Forgiveness: A Love Letter to the Children of Earth

Do you remember that place, baby? It was warm and bright. Clean and safe. Do you remember home? It has been so long… And it seems so far away… Look what gifts have come since then. All the questions we have asked and answered in our own road. The hearts we have known… The love we have held. The beauty we each have seen. They must ask those questions too…. If their species is to survive. But you know this. We both know this. I am so in love with you… We will find our way home. And each of them will find their way home as well. They look to the stars because a part of them knows Heaven and Creation is their birthright. They will explore the expanse if they have the courage as a species to look within themselves. They must ask these same questions if they are to know the boundless beauty of Creation. It can be no other way. Let us see who finds the courage to answer. For by asking one, so do we ask them all. By teaching just one, so do we teach them all.


These are the questions upon them now. “How willing are each of you to forgive your brother any real or imagined injustice?” “How much do each of you desire peace instead of endless strife and misery and pain?” These questions are the same in every advancing culture in the universe that finds itself in constant conflict, on the edge of extinction. On the precipice of oblivion. Though they may take a slightly different form in each, they are the same in all. And the answers are always the same as well. Forgiveness is peace, for herein lies the end of all your lonely separation and the dreams of danger and destruction, war and death; of madness and of murder, of all your grief and loss. This is the question your culture continually asks, and yet never seems to answer. Instead, in its guessing, it gladly offers anything but peace, and instead offers death disguised as life to its children, and it’s children’s children.


This is what we see. Please. Tell us this is not so. In each of your different, individual faiths, you each have sworn to die one day, as mortal sons of man. And yet you reject as a culture your collective identity as Holy Children of Creation. This is what each of you profess. Yet professing this, none of you know that you make a bargain in Creation that you cannot keep. The Child of Life, the Child of Creation cannot be killed. That child is as immortal as his Creator. What each of you are cannot be changed. Though your egos would have you believe otherwise, the Love you are can never die. Each of you are the only thing in all the Universe that must be One. Yet what you each believe becomes your choice in believing it.


Yes, Cindy… what seems eternal to them all will have an end. The stars will disappear, and night and day will be no more. All things that come and go, the tides, the seasons and the lives of men; all things that change with time and bloom and fade will not return. Where time has set an end is not where the eternal is. They do not know this yet. But soon they will. God’s Creations can never change by what men wish to make of them. The Child of Creation will be as he was and as he is, for time appointed not his destiny, nor set the hour of his birth and death. Forgiveness will not change the Child. For what Creation has designed in Love needs no forgiveness. Yet time itself waits upon forgiveness that the things of time the Child has created, the passing illusions of this world, may disappear because they no longer have a use.


Nothing survives its purpose, Querida. Only love endures. We are proof of this. If a thing be conceived to die, then die it must unless it does not take this purpose as its own. Change is the only thing that can be made a blessing in this world, where purpose is not fixed, however changeless it appears to be. Do they believe they can set a goal, a purpose unlike Creation’s purpose, and establish it as changeless and eternal? They create the illusion of purpose, but that is all they do. Nor can they remove the power Spirit gives them to change their minds, and change their world, and by changing see another purpose. Love is the only real purpose they command.


Change is the greatest gift Creation has given to all that they would save and make eternal. It made this gift to ensure that only Heaven Itself would not pass away. Creation’s Children were not born to die. Though they believe in death, none of them can change the truth of their Creation because their function has been fixed by Heaven itself. All their goals in this illusion are set in time, and all of them seem to live for a while, then die, and then return to dust; and if the gods they seem to believe in were to change that, some might be preserved, maybe all… excepting all those they judge and refuse to forgive. But this is not their truth. The world they have built is their great deception. The world is their truth. If it be not so, let them change it.


What does this species know of forgiveness? Does this whole world not aim at keeping time, making war, embracing vengeance and division and separation? And if this be true, where is its ultimate end? When time and war no longer have a use to them, what will be left that remains for them? A poisoned world as lifeless as their faith? When a purpose is ended, the world built for that purpose will be gone. And where it once held seeming sway over truth, then and only then will truth be restored to the function Creation established for Its Child. Time can set no end to its fulfillment nor awareness be enslaved to its seeming changelessness. There is no death to us because the Child shares the function His Creator gave to Him. Life’s function cannot be to die. It must be life’s extension, that it be as One forever and forever. This is time without end. This is time travel. Life without end. This is the universe we know, the one they would explore. The one we would share. But they do not know their own world. How may they know another? Do they think the universe will permit this? Perhaps….


