It seems that information has become equated with money. Join this, pay that. If you don’t, well, you lose. I can’t quite seem to reconcile it in my mind or my heart. There are several issues at hand here.

The first being that, my internet provider is Xfinity. They are pretty good, stable and we get all the TV we want, however, just the other day, last week to be exact, I tried to get on to

It didn’t matter which browsers I used, Edge, Chrome, or Fire Fox, or which machine I used, desk top, surface, or phone, I got the same message. After tweeting it, and finding others with Xfinity had the same problem, I decided to perform an experiment and turn off the wifi in my phone, went through sprint, and connected right up. AHEM.

Really, AHEM!

So this is a sneaky, sneaky way of limiting what you can and cannot see.


And, well, I’m furious. REALLY

So Xfinity is in bed with whom? And how far will this kind of sneaky limiting of our ability to receive and enjoy media go??? Hmmmmmmm?

Then there is the Youtube debacle. Those idiots over there are going to algorithm themselves into obscurity. And none too soon, IMO. However there is this little matter of the video format that we all know and use so much and so well. And really, there is not another one in sight that works as well, or hasn’t been bought from the inside out.

Which brings me to the next problem, THE PAYWALL (said with echo, echo, echo)

Two things happen here, one, youtube can create a mess for anybody for any reason, any time their black little hearts desire. I suppose that might come with a few greased palms and grift on the side if you know the right people, and they can, for any reason, shut people down.

To avoid this little glitch, honest people either put their second hour with what could be algorithm awakening information in it, behind a PAYWALL, or they remove themselves from you tube altogether. I can’t say I blame them. Then information begins to cost. Who knew that information would become the hottest commodity out there?

I am sure the people who planned this whole hornets’ nest did. They certainly have me over a barrel. I can’t pay. Half the people I have listened to and followed over the years are now behind a paywall. This limits my information in a very big way. Those like Coast to Coast, and Fade to Black are free, if you listen at the time of the broadcast, something that is impossible for me to do, so I miss them. And now, it has worked out that everything I like has become too expensive for me to enjoy and learn from.

I am really sad about this.

I suppose I will just go along, and watch the half ass things that you tube throws at me these days, and once again crawl into my cave where I used to live. It was fun while it lasted. What a way to stop a growing movement of people connecting to each other!

I should have known already.