I’m Over It! – reality check (yes, it’s a rant)

It’s all true.

All of it. They can take all their cover-up lies, bread and circus, artificial stimulation and stuff it! It’s time we all get over it too. Just go there. Everything we have ever been told in the last 100 years is a sham and a lie. Most science, most history and especially most technology. Who we are and who we think we are at totally different ends of the spectrum. There is ET life all over this planet – including us.


I don’t think there is one piece of information that could make me ‘reality check’ any more. I’m so over it that it has closed the circle for me and I’m back at; If this is true: then lets integrate it and get on with the next step. What would be the next step? IMO it would be trashing each bit of mind control programming, both emotional and intellectual and piece by piece regaining my truth. Why do I say my truth? Well, because your truth will be different from mine because you are different from me – we will have a basic direction that is the same – but the inner realizations, my truth and yours will be slightly different. That aside, what could my inner truth look like?

We live on a planet where many multiples of intelligent species live. Some are indigenous, some just want to explore this place, others want to take over and control this space, some want to farm this space (us included as a product), some want to engage with us, others want to investigate us and still others have been running experiments on us for quite some time in one way or another.

That aside, I maintain I am sovereign in as much as my understanding and level of learning can allow me to be. I intend to embody that principle as best I can as I go on. What does that mean in my actual living space? Well, Integrity, honesty, and gentleness of spirit. It means I will conduct myself and my energies as best I can to promote peace and love to those around me, those I interact with and those I have contact with. Whomever and whatever you are. Humans have a great capacity for turning emotion and experience into wisdom and artistic expression. We produce a ‘something’ from what we learn and integrate. We change quickly. So much so that we do the cargo cult thing quite easily. We have been adapted to look for leaders and gurus and gods and teachers and ‘fixers’.

This current rash of whistle blowers and truth tellers and revealers and most of our ilk’s investment in the story and speculation, shows that quite nicely. And to me it’s just another aspect of the gods coming to earth to once again modify our structures, both inner and outer, for their own reasons. So.

What about our daily quality of life? What about our deepening of our wisdom, what about being here now, instead of waiting for the next ‘shocking’ reveal??? Hmmmm? What about it?

What about us deciding what we need to enrich our lives and those around us so that we can reach some agreement on love and peace? What about deciding what we need to open our hearts and extend compassion and love to each other? What about learning to do that from a position of stable strength and deep understanding of your fellow next door – or a couple of communities away, or the world?

heaven2What are we doing or learning that could begin that process? Because I can just about bet that when that happens and it no longer matters who did what to whom, when, all that information that we think is so vital but can’t get to will become SELF APPARENT. And by that time, our particular flavor of bread and circus just won’t matter that much. I’m over the Saturday morning cartoons. I’m just done, over baked. I want to get out and stroll through a beautiful morning on a path to finding out what we need to do to create what Gaia keeps whispering in my ear is possible.

Paradigms: systems analysis

Have you noticed lately that there is a new mind paradigm going around for us alternative minds, who like to think we know what is going on, and therefor think we know what is getting ready to happen??? I finally understand that this is yet another mind control game.


  1. They get you centered on

a. a piece of misrepresented science factoid

b. and old prophesy

c. a new trend speculation

d. a piece of new age bunny-foo-foo

  1. They feed you just enough information to lead you on

  2. They create a ‘waiting for it’ state of mind.

  3. The end result of which is they feed so much information and dis-information that you become confused with potentialities.

This then keeps your mind unable to filter and actually find the connections, the node points where the information would actually make sense. It’s like panning for gold mixed in with fool’s gold, and even if you do find a relevant piece of information, you are still hanging waiting for the next thing to prove the theory you have latched on to.

It is a campaign designed to take thinking minds (if you are not aware of what is going on) and hang them up on useless trivia all while making you think it has the potential to change the world. Kind of just like the elections are doing to the main stream population.

Personally – if I see one more ‘The World Is Going To Drastically Change This Fall’ post, I’m gonna scream!! Please be aware that they wish you to WAIT. Wait and do nothing, wait and not live, wait and put off your life, wait and not create better strategies and problem solve for the future, wait and DO NOTHING! This effectively turns off your higher mind that would catch on to this game if only it wasn’t… waiting.

This ultimately frees up your creative intent to be used by them, instead of by you. It keeps us from choosing any step by confusing the issues and affectively mind controlling a segment of the population that could be very powerfully dangerous to their agenda. This potential that builds as back pressure can then be used by them to create something WE DID NOT CHOOSE.

You see even if we choose in tiny intermediate steps, at least we are choosing, and at every choosing a modification takes place in the timeline that creates our own destiny. Control that and you control the world. So, metaphorically they have us with our heads up our a**es!

As we go on with our lives trying to be informed and spreading the word, inadvertently we are also spreading their propaganda because it has been very skillfully placed and planned out since the early 1900’s. Recently I have come upon the idea that this is a far bigger, slimier game than I could ever want to realize. But I must, because I do not intend to play into their hands like the problem-reaction-solution scenario.

The drama triangle is a social model of human interaction – the triangle maps a type of destructive interaction that can occur between people in conflict.[2] The drama triangle model is a tool used in psychotherapy, specifically transactional analysis.

OriginThe Drama Triangle is a social model that was conceived by Stephen Karpman, M.D., a student studying under Eric Berne, M.D., the father of transactional analysis. Berne encouraged Karpman to publish what Berne referred to as “Karpman’s triangle”. Karpman’s article was published in 1968. Karpman received the Eric Berne Memorial Scientific Award in 1972 for this work.

