A Reaction to Thomas Reed and his Story from 10/20/14

I feel a deep empathy for Thomas Reed and his family. The issue of whether you are valid or not should never be called into question. Are you alive? Then you are valid. Should it EVER matter what another thinks about you? NO! However, this world is set up so that it does. And it can ruin you.


Last year I found Dr. John Mack’s videos on you tube and became fascinated because he, a preeminent psychologist, was willing to not only help and listen, but to go public with the fact that he believed the people he was working with.

From a journal entry I made last year:

I have recently listened to four YouTube videos of Dr. John Mack speaking on the reality of the UFO experience in its many and varied forms from ‘nuts and bolts’ to its supra (beyond normal) manifestation and its VALIDITY. What an extraordinary thinker he was.

That word, validity, has haunted me my entire life. I was a young child who heard a million times a day, “oh, it’s all in your imagination dear.” And every night ‘it’s all in your imagination, dear…’ made even less sense to me and my fear. This is because my imagination was used to explain everything that everyone couldn’t see, but I knew was there, therefore what I was feeling was invalid, ergo, so was I.

It was Dr. Mack’s way of looking at these experiences that helped me to understand their validity. His beginning footsteps into the exploration of extra-dimensional experiences and the attempt to create a workable language around this reality that could be used to communicate it, gave validity to the experience regardless of where along the spectrum of consciousness it occurred. (so I wasn’t an idiot all my life…. hmmm) It’s my OPINION he was removed from this world for that work. He was fast heading into that area in such a way that would wake us ALL up. Gods forbid…. Should we have discovered common ground without demeaning labels that were used to discount our realities it would have opened up a firestorm of new ideas about the human conscious experience and inserted it right into mainstream society.


It’s a sad day when it takes a Harvard professor saying that ‘Gee I think there is something beyond the touchable world that does exist and is VALID and REAL’, before we can have the permission to look at it that way, fully and without guilt or fear of ridicule and diagnosis as impaired.

There is an excellent article about the Reed Family published in March of this year from Indianapolis Monthly.

Mathew Reed Is Alienated

(I highly recommend you click the link and read it. ) It is long and detailed and the author did his very best to illustrate how being of the ‘fringe’ and in the mainstream can mess up your life, even if you want to be in the mainstream like Thomas Reed, or didn’t like his brother Mathew Reed. He also illustrates how Matt, even though he was being quiet about it, eventually had to tell the people in his closer relationships that he had had these experiences and how it dissolved the relationships right before his eyes.

The whole situation reminds me of how we used to treat other “family problems” (the pink elephants on our couches) before we knew about things like addictions and abuse. The whole family rallied around and nobody spoke of it. This family lived with the same array of feelings because they had made a survival pact in the beginning to not talk about it. What this does to the individuals of the group is dis-allow any type of interaction that could begin the healing process from the trauma. So not only did they have an extraordinary, life altering series of experiences, they had no way to begin to heal, temper and come to grips with it all. Which causes you to turn away from the issue inside of even your self and pretend it didn’t happen.


If that wasn’t bad enough, ( the fear of being ostracized and laughed at ) they also had interference from the gov’t Men in Black, several deaths (1) that are eerily connected to their saga, and outright attempts on their lives. Its a very schizophrenic situation to deal with.  On the one hand no one believes you and calls you crack-pot and on the other hand you have MIB chasing you and causing havoc in your life. Try explaining that to someone ‘normal’!

If for no other reason than to bring this into the mainstream so good, honest people can get some help, DISCLOSURE really needs to happen. Faster.  We all need to WAKE UP.  


(and as my daddy always used to say to me, “Yes, Alison, and people in hell want ice water too.”)



1. My first husband died from the after effects of Legionnaire’s disease. It is a bacteria primarily found mostly in the cooling systems of large buildings. It drowns you in your own fluids and can be cured if you have the right antibiotics immediately. If they had stopped to culture the bacteria, he would have died in hours. Luckily our doctor at the time had a ‘hunch’ and followed it. But it ruined his lungs and gave him severe COPD which eventually effected his heart. We also got a visit from the CDC.

