Proof: Malibu, Nordics, Reptilians, Temporal Tech….







This is Jimmy’s announcement on F2B of the Malibu Deep Underwater Base

It was so startling that it made it into the news of the day. this excellent abc7 exposé with an interview of Jimmy, while at the same time they poked fun at the facts, because god-forbid, that it might be true.

Next we have a Huff Post article that includes more dis-proof than proof saying the area had been studied years before and those in the ‘know’ already knew it was just…

“I didn’t see anything special about it. I think it’s because it looks like there’s a flat surface and then, below it, it looks like there are these vertical columns, so somebody can say, ‘Oh, this is the entryway to something special,'” said earthquake geologist David Schwartz of the U.S. Geological Survey.

“I think it’s natural and is a part of the continental shelf,” Schwartz told HuffPost. “It’s just a complicated part of what’s now offshore that has seen some erosion and, maybe, slumping when perhaps this was partially exposed when sea level was lower. This is a really major earthquake area and perhaps some of these features are a result of slope failures, due to shaking. From <>

dume This video has Dr Salla talking about it and the military intel. Under the video click the ‘…more’ button and then click transcript to go the time the subject is listed. They also go into the connection to the China Lake facility, which was discussed last night. This man who says he lives fairly close to Malibu Point Dume, was hearing sounds on his radio on the 12 meter band  at 54 kilocycles, indicating signal was very close. Interesting link up on this.

Then during last night’s interview with Dr. Salla to hear that his new whistleblower one 92 year old William Tompkins:

Over a 12 year period beginning in 1951, William Tompkins worked for an above Top Secret think tank within the Douglas Aircraft Company designing kilometer-long antigravity spacecraft covertly requested by the U.S. Navy. Now aged 92, Tompkins becomes an important whistleblower by exposing the secret projects he worked on in his newly released autobiography, Selected by Extraterrestrials: My life in the top secret world of UFOs, think-tanks and Nordic secretaries. From <> (which I’m buying…)

actually knew about and heard briefings on this as far back as the 1950’s.

valiantthorHe reported to Dr. Salla that it was widely known then in the right circles that the reptilians were helping the Germans back before WW2, and that the nordics were helping us. Brings to mind Valiant Thor, right? Dr. Frank Stranges, Adamski, Menger, and George Van Tassel?

I would point out that hearing all this intel from the 1950-60’s, where we are today must be much further along than the startling revelation last night that the reptilians and the nordics are actual persons from more than several sources,  coming with the requisite paperwork and proof. Folks, that was 60 YEARS AGO. Ahem.

mengerAnd don’t forget, last night at the end of the program at close to light speed, Dr. Salla brought up the Philadelphia Experiment and the US’s tinkering with temporal realities. So, that’s another broad hit. It is safe to assume much of the real fringy stuff we like to consider one day soon here, will also have a paper trail and foot hold into what the rest of society would consider real proof. More than: Coming soon, to a to a theater near you. Paper work. Paper trail. Isn’t it interesting that the trees have become the holders of our history and the record of our truths and our sins?

As lovely as last night was – as confirming and glorious as it was to hear it;


Doesn’t it make you wonder exactly what is going on right now??

The Perfect Containment Mechanism Part Deux: Disclosure and Consciousness Expansion are One and the Same

It seems that Disclosure and the consciousness wave (waveX) are one and the same. In other words, you can’t have one without the other. When disclosure comes so does the expansion of your being; or the expansion of your being allows you to see that disclosure has been happening all while we slept.

I humbly submit for your thoughts one more piece by the author of, 3D perception: The Perfect Containment Mechanism. These thoughts go deep and the piece would not be complete were I not to include them. Bob O. Dean says the same thing in this interview in a little less poetic, but perfectly Bob Dean manner.

When you think about it, how could disclosure and a step up in frequency-consciousness opening-mini enlightenment be separate? Disclosure will also be all the proof and evidence of many other things that a lot of us will not want to know, but once known can’t be unknown – our opened eyes will need to be very open. Our hearts and minds (consciousness) will have to be raised, or like David Wilcock said, we will be another 100 years in the midst of this mess and we don’t have that kind of time! We are in for a big ride here, IMO.


