The Perfect Containment Mechanism Part Deux: Disclosure and Consciousness Expansion are One and the Same

It seems that Disclosure and the consciousness wave (waveX) are one and the same. In other words, you can’t have one without the other. When disclosure comes so does the expansion of your being; or the expansion of your being allows you to see that disclosure has been happening all while we slept.

I humbly submit for your thoughts one more piece by the author of, 3D perception: The Perfect Containment Mechanism. These thoughts go deep and the piece would not be complete were I not to include them. Bob O. Dean says the same thing in this interview in a little less poetic, but perfectly Bob Dean manner.

When you think about it, how could disclosure and a step up in frequency-consciousness opening-mini enlightenment be separate? Disclosure will also be all the proof and evidence of many other things that a lot of us will not want to know, but once known can’t be unknown – our opened eyes will need to be very open. Our hearts and minds (consciousness) will have to be raised, or like David Wilcock said, we will be another 100 years in the midst of this mess and we don’t have that kind of time! We are in for a big ride here, IMO.


Does this not answer the remaining questions you ask in your heart, Alison? We think it might. There are those of you who no longer value the material things of the world. Yet many may still be deceived by the so-called ‘powers’ of the lie. In many ways, the chains humanity willingly wears are gilded by the manipulated egos we all possess. The lie the world presents to those egos as truth will soon become more difficult for your soul to embrace. By fear alone is your world ruled. What occupies all your minds is nothing but an endless string of fear-filled thoughts followed by yet even more fear-filled thought, punctuated occasionally and briefly by moments of love when each of you think to remember who you really are. But human ego and fear has learned to bind the human species from its truth. You search for meaning in being alive, and each of you feels this at the core of your being. Yet meaning is not found in fear. It is found in love. Some deny this at their peril. And it is through and by this fear that each of you are controlled.

Your savage endless bloody wars are your world’s created proof of this. Your many deception-filled medias are the insane screaming voice of the countless obscenities that constantly offend your souls. That shrill voice of madness drowns out the whispered voice of Spirit, and so you turn from it to the louder call of lack, and need, and fear. Your poisoned world is your sad proof of your collective belief in these illusions. Yet humanity’s perpetual hunger for them, offered enthusiastically by those who would enslave you in these fears is merely a shining testament to your loyalty to them.

This is our hope, Alison. As humanity’s investment is withdrawn from the world’s material gifts, we rest assured that the darkness perpetrated on humanity will be seriously and mortally threatened by humanity’s collective withdrawal of support for it. Be warned however. ‘It’ may still be strong enough in the ensuing confusion of that withdrawal to rally enough substance to win back lost strength by guile. And because of this, much of humanity may not see through the calculated defenses that will be brought to bear in Disclosure. We can only guarantee you that ‘they’ will not be particularly subtle. And so too will a large number of humanity, given a remaining lingering wish to be deceived, make that deception easy.

In the moment actual Disclosure unfolds, “power” as humanity presently knows it, will shift, and the fear that rules this world will no longer be a genuine ‘reality.’ It will become a broken, useless fabricated tool once used by ‘them’ to deceive humanity and deny humanity it’s truth. We will assure you also that it will not then, and cannot now, be used dependably by ‘them’ Ever again. That much is already done. Remember this when you are afraid. Their goal is to keep you enslaved by fear. Do you think that ‘they’ do not know about any of these ‘psychic’ aspects of human existence? Trust us. They do. ‘They’ would keep those same gifts from you, and twist them to their furthered ends. And by so doing, continue to perpetuate the enslavement of the human race until it’s end. By doing thus, so has your continued bondage as a species to a select ‘chosen’ few been largely guaranteed. Until now.

