Pissed off and tired…

This was so odd, that I am going to blog it. Usually I would not, but…

Its the first time in my life that I was dogged by what seemed like the devil and a bunch of imps, all night long. It was a kind of persuasion discussion – and I kept saying NO! I must have come up to semi-consciousness about three times, each time drenched in sweat almost like when the body is sick and trying to expel toxins. Its hard work and the body sleeps about 3 hours and wakes you. 

At one point I was very aware of something in the room around 1am or something. At this point I’d already awakened once in a sweat, and I rolled over, turned my back on it and went back to sleep till 3 am. Around three am I got aggravated with all the high jinx and called on Jesus – I used his name to get them to quit bugging me. There were imps all over the room sitting on me and furniture… it was wild. I was half in and half out of consciousness which always annoys me, and I was worried about the dogs – but they were fine and unaware of anything in the room. My subconscious mind was on point last night it kept me aware of the situation. ( I love my subconscious mind… jus say’in)

It looked like a classic abduction scenario except the little greys were imps. I didn’t go anywhere because I couldn’t be persuaded. When I sleep I go down and into my being – I don’t float off to somewhere else. I float inward. I couldn’t get there because something kept trying to get me to come with them, or agree to something that would make my life easier and I agreed that it might – it was tantalizing but it didn’t feel right and my subconscious mind kept ‘kicking me under the table – or elbowing me’ and regardless of the words or the sense they made I’d realized I didn’t like how it all felt to me or who was presenting it to me. I would say no out of principle. It was almost hypnotic – if you could call a sleep state that. 

When I got tired of it all, I remembered from hearing about it, that you could call on Jesus to protect you, and by this time I was over the shenanigans. So I ‘officially’ called on his power in my sleep… I said “In the name of Jesus Christ I command you BE GONE!” I just wanted the deep peace of sleep at that point and was done listening. They quit talking and I’m not sure whether they left or not, if they did, they left a residue, a frequency behind. 

Then my mind and my subconscious mind had a discussion about how they managed entry. Personally I think it is 5G. I recently bought a watch that hooks to my phone. Night before last I tried sleeping with it on to track my sleep, I wasn’t wakeful, but I wasn’t rested either. So last night instead of the watch I put the phone on the bed about 4 ft away. Maybe that’s how. At one point I almost got up and put it on the stairs – I should have. That was a suggestion from my subconscious mind. 

I have recently been digging into the connections to Jinn, demons, Yahweh, Jesus and aliens and trying to sort out a history that is so convoluted and messed up that the truth is well hidden in centuries of lies. I sorta think its highly relevant to the psychopaths of today and etc., its more than just deranged people or aliens, there is the thread of something else in there – I can feel it, I just can’t sus it out yet… but I will. I asked to be led to the proper or correct information. I get a lot of suggestions in my sleep… we shall see.

In the interim let me be really hyperconscious about this:




Begone! I don’t have time for your nonsense. I don’t do bullshit. Haven’t in 50 years. All facets of my being are in alignment on this. End transmission. Oh yeah, don’t bother coming back, it will end the same way every time.


If they (Mr. Global, the cabal, the illuminati, the Nephilim, any name – take your pick) play the ‘alien invasion’ card, it will be the very last thing they do, because it will end their game. 100+years of modern lies will come tumbling down like the snow ball that became an avalanche. There will be no going back, you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube any more than you can put the snow back on the slope.

All of our issues today – ALL – are tied to the ‘alien invasion’ card. (interesting, isn’t it, if you shorten it to its caps it becomes AI – hmm?) Everything they are using to terrorize the globe, build the NWO and their tyranny is hinged on this one thing. So, once played, it can never be unplayed because they will have told us-the-people about technology and science that we will see with our own eyes. Even if the whole scheme is fake and the tech is all ours, We-the-people will still want to know why we can’t have the tech our taxes paid for. The whole house of cards tumbles. The tech saves the oil, fixes global warming, cleans up the environment and heals the body while turning off time. They will have some ‘splainin to do’…

There are those of us out there trying to tumble the house before the ‘alien’ card is played just because we care about the country, the constitution and the values of life therein – because its the right thing to do if we want a tomorrow. Now that its quite obvious we live under a governance system that does NOT function as it was created to, that justice as we know it is not to be had, and the purpose of this twisted system in operation today is for the obliteration of all the ideals We-the-people hold dear and thought we had fought for the last 100 years – we are ready to stand and fight for what is right and truly just.

Once they play the ‘alien’ card the only other ace up their sleave that I can see is them trying to pull the “right of kings to rule” bull shit. I am thinking that is why all the information about the Anunnaki and the Nephilim and the ancient aliens, the cryptids and the Jinn is all starting to coalesce at this point. Its literally leaking out all over the place. The use of DNA identification will also be used to show that they have the ‘special’ genes to prove the right to rule… sigh. Reminds me of the eugenic wars of Star Trek and Kahn, but he was much better looking, stronger and more brilliant than any of these regressives trying to pull the Ace.  This image is what all the god’s stories of yore were based on – that and the ‘obviously we are better than you’ BS. 