Does this not answer the remaining questions you ask in your heart, Alison? We think it might. There are those of you who no longer value the material things of the world. Yet many may still be deceived by the so-called ‘powers’ of the lie. In many ways, the chains humanity willingly wears are gilded by the manipulated egos we all possess. The lie the world presents to those egos as truth will soon become more difficult for your soul to embrace. By fear alone is your world ruled. What occupies all your minds is nothing but an endless string of fear-filled thoughts followed by yet even more fear-filled thought, punctuated occasionally and briefly by moments of love when each of you think to remember who you really are. But human ego and fear has learned to bind the human species from its truth. You search for meaning in being alive, and each of you feels this at the core of your being. Yet meaning is not found in fear. It is found in love. Some deny this at their peril. And it is through and by this fear that each of you are controlled.

Your savage endless bloody wars are your world’s created proof of this. Your many deception-filled medias are the insane screaming voice of the countless obscenities that constantly offend your souls. That shrill voice of madness drowns out the whispered voice of Spirit, and so you turn from it to the louder call of lack, and need, and fear. Your poisoned world is your sad proof of your collective belief in these illusions. Yet humanity’s perpetual hunger for them, offered enthusiastically by those who would enslave you in these fears is merely a shining testament to your loyalty to them.

This is our hope, Alison. As humanity’s investment is withdrawn from the world’s material gifts, we rest assured that the darkness perpetrated on humanity will be seriously and mortally threatened by humanity’s collective withdrawal of support for it. Be warned however. ‘It’ may still be strong enough in the ensuing confusion of that withdrawal to rally enough substance to win back lost strength by guile. And because of this, much of humanity may not see through the calculated defenses that will be brought to bear in Disclosure. We can only guarantee you that ‘they’ will not be particularly subtle. And so too will a large number of humanity, given a remaining lingering wish to be deceived, make that deception easy.

In the moment actual Disclosure unfolds, “power” as humanity presently knows it, will shift, and the fear that rules this world will no longer be a genuine ‘reality.’ It will become a broken, useless fabricated tool once used by ‘them’ to deceive humanity and deny humanity it’s truth. We will assure you also that it will not then, and cannot now, be used dependably by ‘them’ Ever again. That much is already done. Remember this when you are afraid. Their goal is to keep you enslaved by fear. Do you think that ‘they’ do not know about any of these ‘psychic’ aspects of human existence? Trust us. They do. ‘They’ would keep those same gifts from you, and twist them to their furthered ends. And by so doing, continue to perpetuate the enslavement of the human race until it’s end. By doing thus, so has your continued bondage as a species to a select ‘chosen’ few been largely guaranteed. Until now.

We will also say this. Any gift or ability that anyone develops in his heart has the potentiality for good. To this there is no exception. And the more unusual and more unexpected the gift, the greater its potential usefulness. In Disclosure lies the only true hope for this world and its many species, and it will have need of all abilities, for what the rulers of this world would destroy in their insane plummet to oblivion, Creation in Love would restore. Many will predictably argue that psychic abilities have been used over the history of man to call upon the ‘devil’, which in truth merely means they were used to strengthen the chains of human bondage and fulfill the perverse desires of your earthly overlords. So herein lies the only potential for hope for humanity and for a healing for your world. You each have heard this said many times, in many different ways, and it is true. You are not physical beings having a spiritual experience. This is illusion. You are in fact spiritual beings having a physical experience. This is the truth. In this one thing endures the beautiful reality of each of our true identities. Each of us is a Child of Creation. And in this truth know that Creation has not left its Children comfortless.


3D perception: The Perfect Containment Mechanism

This is a list of what we here on the planet consider the 3D psychic abilities that ‘gifted’ people are able to utilize.

I am willing to bet that all people are ‘gifted’ and that we all could do this if we were not so thoroughly brain washed by the system/matrix we have grown up in.

