divided on how they felt about us and what they wanted to do with us. One camp rather liked us and when their island paradise fell they migrated all over the globe to help pickup the pieces after they destroyed it. The other camp found… other ways to survive… One might say we have the very basis for the creation of the white and black brotherhoods, right there. Either way they saw the handwriting on the wall and knew they would eventually by now, because of having to merge their bloodlines with us to survive (in their eyes), de-evolve.

The darker side of things tried to stave this off by keeping their gene pool pure – their blood lines, but eventually as their numbers died off this became problematic and created inbreeding that led to certain problems expressing themselves through psychological and physical means: psychopathy and hemophilia for example. But the idea that they were different and better became a part of their mythos, their psyche. A spiritual and religious tenet that is still very much alive today in those blood lines.

Next I caught an interview with Dr. Lee Merritt and Maria Zee

Where Dr. Merritt just happened mid interview to bring up bloodlines in relation to sensitivity levels to the covid/vax/bioweapon. It seems the only people mostly immune to it are the Ashkenazi bloodline which comprise most of the ruling classes and banker families, go figure. The gene is called ‘K26R’ which is detailed in a book called “The Covid Beast”. Dr. Merritt had a number of gems in this interview, its worth the listen.

This is a sad story. Possibly hundreds of thousands of years long. Its sad for what happened to Tiamat, its sad for this planet too because ‘they’ could possibly do it to this planet also, they are certainly trying. Only a small percentage of people really understand that they control the weather, they create tsunamis and earthquakes, they can even control whether the sun will hit us with a CME or not. They want to eliminate the bulk of us and use the rest as human cyborg servants again. They want their old life back… they don’t understand that long ago in the mists of time they became a part of the human race whether they like it or not and now they are going to have to learn to behave better or bear the consequences of their actions. A while back Cliff High did a video on the history of the Ashkenazi/Kazarians, he called them the ‘The Name Stealers’ as they were known awhile back – now I get it.

I’m sure I only got little bit of this right, if any, but now it is beginning to make some sense to me.

Ps. “The rest is all aliens.” as Dick Allguire says. I tend to agree.

Pissed off and tired…

This was so odd, that I am going to blog it. Usually I would not, but…

Its the first time in my life that I was dogged by what seemed like the devil and a bunch of imps, all night long. It was a kind of persuasion discussion – and I kept saying NO! I must have come up to semi-consciousness about three times, each time drenched in sweat almost like when the body is sick and trying to expel toxins. Its hard work and the body sleeps about 3 hours and wakes you. 

At one point I was very aware of something in the room around 1am or something. At this point I’d already awakened once in a sweat, and I rolled over, turned my back on it and went back to sleep till 3 am. Around three am I got aggravated with all the high jinx and called on Jesus – I used his name to get them to quit bugging me. There were imps all over the room sitting on me and furniture… it was wild. I was half in and half out of consciousness which always annoys me, and I was worried about the dogs – but they were fine and unaware of anything in the room. My subconscious mind was on point last night it kept me aware of the situation. ( I love my subconscious mind… jus say’in)

It looked like a classic abduction scenario except the little greys were imps. I didn’t go anywhere because I couldn’t be persuaded. When I sleep I go down and into my being – I don’t float off to somewhere else. I float inward. I couldn’t get there because something kept trying to get me to come with them, or agree to something that would make my life easier and I agreed that it might – it was tantalizing but it didn’t feel right and my subconscious mind kept ‘kicking me under the table – or elbowing me’ and regardless of the words or the sense they made I’d realized I didn’t like how it all felt to me or who was presenting it to me. I would say no out of principle. It was almost hypnotic – if you could call a sleep state that. 

When I got tired of it all, I remembered from hearing about it, that you could call on Jesus to protect you, and by this time I was over the shenanigans. So I ‘officially’ called on his power in my sleep… I said “In the name of Jesus Christ I command you BE GONE!” I just wanted the deep peace of sleep at that point and was done listening. They quit talking and I’m not sure whether they left or not, if they did, they left a residue, a frequency behind. 

Then my mind and my subconscious mind had a discussion about how they managed entry. Personally I think it is 5G. I recently bought a watch that hooks to my phone. Night before last I tried sleeping with it on to track my sleep, I wasn’t wakeful, but I wasn’t rested either. So last night instead of the watch I put the phone on the bed about 4 ft away. Maybe that’s how. At one point I almost got up and put it on the stairs – I should have. That was a suggestion from my subconscious mind. 

I have recently been digging into the connections to Jinn, demons, Yahweh, Jesus and aliens and trying to sort out a history that is so convoluted and messed up that the truth is well hidden in centuries of lies. I sorta think its highly relevant to the psychopaths of today and etc., its more than just deranged people or aliens, there is the thread of something else in there – I can feel it, I just can’t sus it out yet… but I will. I asked to be led to the proper or correct information. I get a lot of suggestions in my sleep… we shall see.

In the interim let me be really hyperconscious about this:




Begone! I don’t have time for your nonsense. I don’t do bullshit. Haven’t in 50 years. All facets of my being are in alignment on this. End transmission. Oh yeah, don’t bother coming back, it will end the same way every time.


If they (Mr. Global, the cabal, the illuminati, the Nephilim, any name – take your pick) play the ‘alien invasion’ card, it will be the very last thing they do, because it will end their game. 100+years of modern lies will come tumbling down like the snow ball that became an avalanche. There will be no going back, you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube any more than you can put the snow back on the slope.

All of our issues today – ALL – are tied to the ‘alien invasion’ card. (interesting, isn’t it, if you shorten it to its caps it becomes AI – hmm?) Everything they are using to terrorize the globe, build the NWO and their tyranny is hinged on this one thing. So, once played, it can never be unplayed because they will have told us-the-people about technology and science that we will see with our own eyes. Even if the whole scheme is fake and the tech is all ours, We-the-people will still want to know why we can’t have the tech our taxes paid for. The whole house of cards tumbles. The tech saves the oil, fixes global warming, cleans up the environment and heals the body while turning off time. They will have some ‘splainin to do’…

There are those of us out there trying to tumble the house before the ‘alien’ card is played just because we care about the country, the constitution and the values of life therein – because its the right thing to do if we want a tomorrow. Now that its quite obvious we live under a governance system that does NOT function as it was created to, that justice as we know it is not to be had, and the purpose of this twisted system in operation today is for the obliteration of all the ideals We-the-people hold dear and thought we had fought for the last 100 years – we are ready to stand and fight for what is right and truly just.

Once they play the ‘alien’ card the only other ace up their sleave that I can see is them trying to pull the “right of kings to rule” bull shit. I am thinking that is why all the information about the Anunnaki and the Nephilim and the ancient aliens, the cryptids and the Jinn is all starting to coalesce at this point. Its literally leaking out all over the place. The use of DNA identification will also be used to show that they have the ‘special’ genes to prove the right to rule… sigh. Reminds me of the eugenic wars of Star Trek and Kahn, but he was much better looking, stronger and more brilliant than any of these regressives trying to pull the Ace.  This image is what all the god’s stories of yore were based on – that and the ‘obviously we are better than you’ BS. 

So I’m just over here hangin in the sovereign camp where we are beginning to realize that something MUST be done to save the free future – and not tomorrow, because its already too late, its gonna be a full frontal battle now.

We are being asked to stand up for what is right and good and fight – if needs be – for this ethic, no matter the name you call it. The planet must claim this for all its people. Sovereign. Now we must stand and be counted – not just stand. It will matter in the fight, trust me. 

-“It’s a new world, if you can take it”

  -Colonel Phillip J. Corso