I Am The Light is six statements long.

 It is the strongest protection that I have ever known and used.

I need nothing else. It can be used personally, around you, around family members and other people, pets, plants, land and vehicles. It can be extended through time for days and weeks. It is the MOST amazing piece of consciousness software I have ever encountered.

The visuals with this are what I eventually saw in my mind’s eye after using this powerful formula. The visuals can be worked with changed or discarded as seen fit.

The words create a vibratory shield that is incredibly powerful in its protection. (1)

It was given to me freely years ago, and I give it to you.


I AM the Light.

The Light is with in me.

The Light moves throughout me.

The Light surrounds me.

The Light Protects me





I AM the Light



The Light is with in me



The Light moves throughout me



The Light surrounds me



The Light Protects me






 (1) Back in the 80’s when hurricane Andrew hit Florida a friend of mine used this around his house and family. His house was the only one left standing on the block.

The Awakening – A Clash Of Two Civilizations


Disconnect, disobey, and de-enlist. Break your unconscious and conscious agreements. The parasites will shrivel up and disappear.

The time is now. It’s ours for the taking. And receiving.

The Awakening – The clash of Two Civilizations

Exceptional Article!!!

Who Would We Have Been?



Had we not been interfered with?


Would we have grown?

Without strife, without challenge?

Without hatred, without fear, without war, without killing?

Would we have developed into the technical race we are now?

Or would our technology be so different as to look like magic,  coming from the soul/spirit/heart?

Would we have even cared about what’s out there?

Or would our inner worlds have taken us where ever and whenever we desired?

Would we have made a paradise here on this earth?

What does paradise look like?

Would we have evolved towards the best brain chemicals, the ecstasy, and the love, the dopamines?

Or would unity and love have propelled us toward an organic wholeness completely unimagined?

Would all life have evolved into this web of interconnectedness of support without the need to kill for food, and not just us but the animals here who kill for food?

Would the lion truly laydown with the lamb?

Would peace have reigned?

Would we have evolved so quickly that life as we know it would have been so different that it is beyond our grasp to even imagine?

These are the questions that run through my mind after events like last night around the states, after Ferguson. After idiot rulings in unfair circumstances tell people that they are less than, after insurgents are planted in the crowds to make things worse in an already bad situation.

It makes me wonder if the Archons are real and they are still trying to get us to turn ourselves into a planet bathed in fire and anger just so they can feed…. It makes me angry that in this place , this earth, amidst all this wealth and beauty that we have never been, nor will we ever be really free.

It pisses me off.

A Lot.

When I was a kid I rebelled inside at all the things that I had to wait to do, all the freedoms that I wanted to have, and I was always told, “When you grow up….” and I waited. It was very hard. And while I thought I was getting the freedom as I grew to be myself, it really never happened. One day I finally realized the only thing about me that was free was my mind, and if I wasn’t careful, that would slip away too.

There are days when I am dead sure that this place has been set up as a ruse and that every way we turn we are captive to something, waiting for something to end and “One day….” but it is always around the corner, the dream is just so wiley and intangible, slippery that if you take your eye off of it for one moment it disappears, POOF!

I guess this is a rant from a very tired spirit. I am never going to give up and never going to give in, but there are days when everything seems so broken in the world and so impossible that I want to explode.


It is you, my friends, who together stave off the helplessness, the seeming inevitable in your quest for what is really real that keeps us all going. Know that you are each so unbelievably precious in your will to tear open the box we have all been so neatly put in. Let the passion for the truth always burn and never give up!

Never. Give. Up.

Interstellar: A Review (spoiler alert)



So, my husband and I finally got to go see the movie. It was a Sunday morning matinee and while everybody else was either sitting around sipping espresso’s and reading the Sunday paper and having croissants or emerging from church, or hiding from the kids under the covers while the breakfasts of champions were being consumed with spilt milk and dogs happily licking up what dribbled off the table, we sat in a theater, the only two, with our own private showing of Interstellar.