Through popular usage and the work of Karpman and others, Karpman’s triangle has been adapted for use in structural analysis (defining the conflict roles of persecutor, victim, and rescuer) and transactional analysis (diagramming how participants switch roles in conflict).[3]

In the theory Karpman used triangles to map conflicted or drama-intense relationship transactions.[2] The Karpman Drama Triangle models the connection between personal responsibility and power in conflicts, and the destructive and shifting roles people play.[4] He defined three roles in the conflict; Persecutor, Rescuer (the one up positions) and Victim (one down position). Karpman placed these three roles on an inverted triangle and referred to them as being the three aspects, or faces of drama. Karpman, who had interests in acting and was a member of the Screen Actors Guild, chose the term “drama triangle” rather than the term “conflict triangle” as the Victim in his model is not intended to represent an actual victim, but rather someone feeling or acting like a victim.[2]

  • The Victim: The Victim’s stance is “Poor me!” The Victim feels victimized, oppressed, helpless, hopeless, powerless, ashamed, and seems unable to make decisions, solve problems, take pleasure in life, or achieve insight. The Victim, if not being persecuted, will seek out a Persecutor and also a Rescuer who will save the day but also perpetuate the Victim’s negative feelings.
  • The Rescuer:
  • Karpman drama triangle
    The rescuer’s line is “Let me help you.” A classic enabler, the Rescuer feels guilty if he/she doesn’t go to the rescue. Yet his/her rescuing has negative effects: It keeps the Victim dependent and gives the Victim permission to fail. The rewards derived from this rescue role are that the focus is taken off of the rescuer. When he/she focuses their energy on someone else, it enables them to ignore their own anxiety and issues. This rescue role is also very pivotal because their actual primary interest is really an avoidance of their own problems disguised as concern for the victim’s needs.
  • The Persecutor: The Persecutor insists, “It’s all your fault.” The Persecutor is controlling, blaming, critical, oppressive, angry, authoritative, rigid, and superior.
  • From <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karpman_drama_triangle>

Looking at the above information this game is played by all who control society in a multitude of ways. You only need to rename the corners of the above triangle to see the various ways this strategy is employed. By the way it is possible to add more points making the triangle into a loop and that is called a conjugated loop. That is changed by interfering with the connection between any two points breaking down the entire system by destabilization.

  • Homeostasis. Systems have a tendency to maintain the status-quo. That is, they abhor change. Systems will do anything they can to keep things static.
  • Feedback loops. In order to maintain homeostasis, systems use feedback loops. Each part of the system provides information to the other parts of the system, which then adjust themselves accordingly. How does this manifest in a couple or family? Members of the system will influence each other with their behavior. Assuming the system was healthy to begin with, it becomes dysfunctional when homeostasis cannot be maintained.
  • Circular causality. In a system, it doesn’t matter where the problem started. Causality is not linear in that sense. Each part affects the other in a loop, so it doesn’t matter where you begin to examine the problem. You can start anywhere and still cover all of the bases. From <https://www.mastersincounseling.org/family-therapy-what-you-need-to-know.html>

Numbers one through four up at the top are considered a feedback loop. Take one of the points, start there and watch the system start to crumble before your own eyes. You will have broken the internal hold this artificial systems loop had on you.

I bring this up because listening to Race Hobbs last night, hearing just one more person talk about the disenfranchisement they were feeling with the alternative media the social media and the webs that it enfolds us in, made me realize that it is another grand game, because there are those who discovered the first game and got out of it – so another one was created, or was always there from the planning stage and soon we will discover another and another ( the haunting presence of the Matrix movie prophesy… Or was it a prophesy?) It could be that it was also created to misdirect our attention, intension and creative ability.

Maybe I should just take the old hippie phrase and run with my version of it:

timothylearyposterTurn on: my mind

Tune in: to my intuition

Drop out: of it all


Nancy Channeling my Guides (poor dear)

guardian-angelIn most of my recovered past lives, I was a vigilante for real truth. It was a theme of my young life, and got me beaten a lot. I was thrown into a dungeon in some lifetime where I was forgotten about and died for speaking the truth. I’m pretty sure they didn’t think it was the truth when they locked me up… but oh well.

Aaand, I think now I’m being asked to get over it and go on because this just happened. And it happened in the middle of a really good video on cosmic sovereignty with Amy Moutray, Justin Deschamps, Yvonne Palermo.


12:08pm Nancy Amdahl Follow the stream The vibrational frequency of that thought It’s training

12:09pm Alison Bell my point has always been to say it out right – not confusticate the issue to see who’s smart enough to get it – at this pt. in time we ALL need it NOW and in a great HURRY! that older game is FINIS

12:09pm Nancy Amdahl I understand That’s not the point

12:09pm Alison Bell We, as a race are right now creating where we will go next… it IS the point!!!! lols

12:10pm Nancy Amdahl How do you learn ?? Thru experience of an event whether trauma or struggle correct?

12:10pm Alison Bell sometimes…. its also like we cannot understand ‘Peace” with out using its opposite in the definition???? that means we really don’t know peace

12:11pm Nancy Amdahl What is your best teachers? Struggle or success

12:11pm Alison Bell creativity….

12:11pm Nancy Amdahl Alison.

12:11pm Alison Bell and you can take your lessons in wisdom or woe

12:12pm Nancy Amdahl Same thing different wording You’re thinking in words

12:12pm Alison Bell this paradigm on this world of struggle and pain IS what is WRONG with this place and part of the enemy mind graft!!!!!

12:12pm Nancy Amdahl

Try thinking in vibration

Try thinking in vibration

Try thinking in vibration

12:13pm Alison Bell 3X? srsly

12:13pm Nancy Amdahl Words are limiting

12:13pm Alison Bell only as you allow them to be – they are also enlightening and shifting…

12:13pm Nancy Amdahl What are the intention or vibration of the words Because of the vibration

12:14pm Alison Bell part of my JOB is to use those words to convey a sense of thinking differently – an opening.

12:14pm Nancy Amdahl Your thinking in 3D

12:14pm Alison Bell I have to be able to condense vibes into symbols

12:15pm Nancy Amdahl Think beyond No

12:15pm Alison Bell because it’s my job to convince all the others in 3D …

12:15pm Nancy Amdahl No

12:15pm Alison Bell to wake up yes it is – that is why I write in simplest terms

12:15pm Nancy Amdahl Bring 4-5d to here

12:15pm Alison Bell in words….. I am writing to newbies…

12:16pm Nancy Amdahl Thru your intention and vibration of your words

12:16pm Alison Bell why I’m so adamant about no confusion

12:16pm Nancy Amdahl Only limits you put on ppl are the ones you decide. Think Big

12:17pm Alison Bell no hoity-toity bullshit couched in old terms that were conceived of expressly for the purpose of keeping the mysteries out of “unworthy” hands….

12:17pm Nancy Amdahl Alison. Wait Deep breath Clear your mind for a minute

12:17pm Alison Bell we are ALL WORTHY and if we had had the information before this, we would not have been in such a fucked up mess PISSSSSSSED at PTB archons – the little brats!

12:18pm Nancy Amdahl Yes PTB?

12:18pm Alison Bell my soap box… powers that be

12:19pm Nancy Amdahl Ok.