We will also say this. Any gift or ability that anyone develops in his heart has the potentiality for good. To this there is no exception. And the more unusual and more unexpected the gift, the greater its potential usefulness. In Disclosure lies the only true hope for this world and its many species, and it will have need of all abilities, for what the rulers of this world would destroy in their insane plummet to oblivion, Creation in Love would restore. Many will predictably argue that psychic abilities have been used over the history of man to call upon the ‘devil’, which in truth merely means they were used to strengthen the chains of human bondage and fulfill the perverse desires of your earthly overlords. So herein lies the only potential for hope for humanity and for a healing for your world. You each have heard this said many times, in many different ways, and it is true. You are not physical beings having a spiritual experience. This is illusion. You are in fact spiritual beings having a physical experience. This is the truth. In this one thing endures the beautiful reality of each of our true identities. Each of us is a Child of Creation. And in this truth know that Creation has not left its Children comfortless.


3D perception: The Perfect Containment Mechanism

This is a list of what we here on the planet consider the 3D psychic abilities that ‘gifted’ people are able to utilize.

I am willing to bet that all people are ‘gifted’ and that we all could do this if we were not so thoroughly brain washed by the system/matrix we have grown up in.

Notable psychic abilities

From <>

I am aware that there should be a 4D analog, but being in 3D, I am having a bit of trouble conceptualizing them.

Yesterday I posted this as a true question on Face Book and got only one answer. This thoughtful, insightful reply put my thinking in a whole new perspective.


The answer to your question, Alison, is much like what we have offered to you before in other questions you have asked. Again, this is another question of perception. I mentioned this to Syndia. Human culture labels all the gifts of human Spirit as paranormal. We are taught to believe in this illusion from birth. We rarely call the tribute demanded by our human ego for what it really is. This has been perhaps the most insidious aspect of the cultivated grand deception created to keep humanity bound in slavery and service to this illusion. The human race has been largely deceived, Alison. We know you know this. There is nowhere now that you can look in this world where this does not become more and more evident. We sense you are beginning to realize this in full force, full realization. Scary. Isn’t it? It is enough to confuse yours or anyone else’s every step.

It has long been said that a mind expanded by a new idea can never return to its previous size. Learning IS change, Alison. The difference between the truth and the lie is the vague, nebulous cloud of doubt created and used to confuse all of you. What is doubt but fear? The single question each of you must ask and answer is this. Does what each of you perceive in each of your separate worlds offend your soul? You need not concern yourself with the technical or physical aspects of Disclosure. They will be sufficiently substantial to convince all of humanity of their validity. Trust this. Instead you ask about gifts of Spirit. Curious….The question we think you really wish to ask is “Are these kinds of skills valid in a new cosmology that includes the existence of extra-terrestrial intelligence?” Yes? This is Earth, Alison. There is technology. There is magic. But where is Spirit in this world? You tell us. In your empty churches? In your actions as a species? What is natural and what is unnatural? Magic? Technology? Truth? There is no such thing as “unnatural” powers in any world you could possibly imagine, or in any universe you could dream, or for that matter, in all of Creation, and it would obviously merely be an appeal to magic or technology to make up a power that does not exist. Would you not agree? But in each of them, Alison, hides the truth of the deception and illusion that has come to rule this world. We will try to explain in terms you will understand.

It is obvious, is it not, that each individual, each human being, has many abilities of which he or she is often unaware? How do they learn of these abilities? Are they born with them, or do they somehow magically acquire them through some mystical life event? In the horizon which approaches, and as each human being’s awareness increases, yes, you may well develop greater abilities as you awaken than you presently understand and they will seem quite startling to you. Yet nothing anyone can possibly do in any skill he or she discovers can compare even in the slightest with the surprise he will experience in remembering his true identity. Is this not what humanity seeks? Identity? We would suggest that if anyone wishes to learn any of these skills; he or she change the way he or she thinks about who humanity really is. Let all their learning and all their efforts be directed toward this one great final surprise, a truth that has intentionally been kept from all of you, and none of you will be content to be delayed any longer by the many little surprises we guarantee are headed your way. Disclosure cannot be stopped. We say this again for the benefit of those who somehow think it can.