I have got to say the graphics were excellent, I especially like their spherical worm hole concept, wormhole

and the actors lent true credibility to the story, even though McConaughey’s favorite expression is a kissy moue, his acting lent to the believability of the picture. Now, I know that Hans Zimmer has some huge music creds behind his name, and that my hubby and I were sitting in an empty theater, and we’re old farts, but my biggest complaint is that the music over ran dialogue (a huge irritation to me) and the special effects were so loud that I had physical pain from them.


My husband, on the other hand, kept breaking in on important points and saying things like “They can’t do that, the radiation would burn them to crisp by now!” in an indignant tone of voice. blackhole He had a fit when McConaughey lost his ship half way through the black hole and totally missed the point about consciousness, coherence and love that the movie was trying to make.


Which brings me to my favorite subject: CONSCIOUSNESS. This movie almost tries to take on too many salient points all at once in an effort to link everything to one point. That is; our consciousness is a quantum crossing point between love (attraction – gravity) and manifestation (walking around in 3D). They show the positive and negative ways of looking at the dissolution of the earth as a home, the reaction of helplessness that a mind can feel that refuses to open its self to other alternatives, like the effect love has on physical experience. This is where your quasi villains come in. I say quasi because you can’t really fault them, they are reacting to only a small subset of knowledge. They even tackle the ‘humanity is too self-centered to look at its real situation without turning into foaming at the mouth raving idiots’. The writing at this point is very reminiscent of the science fiction genre’s 1980’s and 1990’s identification with the underdog, in an attempt to get into their heads and understand, lovingly, why they were drawn to be villains in the first place. (Fred Pol comes to mind). And, because they do, just like in life, the Hero is forced into an action that ultimately brings him to a shatteringly new way of perceiving life. They even made the sacrifice of two very likeable robot marinesrobot with great personalities a sad thing, because a sacrifice is only a sacrifice when love is involved.


The biggest point that is made is about love and our capacity to feel it in all of its permutations, both ugly and beautiful, and they make it the magical turning point of the whole movie. This is where my hubby, bless his scientific-you-can’t-do-that-mind, had a hard time realizing that consciousness is the underlying fabric of existence and that love is the power behind it all. (which almost makes this a nerdy chick flick, if you ask me)

tesseract They did try to get around that gaff by calling love the only quantifiable energy in the universe capable of making location in any space-time position possible which they called into use with their version of a tesseract, kinda cool.


So the biggest point, to me, that this movie made was that, Consciousness is the underlying field of manifestation, and love is the glue that makes it all work.


Bravo!     Even though my ears will never be the same…..

A Newer Understanding of the Archon Archtype: Opposing Consciousness



This article truly puts a modern twist on the Controllers, and how n why we are stuck in this frequency. It’s a new way to see the whole situation.

It’s purpose is to create fixed eddy currents of limiting behaviour, attachments that generate filters: such as thoughts, feelings and emotions, that play through our field, which we then create realities around. Often these deceptions – like false love and light – feel so close to the truth, we’re happy to dwell in them. What happens is they create a polarity in your field, through which you bleed energy.
It is this which helps perpetuate the Matrix in which we live.

Interesting read



Holding the Space

holdthespaceTo ‘Hold the Space” for something is to metaphorically keep an open expectation in your heart and mind for something emergent, something unbounded and wonderful to happen.

For those of us who are not activistically or otherwise inclined, it seems the only gift, or talent we have to throw into the pool of this vision we of fringe ilk all have for the rebirth of the earth and the introduction to the rest of all of the life outside of this earthly sphere.

And I must admit, that at times this gift, this part of the equation that we contribute is hard to do. It is not an outside of yourself endeavor. It is a strong quiet joyful insistence on the calling into being of an opened ended dream. Because it must be what it will be – you must hold that space open in your heart for its gestation and invention while contributing your joy and umph with all that you are, so that it can emerge.