12:19pm Alison Bell lol hit a trigger there… lost it – I’m back now

12:19pm Nancy Amdahl Really? Lol Didn’t notice

12:19pm Alison Bell :~~~~~~~~~~*

12:19pm Nancy Amdahl Lol

12:19pm Alison Bell raspberries

12:19pm Nancy Amdahl I know Lol

12:20pm Alison Bell or dragon fire…

12:20pm Nancy Amdahl Ok. You read the book autobiography of a yogi

12:20pm Alison Bell yes

12:21pm Nancy Amdahl You know how it reaches many different ppl on different levels the same words

12:21pm Alison Bell he was a nice guy… not a fucktard

12:22pm Nancy Amdahl Because he wrote the same words a baby or an adept could understand Because of his intentions and vibrations of his words

12:22pm Alison Bell yes on Sri yes

12:23pm Nancy Amdahl Stop thinking with your head Start thinking with vibrations

12:23pm Alison Bell how else do you think??lol you feel those…

12:23pm Nancy Amdahl The vibrations of the thought will translate into words Yes

12:24pm Alison Bell ok, with you here –

12:24pm Nancy Amdahl I perceive vibrations which turn into feelings which turn into words

12:24pm Alison Bell yes

12:25pm Nancy Amdahl No anger no judgement

12:25pm Alison Bell right

12:25pm Nancy Amdahl Pure vibration love

12:25pm Alison Bell yes…. and so?

12:25pm Nancy Amdahl That’s where you need to write from

12:25pm Alison Bell I do! … I write to newbies on purpose.

12:27pm Nancy Amdahl my point has always been to say it out right – not confusticate the issue to see who’s smart enough to get it – at this pt. in time we ALL need it NOW and in a great HURRY! (repeating what I had typed above...)

12:27pm Alison Bell yes!!!!! who’s gonna tell the sleepers???? me

12:28pm Nancy Amdahl Yes

12:28pm Alison Bell what we read and understand – we get, but those who are asleep can’t digest or understand yet…. that has always been the problem… no basic education the old paradigm is set up to exclude, not include…

12:29pm Nancy Amdahl I have come to realize that sleepers have a place too. Not everyone is willing to move forward

12:29pm Alison Bell we need to create a new paradigm… that is true – but on the off chance… by the grace of Goddess go I.   NOBODY HAS EVER BEEN GIVEN AN OUTRIGHT CHOICE! they want to sleep – fine – but do they even KNOW there is a choice???? NO!

12:31pm Nancy Amdahl I know. But not everyone wants to be saved

12:31pm Alison Bell fine… then they don’t have to be – but they need to know there are options

12:31pm Nancy Amdahl I guess I look at it differently I don’t see urgency I see movement of the universe

12:32pm Alison Bell I am looking at it as a bridge from the old to the new – I started in this back in the 50’s. much has changed, but…

12:32pm Nancy Amdahl Where you are is where you are

12:32pm Alison Bell we are at a tipping point

12:32pm Nancy Amdahl It’s a choice whether conscious or unconscious

12:32pm Alison Bell maybe I am correcting old Karma for hiding this info in past lives..? truly driven here…. OK CHOICE – BUT

12:33pm Nancy Amdahl It’s about allowing ppl to be who they need to be

12:33pm Alison Bell DO THEY KNOW THERE IS

12:33pm Nancy Amdahl Being an example of a beacon of light

12:33pm Alison Bell A CHOICE???? that is my point


12:34pm Nancy Amdahl And when they ask. There is your opening

12:34pm Alison Bell well I am not forcing anything… I am just writing to an audience and giving them the chance to go , OH, wow…

12:35pm Nancy Amdahl Acceptance of ppl and who they are.

12:35pm Alison Bell if I had only known when I was a teen – or a kid that there was a choice… Wow

Nancy Amdahl You must convey love vibrations. Acceptance vibration. Yes I know how frustrated you are. But who’s to say this is not the time got some ppl to move forward. In the end Alison we all go back to the source.

12:39pm Alison Bell I know that. 🙂 but we are also in this here and now for a reason. part of that is to grow in understanding and knowledge and part of that is knowing what has been done and that there is a choice available to us NOW. it is an opening. we must take

12:39pm Nancy Amdahl Alison. I have no idea why the fuck this conversation got so weird.

12:39pm Alison Bell lols…. I know, but it’s a GREAT DIALOGUE!!!!!

12:39pm Nancy Amdahl Dude. Mind blown

12:39pm Alison Bell very yummy!

12:39pm Nancy Amdahl Lol

12:40pm Alison Bell thank you for that! grins

12:40pm Nancy Amdahl I saw some ahha moments yes?

12:40pm Alison Bell yes of course lols are you at work???

12:41pm Nancy Amdahl I was just wondering who the fuck was channeling thru me to you. Lol

12:41pm Alison Bell oh probably somebody who would like to take a hammer to my head….

12:41pm Nancy Amdahl LMAO

12:41pm Alison Bell he he he   did you get that feeling?

12:42pm Nancy Amdahl Yes 1/2 thru I said WTF

12:42pm Alison Bell tell whomever that I get the love part… also tell them that I am vigilante about correcting a few things…lol like it or lump it…. free will

12:43pm Nancy Amdahl Lol

12:43pm Alison Bell yeppers my guides drink more than I do…

12:43pm Nancy Amdahl This thinking with vibration shit was new Lol

12:44pm Alison Bell but very excellent!

12:44pm Nancy Amdahl Have to try that. Lol

12:44pm Alison Bell me too

12:44pm Nancy Amdahl Awesome

12:44pm Alison Bell those are hard when you down load them – b/c for me then it has to go into words… and that is the part I am always asking if I got it right about

12:46pm Nancy Amdahl Dude I was pushed aside and not thinking how to say anything.

12:46pm Alison Bell yes

My guides get insistent when they find someone who will be receptive…

12:46pm Nancy Amdahl Interesting

12:46pm Alison Bell I HEARD IT???? OK??? tell them that I promise to work with the concept….

12:47pm Nancy Amdahl Ok Lol

12:47pm Alison Bell I’m a hard headed woman -as Kolo says

12:47pm Nancy Amdahl I’m going to be hall monitor to make sure you are!!! Lol

12:47pm Alison Bell :~~~~~~~~~~***

12:48pm Nancy Amdahl All right. Should do some work.

