There’s just all sorts of stuff going on luring all of us to step out of the observer and come play the game…

I have been following a slightly different time line on the SpaceX situation and it starts back on July 31st of this year.

This video was published on July 31, 2016. Since May, the Farsight Institute has been executing an experiment to see if they could remote view the major headlines one month ahead. They were not putting these videos up until AFTER the month was over, simply to be able to show results along with the remote viewing sessions. They were so surprised at the remote viewings for August, that they decided to publish them early in case it could help some one. Also, as this was about the future, if enough people heard about it, maybe it could be changed.

Published on Jul 31, 2016

This video is part of the Time-Cross Project being conducted at The Farsight Institute. Here, remote viewers perceive a month in advance the political turmoil in the streets during the month of August 2016. For the first time in our monthly series of Time-Cross experiments, all of the viewers have remarkably similar sessions describing what appears to be a singular incident or event for August. As you watch these sessions, it is important to remember that the viewers worked independently, separated by vast distances (Hawaii, Great Britain, and North Carolina), and none of the viewers shared or compared their sessions in any way while doing their work. These are the unedited remote-viewing sessions done by Daz Smith, Dick Allgire, and PrinCess Jeanee, all done in July 2016 and published on YouTube on July 31st, describing the major news event of August 2016.

Please continue to follow the results of our monthly Time-Cross Project. It is one of the most interesting remote-viewing projects ever attempted. Also, be sure to watch some of our Mysteries Projects. We are offering our Time-Cross Project free to the public as a way of demonstrating the reality and potential of remote viewing. It costs Farsight a few thousand dollars each month to do this. So your help, by watching our Mysteries Projects, is the only thing that pays the bills. Also, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

There was quite the speculation when this came out – I made the mistake of trying to see all three sessions as one whole event. Then Kerry Cassidy tried to set up a panel discussion with several people, one of which was Dick Allgire to discuss and explore the July 31st posting from Farsight. When it became clear that her efforts were being blocked she then attempted to warn Elon Musk in this video.

Published on Sep 1, 2016


On August 13th I put out a public warning to ELON MUSK at SPACE X that there may be sabotage associated with DRAGON… See below for my Broadcast.

It does appear that Keith Hunter’s suggestion that the Dick Allgire remote viewed event of August could relate to the return of the Dragon Capsule was not exactly on the mark but close!! I picked up on this and put out a warning. What may have happened (as there has been no loss of life) is, that we prevented the SPACE X incident from being bigger than it was….

Investigation ongoing….

Also see my recent video roundtable discussion with Jim Marrs and Dick Allgire about the August Remote viewings…

Also see ufo nearby just before it explodes:…

When things finally came together, Dick Allgire and Jim Marrs give a sterling interview discussion on many aspects of remote viewing including a detailed analysis of how and what the August look see might apply to. THIS WAS BEFORE SPACEX EXPLODED!!

Streamed live on Aug 31, 2016

This is a ROUNDTABLE conversation with Jim Marrs and Dick Allgire. We discuss the August Event that Dick, one of the Courtney Brown Farsight Institute remote viewers, who was involved in the August viewing about 1 month ago. We will be discussing whether that viewing was accurate and what makes for accurate viewing and interpretation of viewings as well as the technique itself.


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When I saw this I realized the mistake I had made trying to combine all three remote viewings into one when Dick Allgire explained the process. Very Enlightening!

What happens next is Kerry’s Interview with Simon Parkes:

Streamed live 22 hours ago

I interviewed Simon Parkes Thursday, September 1st at 10 AM PT ….

RE: RAMPING UP OF MILITARY ACTION… THE BANKSTERS ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME FOR THE FINANCIAL RESET and need to get WWIII going to make there plans for ONE Word Government and One World Military a reality.




which is all about the build up to a false flag operation in Europe – highly informative – but at the very beginning Simon informs Kerry of the SpaceX explosion before it ever hit the news here. He states he heard about it about 4 minutes after it happened. You can see the shock on Kerry’s face at this point as she probably realizes that Dick Allgire’s prediction of supersonic speed and extreme temperature but (NO NUCLEAR) explosion just happened.

