Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time (last Saturday and Sunday Aug 13th 2018) while watching the Perseid Meteor shower on a corner of a corn field by a gravel road…


Ginger and I had spent all day on the Tippecanoe river kayaking. I’d never kayaked before, so now I have new favorite thing. We’d come back to her river cabin in the late afternoon happy, tired and hot so we went in the river which was maybe thigh high and collected shells and generally cooled off, had a few cocktails and around 6-ish had a wonderful dinner she had planned. We all sat around and talked about old times and just had great fun. The plan was to take a nap so we could get up around 2am and go the perfect sky watching spot. Well, we never made it to the nap part because the company was too good. That night, Ginger and I collected our blankets and headed out to the spot at around 11:30 pm instead. A little early but we weren’t not going, and we knew if we laid our heads down it would be all over.


We proceed down the long gravel driveway that is the entry to several houses along the river all under a beautiful heavy, deep canopy of trees. You can’t see any of the cabins back there from the street and you would never guess that there were 6 houses. The drive meets state highway 119. Of course we stopped to look because the speed limit is 55 miles per hour, which means everybody drives 65. As we look directly across the street Mars is very low in the atmosphere and is a huge warm orange – orange like I’ve never seen it before, magnificent orange. I have also never seen it that low on the horizon either, which I’m assuming is directly related to how big it looked and how orange it looked.



We wowed over that and proceeded to cross the street and lay out a huge white quilt that Ginger had on the grass in front of the corner of the corn field abutting the gravel road on the other side of rt. 119. We were at least 300 ft. or more off 119 and the gravel road. We could see the night sky all around us in deep almost 3D perspective. There was no moon and it was very dark, and beautiful.


I was amazed because I could see the milky way. The last time I was able to see it in that kind of depth was in 1972 from the top of a mountain up in the Wasatch Canyon in Utah. We sat and just marveled. Ginger saw a meteor almost right away and it was huge with a green tail to it. I caught it out of the corner of my eye but not full on. Then we saw a very small one – a streaker from a different direction and decided that we should lay on our backs so we didn’t miss any of them.


Ginger kinda-sorta believes in UFO’s. We’ve talked before but she’s not nose deep in the whole phenomena like I am – few people are. I wore my “I already know” shirt created by Erik Stitt because I thought it apropos if we got abducted that night (snicker). So we are laying on the ground looking up and we both saw the next one – pretty cool – but not as big as that first one. The temperature away from the river and out of the canopy of trees was chilly. Ginger had worn shorts and was beginning to feel it. We were both dressed in bright white, laying on a white blanket. We weren’t thinking when we wore white.


I happened to find a rather huge rock under my back so I would lay back for as long as I could stand it and then sit up. The first time I was laying down, I saw a ship move over us in stealth mode. Stealth mode looks like the predator camouflage from the movie of the same name, or like the romulan bird of war when it decloaks, the stars around the craft waver in the shape of the craft all along the direction of its travel, that made this craft a round one. It traveled from NE to SE right over us. I can’t estimate how big it was because I can’t calculate the distance it was from me. I told Ginger what I was seeing and what ensued was a whole discussion about frequency and camo. She gets the frequency part – but has a problem that there would be tech that could use that information to create camo. She remained dubious and I would expect no less from her. I said, ‘That’s what the Fadernauts are doing up at ECETI right at this very moment.’ So I told her about ECETI (she already knew about the Faders) and how they were all calling in ships and yelling ‘Power Up!’ and about night vision equipment and the whole thing. I did show her the video of the first night up there when we got back. I saw another ship in stealth mode about 45minutes later – it could have been the same one, who knows. This time I just smiled and kept it to myself. Actually, I have seen ships semi materialized and they also produce that effect.


Being that it was Saturday night and 119 is the main artery into town along the river, there was traffic, and the thought struck Ginger that it might just look odd to people driving by to see two white bodies on the side of the road. We laughed about it and then decided to lay back down when we could see lights coming – like playing hit-the-dirt as kids. So every time Ginger would see the lights she’d say “Stealth Mode!” and we’d both lay down, and then laugh. Since we were both dressed in white laying on a white blanket, I’m not quite sure really how stealthy we were, but it was fun. We saw maybe between 11 or 12 more meteors, no more really big ones like her first one and decided to go back to the cabin and turn in for the night.


We make it across the street on to her gravel drive and under the canopy of trees and it got really dark, she decided to talk about Freddy Kruger and I was like, ‘Ginger, that is not scary in the least…’ so she brings up Bigfoot, and I tell her Bigfeet are scared of us, plus we are loud when we walk and we stink… So if they wanted to avoid us we’d never see them, they don’t like eating humans and find us repugnant and somewhat dangerous… By that time we were back at the cabin. I told her I wanted one more smoke before bed, so she sat with me at the picnic table and we talked about frequency.


She asked some very thoughtful questions one of which was where these dimensions are/exist. I remembered reading back in the 50’s either Menger or Adamski who wrote about this, where the visitor was telling him that these dimensions interpenetrate each other simultaneously and that at a different frequency Venus, even Mars were quite habitable. Basically the Hindu yogi’s say the same thing as do several other eastern traditions. Now, so does quantum physics and John Burroughs. When Ginger’s poor eyes started to glaze, I realized I needed to shut up and go to bed because she was gonna fall over in a dead sleep any second.