Notable psychic abilities

From <>

I am aware that there should be a 4D analog, but being in 3D, I am having a bit of trouble conceptualizing them.

Yesterday I posted this as a true question on Face Book and got only one answer. This thoughtful, insightful reply put my thinking in a whole new perspective.


The answer to your question, Alison, is much like what we have offered to you before in other questions you have asked. Again, this is another question of perception. I mentioned this to Syndia. Human culture labels all the gifts of human Spirit as paranormal. We are taught to believe in this illusion from birth. We rarely call the tribute demanded by our human ego for what it really is. This has been perhaps the most insidious aspect of the cultivated grand deception created to keep humanity bound in slavery and service to this illusion. The human race has been largely deceived, Alison. We know you know this. There is nowhere now that you can look in this world where this does not become more and more evident. We sense you are beginning to realize this in full force, full realization. Scary. Isn’t it? It is enough to confuse yours or anyone else’s every step.

It has long been said that a mind expanded by a new idea can never return to its previous size. Learning IS change, Alison. The difference between the truth and the lie is the vague, nebulous cloud of doubt created and used to confuse all of you. What is doubt but fear? The single question each of you must ask and answer is this. Does what each of you perceive in each of your separate worlds offend your soul? You need not concern yourself with the technical or physical aspects of Disclosure. They will be sufficiently substantial to convince all of humanity of their validity. Trust this. Instead you ask about gifts of Spirit. Curious….The question we think you really wish to ask is “Are these kinds of skills valid in a new cosmology that includes the existence of extra-terrestrial intelligence?” Yes? This is Earth, Alison. There is technology. There is magic. But where is Spirit in this world? You tell us. In your empty churches? In your actions as a species? What is natural and what is unnatural? Magic? Technology? Truth? There is no such thing as “unnatural” powers in any world you could possibly imagine, or in any universe you could dream, or for that matter, in all of Creation, and it would obviously merely be an appeal to magic or technology to make up a power that does not exist. Would you not agree? But in each of them, Alison, hides the truth of the deception and illusion that has come to rule this world. We will try to explain in terms you will understand.

It is obvious, is it not, that each individual, each human being, has many abilities of which he or she is often unaware? How do they learn of these abilities? Are they born with them, or do they somehow magically acquire them through some mystical life event? In the horizon which approaches, and as each human being’s awareness increases, yes, you may well develop greater abilities as you awaken than you presently understand and they will seem quite startling to you. Yet nothing anyone can possibly do in any skill he or she discovers can compare even in the slightest with the surprise he will experience in remembering his true identity. Is this not what humanity seeks? Identity? We would suggest that if anyone wishes to learn any of these skills; he or she change the way he or she thinks about who humanity really is. Let all their learning and all their efforts be directed toward this one great final surprise, a truth that has intentionally been kept from all of you, and none of you will be content to be delayed any longer by the many little surprises we guarantee are headed your way. Disclosure cannot be stopped. We say this again for the benefit of those who somehow think it can.

To be sure, Alison, there are also many types of so-called powers that are clearly in line with Disclosure and the many revelations it will bring. Much of humanity operates under the assumption that communication in Creation is limited to the small range of channels the world recognizes. They are wrong. It is not. If it were, there would be little point in trying to teach any of you that your world can be saved. Your planet has entered a sixth mass extinction. This is fact. Humanity is presently experiencing simultaneous epidemics of obesity and starvation. Does nature work this way? No. It does not. It would be impossible for it to do so. So ask yourself what is natural and unnatural again. You will not like the answer. The limits the world places on communication, and thus places on each of you, are the chief barriers to the direct experience of Creation. Humanity looks to the stars for two reasons, and only two. And both of those reasons are limited by a lie as old as mankind itself. These limits are placed out of fear, for without them the walls that surround all the separated places and religions of the world would fall at the realization of who you really are as a species. We are all children, Alison. All of us. And any of you who transcend these limits of fear in any way are merely becoming more natural. The skills are gifts. And the gifts are from Creation. Those gifted in such a way are doing nothing special, and there is no magic in any accomplishments found by any of them in those gifts.