And then, we get the footage of the SpaceX explosion.

We all notice anomalies in the footage and I immediately think of Kerry’s reports and Dick Allgire’s remote viewing session.

Then progress to Jimmy Church’s face book page and some talented Fadernauts and we have most of the anomalies screen captured.

Here is my screen capture and IMO (of course) it looks like a craft – a bright onespacex1 and this is just one of several – at one point it looks like there is a craft and its projectile.spacex2 It seems that several were fired at several heights.

As a side note Simon Parkes also addresses the Threat to Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor after the mandate to her people to pack in two weeks’ worth of food

and water ‘in case’ of a disaster, which, must have pissed off the cabal. Simon predicted that her life would be threatened for this and he was right.: in the below video.

Published on Aug 29, 2016 Supposed assassination attempt on German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the situation in Europe.

There’s just all sorts of stuff going on luring all of us to step out of the observer and come play the game… it would be so easy to….

Eric P. Dollard might be the reincarnation of Tesla…

This man’s life reads like Tesla’s history. Everything he’s ever done has been destroyed…. he lived off the streets for years in intervals because of it… and he’s brilliant.

He is working on the theory that says if you can measure the di-electric (electromagnetic field) force inherent in an object ( like a car) and apply energy to equalize it, you can cancel out the Faraday lines of force holding it in place and move it with your finger. He is working on experiments with that currently. He says the navy has electro-dynamic craft… lols. Is true. In electro-magnetic force there is a third force they are working on defining which will complete the whole thing. We know there is a 3rd forceelectro (put two electrically active wires in proximity to each other ( watch ) and another field is created)  because electricity acts differently in different gravitic fields, like on earth vs. on Jupiter. Light is interesting because you don’t see it directly, making the speed of light a relationship, not a quanta (therefore you can’t measure it and it is always changing!!!!) You only see it as its effect on something, when it shines on it. Gravity, electricity and magnetism are all the same, you only know they exist because of the effect they have on the environment around you.

Well, if you take a mass like a car, and set it in motion, it tends to want to stay in motion (especially if it is frictionless) until you apply the brakes (a resistor) Faraday says that mass is not part of the car, but is a part of the field AROUND the car holding it place. Faraday says there are lines of force holding it in place terminating to whatever the car is connected to, like the earth. These lines of force are part of the electrostatic charge of the matter of the car. IF you generated a magnetic field around that car and used electricity to charge that field to the EXACT measurement of those field lines the car has, you could cancel them out and the hold-in-place effect they have on the car, thus enabling you to push or move that car with your fingertip. IE: no work load (electro-dynamic craft, Sandia Labs)

This is the same thing the Thunder Bolts (EU Theory)zpinch1 crew is working on, except they are working on large bodies in space. EU theory says electrostatic lines of force are holding the planets in place. The sun isn’t what we think it is and so on… If you get many of these line of force in one place and they ‘glow’, ( that ubiquitous Z-pinch thing I’m on about all the time) causing matter to accrete into solar and planetary bodies. (Possible 3rd force/gravity explanation) And from there you have your plasma studies and then Faraday currents turn into Birkeland currents….

AND!! interestingly enough, Castaneda talks about this in his explanation of the energetic body of man, cocoonand consciousness and in how to manifest yourself between two places….. (my last article written by Bill Brown)

We have been chasing these ideas for ever, and the ‘theys’ of the world have been stomping out the research as fast as it can be discovered for at least (documented) the last 200 years. Oh, and, by the way, ring shipRalph ring had it right: set up your magnetic field, then charge it with electricity to the appropriate intensity, ( that of the surrounding environment) and it cancels out the mass and you can move anything effortlessly.