12:48pm Alison Bell can’t guarantee I’ll listen…

12:48pm Nancy Amdahl Great talk Love you

12:48pm Alison Bell ok – THANK YOU SWEETIE! my guides are sometimes not fun…

love you too

12:48pm Nancy Amdahl



12:49pm Alison Bell




❤️ thanks –  from them and me, byeeeeeeeee


So I don’t know about your day but mine is shaping up quite interestingly. After Nancy and I got done with my impromptu channeling, I went back to listen to the rest of the video and I couldn’t get sound on it. I made sure that my speakers were on and everything…

Only to realize that maybe…just maybe this was my guides driving home the message….

Only to realize that I was blue toothed to the speakers inside…


Only after I heard what the guides said and replying that I did, yet again, hear them.


So guess what I am going to be practicing???? Hmmmm? Now what was it she said? Oh yes:

12:12pm Nancy Amdahl

Try thinking in vibration

Try thinking in vibration

Try thinking in vibration

Three times….

Dream Loud.

Dream your dreams of a new earth. Dream them loudly. Dream them passionately. Dream them as though they were a lover’s call, for they are. We are – all of us – calling to the creation of a new timeline for earth, a better, more peaceful, more compassionate, abundant, fresh green earth. The better we dream it, the more love we call it with, the more magnificent it will be.

Those of you that have the heart, those of you that have the vision, those of you who have not forgotten, we need you. Those amongst us who are the writers, the musicians, the poets, the lovers, the artists, the composers all, find in your hearts all that is good wondrous and beautiful and sing it out loudly for all to hear. Ring it across the land, across the hearts and minds of men and beast alike.

A new promise, a new vow, a new awareness, a great love to the world’s great heart. Every voice that rises in this song shall be heard. Not one will be forgotten. This will be how we build this new world: in our call for love and in our call to love. Love has no opposite, as it has been taught to me. It simply is sent or received. Love is. It is the fabric of which we are made and by which we all continue.

It is within our love that this new world that is beginning to emerge will be born.

For those of us who are old and tired and only have dim memories of a time when; when love was, when love worked, when love healed all, when love was the reason to continue, it will be your song that we will feel in our bones. It will be your song calling us back to the dream we once knew, it will be your song that resonates through all of the energies that are Gaia and heals her and all parts of her.

Dream your dream LOUDLY. Send out your vision strong enough that others may wake and see it too. Because then when the rest awake they will have dreams too, and NOT one will go unseen, unheard, or be forgotten..

Conversations with Maia Dalma on the previous article: IMO

There was, to my great surprise, quite the conversation going on around this last article. It seems to have hit a common nerve amongst those of us who are trying to keep a finger on what is currently going on in the bigger picture: in the solar system and beyond. Maia Dalma and I have had this conversation in many ways and through many lenses over the last year. Always Maia’s perspective is unique, a mixture of many things, intriguing and inspiring.

One of the best posts was ‘9 Days’, on its third or fourth go-round in social media. This is well worth the re-read if only because it fits snugly into the topic of this current post. If you have ever wondered what the energetic ‘event’ might feel like from the inside out, and why it will effectively wake us up and brings us together, here it is.

There were many wonderous replies underneath the face book posting for IMO and they closely fit the hearts and minds of us all. I urge you to go see. These people are awake and aware! Maia, continued in great detail on a separate post – about peace and insanity. In one way I think if you were to look at us from a different value system, IE: one that doesn’t come from any of the matrix controlled minds, this is what you would see.


We have answered this question before, Alison. It is not as complex as our egos would have us believe. It’s actually pretty simple. Conflict is the answer to the question. ‘Why can we not know peace?’ is the question. To us, there are no degrees of truth in any of your specie’s illusions. They are all equally mistaken. Your species speaks of ‘law’ as though your species were the sole author of it. Creation is not mistaken in Its truth. All of you are about to learn this in an entirely irrefutable way. The ‘laws’ your world and humanity have created, and serve like boot-licking slaves, are nothing but the laws of chaos. Look around the world and tell us this is not so. Though you each may occasionally bring them to the ‘light’ of your understandings, these ‘laws’ cannot be understood, for they are all equally insane.

Each of you believe ‘your’ truth is the only one. And in your individual ‘truths’ you believe you are separate and alone, set off from all the others who share your world, and others who share this universe. Your hierarchy of illusions in this world tells each of you that some of your illusions are more valuable than others and therefore must be true. But in reality, they are all equally false.

Each one of you establishes this order of ‘truth’ for himself, and each of you makes it ‘true’ by your judgement or attack on what another values. This is how it is done. Yet your collective values govern nothing. And this is clearly evidenced by the madhouse your world has become. Because your collective values differ, an attack on another can be justified because what is different is ‘unlike,’ and what is ‘unlike’ must be the enemy of what is ‘same.’ And each of you ‘hates’ what is not ‘same.’ And what you hate, you fear. And what you fear, you attempt to destroy. It sounds humiliatingly simple, doesn’t it? Do you see the link, Alison? It’s pretty obvious to us. We know this. Every culture in the universe must one day acknowledge the laws of chaos in its evolution, or perish by them, for it is in those ‘laws’ that ‘what calls for forgiveness, instead deserves attack and death.’ This is humanity as it is now ruled by these ‘laws.’ Now. Today. Here. Planet Earth. Terra.

To answer your question, this is humanity’s present choice in a nutshell. Is this really what you wanted? To know? What you must do? The answer to this question is equally simple, as well. Learn and change, and thus evolve. Or. Continue on this road, embracing old ideas. Both choices have consequences. The cause and effect of learning and changing is represented in one timeline filled with peace and hope. The opposite… Failing this… Is represented in another. One offers untold promise. The other offers untold guarantees. If humanity decides for the status quo, your species will not see the light of a new dawn of man. Instead it will witness an unimaginable darkness and the tragic end of itself. You would not be the first civilization in your planet’s history to do so, nor would you be the first species on this planet in this Universe to make that mistake. Know this, gently, Alison, but know this. The arrogance on which ‘these’ laws of chaos stand in this world, could not be more apparent than in what emerges for ‘sanity’ here on this planet. Peace is not a state of being here. It is a state of wishful mind. Is this humanity’s sole defining principle that describes the fealty your species has to Its Creator? Apparently. Our shared Creator of our Reality is defined and described a little differently. And it is not what humanity says He must be, or what humanity says He must think or what He must believe, or how He must respond, if He believes as humanity believes. Your collective Faiths are your species’ truth. Actions do in fact speak louder than words. A hollow, empty faith is not a faith at all. It is hubris. You may call it whatever you choose. The point is moot. And the audience is mostly deaf.

