Happy Songs: the Music the Universes Sing


alternate2 earths

Information is energy in a multitude of forms. We know of only a very small fraction of it. Waves – sound – matter.ems

But imagine that these waves of informational energy exist in frequencies we have yet to even have a vocabulary for, like ultra-dimensionally.  Where we are in our band/frequency predicates what we can perceive. We can’t detect but can only suppose the existence of multiple dimensions, I propose the wave spectrums of other dimensions exist also.


I think that each field adds up and that at one level, we have the intelligence of the atom, then the mineral intelligence, then animal intelligence,

(Musical composer Jim Wilson took the chirping song of crickets and slowed it way down, and the result is truly fantastic)at around 50 seconds in is an explanation.

then the planetary intelligences and the solar intelligence and the solar system intelligence and the solar system groups intelligence and the galactic intelligences.images2CZEF57H

Each of the conglomerates would have a frequency of its own.



Each human body, if we were to capture its frequency and translate it to something we could hear would have a ‘note’ a signature that was uniquely its own, as does the earth, the Schumann resonance. shumann

And all of the planets have their own.

So it doesn’t surprise me that the Rosetta comet has its own note that is sings as it merrily makes its way through space.


I think ( my personal opinion) we are hearing an intelligence that is mostly happy. It sounds to me like the analogy of the songs we hum or tunes we whistle while we work. A melody of contented happiness.

The speculation in the sandbox about it all last night on Fader Night was a lot of fun. Thank you all.


Where to Rent or Buy the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure CD’s as your Very Own!


To go to the web site and watch the trailer and read the article click the logo above. It’s pretty cool site too, just loaded with good stuff.

Finally you can watch and or rent and OWN your own CD set. I remember somebody asked that the other night in the sand box.

There are twenty videos of official testimony presentations. You have the option to rent or buy individual videos. All twenty videos can also be rented or purchased together at a discounted rate.

Thank you Renee for the email about this. And to answer your question, its definitely worth a posting.  And I suppose that brings me to an explanation about the Kitten Feet article. I really was NOT putting down the immense and immeasurable effort of Mr. Stephen Basset. I just don’t think that the gov’t is going to budge. Not when there is still so much money for them to make off of us.  To quote myself in a letter to Renee:  The Rain on Congress will get a message out to the public. The govt can just go stick it’s big ugly useless head in the toilet! And flush. Better yet a black hole and flush…

Renee’s rebuttal to: On KItten Feet, another WONDERFUL VIEW POINT!!

kitten feet

With love I repost this comment from my dear friend Renee. Girl, you have a very valid point!


With respect, Stephen Bassett’s and our efforts to get a congressional hearing on disclosure are not a fool’s errand.

Both Bassett and Greer have stated that the side effect of these efforts — that is, bringing this subject to the attention of the general public — is worthwhile in and of itself, whether or not the congressional hearing ever takes place.

You and I and others in this community may think that disclosure is unlikely to come from the US government, but in our outreach to other members of the ufology/ET-human communities, we are only preaching to the choir.  And you yourself have stated how important it is to discuss these things with others who haven’t been exposed to what we have, since it all contributes to group consciousness.  How then, logically, could you describe contacting US Congress members in a massive effort as a fool’s errand when at the very least it helps get the message out to the public?

Don’t you believe it’s our responsibility to pass on — when appropriate, as in this huge civic effort toward official disclosure — our knowledge and experiences to people who might not otherwise be informed?

I hope you’ll consider posting a retraction in Faders.org of your “fool’s errand” statement for these reasons.

People listen to what you have to say.  It’s sometimes a fine line between your or my personal opinions to doing the right thing in outreach efforts.  I have found this to be a universal truth in my longtime work with two other non-mainstream groups (extreme environmental, and the right to death with dignity), and it clearly applies to you and me and the Fadernauts as well.  I mean, that’s the whole point of progression, isn’t it?  That is, that what was once fringe becomes the mainstream.
Thanks for listening and for considering my response to your comments,

On Kitten Feet: Stan’s comment is a thought provoking addendum!

kitten feet

Because this was so thought provoking I wanted to have everybody see it!