Sometimes when I go to ground and don’t write for a couple of days I have gotten lost in this topic of research. I am heartened to find so many working on the same thing from so many angles, because soon here, we are all going to meet up in the middle without any planning because we are all like attractors and this idea will burst into the morphogenetic field of consensus reality like an atom bomb and blow just about everything false out of the water… I can’t wait.

And, oh yeah, Mr. Dollard is about to apply these theories to music, resonance frequencies (overtones in any given note and how they, notes, interact) and the geometric resonance patterns in space they create (any space, a room, a church, open space – think HAARP) and we will have some specific information to use to create unbelievable things. cymaticsThis all relates back to Pythagoras’s theory on the resonances of differing intervals of notes and their overtones and whether they can link in phase. When they do they produce an energy wave on an oscilloscope that is off the charts. They also produce geometric forms, just search Cymatics ( watch – natural 432 vs. modern forced 440 and at end human voice patterns) on YouTube for some really pretty and interesting videos.


WE are so close!!!!!!!!

Happy Songs: the Music the Universes Sing


alternate2 earths

Information is energy in a multitude of forms. We know of only a very small fraction of it. Waves – sound – matter.ems

But imagine that these waves of informational energy exist in frequencies we have yet to even have a vocabulary for, like ultra-dimensionally.  Where we are in our band/frequency predicates what we can perceive. We can’t detect but can only suppose the existence of multiple dimensions, I propose the wave spectrums of other dimensions exist also.


I think that each field adds up and that at one level, we have the intelligence of the atom, then the mineral intelligence, then animal intelligence,

(Musical composer Jim Wilson took the chirping song of crickets and slowed it way down, and the result is truly fantastic)at around 50 seconds in is an explanation.

then the planetary intelligences and the solar intelligence and the solar system intelligence and the solar system groups intelligence and the galactic intelligences.images2CZEF57H

Each of the conglomerates would have a frequency of its own.



Each human body, if we were to capture its frequency and translate it to something we could hear would have a ‘note’ a signature that was uniquely its own, as does the earth, the Schumann resonance. shumann

And all of the planets have their own.

So it doesn’t surprise me that the Rosetta comet has its own note that is sings as it merrily makes its way through space.

I think ( my personal opinion) we are hearing an intelligence that is mostly happy. It sounds to me like the analogy of the songs we hum or tunes we whistle while we work. A melody of contented happiness.

The speculation in the sandbox about it all last night on Fader Night was a lot of fun. Thank you all.


Where to Rent or Buy the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure CD’s as your Very Own!


To go to the web site and watch the trailer and read the article click the logo above. It’s pretty cool site too, just loaded with good stuff.

Finally you can watch and or rent and OWN your own CD set. I remember somebody asked that the other night in the sand box.

There are twenty videos of official testimony presentations. You have the option to rent or buy individual videos. All twenty videos can also be rented or purchased together at a discounted rate.

Thank you Renee for the email about this. And to answer your question, its definitely worth a posting.  And I suppose that brings me to an explanation about the Kitten Feet article. I really was NOT putting down the immense and immeasurable effort of Mr. Stephen Basset. I just don’t think that the gov’t is going to budge. Not when there is still so much money for them to make off of us.  To quote myself in a letter to Renee:  The Rain on Congress will get a message out to the public. The govt can just go stick it’s big ugly useless head in the toilet! And flush. Better yet a black hole and flush…

In The Mind’s Eye

This will be the un-ending theme on my site be cause its all about what the mind’s eye is. Imagination, third eye, portal, stargate, universal connector, reality, real reality…. and on infinitum.

I love to take pictures of the skies. If I manage to look up when I get that impulse to and my camera is handy, I am almost always gifted with an imaginary something. 🙂

Either they have a sense of humor, or I’m nuts.


Looks like a classical Adamski craft


A flying triangle cloud… lol


the Mothership


They're everywhere.
They’re everywhere.


Just sitt'in on my patio and I looked
Just sitt’in on my patio and I looked up…lol
Once again, the theme of my mind’s eye. I used to do calligraphy. This is one of my favorites. Quote by Eden Phillpots, A Shadow Passes.