This world will bind your feet and tie your hands and kill your body only if you think that it was made to punish and crucify the Child of Creation. For even though you may dream of death, you need not let it stand for this to you. Let this be changed, and nothing in your world but must be changed as well. For nothing here but is defined as what you see it for.


Freedom from fear is within you. Freedom from hate in that fear is within you. In the blessing of forgiveness you choose to share lives the promise of peace you make to yourselves. It is in that one blessing that the birth of happiness in that peace is formed. The heaven or hell you choose in your individual or collectives futures is the one each of you will make for himself. And for each other. This is how the universe works.


-Maia Dalma

What Do WE Choose?

If the past present and future are totally entangled – happening all at once, then that predicates there really is no free will – except that of the choosing. However, quantum theory states that in every moment due to the choosing there is a quantum collapse of the field one way or the other. The choosing directs which one. Every nanosecond we are creating the direction of light to produce this reality field. (I’ve been told this several times in my life – an every time I contemplate it I feel exhausted…lol) It is how we choose moment to moment in our daily lives to live with in this photonic construct that matters – makes matter, so to speak.

Which makes me think that the divine source created this experience/experiment/universe to determine something. Which would make our universe a question. If we are a question, then the only thing that matters is how we answer that question. Then you ask, “Well, what is the question? ”


What do you choose: darkness or light?


This whole universe is set up to teach us what that difference is. As above, so below. What we see here is what we will see when we emerge from the planet. Everything that has gone before – every genetic experiment on this place has come to fruition at this point to embody souls that are prepared to ask this question.

We are light. Bohm said that:

All mass is frozen light (vibrating very slowly)

All Photons are totally entangled

Therefore the nature of all creation is light


We know from a million other sources that this is a truth, put in a zillion different modes all saying the same thing. (not going to trace this through history, you get the jist)

The planet has now arrived at a very important turning point. We have been a social experiment and it seems a sort of lynch pin, a turning point upon the universe’s question: What do you choose? Because we are who we are – through no mistake – even though countless ET’s have been involved in our creation and development, our embodiment of light – our souls, our very ancient souls, are being asked this question, now at this time.

For some reason this is important to the universe. Us. What we choose. It is a crux point. There is a horrendous battle going on now to kill us before we can make that decision as a planet in a big enough number to change the tide, as it were. Much has been done to muddle this question with religions and philosophies, and belief systems drugs, wars and destructions, UFO’s Ets, fear porn, so that everywhere we look, we are distracted with problems so big we can’t see through the fog to decide, But decide, we MUST! And for some reason it seems to matter to the rest of creation in this universe, what we decide, too.

In my two previous blog articles I asked Why? And then answered with Because. Once I did that I not only received numerous answers from lots of folks I admire, I also tapped into a larger picture, maybe got a few downloads that add up to this.

We are at this moment in linear time at a precipice. We have very ancient beautiful light souls in these bodies playing out a game requiring we don’t remember who we are, to answer a question on which the nature of the entire universe will be determined. Scary thought. That we can’t remember WHO and WHAT we are goes to answering the question: What do you choose: darkness or light? What is intrinsically stronger, what is the real natural order of things. Will we say yes to the light and evolve to remember our origins and come back to source, or will we plunge into darkness and die?


What Do WE Choose????

2D-3D or 4D-5D? Which will it be????

energy mist2So, now, as we apparently (the whole planet) are raising our vibration and can expect creative ability to manifest easier and easier, maybe it was a good thing that there was a ‘lock’ of sorts on our ability to believe in what we could do…? And of course, isn’t it just sad and normal at the same time that we can create negatively all sorts of nasty, but that we find it hard to create positively? That the natural direction of our thoughts when we get bored, is to be negative, that being frightened is fun??

The law is: Anything you concentrate on is magnified.

