Revelation: who’s ET is it, theirs or ours?

“They have lights so we can see them.” Lee Spiegel

to his nephew, and oft quoted by Grant Cameron.

What we all want is Revelation. Not disclosure. We have had disclosure for the last 50,000 years.


Is disclosure about the UFO question, or the proof that the gov’t has been lying to us for the last hundred years? And here is something to consider.

IF the gov’t has been covering the UFO Question up,

THEN there is something to cover up.

Disclosure. Done. Finis.

It is obvious that the phenomena is quite capable of being seen when and if it wants to be seen. As both Lee and Grant point out, they don’t need the light to see where they are going, they need the light to get our attention.

IF ‘they’ can be seen when and where they choose, THEN they are not part of the cover up and probably choose to make it obvious they are not by their behaviour.

“We will start by stating that the phenomenon commonly referred to as UFOs exists. The evidence supports that there is a phenomenon, it interacts with humans, but we cannot as yet explain it. However, we can identify its effects on humans and the physical channels of communications through which it operates. Through studying its modes of interaction with us, we can gain considerable knowledge about it.”

Pasulka, D.W.. American Cosmic (p. 63). Oxford University Press. Kindle Edition.

(emphasis mine)

Further, the term for revelation in Greek is:

Apocalypse” (ἀποκάλυψις) is a Greek word meaning “revelation”, “an unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known and which could not be known apart from the unveiling”.

From <

revelation. c.1300, “disclosure of information to man by a divine or supernatural agency,” from Old French revelacion and directly from Latin revelationem (nominative revelatio ), noun of action from past participle stem of revelare “unveil, uncover, lay bare” (see reveal).

Revelation | Definition of Revelation at

The barrel they have us over is not the question of whether UFO’s are real,


because of the UFO cover up, and the hundred years of lies, EVEN IF the government actually told us that UFOs are real, It would be impossible to believe them!

Which brings us to the difference between belief and knowing. IMO, it takes an act of will to believe something, it is a decision without facts. This involves believing hard enough, good enough, with all your heart. (and if you don’t, you are at fault, or your heart wasn’t pure enough, ad nauseum)

Whereas knowing has understanding of the processes at work of the substances/parts involved, i.e. do this, get that. In other words, direct involvement.

So, I think that IF there are actual beings out of this realm contacting us, THEN they are doing it outside of the governmental purview because they are NOT involved with the cover up. BUT, they are providing direct involvement to ordinary people to increase understanding.

Those that choose to create belief around the subject, are the ones that are up to no good. Obviously the government has used this to their advantage in the cover up process because to hide something, you hide it in plain sight. This is done using misinformation, misdirection, sleight of hand and calculated incredulity now and in the future to be spun as is needed. One of the main ways they have done this is through separation into parts something that is of one whole and calling them diametrically opposed to each other: Nuts and Bolts vs. Phenomena. Need I say it again,

[The phenomenon] has a technological basis. But we cannot ignore the fact that the emotions it generates in the witnesses are religious in nature. —Jacques Vallee1

Everything works, in my opinion, as if the phenomenon were the product of a technology that followed well-defined rules and patterns, though fantastic by ordinary human standards. Its impact in shaping man’s long-term creativity and unconscious impulses is probably enormous. —Jacques Vallee2

Pasulka, D.W.. American Cosmic (p. 153). Oxford University Press. Kindle Edition.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Arthur C. Clarke

Our minds are stuck in stasis between quantum super position and relativity, never understanding they are of one system. That is how the technology masquerades as phenomena and gets away with it… we are the equivalent of children watching a magic trick for the first time.

The government, on the other hand uses our naivety to continue its nefarious power agenda by hoaxing us all the time, about everything. Even ex-Nazi, von Braun warned us about this via Carole Rosin when she reports he told her more than once after he left NASA:

The game to weaponize space is a strategy to spin and educate the masses about ‘enemy identification’.

  1. Russians
  2. Terrorists (creation of drones)
  3. Third World Crazies (911)
  4. Asteroids (notice the news lately?)
  5. Alien/ET’s

“And all of it is a lie.”

Might I direct you to an eye opener of a video that explains all this in great detail and hooks it to historic fact: Joseph Farrel on Dark Journalist last Friday.

In main, I’ll say it again: Most assuredly, UFO’s and the speculative beings that might surround this subject are not it. Not even the teensiest bit. All the idiocy is made by humans for humans in the ancient game of ‘who has the most toys, wins’. And the only kind of revelation we will get from people like that is a dark one, specifically created to confuse us some more and keep them preferably in power forever.