Disclosure will bring many new ideas. You have entertained a new possibility. And consider new abilities. You are right. The seemingly new abilities that will be gathered by many on the way to that event will be very helpful during Disclosure. Given to Creation, and used under Creation’s direction in service to that end, they will indeed be valuable teaching aids. And humanity is sore in need of those gifts and the teachers who will bear them. And you know this as truth as well. To this, and only to this, the question of how they arise is irrelevant. The only important consideration is how they are used. Taking them as ends in themselves, no matter how it is done, will not delay the horizon. Nor does their value from yours or our individual perspectives lie in proving anything; particularly with respect to any achievements from the past, any unusual attunement with the “unseen,” or any “special” favors from God. Creation gives no special favors, Alison, and no one person has any powers that are not available to everyone. Only by tricks of magic or the sick manipulations of power and human ego are any special powers “demonstrated.” When the thrashing of the tail begins as the event horizon draws near, you will see these gifts for what they are and each of us will see the true value they in fact possess.

Remember this also, Alison. Know this. Look for this. Nothing that is genuine is used to deceive. Creation is incapable of deception, and Spirit can use only genuine abilities born from it. A poisoned, dying world is proof of this. What is used for magic is useless. So know this as well; what Creation uses cannot be used for magic. Magic does not exist in truth. A technology infused with the grace and reverence for Creation is boundless. A technology without it, sadly, is doomed. Humanity is about to learn this the hard way. And remember this, too. There will always be a strange and particular appeal in unusual abilities that can be curiously tempting. Weaknesses can be strengths, and strengths can be turned to weakness. But strengths turned to weakness are tragedy indeed. Your world, human culture, again; is proof of this. Whatever is withheld from love is always… always… given over to fear, and we can and will assure you that whatever is given over to fear will always be fearful in consequence. This is only part of our answer. We know the questions you will ask in response to this. All your questions have already been asked and answered. Is this the narrative of which you speak?


It was very hard not to bold/italic the whole answer – and those are my highlights – not the writer’s. Read this and read it again and again. This is wisdom that needs to go so far into us that it becomes etched upon our cells – infused in their vibratory frequency.

I give my deepest thanks for the time and thought that the author of this answer put into its creation, to a question that I had no idea had such deep connotations or important meaning, which brought it to a whole new stunning level.

Just How Black is Blacker than Black??

Recently I have heard and read some disparaging information about Dr. Steven Greer being a Gov’t plant. Due to the increasing push from some factions to divide and conquer in the UFO – conspiracy theorist camps, I can understand why. Dr. Greer’s tireless years of interviewing, research and campaigning to us in the larger world, his success in this – which has been huge – would tend to really aggravate the people who are trying to hide from us.

In the 27 minutes of this video

  Dr. Steven Greer : Beware of the Fake ‘Alien Invasion, he lays out an all to reasonable plan for WW3, The new enemy (ET), RFID chips and neurophone technology, and the creation of a global UFO cult. Taken directly from government documents is this list of how it will be done and how they planned to use fear porn to accentuate its impact on the sheeple.

  • Contrived abductions
  • Invasion
  • Drugs
  • Holograms
  • Directed energy
  • Induced auditory hallucination using neurophone tech.
  • Manmade UFO’s
  • Special effects costuming
  • Reverse psychology
  • Cult worship
  • Dissident assassination by satanic “like” assassin groups
  • Neuro-cybernetics
  • Hypochondria in rest of population
  • Radionics

And we don’t have to wait for this false flag to happen, because it already has in the form of milabs and the rest of it. This was to create a US vs. them dynamic as a way to grow the MIC even further.

Dr. Greer swears that the ET’s are not negative – not any of them. We all have this myth of the grey bad guys and the Mantid, reptilian faction with their AI component being here and causing all this trouble by infiltrating the gov’t on the highest and above levels. Have we been given this myth?