Project Camelot interviews Michael St Clair


Maybe the reincarnation of Nostradamus?

Once again I would like to present a video – an old one I stumbled across, that says the same thing:


This video is a real gem. I wish I could do what he has done, and I wish I could go and put my feet down in the place they are for the interview. Sigh. This is truly a good view.

I have had contact with what he calls the Shining Ones. I will post about that in the future, which will lead into a discussion of telepathy also.

Should be fun.




The Fortian missing Link


He calls it the Fourtian missing link, I call it the Unified Field….

Either way you look at it Consciousness is the missing piece of the puzzle that will put it all together.

He also addresses what Jimmy and Butch were saying about the younger generation and their seeming disinterest.

An interesting 6 minutes.


The Note


A human being is a part of the whole called by us “universe”, a part limited in time and space.  He experiences himself; his thoughts and feelings are something separated from the rest — a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.  This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us.  Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of Nature in its beauty.             – Albert Einstein

I know what holds my heart back from what I have been thinking of as the evolving light. It is not so much that I don’t want it as that I don’t agree with the schisms going on in the ideas about it right now. What exists in my heart is a vision that brings Gaia into a higher realm with all herself intact, all her children, all their lives, all her miracles and beauty. All of this must make it through and all of this must one day be realized, in the profound beauty and diversity that it is, by all who inhabit this world. That there is sentience in all and all must be communicated with and known and perceived as precious. No schisms, no splits, no only-ifs, but both and…


To bring this about we must know it from inside, NOW


Once a long time ago, when I was around 11 years old, I got introduced to end time apocalyptic thought. As I read about this I became sadder and heavier until I thought my heart would break. And then one day something inside screamed no! This cannot be! Then this flood of information exploded in my heart and mind about the earth and her place in this universe. She is meant to sing a note of love so strong and so sure and so loud and so soft, that it changes our galaxy. Her frequency will one day contribute, in its maturity, a valuable note in the chord of sound that is our galaxy

In5D: One of my favorite sites on the web

I had to share. I like 100%of the articles on this site. http://www.in5d.com/pluto-in-leo-generation.html a great article about the overtones, vibrationally speaking, of the times. The beginnings of a cultural landslide of thought on HOW to think out of the box. And the most fun was listening to


Jefferson Airplane while I read the rest of the article… lol (now y’all know exactly how old I really am…  I have this album in vinyl  lol)

and this says it all..:)


Peace and Love


A Fine Sense of Distraction

I think it was the second time I’d called into the show, ever, and we had all been talking about the visitors and maybe bumping into them while doing things like grocery shopping or in the parking lot of Wally-World. Jimmy asked me if I thought I had ever met a visitor face to face.  As usual, I fumbled verbally, while realizing that I really didn’t have enough time to explain, so I gave the short answer. Well, here is the long answer, a journal excerpt written after I called in.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

12:09 PM

Last weekend, July 4th, I think I actually met some people that I can claim are planetary visitors.

Kolo (my husband) and I went down to Fountain square for a street concert and then to listen to Darrin’s Indy In Tune pod cast in person. When we got there he bought me a great 8oz 8% beer and I was sipping it while we looked at some of the booths there. I found a wonderful bracelet with Russian Serpentine beads and a Celtic heart knot closure which I haven’t practically taken off since he bought it for me. About lunch time we headed into the lunch tent and he ordered us food delivered on roller skates by the roller derby gals. On the way back to our spot at the table, I passed three people sitting on the end of one of the tables. One guy, very tan and nicely muscled with blue eyes, one tall lithe woman with short shiny dark hair and a vibrant feel to her and one blond woman who, for some reason, I can’t remember the face of. ( More on that later. )