In your specie’s mistaken arrogance, it is not seen as even necessary that ‘God’ or Creation be asked about the truth of what has been established for humanity’s collective disparate beliefs in It. The Cosmos is at peace. It’s Laws are defined by Creation. Your ‘laws’ are defined by what is ‘legal,’ not what is ‘right.’ This leads humanity directly to the preposterous belief that seems to make chaos on this planet appear to be normal, and makes it seem forever, and eternal. You each think you are God. In your individual world’s, to some degree, you are. But in the whole of Creation, you are still a part of and must obey the Laws of One. We know our Creator, Alison. We also know by ‘faith’ that we are created beings, ruled by a Sovereign Power that is in us, but not of us. Apparently, some of you think that Creation has made a mistake. And according to most of mankind, if man cannot be mistaken in his beliefs, God must accept what humanity thinks He and Creation actually are, and suspecting you might be wrong, fearing you might be wrong, you thus logically and predictably hate both for it. Good luck with a faith that has no work. Look around you. What you believe as a separated, warring species consumed by greed, you have in fact built yourselves by hand. And what you once thought you ‘believed’ as a species is demonstrated in the dying world you are now beginning to reject. No, Alison. It does not end well. For any of us.

None of you can see now how the fear of Creation is reinforced by the weakness of your faith. Not a one of you. Or how humanity’s entire thought system is based on fear. This is blindness, Alison. You are not angry. You are afraid. And what is fear but the absence of love? Now has it become impossible to turn to God for any help in all of your planet’s misery. Creation has become a joke with a human punchline. Instead, you turn to each other, searching for ‘sameness.’ And you find it in your fear. Your cause for the world has always been and still becomes retribution and nothing more. What will you teach your children in your wisdom? For now, Creation has indeed become humanity’s “enemy.” And ‘to destroy’ by fear is all you really know how to do. What happened to ‘Built by Love?’ And so… bottom line… each of you believe that God has caused all your pain, or has permitted it, and so now to Him by any of you, any kind of appeal for mercy becomes pointlessly and impossibly useless. We have seen this thought system before. And you may find it for yourselves in all the various sundry litter of the many ancient abandoned monuments built to human greed and power in the past. Connect the dots. You are a smart woman.

Any salvation that once lay in faith, now lies majestically within each of you. You whose every aspect seems to be now at war with Creation, as well as with each other. And now that all of you are so thoroughly and insanely convinced and justified in your plans for self-destruction, retribution, or vengeance, that God Himself could not change the course you have chosen. Pack lightly for your journeys in that decision. The clothes on your backs will suffice.

Greed and corruption, hatred and fear. These are human mantras. And as you chant them moment by moment, so is global conflict on an epic scale made inevitable, and destruction become inescapable because greed and corruption have become the defacto saviors of your world, and so now does humanity drift beyond the help of a Power Greater than Itself. And now does healing in this world yet remain impossible, because the few redeeming qualities of humankind have themselves become a fraud, and your ‘truth’ has become your greatest enemy. There will be no release and no escape from the future we design in apathy for any of us. Where will we run? Your bright collective future is a delicious illusion when framed in the context of constant conflict and war. And your future, like ours, thus becomes a myth, and vengeance, not forgiveness, becomes the ‘will and living legacy’ of man.

From where all this begins, Alison, there appears to be no sight of help that can succeed in saving this planet from the chaos man has embraced. Only destruction can be the outcome. And God Himself seems to be siding with it, to finally overcome the bitter, lonely illusion His Child, YOU, has come to believe he is in this world. Do not think for a moment that human ego will enable any of you to find escape from what it wants for all of you. And do not think in this moment that God or Creation cares one whit about what your collective egos value or what any of your individual egos cherish. The Universe does not work this way. Our collective desires becomes its central idea. So be careful with this. Having is never the same as wanting. To answer this aspect of your question, Is there help? Yes. But Love cannot enter where it is not wanted. That ‘help’ will not arrive unless it is desired. This, too, is ‘how’ the Universe works.

You will each draw to yourselves the truth of your individual existence. And vengeance, hubris, deception, corruption, and vanity appears now to be the road we will all collectively take to find it. There is not a hole beneath any mountain deep enough to hide from the consequence of self-betrayal.

Thus will each of us, and we include ourselves, the so-called ‘guilty ones,’ one day protest our “innocence.” We will each say that ‘Were we not forced into this foul attack by the unscrupulous behavior of our enemy, we would have responded only with kindness.’ Look in a mirror, Alison. Tell me this is not true… In a savage world the kind cannot survive, so they must take or else be taken from. It is not our world we describe. It is yours.

Here is a partial answer to the vague unanswered question you asked, Alison, but here it is not yet quite fully “explained.” What is this precious thing, this priceless pearl, this hidden secret treasure, to be wrested in righteous wrath from this most treacherous and cunning enemy? And who is the ‘enemy?’ Peace? Truth? And where may you find him, or it? In Islam? Christianity? In Politics? In racism? In power? Status? Wealth? One’s ego? Treachery in any thought or deed by our individual egos demand our death that what we think is Spirit may somehow endure and live. And yet we ALWAYS argue that we attacked only in self-defense. But what is it that any of us want that needs death? Peace? This world is insane. Can we ever be so sure that any of our murderous attacks on anyone or anything is justified unless we know what it is for? Peace. Our attacks are for continued peace. Ok…

This is where the laws of chaos come to humanity’s “rescue.” It always has. It always does. It holds that there is a substitute for love. Vengeance and retribution are the magic that will cure all of your pain; the missing factor in your madness that makes it “sane.” This is the reason why you must attack. And you do it casually, without thinking, and without any idea to the consequences you invite in the decision. Here is what makes your world’s vengeance justified.

Behold, unveiled, your species’ secret gift, torn from your brother’s body, wrenched from him by you with hands that feel but act alone on thought. We take from those we are commanded to love, not by willful intent, but by intentional indifference. Our brain does not think and our hearts do not feel. And as we do or do not do, we deceive ourselves about what we have hidden in our hearts in malice or in hatred for the one to whom the gift of Love originally belonged. The one we judge is the same one who would deprive us of the secret ingredient that would give meaning to our lives. The substitute for that love, born of our enmity to our brother, any brother, must be…it must be our salvation. For we have paid so much in blood and soul for it. It need be true. By God or Allah it need be true. For it has no substitute, and there is only one. And so all our actions must have but the singleness of purpose of seizing it and making it our own.