I have been wondering just how much of this bru-ha-ha has/is been caused by the inner earth faction as described by Corey Goode and David Wilcock. One bit of evidence for this could be the testimony of William Pawelec taken by Dr Greer back in 2000,

 Dr. Steven Greer Interviews William Pawelec, before the National Press Club Disclosure event, and with the caveat that it not be released until after his death which occurred in 2007. The testimony was not released until 2010 and really made no sense until all the research on VOG tech. (voice of god tech. came out and began to be put together by researchers like Kerry Cassidy and LMH.

Pawelec talks about 4 groups of people that he was able to identify over the years by their attitudinal differences from the rest of the alphabet gangs and their corporate controllers. He keeps saying ‘Blacker than Black’…

Here is another piece to add to the information/disinformation file we are all building. It is an interesting piece to add, but a necessary one, IMO.

So, just how ‘black’ can you go?

The Links: Corey Good, The Blue Avians and The Sphere Beings

Corey Good is the new whistle blower that David Wilcock has been recently talking to and relating his testimony in his recent presentations. I envy you all who will be out there at CITD, I hope one of you guys actually gets to go see some of his presentations.

My last article details my feelings on all this testimony, so I’m not going to go all mushy in this one. I simply wish to lay out the material so you all can go read it for your selves and maybe vet it to your satisfaction.

Background information


black triangle UFO

Corey (aka GoodETxSG) recently has emerged as a new source of information on multiple secret space programs and breakaway civilizations from Earth. In an earlier article I summarized his public testimony revealed through two internet forums and public presentations by David Wilcock on the nature of these covert programs. In a later article released on April 7, I presented Corey’s responses to a series of questions I emailed him. His answers revealed a remarkable degree of complexity in terms of the number of participants, programs and extraterrestrial alliances related to five secret space programs run by various military, government and corporate entities from our contemporary time period alone. READ MORE…

Over view of things


multiple secret space programs

A new whistleblower has appeared who is creating quite a stir in the UFO and exopolitics communities due to his claims of having worked with a number of secret space programs; and, more recently, having become a contactee with a powerful new group of extraterrestrials that have entered our solar system. READ MORE…

What do they look like and how do they work?

GoodETxSG… “Makeup and Background of [the] Blue Avian Beings”…

Forum post #629 (3-31-15, 12:32)
[Q] Curious if you know anything about the makeup and background of our Blue Avian beings. Do they have emotional, mental and physical “bodies” similar to ours?

(Corey: They manifest in a “Touchy Physical” feeling body. They seem to be sympathetic to my emotions.) READ MORE…

Who are the Blue Avians and the Sphere Beings?

GoodETxSG Secret Space Program, ET Federation Delegation & MILAB Participant:       Appearance of the “Moon”, “Neptune” & “Jupiter” sized “Sphere Craft” & their associated “Purple Sphere Beings” as well as their “Blue Avian” & “3 Other” Allied races (Classified for now) Opposed to the Current “Custodian Beings” of our “Solar System”.   READ MORE…

New Forum: The One Truth    TOT    I signed up…

This seems to be a good place to get the latest information on the developing situation.totjandeane81

Lightbulb Secret Space Program, ET Federation Delegation & MILAB “Experiencer”, GoodETxSG “Q & A”

Hello “TOT” Members and Guests,

I have been very happy with the “Vibe” (As they say) of the people and the leadership of this Forum since I recently joined. It is quite a bit different than what I was used to from the previous “Forum” I was at…

While I was a Member of “Another Forum” I was convinced to do a recording that was to be used by a certain Formerly Respected and Well Known Researcher for their own “Research Purposes Only”. It was a VERY informal and impromptu recording of a “Conversation” (Not an “Interview”) between the Former Researchers Wife (At the time) and Myself while she was in town on other business. Things aligned just so to where we were able to do over 3 1/2 hours of recordings. The Former Researcher contacted me shortly after and stated that they thought this really needed to be released (They knew my desire to help other MILAB’s) to assist other MILAB’s and to bring together some information in one place that some other people may find useful.  ( Link at bottom, at time of publishing I couldn’t make it active so Copy and Paste)