The next day we all decided to be lazy asses and just hung around in the river in lawn chairs and floats. The current was such that you could put a chair out in the river sit in it and the water would come up to just below your arm pits. Somebody had a floating cooler… so the day went. Ginger had another wonderful dinner for us and we did make it to our naps at about 9 pm and set our alarms for 2:22 at Ginger’s insistence. Well I woke at 2:15 without an alarm, made cold coffee in a water bottle so I couldn’t spill it, put on dark clothes this time so we could really stealth – lol, met Ginger at the door and out we went. She had these wonderful head lights that we both wore and off we went down the drive to the wonderland of stars at the end of driveways.


We get situated on a dark blanket in the same spot, because you could see where the grass was matted down from the last time, I said to Ginger, ‘Here, let’s use last night’s landing spot”. We both laughed. We had by agreement dressed in dark clothes. I tried to make sure I wasn’t over that same rock, and we sat down. Right away we saw a big meteor with a wide green tail to it go across the sky. Then there were many minor ones and two other really big ones, one of which Ginger called in, I almost missed the second one so Ginger says to the sky, “Do it again!” Sometimes I wonder if we really aren’t the fabricators of our own realities… Ginger has now been dubbed, Ginger-the-Comet-Caller. We saw approximately 30 to 40 meteors that night in two hours of watching .


Every time a car came by one of us would say ‘Stealth Mode!’ and we’d dive down and laugh. This was around 3:30 am and it was obvious I’d had too much coffee. Right in front of us was a drive way and this truck was pulling out of it – at 3 freak ‘in thirty am in the morning. And he must have seen us because he just paused there for way too long. Yeah we were in Stealth Mode, but his truck lights were right on us… Finally he turned away on to the road and left.


We kept watching the sky. Right above the tree line across the street Ginger and I both spotted a rather large yellowish dot of light at the same time. We had seen several meteors that night that came straight at us, got bright and then winked out, they were all green at that size. But this one got really bright then went down to a quarter of the light value and size and just hung there. So… I yelled Power up!…Please! And it did to just as big, if not bigger than before. 🙂 Ginger Said, “What??”, “Wow.” Then it went back down.


Just about when I was going to yell power up for the second time this cop car pulls up into the grass, all 4 banks of LED lights right on us. Talk about blinding… it takes about 15-20 minutes to adjust to the level of dark required to see the littler meteors. Ginger calls out, “We are watching the Perseid meteors, have you seen any tonight?”

He says, “I’ve seen a few.” turns around, gets on his radio, says something about what we were doing, called out “Ok, Ladies, have a nice night, I did get a call, so I was just checking.”, got in his car and drove away.


We were both like sheesh, ok the guy did call the cops on us! Immediately we both looked for our ship, but it was gone. So, we decided to stay for a few more minutes, Ginger wanted to go, but I wanted just a little more time. About 15 minutes later this yellow truck with a bank of four orange lights on the top of it comes cruising really slowly down the street. It creeped both of us out. I had an intuitive hit that he must have been listening to the police scanner and heard the report about us and I told Ginger what I felt. We were still trying to see one more before we went in. Personally I wanted to stay until dawn, when cruising just as slowly as before the same truck comes back the other way.


We both knew it was time to pack it up and go back. We grabbed our blankets and waited until he was gone and hightailed it across the street down into the deep cover of her drive way. She said good night and went inside to sleep some more. It was about 4:15am and, of course, I was wired from the coffee so I decided to sit in a chair and look at the sky from a hole in the tree canopy that was about 40 foot around. Tiny when you wanted to see the horizon, but ok enough to spot shooting meteors from.


I actually saw 12 more, three of which were big ones with tails. It would have been pretty perfect except that the same truck drove by one more time. I could tell from the sound of the engine. Not only that, it stopped and idled in front of the drive for a while. I was pretty creeped out. So I put white light around the whole compound of houses, and put up a mental barrier at the driveway that was basically: There is nothing here to see, move along, you will forget this driveway. Eventually the truck drove away.


But, (there’s always a but, isn’t there?) because of the creep factor and because the furthest house down had a huge sulfur flood light on a really high pole that kept going on and off, I became vigilant.  Because I was vigilant, I attracted mosquitoes, who up until that point hadn’t bothered me and a couple of bats dive-bombed my head. So I made myself clear my mind, and settle down, and as a nice ending to the entire night, I got to see another ship. It wasn’t really until I sent a mental gratitude for the appearance, that I really was alright. You can always tell if you are heard, or if the experience was real because you will feel joy as a component part of the experience, which, I did.


Right up in the middle of the opening in the trees was a triangular constellation and off to the side was a smaller one that looked like it was foreshortened. They didn’t move for the two hours I spent watching. I got up to get more coffee and when I came back about 4 minutes later the big one was still there in the same spot, the little was gone. Ahem.


All in all, it was a really good week end with friends, food, beers, silly shenanigans, a river and the night sky. It was the first week end in a long time that I had zero connectivity with my cell phone (sprint…grrr). It really helped me feel better about missing Soul Tech, the very first Fader convention at ECETI ranch.