The gentleman had a singing metal bowl in front of him on the table, and I smiled noticing it as I passed. The bowl was lovely. He held it up and rang it and really caught my attention, so I stopped. He rang it again and held it up close to my face. I closed my eyes and to hear the sound better and I was entranced by the beauty of its tone. The dark-haired woman said she liked my green jade necklace so I took it off and gave it to her to hold. She was rubbing the stone with her thumb and smiling like she liked it. The first ring was one dimensional and light but true. The second, closer to my face had middle tones that made my breastbone buzz and deep tones that rumbled bouncing between my third eye and ribcage. The sound had coherence, like it should have meant a name or was a name a of a definite identity. I looked at him, that’s when I noticed his eyes were so blue for such an ethnic face (south American) and said, “That, pointing to the bowl, is a name, like it’s alive!” To whit he rang it again and I just fell into the sound. I felt disoriented and totally pulled into the ringing tone. ( Was it the beer or the bowl or both?) I watched him give a look to the dark haired woman, and the she pulled out a business card and gave it to me. I kept trying to describe the meaning I heard in the bowl’s tone. All I could settle on is that it was a name, an identity. He began to tell me about how the bowl was created and something about a panther and rain forest, but the disorientation was really getting to me. The blond woman who sat next to the dark haired woman sat silent. All I remember were the blond curls. No Face. At the time I didn’t think much about it. The dark haired woman handed me my necklace back and said ‘very nice.’  I put it on and thanked them for ‘meeting’ the bowl, really needing to go sit down by this time. My husband was sitting kitty corner next table down at the other end and I went over to try to drag him back to hear the bowl, and he said no. I turned around to point to them, but they were gone. Blink.

About 4-5 hours later, after the pod cast and after dinner I stepped outside to smoke an after dinner cigarette and my husband who had run into an old friend sat inside talking. I lit up and was just standing there watching the people all gathered and a very cute young man walked up to me and spontaneously began a conversation. He was really young, and really cute, and you could tell by his sparkly eyes that he was full of mischief too. He had a mustache and goatee that reminded me of the pictures of Shakespeare,


and warm brown curly hair. His gaze was direct and I was captivated, but distracted because I kept wondering why someone so young would hit on me… I’m old and gray haired, he looked all of mid 20’s. But he seemed determined to have a conversation, so we talked. We talked about work, weather and plans for the fourth. Then he said ‘pleasure to meet you’ and shook my hand and went back inside as quickly as he’d come to talk to me. It passed through my mind that he might be a visitor. It really did, while we were talking and I couldn’t wrap my mind around the validity of that thought enough to just come right out and ask him. However there was something in his twinkling eyes, his face right on the edge of laughter and fun, the directness of his gaze that was telling me my intuition was right. Odd thing was that my husband came out nearly two seconds after the young man went inside. Once again the timing was perfect and he saw nothing. The whole day had had a strange texture to it and this was the capper!

I can’t tell you why I felt they ‘they’ were visitors, except that it was in the vibratory context of the encounters. They looked just like earth babies. There was no overt anything to point to. The next day I woke up with the thought in my head that I had met 3 possible visitors the day before and the more I examined the experiences, the more convinced I became. My husband thought that it was very interesting that they all avoided him. (They would know he doesn’t choose this experience at this time, he would just rather not go there). He took my telling with a grain of salt, as always. Lol But he thought it was interesting that he had run into an old friend at dinner and that the bowl people had left as soon as I was going to pull his butt over there to meet them.

The other thing I noticed with each encounter was a fine sense of distraction at the back of my mind that kept me from really focusing until the encounter was over. Like being pulled by two thoughts at once so strongly that they interfere with each other so you are only half there, very much like being on an important phone call when the four year old wants something and is standing there yelling, “Mommy! Mommy!” every thirty seconds and yanking on your jeans to emphasize his point. I had had this happen rather comically 20 years before at a health expo in Chicago with a group of Tibetan monks. They were building a huge beautiful sand mandala and I was just watching them for a minute before exiting the place to go home. It occurred to me while watching that in reality, these mandalas when finished carried an energy signature that extended beyond the flat 2D realm, that they had 3D-4D energy to them. I could just catch what it looked like in my mind’ eye. The idea really excited me! Wow!! So, to see if I was right, I tried to ask one of the gentlemen not dressed like a monk, but who was obviously with them. There were many monks there besides the ones working on the mandala. A couple were leaning on the posts sitting on the floor obviously taking a break, some were visiting with the people watching. As I tried to ask the question to this man, who couldn’t understand me, a voice in my head said “Of course it is three dimensional!” To wit, I said back mentally “Shush, I am trying to ask a question here!” The man just refused to understand me and I looked away and noticed one of the monks who was resting against a post was silently laughing. At the time I thought he was laughing at me for trying to ask a stupid question and being thoroughly frustrated because no one would answer me. It wasn’t until I was in my car driving home that I realized what actually happened. That reclining monk had answered me, telepathically and thought it was funny when I told him to be quiet. All in all, I did get my answer and I have never forgotten that experience, a very fine example of distraction. I laughed all the way home once I realized just what had happened.