STAN, so are so very right! I have titled your reply to my article Engagement.  These are Stan’s words:

 Here we are 70 years post Roswell, 30 years post Lunar Landing and 20 years ago we flew passenger aircraft faster than we can today. The progress in healthcare and human sciences are still rationed out by the developed world on the basis of financial accounting and profit and loss. All around the world a generation of children and young adults immersed in virtual reality first person shooter type games are immune to the prospect of violence in the real world because by the time they are 16 they have virtually killed thousands of targets in games and we wonder why the youth have no value for human life.
We are a backward species and the only thing that brings me comfort is that our tenure on this planet is liable to be mercifully brief. The only thing I would be able to offer up in our defence is the harmony of a Philharmonic Orchestra..the musical arts…
Its perhaps fashionable to describe ourselves as a war loving tribal species who seem to spend a great deal of time and technology devoted to killing each other.
In spite of all the good things we do it seems to me..the bad things we do are tipping the scales in the wrong direction.
All of the activity at Echo Flight and Malmstrom along with Bentwaters..and in the  former Soviet Union seems to be pointing in 1 direction and warning us not to consider the use of Nuclear Weapons.  This flies in the face of allowing Fukushima and Chernobyl to happen and not intervene.
We will be allowed to determine our future to a large degree with the exception of the nuclear toy box..and even then 2000 times we have lit the fuse and deployed them on this planet…Only twice we are lucky on each other…Disclosure has happened..and is happening like a jigsaw puzzle the pieces are there and have been for 50 years. YOU KNOW & I KNOW..its not a question of belief its a matter of factual evidence sufficient to garner a conviction in a court of law..sans corpus delecti.  The media/government games predicated in maintaining the status quo don’t matter much to me anymore. All doubt ceased the first time I saw a UFO and then the second time I got confirmation and by the 3rd time there was no question…all the times after that..were unneeded by me to cement the reality of the presence in our skies of things that defy in size and motion the hand of man to produce. Disclosure was yesterday all that remains is ENGAGEMENT with who and what will deign to meet us on their terms…because for certain they will not meet us on OUR terms.



On Kitten Feet: My opinion

kitten feet

From a journal entry in January 2013:

I have a feeling that ‘first contact’ will need to and most probably happen on a person to person basis. Meaning that simultaneously everywhere everyone will have that awakening. Kind of like answering your door bell and your next door neighbor says to you “I’ve been meaning to come over and discuss something with you.” So, you let her in and over coffee at your own kitchen table she proceeds to reveal that she is ET. You’ve known this person for years, had summer barbeques, and evenings around the fire pit talking about neighborly things, watched the kids back and forth contributed emergency cups of sugar…. etc. and all is well.

The reason I show this scenario is because this is one of the only ways that I could see most people dealing with this. Albeit, amazed, jaw-dropped, but ok. Kind of like one of my favorite movies of all time, ‘Paul’. Further, done simultaneously, any powers or people who would get in the way of peaceful first contact, have no say, and can’t interfere. Like waking up after the first snow of the year. Everybody looks outside and sees snow…. It would only be weird if you looked two yards down and that neighbor had perfect summer in his yard. So, it would need to happen by a mechanism we already know and is a part of daily life. So freaking far below anybody’s radar that nobody could stop it and everybody would know. Easily, gently and softly. And joyfully. We always expect big, dramatic, MGM movie stuff to happen. We have been accultured to this by various influences that want us to expect big scary shit, so of course it has to come in as softly as kitten feet.


Why is this important and relevant to the DMR and F2B family? Well, my friends, haven’t you figured out the significance of Jimmy’s work yet? He has become a huge influence in the acceptance of an ET presence in the world. (DMR gets him listened to all over the world…) He is, one person at a time, changing a world view. And while I think efforts like ‘Rain on Congress’ are great and heroic, because in my heart of hearts I don’t think our gov’t has much chance of being viable for too long, it is a fool’s errand. And even if the gov’t was to continue forever, if major changes don’t occur in its structure, I can’t see anything would have much effect on it that would/could potentially change the status quo.

That said, it is my personal opinion that disclosure has already begun at a grass roots level, as an opening up of a belief/value system in many of us. A wider view of what’s going on out in the real world, not the one the current social structure would have you believe. A rule of thumb: when a crystalized structure (one that can no longer evolve) becomes so out of tune with its environment that it no longer serves anything but its continued survival, it shatters.

