Chocolate Survival

So I offered to make the hubs chocolate pudding or my chocolate cream. He chose chocolate cream. It’s called ‘Pot du Creme’ in my family and my Grandma Janie was the one who found it. I always have to have whipped cream on the top, coffee whip cream is good too. (There are a thousand recipes for this on the net – but mine only takes a blender and about five minutes…😁)

To promote love and general good feelings I’m sharing this with you-all, well, because chocolate. ❤️ Pairs well with and wine and or a good single malt…😜

Bon Appetit


Pot Du Creme


6z bag of semi-sweet choc chips

1/3 c sugar

1 egg

1/2 c scalded milk

Vanilla to taste (1/4 teasp)



Put all ingredients in blender EXCEPT milk. Heat milk to boiling, (in a two cup measuring cup in the micro – why b/c it will boil over the cup edge if you don’t). Immediately pour in blender and blend well. Then pour mix into SMALL bowls (very rich). Refrigerate till solid. Makes 6 servings

Serve plain or with whipped cream.