But this is not peace, Alison. And we cannot find peace by searching for it in war. Not on a global scale or any intimately personal level. This is our mad, insane world: the one each of us believes is true, and we defy anyone to tell us this is not so; madness is sanity, illusions are true, attack is kindness, hatred is love, and murder is benediction. These are the hidden goals the laws of chaos continue to serve and humanity continues to teach. These are the means by which the laws of Creation appear to be reversed in a world and life you have labeled ‘farce.’ Here on this planet, unique in all Creation, do the laws of mankind appear to hold Love captive, and so let evil wander sovereign in a paradise turned to hell.

Know that your time in this illusion is almost done. Make your peace in it. Turn to your enemy and make your peace with him. Or believe whatever you choose in it. Pray to whatever God is holy to you in it. But however each of you individually understands it, be cautious. Understanding what you think you ‘know’ as ‘truth’ is not the measure of your mastery in it.

We look upon a forgiven world, Alison. Creation loves it enough to save it. Humanity and its ego hates it enough to destroy it. The battle is not for your life. The battle is for your world. Look around. And ask one last question. Who BUT you can save it? Your species has so much to learn about who you really are. The truth will one day surprise you. That… We will promise…

And thusly I had questions….

But what if we live within the laws without being ruled by them to accomplish a purpose while we are here – for to break them would nullify all effort to help by incarceration. Can we not be with in a system and still not let it ‘rule’ us?

One of the reasons some of us stay separate is exactly because our values are very outside of the norm and we can’t count ourselves among the madding crowd for just that reason. We don’t hate because of that. We simply do NOT understand. We find no solution for the hate either.

I know wishing for something is not the same as being it – but we backwards backwater people must start somewhere and if that is in a wish – a desire, so be it. May the laws of attraction then teach us. For teaching is what we need, those us who are over and done with this world, who wanted to leave 10 minutes after being born, for those of us who came here with a job and find no way to do it.

Humanity has been told what God is for Eons. When we realized we were being lied to we looked inside for that. Some found a thread of truth there and even that was twisted and turned wrong. We are not god – we are a product of God. With all the responsibility that entails. And yes this world would have us believe we are nothing and no one and left behind bereft, abandoned by God except by through an intermediary with the appropriate funds given….

Some of us would want to know creation truly, without the twist it’s been given on this planet. We are not afraid – except that we will fail in our task to help. We are bewildered.

What do we need to change? Our Hearts, our minds our actions??? If we could but understand what was needed all of us would heartily do, become and feel it.

And yes, once we came here to help, we took on this mantle of guilt as part of the job. But what good is it if it doesn’t teach?

Realize in this place here the only thing we have as a way-shower is pain and the need to move away from it. To make it cease. There is no over the top path out of this – it can only be straight up through the middle.

I need to learn how to help. I understand your words but don’t. I am trying so hard to help, but tell what needs be done and I’ll do it because up to this point nothing any help has sent has worked before it was found and twisted.

And I was answered with this… in the blink of an eye….

Alison, the Nazarene spoke in parables for a reason. It made people ask the single biggest question, ‘What does it mean?’ The fact that you ask so many questions tells us that you are ready for answers. Ready is good. It also means that you are paying attention. The Universe answers. Trust this. It hears all prayer. It hears yours. Calm the part of you that is angry, and heal the part of you that feels hopeless

The old world must end before a new one can begin. Your fear is that it will take an enormous amount of time. You are mistaken. It will change one to the next in what seems like an instant. Or so it will appear in looking back. Trust this as well. We do.

To whit – I would submit that David Icke was right – 4th density is just out of perceived light and that when our collective vibration is supercharged, in an instant we will see this new earth, we will be there. We will have another chance to reach for that peace and the dream we all have in our hearts.

May it be so.


Toruk: Cirque du Soleil, an invitation, of sorts…

Because it was the 16 year anniversary of the day we met – which really hit us both between our proverbial eyes, and because, I passed by Vegas on the way home from CITD 2016 and the 15 minutes it took to drive by on the freeway was worth 2 weeks of energetic disruption to me (so he’s never dragging me back – evar) we decided to go see TORUK right here in good ‘ol Indianapolis.
The ability to create an immersive and interactive theater experience, the engineering and creative design, and the psychology all combined to drag you into an amazing show. Not to mention the physical abilities of the performers the training and conditioning that only years of diligent work can create, then add to that the costuming – I was further amazed and entranced and lured in to this lovely show.
Then there were the effects created with the fabrics that the Cirque du Soleil are literally famous for and since their huge TV debut back in the 80’s have migrated into regular theater on sets like Phantom… The dragon being perhaps one of the most amazing feats I saw in the entire show.
Furtheryes, there are three furthers… So as not to exclude, or miss the younger set in these audiences, they had a downloadable app for your phone that allowed you to become a part of the show. Literally, a part of the show. You get to play with the lightening bugs at the beginning, and become the eyes of the enemy with your screen and the lightning storm with your flash. Also, the digital affects they used to change the back ground from rock to running water, to lava were mind blowingly real.
Further number two was the use of aroma. In two places at least that I noticed. One was around the fire – I smelled wood smoke and the next was when a certain blossom was found.

The third Further and by far the MOST unusual of all three was, at the climax of the show, when they were saving the world tree, underneath or with in the music was a bit of frequency mind control. I was stunned, to say the least. I had been paying attention – but I wasn’t riveted by the plot – I was riveted by the technical aspect of the scenery and was taking pictures. Even so – when the world tree was saved – the tree of souls – the tears were streaming down my face. My inner watcher promptly said “What the fuck?!” I noticed I had no control over it – and I looked at my husband who had tears streaming down his face too. And the inner watcher said, “PAY ATTENTION!” I was now not emotionally connected to the fantasy being played out in front of me at all – but cool and coldly observing the inner dichotomy going on. My body was weeping I felt the constriction in my throat, and the poignancy in my heart – and my mind stood back totally shocked at being so deftly manipulated. I am sure not many noticed that this was a produced effect because it seemed so natural as it came from the body as part of the show. But I was, because it made no sense. I wasn’t even tracking the emotional part of the story – I was trying to get pictures of the lighting…( Here is the link in face book – there are 75 shots of the whole show: TORUK AVATAR) And all I could think was, ‘Holy hell, if this is what some portion of mind control feels like, then we are in for a very interesting ride.’, because, unless you have had plenty of practice at it, you would be sucked right in without any discernment that it was all fake. One wonders then, if that is not what they are already doing to us in the world at large, and a reason why when you disconnect for a while from all the force-fed social media and TV hype etc., you feel so wonderful and then when you reconnect it feels so crazy-awful?
Just an observation here… A morsel to think about… Seriously…. Very Seriously, indeed.