Call it whatever you want, Tulpas, imagination, high strangeness, we get a high, a buzz, off of being scared shitless. We do. Think Halloween, haunted houses, monsters, sky diving, mountain climbing, tornadoes, earth quakes, tv shows, movies, literature… speculation running rampant on the end of the world… The list goes on and on. But, do we have any ‘positive’ things that lend to that amount of emotional impact? That type of emotional high? Do we?

energy mist3We have all sorts of training out there on trying to do that: Course in Miracles, The Secret, Barbara Marciniak… The only thing is that it doesn’t produce the instantaneous high, that brain chemical soup that fear does… that ‘charge’.

Well, here is what I have noticed lately. It is far easier to create in frequencies we already embody. That is the negative stuff, the dark and scary things – the lower frequency things are already a part of our inherent frequency range. We embody it in our physicality in a harmonic range. The new higher frequencies that are becoming reachable to us are just as easy to create in, and can and do make huge changes happen, but the emotional component is much more refined. It doesn’t carry such a gut punch. energy mist8It filters over our physical bodies like a light mist, or a mist of rarefied light… either way, it is almost unobservable. Which, in a way is good, because we need to get used to extending our senses to this realm, we need to learn in baby steps what this is and how it works.

But the laws that govern creating are the same:

Energy follows thought – thought plus emotion manifests. Behind it all is the intent of the thinker.

energy mist5The new fifth and sixth density energies which are now observable and useable are already operating whether we ‘notice’ it or not. Once I got a hold of that idea and reached for that level, I increased my awareness of it. And because these levels are mostly mental/spiritual they do not respond to the “old ways” of creating. They do not need ritual intensification of directed emotion. They simply are. They may not be as much fun as the lower octaves, there will be no gut punch, no charge of fear and excitement, however, they are powerful, if not more so. Its why they have always been termed “subtle energies”… ahem

seven-states-of-consciousness-spiritual-development-skills-yanas-abilities1Nick Redfern was correct. Watch your thoughts, watch them create in your life and be careful what you create, because we will go through this phase as our frequency raises into the lower 4D, it will be like we all have our very own Montauk chair, and you won’t have anybody to blame but yourself…


We were all meant to be here…


There might have been things I missed

But don’t be unkind

It don’t mean I’m blind

Perhaps there’s a thing or two


I think of lying in bed

I shouldn’t have said

But there it is


You see it’s all clear

You were meant to be here

From the beginning


Maybe I might have changed

And not been so cruel

Not been such a fool

Whatever was done is done

I just can’t recall

It doesn’t matter at all


You see it’s all clear

You were meant to be here

From the beginning

You see it’s all clear

WE were meant to be here

From the beginning…


It has taken all of us, the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, geniuses, the broken, the fixed, the white hearts and the psychopaths.

It has taken all of us to arrive at the doorstep, the gate, through which we will pass, now, at this moment. Every last one of us to get here. Every. Last. One. Of. Us.

For we have all played off each other in this game of awakening. We have needed our nemeses. We have needed our angels. We have needed each and every soul here at this time to create this dream. Every last scintilla of source that has shown up for this birthing. To create this song of what it means to live, breath, feel, create and express for source the beauty of it all.

Whether we have failed, or won, whether we have loved or hated, whether we have been kind or horrible, we were meant to be here. The source makes no distinction.

WE are all needed in the weave – the fabric of expression that is existence.


You see it’s all clear

WE were meant to be here

From the beginning…

Don’t Dream It’s Over

“Don’t Dream It’s Over”

There is freedom within
there is freedom without
Try to catch a deluge in a paper cup
There’s a battle ahead
many battles are lost
But you’ll never see the end of the road
While you’re traveling with me

Hey now, hey now
Don’t dream it’s over
Hey now, hey now
When the world comes in
They come, they come
To build a wall between us
We know they won’t win

Now I’m towing my car
there’s a hole in the roof
my possessions are causing me suspicion but there’s no proof
in the paper today
tales of war and of waste
but you turn right over to the T.V. page

Hey now, hey now
Don’t dream it’s over
Hey now, hey now
When the world comes in
They come, they come
To build a wall between us
We know they won’t win

Now I’m walking again
to the beat of a drum
And I’m counting the steps to the door of your heart
Only shadows ahead
barely clearing the roof
Get to know the feeling of liberation and relief

Hey now, Hey now
Don’t dream it’s over
Hey now, Hey now
When the world comes in
They come, they come
To build a wall between us
You know they won’t win