We get so entrenched in reacting to the world in the way we have been taught that it SHOULD be , that we are unaware in the moment of what is REALLY happening. Two things occur to me, to practice better mindfulness in face of distraction and to learn how to laser focus my attention on what is important in the moment and not let my inner garbage and judgments get in the way of it!!!

Also, I think the human mind is very easily used this way, controlled this way, distracted this way, on purpose. I even think this was why I didn’t notice the blonde’s face. First by who she was projecting she was and second, for some reason, I wasn’t supposed to notice so I couldn’t/didn’t want to look. I have been hunting a theory in my mind that visitors walk amongst us daily, everywhere, in all walks of life. I have been ruminating on just how I could conceivably learn to puzzle out who they are and how cool that would be to know. The more I let that rumble in the back of my mind, the surer I am that it is true. My one reservation to whether these were real events was that there wasn’t a telepathy component to it. But maybe there was and it manifested as that buzz in the back of my mind distracting my attention just enough?

You decide. 🙂

Since the Visitor on the street corner kinda reminded me of Shakespeare…….and Sir Francis Bacon is rumored to have really been Shakespeare…..I have my excuse for the two pictures I’m using for this article.



Gateway to the Stars and the Grand Deception

Inspired by Graham Hancock on Jimmy Church    Oct. 7, 2014

One of the biggest lies we have been told and indoctrinated into and I think, the most heinous of all in western society, is that our consciousness does not extend beyond our heads and that what we see and perceive is all that is and that all else is just your imagination or daydreams or mental illness.

For centuries people were secluded, put away, hung, burned at the stake, ostracized for letting it be known that this door way was open in them. It drove some crazy, it drove some to suicide, fearing their own minds. In modern times it has resulted in medication and incarceration in mental institutes. It has caused the use of drugs to self-medicate and shush that part of themselves leading to abuse and confusion.

Step back and look at the pattern. It is obvious to me that this ultra-awareness is hard-wired into our DNA. We are all born this way and from birth we begin a never ending indoctrination culturally to learn to shut it off and shut it down. For those that escape the training there is very little help out there, no pathway through the confusing maze of the bigger part of our conscious beingness.

Until the 60’s. Until Timothy O’Leary, Carlos Castaneda, John Mack, Terrence McKenna, Graham Hancock and all of the intrepid pioneers of the last 50 years started to research, lend credence and educate us that it was not ‘wrong’. It is also instructive to look at the world-wide systems for spiritual development that have been around for centuries in the east. Did they work? Did they educate? In my opinion only half way.

You see, the one thing that I have noticed about this subject is that everyone wants CONTROL of it and thereby, your consciousness. But it is your consciousness, not theirs. They want you to think that it takes a life time of practice and discipline and that then you just might be able to enter into your own head and see what’s really there, while using their paradigm that they have trained you well to use to quantify in their terms what you perceive and what you do with it!!!!

So, that said, could it actually be possible for us to just;


Whoa! Step through that doorway into the universe without someone else’s approval or control???? Under your own power, and sovereignty? (autonomy, independence, self-rule, self-determination, freedom)

It’s the biggest lie we have been told that we have no freedom in our own heads. But, My Gods, (!!!) what would happen if we all realized that we can and in the last hurrah are meant to be there? That the last frontier is not out there, but in here, inside and that by knowing this we are set free into the universe at large? Consciousness IS the unified field we’ve all been looking for.


There would be no stopping us. Brave new explorers on the edge of forever.

I rest my case.

From a post on Grant Cameron’s Face Book today