An Interesting Remote View

(RV)and follow-up about what it might look like as the earth completes her ascension.  ( Link at bottom, at time of publishing I couldn’t make it active so Copy and Paste)

This is a letter, or comment on DW forum from me, as it is my only concern. Still awaiting an answer… lols And if I was going to CITD I’d see if I could ask him this directly.  (hint…hint… if any of you see him…. hint, hint? 🙂

Dear David,

My sigh of relief is almost ready to let go. The Sphere People seem too good to be true, but they answer perfectly an inner myth I have chased all my life. I am 61, I have been chasing this since I was a child of 6. I am weary. I wish with all my being that we get to save this lovely place and all her creatures. I am attached.

I am somewhat concerned about what the earth, sun and the planets are currently experiencing and wonder if you have ever visited sites like Suspicious Observers, and if so, what is your opinion? Are we being stabilized by an outside energy until we have reached that true tipping point as a planet in our decisions? I am concerned about the little lives, and how they will fare.

Can you point me to relevant information?

Thank You for all the work that you do, and for allowing yourself to be put into such danger to bring this forward.

Sincerely, Alison  a dedicated Fadernaught

And then after all this, you have to look at things like JH15 as if they ARE a false flag and you have to know that not much will be allowed to happen. Even with all of the internet silliness going on, and credible sources vetting credible information.  Kerry’s Blog: ( Link at bottom, at time of publishing I couldn’t make it active so Copy and Paste)

I has struck me over the years since 2012, that all of the hurtful things that COULD have happened, didn’t. I have felt for a long time and even said it in this blog, that we are being allowed to complete something here at this time on earth and the interference that would like to mess it all up is being prevented from doing so. JH15 will prove something to me one way or the other and answer a few very important questions.  Hope you see what I see???

Remote View:

 The One Truth:

Kerry’s Blog:

Harry Potter’s Magic Wand

Imagine if you will, a technology that uses the frequency of the person, plus the frequency of the object to create a certain quantum entanglement predisposed to the person through a device that could be held in the hand. The verbalization of said command emits the frequency that creates the desired behaviors in the entangled object.

What I have just described was what LMH said when she answered my question via Jimmy last night. potterwandIt is also a Harry Potter Magic Wand. After going down some tortuous rabbit holes this morning chasing this, it has occurred to me that what we all in the fantasy world would term ‘Arcane”, ‘Hermetic’ information, i.e.: magic, would also be advanced tech…(d’oh!)

The name Caret was chosen carefully, I think. In language, there are no errors and when studying word etymologies, (the origins) you begin to find an eerie pattern in all of your thoughts and dealings. (I did this for a while back in my thirties and really freaked myself out. And any time I still need a freak out I can pick up where I left off. ) Language is a frequency – a sound, an idea in your head and “Energy Follows Thought”.


The caret /ˈkærət/ is an inverted V-shaped grapheme. It is the spacing character ^ in ASCII (at code point 5Ehex) and other character sets that may also be called a hat, control, uparrow, or less frequently chevron, xor sign, to the [power of], pointer (in Pascal), or wedge.caret

Caret – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wikipedia Loading…

From <>

 However, it can also be said to mean: Civilians Are Rarely Ever Trusted.


The above address has his full story and all his writings and his graphics.

 One of those rabbit holes led to ‘Atto” technology:

ATTO Technology Manufacturing company

ATTO Technology is a manufacturer of storage connectivity products for data-intensive computing. ATTO manufactures host bus adapters, RAID adapters, Fibre Channel switches, Desklink devices, protocol … Wikipedia

Headquarters: Amherst, NY

Founded: 1988

 From <>

LMH: Atto for Directed energy Weapons

Another led directly into an even deeper rabbit hole that is connected to a download of information about the drones and the ‘Oltissis entities ( more here – caution this is the deepest rabbit hole: ) who use quantum entanglement to relate to a place in/on our three dimensional world (because they are beyond 3D).