There are times when I forget that is my task. And I want to be a researcher, and I want to be a Scientist and I want to be an activist and really DO something. And there are times when I get reassured that all is moving along. Like on cold night in April…

(I share this from my contact journal with Kosta’s ET Let’s Talk group monthly CE5s. I do these very differently from most people because I don’t expect a nuts and bolts type meeting. Most of this is in my Mind’s Eye…)


It was cold outside and I was early. So I really wasn’t expecting much. This time the dog-boys stayed inside so as not to incur the wrath of the next door neighbor. I started by waiting to see which area of the sky I felt drawn to. Jupiter was very bright in the sky that night and I kept scanning the sky to the right (south) of it. There were halos around the points of light due to the light fog.
Next I projected myself up past the atmosphere to hang out in the area I felt I needed to be, and there was a craft there of blue-ish light. Looking around, once again there were people already there. They seemed to be engaged in a group type of synergy (busy) so I came back down into me.
I did cast out the question to whomever, “What can I do to help?” I felt sorry that I didn’t have much to offer in the way of resources or talents, and at a loss. While I thinking this, I would swear that in my mind’s eye an energy person (male, tall, in blue energy: and while the craft was cerulean blue, he was light cyan, his heart area was white) was just suddenly there. I could make out no features, just a shape. I got the sweetest feeling of compassion and understanding. This person reached out and touched me. I felt it in my head but I think he touched my arm. A torrent of communication followed for about 2 seconds. (may be why my head hurt…lol) Basically I was reassured that what I was doing was what was needed. Then he left. The whole thing lasted maybe 3 minutes.
Then I said, “Wait! Let me go get my phone to use the star maps I want to know where you are from.” I ran inside and came back out with the google star maps up. (and yes I used GPS) so I figured a good place to start was at Jupiter… But, no matter where I pointed the phone, the ONLY thing that came up was the constellation of Eridani. (1) I even turned the program off and brought it back up. eridani
Then the thought bomb hit, “Oh! That’s where you are from!” lol As soon as I realized that, Jupiter was displayed and labeled beautifully on the phone right where it was supposed to be. I can be really dense…
So, all day yesterday I had been pondering what one little old lady can do to help. What I always forget is that energy exercise of “Holding the Space”. That means that in your mind’s eye and heart you hold open the possibilities for something wondrous, magical, and transforming to occur, manifest, to become. You hold the space…. I can do that. Grandmas are good at that. We do that for everybody.
So, at the holiday season, along with wishes for love and light and joy, I’m going to be holding the space in my heart and mind for things of highest order to happen for all beings everywhere.


There are times on this earth that you just look at everything and wonder how such an impossible task can occur and you just have to keep reminding yourself that that small fleeting whisper you hear in your heart is the greatest truth you will ever know. And keep on keep’in on.



Happy Songs: the Music the Universes Sing


alternate2 earths

Information is energy in a multitude of forms. We know of only a very small fraction of it. Waves – sound – matter.ems

But imagine that these waves of informational energy exist in frequencies we have yet to even have a vocabulary for, like ultra-dimensionally.  Where we are in our band/frequency predicates what we can perceive. We can’t detect but can only suppose the existence of multiple dimensions, I propose the wave spectrums of other dimensions exist also.


I think that each field adds up and that at one level, we have the intelligence of the atom, then the mineral intelligence, then animal intelligence,

(Musical composer Jim Wilson took the chirping song of crickets and slowed it way down, and the result is truly fantastic)at around 50 seconds in is an explanation.

then the planetary intelligences and the solar intelligence and the solar system intelligence and the solar system groups intelligence and the galactic intelligences.images2CZEF57H

Each of the conglomerates would have a frequency of its own.



Each human body, if we were to capture its frequency and translate it to something we could hear would have a ‘note’ a signature that was uniquely its own, as does the earth, the Schumann resonance. shumann

And all of the planets have their own.

So it doesn’t surprise me that the Rosetta comet has its own note that is sings as it merrily makes its way through space.


I think ( my personal opinion) we are hearing an intelligence that is mostly happy. It sounds to me like the analogy of the songs we hum or tunes we whistle while we work. A melody of contented happiness.

The speculation in the sandbox about it all last night on Fader Night was a lot of fun. Thank you all.