To be sure, Alison, there are also many types of so-called powers that are clearly in line with Disclosure and the many revelations it will bring. Much of humanity operates under the assumption that communication in Creation is limited to the small range of channels the world recognizes. They are wrong. It is not. If it were, there would be little point in trying to teach any of you that your world can be saved. Your planet has entered a sixth mass extinction. This is fact. Humanity is presently experiencing simultaneous epidemics of obesity and starvation. Does nature work this way? No. It does not. It would be impossible for it to do so. So ask yourself what is natural and unnatural again. You will not like the answer. The limits the world places on communication, and thus places on each of you, are the chief barriers to the direct experience of Creation. Humanity looks to the stars for two reasons, and only two. And both of those reasons are limited by a lie as old as mankind itself. These limits are placed out of fear, for without them the walls that surround all the separated places and religions of the world would fall at the realization of who you really are as a species. We are all children, Alison. All of us. And any of you who transcend these limits of fear in any way are merely becoming more natural. The skills are gifts. And the gifts are from Creation. Those gifted in such a way are doing nothing special, and there is no magic in any accomplishments found by any of them in those gifts.

Disclosure will bring many new ideas. You have entertained a new possibility. And consider new abilities. You are right. The seemingly new abilities that will be gathered by many on the way to that event will be very helpful during Disclosure. Given to Creation, and used under Creation’s direction in service to that end, they will indeed be valuable teaching aids. And humanity is sore in need of those gifts and the teachers who will bear them. And you know this as truth as well. To this, and only to this, the question of how they arise is irrelevant. The only important consideration is how they are used. Taking them as ends in themselves, no matter how it is done, will not delay the horizon. Nor does their value from yours or our individual perspectives lie in proving anything; particularly with respect to any achievements from the past, any unusual attunement with the “unseen,” or any “special” favors from God. Creation gives no special favors, Alison, and no one person has any powers that are not available to everyone. Only by tricks of magic or the sick manipulations of power and human ego are any special powers “demonstrated.” When the thrashing of the tail begins as the event horizon draws near, you will see these gifts for what they are and each of us will see the true value they in fact possess.

Remember this also, Alison. Know this. Look for this. Nothing that is genuine is used to deceive. Creation is incapable of deception, and Spirit can use only genuine abilities born from it. A poisoned, dying world is proof of this. What is used for magic is useless. So know this as well; what Creation uses cannot be used for magic. Magic does not exist in truth. A technology infused with the grace and reverence for Creation is boundless. A technology without it, sadly, is doomed. Humanity is about to learn this the hard way. And remember this, too. There will always be a strange and particular appeal in unusual abilities that can be curiously tempting. Weaknesses can be strengths, and strengths can be turned to weakness. But strengths turned to weakness are tragedy indeed. Your world, human culture, again; is proof of this. Whatever is withheld from love is always… always… given over to fear, and we can and will assure you that whatever is given over to fear will always be fearful in consequence. This is only part of our answer. We know the questions you will ask in response to this. All your questions have already been asked and answered. Is this the narrative of which you speak?


It was very hard not to bold/italic the whole answer – and those are my highlights – not the writer’s. Read this and read it again and again. This is wisdom that needs to go so far into us that it becomes etched upon our cells – infused in their vibratory frequency.

I give my deepest thanks for the time and thought that the author of this answer put into its creation, to a question that I had no idea had such deep connotations or important meaning, which brought it to a whole new stunning level.

Just How Black is Blacker than Black??

Recently I have heard and read some disparaging information about Dr. Steven Greer being a Gov’t plant. Due to the increasing push from some factions to divide and conquer in the UFO – conspiracy theorist camps, I can understand why. Dr. Greer’s tireless years of interviewing, research and campaigning to us in the larger world, his success in this – which has been huge – would tend to really aggravate the people who are trying to hide from us.

In the 27 minutes of this video

  Dr. Steven Greer : Beware of the Fake ‘Alien Invasion, he lays out an all to reasonable plan for WW3, The new enemy (ET), RFID chips and neurophone technology, and the creation of a global UFO cult. Taken directly from government documents is this list of how it will be done and how they planned to use fear porn to accentuate its impact on the sheeple.

  • Contrived abductions
  • Invasion
  • Drugs
  • Holograms
  • Directed energy
  • Induced auditory hallucination using neurophone tech.
  • Manmade UFO’s
  • Special effects costuming
  • Reverse psychology
  • Cult worship
  • Dissident assassination by satanic “like” assassin groups
  • Neuro-cybernetics
  • Hypochondria in rest of population
  • Radionics

And we don’t have to wait for this false flag to happen, because it already has in the form of milabs and the rest of it. This was to create a US vs. them dynamic as a way to grow the MIC even further.