IMO (yep another one…) or: If it was a snake it would have bit you!

How can we say that one set of experiences are true and another set of experiences are false? Unless we were there how do we really know? We have been taught to judge by criterion that are false in the first place. A set of criterion that were designed to call into question and disavow anything that could move our recognition of reality out of the box it has been put in.


I will just say that earth has been and is visited all the time by people who were not born here. Much the same way that we travel the earth for our various purposes on air planes. There are travelers of all sorts here. Ones we can see and would never know are not indigenous to the planet and ones we can’t see that could be standing right beside us. Ones that have bodies as we know them and ones that don’t, but that isn’t the point. The point is that we obstinately refuse to actually see what is in front of our noses. The great reveal – of day of disclosure won’t be when ‘they ‘ land on the white house lawn, it will be when we open our eyes and realize that ‘they’ and all their millions of various forms have been right here beside us all along.


How else better to stay safe than to either blend in, or be unseen? The day we are ready to open our collective eyes is the day we will know. The day we can break the collective hypnotic programming over us is the day we will all realize we are all already there. It will also be the day we will understand that we have been invaded and the reason we don’t know it is because of that programming. At that point all of the friendlies that have waited for us to wake up can actually help us.


IMO we are very close to doing this. Look closely at all whom you meet and interact with. You might be mightily and happily surprised.

The Glass Ceiling

There are two components to consciousness and we have listened to only one of them for far tooooo long. Mind and Heart. Masculine and Feminine. We have been patriarchal for so long now that we have forgotten the Great Heart of things. We have hit a glass ceiling in which we can see the through to what is next, but we can’t touch it until we transform. Like the parable of the dragon fly, some of us can’t even see through that glass ceiling – the division between us and wholeness. Us and more than mere knowledge, us and wisdom. The depth that comes from knowing a thing and wisdoming/embodying/becoming a thing. We have forgotten the Great Heart of creation. We have forgotten the motive power of the universe – e-motion. Therefore we have lost our wisdom. Wisdom is the union of the great Heart and the Mind. It is to know a thing in your bones. To have tasted of its true essence. To have added its frequency to your being. This is Wisdom.

Wisdom says that we need all the parts of creation embodied in us to know that creation. That means knowing all your pieces, your bright outer self and dark inner self. Dark only meaning not known.

When we keep a part of us in the dark, it will manifest it on the outside – to be known, for the deepest drive of humanity is to be known by the other. If you make a part of yourself the other by pushing it into the darkness it will show itself just as you made, as other. Part of the glory of this coming whatever it is, IMO will be the acceptance of our whole selves. I predict when we do that we will find our long lost humanity and compassion, for in our whole selves rests all of creation, and in all of creation is every other thing become yourself.

It has been hard to write about the bread and circus lately because it has gone so far past ludicrous into confabulation, that it is no longer real to me. It is like watching a sit-com, and I really hate those. Nothing in the outer world is real to me. Nothing. And it is all transparent – see through for what it is.

More and more I would rest in my heart and deep listen to the world and what she says. I would hum her tune, and dance her dance. And it is so lovely.

So whatever is ahead in the dance of the idiots – the Great Heart knows you and loves you, holds you and supports your dance of discovery. Never forget this. Never.

Timeline-Reality Split, Frequency Vibration, and the Hidden Forces of Life

from the web site: Piercing the Veil of Reality

From a hyperdimensional perspective, the end-game/goal of their agenda is to completely take-over/’body-snatch’ our physical/emotional/mental selves in order to lock us into a frequency prison – all of their various chessboard-level ‘triggers’ are designed to prime our bodies so as to facilitate the hosting of their vibrational essence within our human ‘mainframe’.

The below article is one of the best reads I’ve had in a very long time.

Timeline-Reality Split, Frequency Vibration, and the Hidden Forces of Life

I wish I’d written this – Much of what I have tried to say on my whole blog is in this article and said far more eloquently than I could have said it. Read the whole article. It is truly excellent!


Frequency Matching: if it’s too good to be true, it probably is – how we get used.

What is frequency matching? In its best aspect it is like being an empath, who can resonate with you and thusly knows your emotions and feel your bodily pain and can help thereby with healing you. OR it is a very gifted psychopath that makes you feel like nobody – nobody – has ever understood (grokked) you the way they have. They frequency match your expressions, your body language – posture, breathing, vocal tone – your beliefs, your needs so they can fill them like magic without you ever asking and they become your Soul Mate!

And, this is only in the physical 3D realm. Some intelligences can also do this in frequencies out of our perception range because they are not from our 3D here and now. That is how telepathy happens. It is also how religions happen. Once they have an open doorway – your permission – they can completely from the nonphysical manipulate your energetics: thoughts, feelings, energy levels, bodily perceptions and feelings. (We can do that now too, with tech.)

This is called frequency Matching with an agenda.

We have all had some touch with altering our frequency on occasion.

  • Channeling
  • Meditation
  • Contemplation
  • Imagination
  • Sound
  • Drugs/plants

These all could be doorways of perception to any realm, both higher and lower than 3D reality. Because ‘reality’ – the one they like to keep us all confined in, is just a frequency!

This could happen because any nonphysical intelligence can easily manipulate the human mind due to the psychological training we have had and because they exist outside of what we call visible light. Thoughts are things – meaning they have a vibratory frequency. So do our personalities – the part of us that manifest in the here and now on this planet. A more complex frequency like a chord, instead of a note, but it is a singular combination of ‘noise’ that is you. This frequency is out of the range of our ears and undecodeable by 3D people awareness. Instead, we “see” each other. However it is all part of what we call the Electromagnetic Field, EMF.

The range we sense sound in is commonly given as 20 to 20,000 Hz, though there is considerable variation between individuals, especially at high frequencies, and a gradual loss of sensitivity to higher frequencies with age is considered normal. Test how much you can hear with this video:

The range we see is MUCH higher: Electromagnetic radiation in this range of wavelengths is called visible light or simply light. A typical human eye will respond to wavelengths from about 390 to 700 nm. In terms of frequency, this corresponds to a band in the vicinity of 430–770 THz. From <https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl>

Whereas the human body as a whole has a frequency range of resonant frequencies from 9 to 16 Hz, independent of mass, height and mass to height ratio. From <http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9306739> , with each organ and organ system coming in, when measured, in a sympathetic relationship to the total resonance of the body.

