I receive email notifications when Alexandra Bruce publishes her blog. It is well worth reading. Today I opened up the email to a very specific and enlightening article on the weaponization of 5G. It had a video attached to it.

I walked into my kitchen , set the phone down for less than a minute, came back, picked up the phone and the phone was back to my email in box. So, I went searching for the email from Forbidden Knowledge TV, and I couldn’t find it. I thought, stupid phone! So I got on my lap top, opened my email program and it was just no longer in my in box. As a matter of fact, all my emails from Forbidden Knowledge TV over the last week are wiped out.

I didn’t know they could wipe emails from your inbox….

So then I googled Alexandra Bruce and under her name was the video attached to her email this morning. I watched it. When I went back to the google page it was attached to, the video was gone too. Here is the video. It might disappear too.

very interesting…. NOT!

PS I went from interested to rabidly interested….