So I’m just over here hangin in the sovereign camp where we are beginning to realize that something MUST be done to save the free future – and not tomorrow, because its already too late, its gonna be a full frontal battle now.

We are being asked to stand up for what is right and good and fight – if needs be – for this ethic, no matter the name you call it. The planet must claim this for all its people. Sovereign. Now we must stand and be counted – not just stand. It will matter in the fight, trust me. 

-“It’s a new world, if you can take it”

  -Colonel Phillip J. Corso

Wink, or 60 in so many ways

Remember the Star Trek Episode where the Enterprise is hijacked by hyperaccelerated, (normally invisible time-accelerated) sterile aliens who want the crew for breeding stock?


“Wink of an Eye” is the eleventh episode of the third season of the American science fiction television series Star Trek. Written by Arthur Heinemann, based on a story by Gene L. Coon (under the pen name Lee Cronin), and directed by Jud Taylor, it was first broadcast on November 29, 1968. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wink_of_an_Eye

Now think about the paranormal/interdimensional/alien question where they operate in ‘dimensions’ that are in a higher ‘frequency’ than we are – or the astral realm – that of course, we can’t see or perceive, and why we must raise our frequency to enter into a new world…yada, yada.

Yes, this is a real science. Its about the Critical Flicker Fusion Frequency (there is that frequency word again), or the FPS of our brains. Frames per Second – FPS – is the rate we process information in the brain and shapes our perception of the world. (FYI video runs at 24/second)

Our temporal resolution is 60 hertz per second. This is measured by using an electro-retina-gram (strobing tachometer) measuring electrical impulses in the brain by flashing a strobe light into the eye and noting the threshold where the strobe turns into continuous light instead of flashes.

The CFFF of dogs is 30; so they perceive things 33% faster than humans – or THEY PERCIEVE TIME 33% SLOWER than we do. So when they listen to us we talk in slo-mo… Dogs couldn’t even really see videos on our phones till they increased the fps from 60 to 90 Hz. Which makes me wonder if that is why we are all catching so many good videos of UFOs nowadays, hmm????

Ever wonder why flies are so dagnabbed hard to kill? Well their time goes by much faster than ours at a rate of 270 Hz… making the movement of your hand as slow as watching grass grow, they ‘see’ you coming for a long time. So if you ever want to catch one, move really slowly…

Watch this video for more examples of temporal resolutions. I guarantee it’s really fascinating. How The World SOUNDS To Animals

Now, to the reason I bring this all up. So Star Trek was once again truth telling. Temporal resolution ‘speed’, our time perception speed, as it were, is key to why things can seem like they can just keep popping in and out of our ‘dimension’ at will, think time resolution. If we had a device that we could use to speed up or slowdown our time resolution perception, just think of the fun we could have…

One more speculative thing here, remember the tower of babel? Remember how our entire ‘time’ structure on the planet is governed by 60 seconds in a minute and sixty minutes to the hour that the Babylonians gave us? Maybe all they had to do was alter our ability to perceive time or at least convince us of it by giving us the number 60 in so many ways…

Could it really be that simple?


When the chaos of the dream world becomes the real world, and the real world retreats to dreams,

Then will the astral intrude into the lives of men – then will the old gods walk the world amongst the people once again and chaos reign.

When the invisible becomes visible, the thoughts of people will be seen by all – all will be known and judged by all people alike.

Then will true light fill the planet and the planet shine for all the stars to see.

On this day all souls will shine bright with terrible light, their perfection to reveal.

Then will the people right what is wrong, flip what was up-side-down and in-side-out and peace through the intelligent will of all become truth.

A very telling history lesson

Virus: source; of Sanskrit visam “venom, poison,” visah “poisonous.

To all those who would be triggered and jump to denial before their own research EVEN begins, I present:

History: https://rumble.com/v1167yi-the-luciferian-plan-to-poison-everyone-through-the-water.html

Which is the lead up to the current facts: Mike Adams 4 hour interview with Dr Ardis in three parts.




with in all these videos, the research, peer reviewed articles are discussed.

I’ll just leave this here, its an excellent read: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-04-13-venomtech-company-announces-massive-library-of-snake-venom-peptides-for-pharmaceutical-deployment.html

I put this is here because all things must be seen. IMO, at this point in the discovery of all the lies it would be wise to withhold a wholesale yea or nay and simply do the due diligence on a new perspective before you make an ass of your self. Trust me its just not fun being an idiot all over the net… jus sayin.

I found the top video that Jay Dyer did even more persuasive towards the mere hint of a ‘possibility‘ that the shit is deeper than we ever could have imagined and we better pay attention lest we get caught with our pants down and our poor baby butts become a perfect shiny target for a snake. Really – jus sayin.