Look at this chart below.


We are aware of many frequencies in many different ways. There are all the frequencies of the synapses in the brain along with the sensory mechanisms of the peripheral nerves ( the ones you use for touch) and that whole range of perception. We have the capabilities – that much is obvious, but we have been curiously trained NOT to pay attention to them. What if awareness of multiple densities is a natural state for humans?

This story below gives me pause and makes me think.

George Ivanovich Gurdjieff (/ˈɡɜːrdʒiˌɛf/; January 13, 1866 – 1877? – October 29, 1949[2]), also commonly referred to as Georges Ivanovich Gurdjieff and G. I. Gurdjieff, was an influential early 20th century Russian mystic, philosopher, spiritual teacher, and composer of Armenian and Greek descent.[3] Gurdjieff taught that most humans do not possess a unified mind-body consciousness and thus live their lives in a state of hypnotic “waking sleep”, but that it is possible to transcend to a higher state of consciousness and achieve full human potential. Gurdjieff described a method attempting to do so, calling the discipline “The Work”[4] (connoting “work on oneself”) or “the Method”.[5] According to his principles and instructions,[6] Gurdjieff’s method for awakening one’s consciousness unites the methods of the fakir, monk or yogi, and thus he referred to it as the “Fourth Way“.[7] From <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Gurdjieff>

What if our gods have us right where they want us??

“The Magicians Sheep”

by G.I. Gurdjieff

“There is an Eastern tale that speaks about a very rich magician who

had a great many sheep. But at the same time this magician was very

mean. He did not want to hire shepherds, nor did he want to erect a

fence about the pasture where the sheep were grazing. The sheep

consequently often wandered into the forest, fell into ravines and so

on, and above all, they ran away, for they knew that the magician

wanted their flesh and their skins, and this they did not like.

At last the magician found a remedy.

He hypnotized his sheep and suggested to them, first of all, that they

were immortal and that no harm was being done to them when they were

skinned; that on the contrary, it would be very good for them and even

pleasant; secondly he suggested that the magician was a good master who

loved his flock so much that he was ready to do anything in the world

for them; and in the third place, he suggested that if anything at all

were going to happen to them, it was not going to happen just then, at

any rate not that day, and therefore they had no need to think about

Further, the magician suggested to his sheep that they were not

sheep at all; to some of them he suggested that they were lions, to

some that they were eagles, to some that they were men, to others that

they were magicians. After this all his cares and worries about the

sheep came to an end. They never ran away again, but quietly awaited

the time when the magician would require their flesh and skins.”

From <http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2012/10/g-i-gurdjieff-the-magicians-sheep-2-2487694.html>

Have you ever wondered just how much of a psy-op we are really dealing with – if any of these manifestations could be/are a distraction from reality, an endless tail chaser?? So that we never come upon what is really going on, or never decode the truth?

Here’s an idea, what if we are a resource:

  • Hybrids (as we know we all are) were made to be bi-dimensional /cross density beings used as a portal for non 3D identities to use at will – in this reality, should we give our permission to be used like this?
  • Psychopaths could be/ are the channel for the negative dimensionals (demons and the like) and the higher negative dimensionals ala Icke (4D reptilians etc.)? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvPzsixYIH0

Not only are we tastee-freeze to these entities, we are pre-made vehicles for this particular density with a wide range of built in sensors allowing maximum observational and manipulative ability within the given reality construct? (sound like a car ad? It should…)

So, what constitutes a portal doorway that these entities can use to come through to our frequency range and use us, or scare us and make us tastee-freeze tastee( a reference to the first soft serve ice cream franchise back in the 50’s)? They can, some of them, manifest a portal – which is just a vortex of frequency held at a certain rate of vibration. Some need technology, they can’t hold the frequency, others can create a sympathetic frequency like a carrier wave with their conscious awareness.

  • Many things manifest into our reality that are not from 3d, and not all of them are good
  • We are TOTALLY unware of the hyperdimensional perspective behind earth’s history – the intersection of dimensions that are right outside of our perceptive ability.

Here is a perspective that takes Loosh (vibratory tastee-freeze) a step further. Notes from a video that started this whole line of thought: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vv9BE4r5TiY

  • Negative Agenda is to : EAT consciousness – not just negative emotion/loosh
  • We are being stalked
  • The purpose is:
    • To garner the FREE CHOICE/WILL of the targeted consciousness to align with the negative higher density existence
  • The object is:
    • The EATING of functioning units of consciousness by the negative hierarchy while the free will of the victim is STILL intact otherwise the ‘food’ is no good.
      • This is done with frequency matching
  • The higher Density Positive Beings are LIGHT BEINGS
  • The higher density negative beings are light EATERS
  • Love is Light is Knowledge
    • When the H-negs induce a belief (be-LIE-f) against what is objectively TRUE, they have eaten the light of knowledge of a person who has chosen to Be-Lie-Ve a lie
    • Belief is a quantum box.
    • IE: when you believe a lie – consciously or unconsciously – you allow the EATING of your energy of awareness

Which brings into focus Last night’s show on Jimmy Church with:

Most call Timothy Earl a Demonologist… but the Order of Exorcists call him a Lead Exorcist Investigator. Working with his team of paranormal investigators that include a demonologist, psychic mediums, and ordained ministers, Flatland Investigations is dispatched to suspected demonic activity. The first to respond… it is his job to both validate it is demonic and to expose the demon to provide evidence for an exorcism.

If demonic deliverance is required, they submit the case to the the Order of Exorcists who will then dispatch a trained priest or bishop.

Flatland Investigations also helps with standard haunts, ghosts, human spirits, monsters of any sorts. They also help validate hauntings for the curious.

Website: http://www.flatlandinvestigations.com

From <http://www.jimmychurchradio.com/>

And…. That damned EVP. The lower frequency sound at the end of it was a frequency address – a name, if you will, of an entity who can’t get here from there but would like to, that vibrates the ‘air’ around where it is heard or tags a person who hears it with a resonance range that emits a call to it. Repeated listening to it is like a homing beacon. Hello – very funny…NOT. The reason the voice timber and quality was that of the women in the room who were speaking is because those waves were already there making it much easier to use a portion of them to create ‘sound’. The women’s voices were used as a carrier wave. We really have NO IDEA what we are messing with yet, but it is quite obvious that we ARE messing with something.

And that made last night quite messy.

Be careful all my peeps.

Just Think About It…..