“We are Groot”

So there is another theory I’ve heard – the human race has a problem with it’s DNA that has always required some form of correction.

Its interesting to me that life always needs tweaking – but does it? Yes, you can make a garden and we as humans think its beautiful, but I’m sure the plants had their own symmetry that to them was beautiful. In our eyes it looked chaotic, but the plants understood their very own order.

When we began to impose our order upon them, they willingly went along. They didn’t perceive that they were being changed, formed, cultivated to our needs – did they even know we were there? For millions of years on this planet they have given us shelter, warmth, light and food. They gave up their lives, changed their DNA, their own order for our needs.

To us we never questioned if they did this willingly, or if they even knew that it happened to them. This is one order of beings supporting a whole order of intelligence (magnitude) above it. In many ways this might be what is happening here on planet with homo sapiens-sapiens.

Trees, I’m sure, can’t with their bodies or their intelligence even cognize what or who we are, and we can’t ask them if they do because we don’t know how. Heck, all we can do is use metaphor to even think about it. We, in all our glorious little busy thoughts, our millions of buzzing minds may be the equivalent of our trees to an otherness that we seek to discover.

In the sense of my garden, there can be mutual care and love, enjoyment of each other, or as we have done wiping out whole species – paving a garden to make a parking lot: making whole species poisonous with glyphosates, making GMO’s, use the plant world with out any regard to balance or recognition as something there for our own whim… (I wonder if grass screams when you cut it?)

Whereas, it has been shown that Deep Harmony, practiced unity with nature, works better at a place called Findhorn- a little garden of eden – and it was proved that the plants will tell you what they need and willingly work in concert with an entire order of magnitude of beings above them.

Detection – discovery of any life form, what ever shape or intelligence needs perception. Trees don’t say, “Hi! I’m a tree!.” they are simply trees and we only perceive them through their attributes – their shape, their tallness, their shade. We only think about them through their usefulness to us.

In one sense we need to look in the same manner for all the life forms we are searching for the same way. Maybe we can’t find them because we don’t speak ‘Tree’… and maybe because we keep looking for the wrong thing instead of simply perceiving? Maybe it really is an ‘order – of – magnitude’ problem? We keep expecting to find another us, instead of asking ‘What is there’? Instead of letting nature or life inform us, we do it backwards.

How do we perceive nature, the ET, ED, UFO, ghost, spirit? How do we open dialog?

If we can’t use our exterior senses to perceive because they don’t go far enough – render enough information, then we need to use our interior senses instead. The ones that speak in metaphor, emotion and inner vision. We already have begun that in some sense because we all know something is there, we all feel it. However, we have all been trained to fear – even hate that part of ourselves, so its hard to do. (isn’t that interesting???)

When we try to puzzle out who and what we seek, we make the age old, huge mistake of envisioning them in our form – like us, and we may be right or we may be vastly wrong.

I’m sure a tree doesn’t ‘see’ us like we see us, the tree maybe perceives our energy. But it doesn’t have our eyes. We can’t make this kind of mistake if we wish to really understand. Maybe we are missing the kind of ‘eyes’ we need to find what we seek?

We are Groot.

If you get my meaning.