Dr. Greer swears that the ET’s are not negative – not any of them. We all have this myth of the grey bad guys and the Mantid, reptilian faction with their AI component being here and causing all this trouble by infiltrating the gov’t on the highest and above levels. Have we been given this myth?

I have been wondering just how much of this bru-ha-ha has/is been caused by the inner earth faction as described by Corey Goode and David Wilcock. One bit of evidence for this could be the testimony of William Pawelec taken by Dr Greer back in 2000,

 Dr. Steven Greer Interviews William Pawelec, before the National Press Club Disclosure event, and with the caveat that it not be released until after his death which occurred in 2007. The testimony was not released until 2010 and really made no sense until all the research on VOG tech. (voice of god tech. came out and began to be put together by researchers like Kerry Cassidy and LMH.

Pawelec talks about 4 groups of people that he was able to identify over the years by their attitudinal differences from the rest of the alphabet gangs and their corporate controllers. He keeps saying ‘Blacker than Black’…

Here is another piece to add to the information/disinformation file we are all building. It is an interesting piece to add, but a necessary one, IMO.

So, just how ‘black’ can you go?

A very Large Missing Piece…somewhere

IMO:  Is the disclosure we want, the disclosure we are going to get? If we ever thought just once that the ruling factions of our gov’t would ever tell us straight out about UFO’s and non-indigenous life, we are sadly mistaken. They are hoping that we, the people will do exactly what we are doing now, simply because then they can be seen as unwilling participants in a scenario they had no control over. Pawns just like us; because then they do not have to reveal that they have been in the thick of it manipulating events for the last 70 years, and they do not have to tell us that they have been keeping anything, including technologies that could help us, from us. Nor do they have to reveal that they have been engineering bio-weapons against us and conducting all sorts of social-bio-experiments on us.

It is up to us to continue to dig in deep and find out what is out there and spread the word. The planet needs to grow up and realize that not everything that is different or foreign is dangerous and mean, and to change its mind set from ‘kill it!’ to ‘talk to it’. One of the major tools of their secrecy has been to make it all very scary, to create fear around anything different so we don’t look, don’t find out and don’t open our minds. (I realize I’m preaching to the choir here…) However, When we are afraid of a few immigrants from across the globe, what does that say about our capacity to even consider visitors from off the globe???

Most of us in the truther, conspiracy, paranormal camp are more than ready. But consider your neighbor. What a downer, right? So it falls in our laps to talk, educate, and simply by being open (vibratory-field-of-your-being wise) change the world one concept at a time. We can listen, research, study and inform ourselves till we are blue in the face, but if we keep that to ourselves very little change is going to occur. Meetings with the paranormal – (anything outside of the everyday drudge) have always been portrayed as a lonely singular event, meant to be kept under wraps and hidden because of that wonderful paradigm we have been so duly taught (that if you do that sort of thing you are crazy), that we must fight to get out of that box and we must begin one person at a time to transform that idea set within our small circles of friends and neighboors.

We have the big guns out there doing the huge reveal stuff. We listen to them and read them on a daily basis. They are beginning to reach a larger and larger ‘market’ out there and the UFO paranormal side of things has reached a place where money can be made from it – or Fox would not be airing things like X-Files. Not in a million years. Chris Carter wouldn’t have been able to produce a TV show or a movie to reach the mass consciousness like this, ever. As a matter of fact, nobody would have ever heard of him if it weren’t worth some money, ego and fame to the powers that be.

As I have said before, however, if there was really any relevant information in what was being broadcast, it would not be on the air. As much as we like to see everything we have been saying for 50 years out there, as a sort of vindication outed to the sheeple, realize that it would not have made it out there if it had ANY real bearing on anything going on now, at this moment.