Paragraph 4.2.3 talks directly about it. The Caret documents and some of the pages leaked by ‘Isaac’ which directly talk about RSR or Ridged Spatial Relationships, sound a lot like quantum entanglement, or ‘spooky action at a distance’ especially when you take into account that the intelligence controlling the item can be somewhere else, with no obvious connection to the item. ( found at 4.2.3 RSR)

The ability of Caret technology to create imageshologramtech along with everything else would have immense stealth applications, but could also be used as a very efficient means to dupe all of us so eager for communication that one must wonder if this hasn’t been the case since the beginning.

I wish it didn’t have to make sense in this way, but it does. I’m am still hoping for the Glitter, poofed just like our friend Chase, however it’s looking more and more like a glamour (spell) to me.

That damned Quantum Box….

If last night’s history was true, I have one question. Why, if these annunaki beings are capable of existing in ANY dimension, or plane, would they even CARE if we ascend, evolve, or got annihilated? Why after 450,000 years would there still be all the bull shit going on? Unless their evolution is tied to ours.md9 Like they got to where they wanted to be, one with source, and source said, “See that Fricking Mess you made on that planet a while back? Well it’s about to self-destruct, which will create a mess in that whole sector of the universe over there. Go clean it up now!”


There seems to be some disagreement as to HOW to do that. All based on a value system being put on the intrinsic heart of mankind, Adamu. heart energyAnd if last night’s history is true, THE ONLY THING THAT HAS EVER SAVED US IS LOVE. The love of a parent for his child. The empathy of one being to another.


Or, what we are looking at is yet another archetypal myth being played out on the big screens of our consciousness. We have the hero, the bad guy, who for some reason known only to him wants to hurt things, and us, the masses.The%20Holographic%20Universe%20-05 Then we have the static background upon which it all plays out. In my opinion, I still want to know what the damned screen is made of and why it works. I want to know why anybody would even bother with us, and care. As a planet we are such a mess. I want to know what we are, and I want to understand deep enough to be able to make my own decisions about who I am and who I will become.


What would really matter? Today, goodness has become and Ideal. Something to shoot for. That ultimately means you don’t have it. But maybe that is the myth/lie we are being led to believe, that we always need a savior and an Ideal. That immediately tells us that we are not inherently able to do this on our own. So the world is a mess because we always act out of the assumption that we are Not Capable. That is slave, pass the buck, not my fault mentality, where you always look outside of yourself for an answer. And that ALWAYS causes BAD eye And yet when you look into another’s eyes and you really see them, that bad behavior vanishes, because you are seeing the truth of another being.


In today’s world, we are taught that ‘us’ as the little guy and the individual don’t matter, that we must get the job done, we must deny our hearts to eat and provide for our loved ones instead of care for them.portal In a million tiny ways the system that we are enslaved to takes our ability to know and express this caring away, and makes it impossible to stop and say, “Waitaminit!”


Add to that the issues of our poisoned our food, water, the chemtrails, big pharm, taxes, banks, electric power, EMF’s, the false flags, creating utter confusion…. They (passing the buck?) are trying really hard to make sure we are way too damned busy to see something. If you get that part and you take a moment to stop and ask why, you fall down the rabbit hole only to get lost yet again.Qbox Enter that Damned box I’m trying to find the sides of. One day it’s just gonna smack me between the eyes… hopefully it won’t kill me when it does.


It still doesn’t answer my first question. Why would ANYBODY care about us enough to create the freaking mess we are in, or try and help us out of it, and for what reason?!?handspiral Or are we just infesting a piece of real-estate they want really badly?

A Love Letter

Dear Fade To Black,

I’ve been interested, rabid, some would say, about UFO’s and ET’s since I was 6 yrs old or so. I wasn’t shy in high school about asking my dates about how they felt about it either. The first books I ever read about it were the Adamski and Menger books back in 1961. hearts8Then life happened and I popped back into all this seriously in 2001. Along the way I read a ton when the best sellers came out, but do you know how hard it is to get a book about UFO’s from the library? Some of them are not even in the state public system, so they are un-orderable. That said in 2001 after babies, a divorce a move and a new career, I quit working for someone else in 2010 and had a LOT of time on my hands. I could listen to C2C again and I found Kerry Cassidy!! While researching Greer I found Jimmy Church on You Tube. I waited with baited breath for every up-load. About the end of May, last year, I got the brilliant idea that I might be able to listen to this live because the grands were out of school and we could all sleep in. The three hour time difference is hard for an old fart like me… lol You all know I have a birthday Sunday and I’m turning 61….er 29 1/2 for the second time… it’s all relative anyway. (Just ask Titor)