For all its worth, whatever Jimmy does (or doesn’t do) as long as his focus is asking the question ‘What’s out there?’ and inviting others to speculate along with him, he will have a listenership on whatever forum he chooses. It is my opinion also, that the more his listening body is included in his journey, like the twitter base, the wider his audience will be. It is part of the new paradigm; many minds together and aware of each other that is finding its voice through Jimmy’s work that makes it so magic. When we all listen and tweet, we make a much bigger whole in that moment, and the cohesive energy is immense, addicting and something we all need.

It is a new wave.wave2

To Birth the New Earth

So, after the game of ‘Earth’ got really going;

The same as the DNA in the cells in our body or the quantum sub particles of the atom are to the atom, so is the earth to the Solar system to the Galaxy. As we have Gaia, who’s intelligence is the sum total of all the lives on her ( inorganic and organic) so the Solar Logos, or the intelligence of the solar system is the sum total of all the planets, asteroids and the sun. And as our solar system is a binary in a larger system, and that system is a member of a cluster of systems and that cluster is a part of one of the arms of this galaxy: WHAT HAPPENS HERE EFFECTS EVEYTHING! We are all connected. The principle that is the underlying field of this connection is love. Love is a frequency with infinite harmonics. We are moving forward in a spiral configuration through the cycles of frequencies in ascending octaves. Each time we get to be drenched in those frequencies at ever more enriched and enlightened levels. For the longest time, on this planet, we have been stuck. For reasons we already know (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9HtZFb_VtM&list=PLGPayAubYjSFnJGMs-fYGvNBkjE4lrpTR&index=1). But think of a rubber band stretched and then let go. We are about to slingshot forward because the holding energy has been eliminated. Our planet, our solar system, this region of interstellar space is going to move forward quickly. And our mother earth is going to go through a sort of birthing process. When the earth game was born many millennia ago, it was decided to allow the extreme dichotomy of light and dark ideation to play out on this planet. This is because the stress forces were to develop in us a fine sense of the responsibility of free will and choice. You cannot know the fullness of anything without its opposite in this dual existence. And if you are living in matter, you are dualistic. Each one of us is a whole spark of divinity. We contain great light and in equal measure great dark within our souls. The entire point of the experiment was to teach the responsibility of Choice and Free Will. At this time in the Game called ‘Earth” we have an entire galaxy watching us, because what happens next will effect this galaxy and beyond. We have much help both around the planet and here on the ground.

I would like to present to you a vimeo by Gorden Davidson that I received through Kosta Gus Makreas, who created a group years ago of people who try every month to make contact in a way similar to Dr. Greer’s program. I have been with this group 2 years in April. I have had some very astounding experiences with this group and doing this monthly work. At the bottom you can find Kostas’ email, and all it takes is a request to join. I greatly urge you to if you want contact. This is where I learned that contact is 75% of the time not your normal nuts and bolts type, but a consciousness paradigm. I have shared a bit of my journal from my monthly contact experiences on this blog and I do intend to share more. It is also why I have my Alison Rants about ‘ IT’S NOT ALL IN YOUR IMAGINATION’ all the time. I really want to you all to understand that all it takes is a tipping point for this to happen, and you all are already there and way more connected and powerful than you can possibly imagine. I want you all to wake up and realize that and put it to GOOD USE! asher2

So, watch this video… lol

Here is the letter with Kosta’s  email and the key to the vimeo and the password as stated is:





Hello ETLetsTalk Community and Friends,

You can now watch the FREE archived “Intro to the Light Alliance” webinar presentation by Gordon Davidson from Nov. 1 at:        http://vimeo.com/110684306    

 the password is ‘light’   (without the apostrophes)   no login needed

The webinar was a resounding success!   THANK YOU to all of you who took the time to listen to Gordon’s fascinating and useful information.

It is mine and Gordon’s hope that you will share this free webinar link with your networks.

As Gordon reiterated, the ET Contact and co-creation that this community has been making for 4 years is an integral and important part of the Light Alliance’s plan for the Transfiguration of our Earth into its Golden Age.

Keep it up!

Our gratitude to all of you,

Kosta Founder, “ETLetsTalk” community

Founder,  “Global CE-5 ET Contact” Initiative


Light and Love to you all, my Faders…


p.s. this lends some real credence to the above message….

IN5D article: http://www.in5d.com/hudes-dollar-crash-new-currency.html

Kerry Cassidy’s interview with Karen Hudes:

Portals: One More Time : The Quantum Underbelly of the Omniverse


“And your little dog Toto too!”