Fair Warning

(We are all subunits of the bigger consciousness of the planet and thus all connected even if we are not aware of it in waking consciousness, but at a much deeper level we are a unit….)

I’ve been debating whether to bring this up at all, considering all the bizzarro-world BS out there lately, but…

Get ready. There is some very ugly business struggling to become conscious in the world mind. Very ugly. When it emerges to the surface it is going to do more than shock people. You know how hard it is to not vomit around someone else who is vomiting? Kinda like that. Its going to be woundingly nasty and evil and its just below the surface. 

When this surfaces it will supersede all the bullshit – even a nuclear threat. It will be seen as the impossible – the cognitive dissonance may break minds. But its there and its ugly. For any healing to occur, the worst of it must come out. Like poison must come out of a wound before the body can heal. Dealing with this like adults will be the hardest thing for rational people to do. Fighting the cognitive dissonance about what is right before your eyes while trying to see it with a working brain so you can fix it amid the adult children out there who will need to be put in time out, metaphorically speaking, will be supremely difficult.

And this has to come out and be seen so that we are aware and so it can never happen again. So that the human race never falls asleep again. So that we take sovereign control of our lives and never lose it again, because the price will literally be unthinkable. 

I’m not going to talk about what it is, if my instincts are right everyone will know soon enough. This is just a warning. Get ready. If you thought it was tough enduring this covid nonsense, you ain’t seen nothin yet.

Awake Oh Sleepers

There is a myth that once upon a time there was true biological telepathy. Not the kind we have today with our 5G phones and devices. As a little kid I dreamed of having that ability, all to fix my dad, who was angry all the time. If this myth was true and if as they say there is a grain of truth in all myths – like a shared history or a biological DNA memory (water never forgets), then something happened on this planet that turned that ability off, or convinced the entire planet of that. Its not in history except in the bible as the ‘Tower of Babel moment’. (and…most people look at the bible as allegory, metaphor and teaching myths.)

There are a lot of people spontaneously beginning to remember this now, a lot who are using their awakening memories to help and to heal, predict. This idea has wormed it’s way to the surface again either through predictive programming, or because the memory awakens in them. A lot more still sleep like the dead. Hell, its hard enough for people to wake up and see what is actually going on around them, much less remember the far mists of time.

I was born in 1953 ready for 2022 with it all turned on. I’ve gotten my ass kicked all my life for it, but I’m grateful I did because it taught me a great deal and prepared my inner self for what is happening right now – to face the reason our souls got hushed and buried and turned off and it taught me to struggle for release, to escape the boundary. It taught me strength and discernment.

IMO this mess, this war we are all embroiled in ‘could’ turn kinetic, but I don’t think it will. The purpose of all that transpires is to shake us awake, to make us struggle through the barrier of sleep, to awaken, because for us there is no prince that will awaken the princess with a kiss shattering the sleeping spell put on the kingdom. We each have to become that prince to our inner princess and ‘Awake, oh sleeper’!

We do have help. The electrics of the earth are changing because of the area of space we are in and the electric current sheet that the sun is moving through. As the frequency of this planet is changed by this, so are we. As Gaia heals, so do we. There is no room for the ancient wounds as, the hidden becomes obvious, naturally, as she and we simply grow out of that sleepy pain. Or, put another way higher frequency = more light. More light = revelation. Revelation = obvious things to be corrected and helped. There just will be no room any more for the darkness to survive. Or to use that book of metaphorical truth:

Awake O Sleeper


5:13 But everything exposed to the light is revealed by the light.

5:14 wherefore he saith, `Arouse thyself, thou who art sleeping, and arise out of the dead, and the Christ shall shine upon thee.’

5:15 See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise,

5:16 making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.

The light is upon the earth, the frequency is rising, all shall awaken, the light will reveal all, and once you see it, you can not unsee it – but the choice will be yours to walk in the light or hide from it. The days are evil because we can now see clearly the wounds that are deep in life and need to be healed. More light comes…

When I finished my morning meditation – this writing, I heard the words, “Awake Oh Sleepers.” There are three versions of it: They all fit, in weird and wonderful ways.

The Brothers Bright – Awake O’ Sleeper (Lyrics)

Bach – Sleepers wake (High Quality)

Awake, O Sleeper

Awake, O Sleeper

Ike Ndolo

In the darkest times of life

When our lights refuse to shine

You are there, you are there

When our hearts become like stone

When we live without hope

You are there, you are there

Don’t let your hearts be troubled

Don’t let your hearts be troubled

Awake o sleeper

Arise from slumber

This last one asks for rescue so I don’t agree with that part. Its in the next verse. Todays message was a clear call to ‘take up your bed and walk’ – to choose your path… to stand in strength. I’m not a normal Christian, and this is a weird post for me. I don’t go to church, I don’t practice, I don’t talk to a god that is somewhere else, but there are times when things are dumped directly into my head and today was one of them.

Awake Oh sleepers…