I found out that the Sandbox is the best invention EV-AR! (as my daughter would put it) I even called in. (I sound like an IDIOT) And Jimmy was so nice, and tried to help me feel less nervous (yes I noticed that, and thank You, Jimmy)!!!hearts7 I have made such wonderful friends, and I have decided I am in LOVE with the Faderverse. Then Method created this wonderful amazing totally out-of-sight site.



hearts6When Jimmy brings a famous friend on the air, I feel like that friend is mine too. When he uses his considerable interviewing skills and style to evoke such honesty and incredible information from the guests and the emotions are high, I feel as though I am feeling them right along with the guest. The immediacy of twitter and the information and the insights of the Faders make me feel like I am a PART of the miracle that happens every night F2B is on the air.


hearts4In my (here we go again) opinion, F2B is a new evolution, an ascended show, a fifth dimensional creation happening before our ears. It is the MOST AMAZING experience that I have had the privilege to be a part of in my entire life (besides my children…lol). This is disclosure in action, my friends. From the grass roots up, one person at a time, the way it is really going to happen. Not from the top down.


hearts3WE Faders and Jimmy and Wonderful Rita. This is IT. Be Happy. We are part of the wave. All because Jimmy decided to follow a dream.




May you continue till the work is done.


Might I say how profoundly grateful I am to be a part of the miracle.


Love to the whole entire faderverse,



On Kitten Feet: Stan’s comment is a thought provoking addendum!

kitten feet

Because this was so thought provoking I wanted to have everybody see it!

STAN, so are so very right! I have titled your reply to my article Engagement.  These are Stan’s words:

 Here we are 70 years post Roswell, 30 years post Lunar Landing and 20 years ago we flew passenger aircraft faster than we can today. The progress in healthcare and human sciences are still rationed out by the developed world on the basis of financial accounting and profit and loss. All around the world a generation of children and young adults immersed in virtual reality first person shooter type games are immune to the prospect of violence in the real world because by the time they are 16 they have virtually killed thousands of targets in games and we wonder why the youth have no value for human life.
We are a backward species and the only thing that brings me comfort is that our tenure on this planet is liable to be mercifully brief. The only thing I would be able to offer up in our defence is the harmony of a Philharmonic Orchestra..the musical arts…
Its perhaps fashionable to describe ourselves as a war loving tribal species who seem to spend a great deal of time and technology devoted to killing each other.
In spite of all the good things we do it seems to me..the bad things we do are tipping the scales in the wrong direction.
All of the activity at Echo Flight and Malmstrom along with Bentwaters..and in the  former Soviet Union seems to be pointing in 1 direction and warning us not to consider the use of Nuclear Weapons.  This flies in the face of allowing Fukushima and Chernobyl to happen and not intervene.
We will be allowed to determine our future to a large degree with the exception of the nuclear toy box..and even then 2000 times we have lit the fuse and deployed them on this planet…Only twice we are lucky on each other…Disclosure has happened..and is happening like a jigsaw puzzle the pieces are there and have been for 50 years. YOU KNOW & I KNOW..its not a question of belief its a matter of factual evidence sufficient to garner a conviction in a court of law..sans corpus delecti.  The media/government games predicated in maintaining the status quo don’t matter much to me anymore. All doubt ceased the first time I saw a UFO and then the second time I got confirmation and by the 3rd time there was no question…all the times after that..were unneeded by me to cement the reality of the presence in our skies of things that defy in size and motion the hand of man to produce. Disclosure was yesterday all that remains is ENGAGEMENT with who and what will deign to meet us on their terms…because for certain they will not meet us on OUR terms.



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