So, yes, all in all, we know our history. All of us in this field have had our own high strangeness to deal with or we wouldn’t be doing this. Now we need to stop boring down into the rabbit hole and reproving history and begin to find out what the current on-dit is. Trust me, this is very important. Something new is taking place and they have made sure that all of us have our heads conveniently buried in the rabbit hole not paying attention! Once again, any paradigm that we can not see beyond becomes a quantum box, and we do so love our boxes….

So my question is, what is it???

Does anybody have any ideas??

and Further More…

Three ideas;

  1. Loosh explosion vs. loosh extinguishment
  2. Healing everything connected to the nexus of planet earth

They are connected

Follow me, for just a minute;

if loosh is dark, sad and angry e-motion (energy-in-motion) that ‘the-they’ – the invaders need to survive,


we need as a planet to wake up to rid ourselves of this destructive element and there are two ways to do it

  1. through massive data dumps that will expose all the heinous crimes of ‘the-they’ and make the entire planet all angry, sad, and dark


2.  by healing the damage done to us, each one of us working on ourselves, clearing the emotional debris from ourselves of eons of abuse and damage, thereby raising up out of those deep dark e-motions

What way would be the safest way to do it, and what way would cause the eventual withering and death of those that need the dark? Certainly NOT option 1,  the huge explosion!!! Since they know they can no longer stem the tide to the eventual reveal of who and what they are and have done, at least, if they get the explosion of anger and negativity a huge data dump will give them, they might just have enough e-motion to fight back.

Further, if it is true that the dark contingents who are trapped here by a current ring-pass-not around the solar system until some future date for the ‘event’, then it would seem that this event that will change the energy of all who experience it by raising (making better – positive) the qualities of said intelligences, might just be the last-ditch effort by somebody to give us all – both negative and the positive a way to evolve and move on.

Ultimately healing is a way to move on, be whole. Whole enough to let go of who and what made you sick and go on with your experience of living. That is sometimes very hard to do until you understand that whatever made you sick, was also sick. Till you get to the root cause of that, you basically are only treating the symptoms. It’s like putting a Band-Aid over a wound that needs stiches.

Further, if each person who even accomplishes this just a little bit, helps to make it easier for the rest to start/continue/finish the process, then the little guy like me who wishes they could do something to help, can. As we heal our insides, the healed frequency we give off helps raise the whole just a fraction, making it just that much easier for the next person to do it. Like a snowball rolling down hill, eventually it will become an avalanche.

It’s all about my new word, CONSENSUS. It used to be about the quantum box, and that isn’t real but the reason we think it is, is because our consensus has been tricked into thinking is was. It has kept us kicking screaming and whining about an exterior cage, instead of turning inside and asking why we got there. Because the key to the quantum box/cage is inside us. The consensus IS the key.

So just what IS this consensus? It is an agreement about anything. The color blue, the taste of sour. It is archetypal and singular at the same time. It is any shared, agreed upon thing amidst a group of people either consciously or unconsciously and-or both.

For instance. If there is a huge section of the population that has been damaged by war, then that segment has an unconscious linkage together about the way they felt about it and they don’t even have to talk about to know what the other one feels.

Further, if we know that it is going to take a planet full of semi healed people to wake up and smell the coffee, then we better get at it. If we know negative energy in motion, e-motion, is feeding the bears, then we better QUIT responding to their provocations. The healing and getting rid of the negative imperative are intrinsically wrapped up together, for at the core of everything that needs to be healed is a negative, lurking in there, fueling the pain and being a switch that can be flipped to activate your painful emotions that ‘the-they’ can and will flip as often as they want to, to get the negative loosh they need. They are masters at building an unconscious consensus that can activate all the negative in us at the flip of a metaphorical switch. So tell me,


The Activation of Apocatastasis

#f2b so I guess the ‘damn’ Quantum Box can also be called CONSENSUAL REALITY…. I feel a post coming on…

Part of getting OUT of the quantum box requires figuring out just WHAT it is. It seems last night I discovered part of it was Consensual Reality. That is that part of what we all agree on in the waking state (non-dreaming). And that was no mistake, because since reading ‘The Active Side of Infinity’ by Carlos Castaneda, I have been trying to construct in my mind’s eye a model I could clunk around in, and test. Yesterday a good friend and client drew me a picture and gave me a very in-depth explanation. Not surprising, because I had asked for it, not from him, but from the universe. I had posed the question and expected the answer to be delivered in one way or another. But I was fortunate because the person who delivered this answer and I sort of share a consensus of what we understand reality to be. He is a shaman and an artist. I am very lucky to know this person. His wife and I both expect that we are visited by ET’s, he thinks its other things, just like Jonathan Young.