I know, a part three? Really? The more I thought about it, the more I realized that not only did I want to talk about the quantum underbelly of the omniverse, but that I was feeling impelled to do so, so here goes.


The one thing that nobody wants to work with, or realize is the duality inherent in all things, the principle of equal and opposite reaction and how that works with the law of attraction. One way that works for me is that if I can see/know/conceptualize a great goodness, there is by point of fact and experience an equal and opposite darkness. It’s just the way this universe works. That is not to say that if you do great good you are going to get smacked with great bad… You will always have a choice.

But when you begin to realize the power and mystical fun inherent in these things, be very, very, careful about messing with them without thinking it through to the consequences. Because it is so very easy to come across things that would love to have you for lunch, without so much as a howdy doo…

The following interview between Alfred Webre and Eve Lorgen illustrates this with clarity. She and a number of other researchers have been knocking about blindfolded in this field for long enough to begin to see it from its pointy sharp edges.

This informative interview goes into not only the black-meta-technology used by the MIC, and MILabs and alien metadimensional tech but also the older more organic tech that has been around on this planet forever used by some indigenous nonhuman life forms.

We are born with the equipment in place to use this tech also, and we haven’t the foggiest notion of what we are doing and its getting a lot of us in hot water.demon

Then, there is this interview that Alfred Webre did with Simon Parks in October of this year that is another view point on this technology of the mind and the omniverse that puts it yet in another perspective. I encourage you to also give this a listen.

I remember listening to Kerry’s interview with the guy who fought in the Mars Mantid-Reptilian wars a couple of years ago, and thinking how insane it sounded… It doesn’t sound that way to me anymore. Because of the inexhaustible research and writing of people like Whitley Strieber, Carla Turner, Bud Hopkins, Dr. John Mack, Dolores Cannon, Kathleen Marden, we now have a body of evidence that is bringing some of this material into the light of what looks like a pattern. When you add that to the research on conspiracy and the illuminati and the cabals and the ancient thing….

My point is there is not ONE THING that you can afford to ignore, or be irresponsible with if you are walking around even the teensiest bit awake. If you turn your attention to a thing, it will take notice. And as things speed up, heat up and the energies begin make separation between states of being sort of meaningless, we ought to care about just what we are messing around with. So as it turns out, this is my post Halloween-Portal-Red-Alert…. As it were.



p.s. I will confess a new awareness, this has only happened twice, but so much I got one of those shock reactions where the hair stands up on the back of your neck. Twice, I have been watching an interview and would have bet my last buck that the interviewer was aware of me. It’s that momentary flash of awareness you get when someone looks you straight in the eye. It freaked me out. That’s NOT supposed to happen. It would mean a whole bunch of space time stuff went screwy for a few seconds… or, maybe I did. Anybody else have anything like this occurring to them lately?


David Icke Exposes The Archon Conspiracy And The Crumbling Matrix: AWAKEN at Wembley Arena, 25th Oct 2014


David Icke Exposes The Archon Conspiracy And The Crumbling Matrix

AWAKEN at Wembley Arena, 25th Oct 2014
Our ability to “decode reality” is linked to what we are able to perceive, he went on. Sages and shamans have long been able to see beyond the narrow frequency range of visible light. It’s no coincidence that the pineal gland located in the brain, also known as ‘the Mind’s Eye’, is being calcified with the introduction of fluoride into our water.

From an article on a new  site for me and I would like to direct your attention to it.  Amazing.

One of the things that I have begun to notice about the 2014 programing on channels like H2 is that, not only are they sharing footage,  their message is somewhat disturbing in its tendency towards floating over the line into what I consider negative PR.

On Friday I watched the new Ancient Aliens.  It was ok, and like a lot of these later episodes said much about nothing, but there was one scene that caught my eye where the cavemen were around a fire at night and their shadows were projected onto a slab of rock.  There was something different (wrong?) with the whole 30 seconds that that image was projected. It ‘felt’ weird. But it went by and I didn’t think much of it.

That is until I watched The Devil’s Graveyards last night and caught the same image again. ?!? My ‘bull-shit’ alert went off watching this show, for two reasons. One was the absolute outright statement that the “aliens” had put something into the ground that would slow earth’s core and eventually kill us, and  that an EMP pulse would cure it. ( Anybody sense  the beginnings of a False-Flag set up? huh? maybe just a little?… sigh) And the other was a repeat of that 30 seconds of cave scene that had been on Ancient Aliens, AND, it hit me wrong again!!  My mind  went  ‘Wait just a darn minute!”