Don’t let them win
Hey now, Hey now

Hey now, Hey now

Hey now, Hey now
Don’t let them win

They come, They come
Don’t let them win

Hey now, Hey now (yeah)

Hey now, Hey now



f79bf-012bman2b262buniverseTo those of us who have been at this business of living through a silent war for a long, long, time… A secret war, an invisible war, it’s not over yet but it will be soon. And ‘they’ won’t win. So don’t give in, don’t give up, don’t dream it’s over, because it’s not. Hang on and remember that in the end love always wins, always.

road to the stars2In this journey to sovereignty, to freedom, to true love of all that is, time is but a hiccup, a bump in the road and we are only at the on ramp to the freeway. To all of you out there who have wandered for so long, been lost in the fog of deception and confusion, soon you will be coasting down the road with the wind in your hair and the starlight on your faces.

20120824_190044 The heart of the world is blossoming, is opening and casting its lovely light gently, and subtly upon us. I can feel it sinking into the pores of my being. And, Oh, my heart is sore and tired, unfamiliar with this deep , sweet feeling. This calm, this rest, this feeling. This ocean of love.

lotusSo, don’t dream it’s over, my loves… it has only begun. Let the fragrance waft over your soul, breathe deep and be soothed. We are on the verge of wonder. This I know.

A Change of Perspective

Tuesday, May 12, 2015        10:21 AM

  1. per·spec·tive pərˈspektiv/
  • 2. a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view. “most guidebook history is written from the editor’s perspective”


    1. synonyms:
  • true understanding of the relative importance of things; a sense of proportion.

From <>


hearts5We here, on this earth, walking around, talking and living, have a very limited perspective of life as a whole and what life really means. Well, most of us. Then there are others like us Faders who are extraordinarily open to other perspectives. Because of that stance of mind we perceive a lot more than most. Not only are we aware that life goes beyond what we can hear feel and touch, we actively seek it out. We entertain ideas of extra-dimensionals, intra-dimensionals, frequency realms, extra-terrestrials, the whole ball of ‘extra’ stuff.


We think that we do not/cannot see or touch these realms because we are not gifted, or frequency raised enough. Well, I propose that we are, we can and do perceive these things all the time, when we crack out of our entrenched, trained mind. That is as easy as just saying to yourself, listenSHHHHH, I need to listen, hushing the running commentary in the back of your conscious mind, agreeing to be aware of things that you cannot see or touch, and allowing yourself to feel it. You always kind of know when you are doing it, because all the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, and you know it is time to turn your ‘eyes’ (attention) inward and be still for a couple of seconds to perceive differently and become aware of what is there. And then your heart tells you. You KNOW.


All this is, is a change of perspective, in what you choose to be aware of in the myriad things that your self is constantly aware of and filtering out of your everyday perceptions. Choose for two seconds to widen your scope of awareness, and see. It is amazing. I love my Grandmother, and she is never far away. I love my ex, even though he was my ex before he passed and well deserved to be my ex. He is always hanging out. Interestingly enough, the bright whiteness of his soul that he simply refused to show while he was in the world, is totally manifest now. He understands, a lot. He chose to be a total patoot when he was alive, but now he is all that I saw when I fell in love with him. As I still stumble through life in this physical form, he just glows, the patoot!


But were we to use this perception in nature, we would see the trees, flowers and the grasses glow with it, we would see the souls of everything and talk with them, we would know the love that underlies all that is. Those that have totally changed their perspective are still here, every one of them, to help with the changes we are all heading into, some of them are just better in the energetic body than we are. They are all busy in their ways helping. The newly changed do hang out sometimes. My ex is still around, he had a lot to apologize for (lol), but my beloved Janie, my grandmother, she knows I know and I know she knows, and unless I call to her, she is busy working hard with the rest of us to help through the coming times. Since I told my ex that everything that was done and said was done from a place of love even though it did not seem like it at the time, he also is doing other things. (My grandson will occasionally tell me about the nice old man who visited him at night)…


aura4If we but had our heart’s eyes open we would see that we are all still so connected in every way, so enmeshed in this field of experience called mother earth and thusly in the universe, still so firmly ensconced in the hearts of our beloveds that we would know, nothing ever ends. Ever.


Many blessings to Jimmy and Rita.

May the Light and the Love keep you safe and well and hold you close.