There is a part of consensual reality that is a good thing. But in the monomyth of Joseph Campbell, I am still in the fighting dragons and collecting tools phase. The dragons are the rabbit holes we all go down in search of information and the tools are what we find out, the pieces of the puzzle. So, you all know it is a fond dream of mine to find that rip-in-the-matrix,catbox the epiphany, that Ah-Ha! moment that will allow me to turn 6 degrees to catch a glimpse of the man hiding behind the curtain… To ultimately step OUT of the consensual reality and SEE FOR MYSELF, but it seems that to be able to digest and use the information from that particular rabbit hole and use the tool/gem of information I collect there, that because of the way our reality is structured, you all must go with me as a consensus, we all want the same thing, some answers.

It seems to me that we are all feeling the weight of the precipice of change. Our Noosphere (both the collective conscious and collective unconscious) is ready to implode upon its self and SHIFT.  It is the destabilization of this current paradigm in preparation for change that is playing out in places like Baltimore right now. This will bring about the activation of three archetypal energies: Apocalypse – Transformation – Apocatastasis.

 Apocalypse – Shift – Apocatastasis

It comes from two Greek words, apo and kalypto, which mean “to take away” and “to cover or hide.” So “apocalypse” means literally to “take away the covering of something that has been hidden.” What’s been hidden? The truth, or more specifically, the truth about the future and what is to come. We speculate on PlanetX, Niribu, the galaxy wave, a pole shift, a NWO, ET’s Aliens Extradimensionals…. You get the drift.

As I have pointed out before, there is a dearth of imagery today that we are all dealing with that presents the coming catastrophic times as real. There isn’t a person on the planet that doesn’t have an innate feeling of it, which makes it an archetype.


v'ger4Ascension, Evolution, reconnection of our 12 strand DNA, the rainbow body, masters of our universe and minds, transition for 4D to 5D, to bodies of crystal….etc. ZPE (zero point energy) The new and cleaned up earth…


Apocatastasis (/æpoʊkəˈtæstəsɨs/; from Greek: ἀποκατάστασις, also anglicized as apokatastasis) is reconstitution, restitution,[1] or restoration to the original or primordial condition. Which has been talked about ever since the idea of apocalypse has been talked about, as the great pay off for enduring the great revealing.

Back in 2012, on my birthday, the world was supposed to end. (Rah Rah…) I was telling everybody for a couple of years before that, that I thought it was about a change in our consciousness SO HUGE that we would have no other metaphor, no actual words to describe how it would change and therefore we used world ending descriptors, and our collective unconscious supplied dreams of worlds ending because once the transition/shift was done, our actual perception of the world would be so different, that you could say the world as-we-knew-it had died. I still reject the destruction of our earth as the apocalyptic image, but he destruction of our precious ideas about what should be versus what is? That is a different equation. That needs some cage rattling done. That’s the ‘Alison wants to blow up the Quantum Box and take off the blinders idea”. The issue is we are all feeling the collective consciousness being activated by the gathering forces of the collective unconsciousness’s evolution into something new, kind of like V’ger in the first ST movie.v'ger2 Most of us are digging in our heals and yelling NO! But there are those like us out there trying to spearhead this movement of awareness and doing it like we are on the hero’s journey, fearlessly and intrepidly like climbers on El Capitan on a windy day.

Many of us along the way will, I highly expect, find wonderful tools, like ZPE and things to heal the planet and many will find inner gifts like telepathy and healing and many will simply have the satisfaction of knowing the real narrative of our journey. And to whit, it will be a consensus reality, mainly because its total value is found only with respect to each other and how aware, and what we will ultimately DO  with that relationship.