So, I did some research.  Lots and lots has been written about this and even though it stated that the show was a dramatization of events, it didn’t make you aware that this had happened in 1972.  Or, that massive amounts of research since then had taken place.  And that there are positive spots too…  ( bibliotecapleyades is always a good site with lots of other links to this information ) They presented it like a documentary, and proceeded to make extremely inflammatory remarks and leading statements with no factual support.

Once again I feel like I got sucker punched in the gut.

Then I find this lovely article on a new web site that looks kinda cool and the Icke “Dot” is connected.

Had to share.  🙂


Portals part deu

All I’ve been doing is kind of talking about my own ideas. Here is a collection of some articles from around the internet on some recent research and ideas about the pineal gland, and portals… in an attempt to explain why I say what I do about us being portals….

Have you ever heard the statement:

As Above,  So Below?

Its true in everything. From the structure of galaxies on down to the subatomic structure of the atom and beyond on both sides. We are a fractal. Just as there are naturally occurring portals off planet and on planet, we too are a naturally occurring portal in and of ourselves. Portals occur where energy crosses other energy.

The pineal gland responds to light and light is information. The crossing of light and matter create the vortex/portal in the body that is our direct connection to everything else. The pineal gland also regulates a great many of the neurotransmitters and hormones in the body. Neurotransmitters and hormones are directly responsible for how we perceive the world and the emotional importance we attach to that perception. It has also been found that the pineal gland produces DMT a neurotransmitter the equivalent of Ayahuasca or LSD.


René Descartes believed the pineal gland to be the “principal seat of the soul” and viewed it as the third eye (1)


Is it possible that you literally have a third eye that connects you to spiritual dimensions?  The pineal gland is something that is spoken of the in the New Age community as being the intuition organ and the connection point between body and spirit, but very few people realize that the pineal gland is in fact a literal eye.

The pineal gland is a pea-sized gland in the exact geometric center of the brain and comes from the root word “pinea” which is Latin for “pinecone”.  Pinecone symbolism appears all over the ancient world from the Sumerian, Greek, and  Roman traditions, to the Vatican’s “Court of the Pine Cone” and staff of the Pope.


Why are so many ancient cultures obsessed with pineal gland symbolism?  The answer may be found when biophysical analysis is done of the pineal glands interior.

“Under the skin in the skull of a lizard lies a light-responsive “third eye” which is the evolutionary equivalent of the bone-encased, hormone-secreting pineal gland in the human brain.  The human pineal is denied access to light directly, but like the lizard’s “third eye,” it shows enhanced release of its hormone, melatonin, during the night. The challenge is to understand the mechanisms which regulate the synthesis and release of melatonin.  The pineal gland is the ‘mind’s eye.’  Dissected, the reptile’s pineal looks much like an eye, with the same shape and tissue.” – Dr. Cheryl Craft, Ph.D.,  Chair of the Department of Cell and Neurobiology, University of Southern California  (2)


Which leads me to these very informative articls. Once again from IN5D about the pineal gland and how to help it because we have been inundated by pollutants that hurt it on purpose by ‘them’. The most notable of which is fluoride.

pineal fouride


Calcified Pineal Gland: How to Decalcify It

Foods to Reactivate Your Pineal Gland


The pineal gland is your dimensional doorway to the omniverse. It is your mind’s eye, your inner TV, your imagination and your connection the all of everything. It is also the seat of your telepathic ability. Is it any wonder that ‘they’ really don’t want us to know about it? Consider this, what if the best way to communicate with extradimensionals and Ets is through telepathy? (some energetic beings might not even have vocal chords or know how to simulate speech) Or for that matter, each other? What if our prime navigation tool to anywhere else in the Omniverse is the third eye/pineal gland?


How many times in your life have you been told to quit dreaming and get to work, or that dreamers are a negligible bunch and will never amount to anything and that it’s all in your imagination, so just ignore it?

Think about that.


(1) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pineal_gland
(2) http://www.spiritscienceandmetaphysics.com/proof-that-the-pineal-gland-is-literally-a-3rd-eye/