Phenomena Plus

Whitley Strieber’s new book is, “A New World“.

It truly is about one man’s arduous saga to accomplish contact, and I think he has done just that.

There are three parts to this article, the myth, the science and the psychology.

The Myth

Within all myth is truth. The truth may be so old and convoluted due to retelling, societal growth and change that it’s hard to find, but there is truth in there.

I think some of what we think are visitors are non-corporeal (without a body) and indigenous to this planet, and that they are a race that we allowed to come here because they were in great need, many thousands of years ago. And… as so many of the legends go, they were also not of the ethical caliber we were, or maybe they were fleeing from a great war and were acting out of survival mode – speculation at its best.


The Tuath(a) Dé Danann (Irish: [t̪ˠuəhə dʲeː d̪ˠan̪ˠən̪ˠ], meaning “the folk of the goddess Danu“), also known by the earlier name Tuath Dé (“tribe of the gods”),[1] are a supernatural race in Irish mythology. They are thought to represent the main deities of pre-Christian Gaelic Ireland.[1] The Tuatha Dé Danann constitute a pantheon whose attributes appeared in a number of forms throughout the Celtic world

Mythological Cycle

The Mythological Cycle, comprising stories of the former gods and origins of the Irish, is the least well preserved of the four cycles. It is about the principal people who invaded and inhabited the island. The people include Cessair and her followers, The Formorians, The Partholinians, The Nemedians, The Firbolgs, the Tuatha Dé Danann, and the Milesians.[7] The most important sources are the Metrical Dindshenchas or Lore of Places and the Lebor Gabála Érenn or Book of Invasions. Other manuscripts preserve such mythological tales as The Dream of Aengus, The Wooing Of Étain and Cath Maige Tuireadh, The (second) Battle of Magh Tuireadh. One of the best known of all Irish stories, Oidheadh Clainne Lir, or The Tragedy of the Children of Lir, is also part of this cycle.

There is even a legend about the first inhabitants of this world being like spirits, or ghosts – here but not here…

Then… If my theory that we are avatars – and some of the best avatars ever created for these ‘others’ – first timers, is anywhere near the truth, then we were created too perfectly and as time went on we developed souls and this soul energy attracted the energy of ‘spirit’ and the combination of the soul and this spirit became self-aware and sovereign. We ‘became’ real, sort of like the story of Pinocchio. BUT there is an old myth about those that came here looking for sanctuary. It did not go well for either peoples. Thus they, as we became more people-ish, decided to withdraw from this plain of frequency as it became too dense for them (see Irish mythology – or history depending on how you choose to see it), and yet they needed to have this experience of this here and now for their own development. Which brings up this theory of mine about Riders, the beings (the Jinn, the Fae and the old ones) meant to inhabit these beautiful bodies we all have.

But because we became sentient they had to withdraw – only asking or finagling their way into a body. Or they ‘rode along with us – quietly, mostly never making themselves known. These riders are… many things, a spectrum of intelligences of all kinds that find attachment through frequency harmonics. They mostly ride along journeying the journey with us. Sometimes helping, sometimes hindering but always in concert with or in harmony with the dominant attitude of the ego and the over-arching soul lesson in the current incarnation. (All because there is some very important unwritten law about soul slavery that can get anyone in this universe in really, really big trouble – I think)

Remember this Movie?

This was where we realized that we just might be looking at an already well developed tech and that there were several ways this could happen.

  • One way might be to create a clone
  • Another way might be to create an avatar body that could cope with the constraints of the environment for you.
  • Or, there is always the possibility that an automaton could be used.

And these are all ways that would include your own conscious input and control instead of taking over another organic being.

The Science

Whitley talks about how they live outside of time, i.e.: they know everything that is going to happen and why – almost mathematically. This makes me think of the Quantum-consciousness model of consciousness, superposition, intent, and consciousness as a ground state (it came first – not the other way around…

Just a word about superposition in two ways:

  1. as science math

Quantum superposition is a fundamental principle of quantum mechanics. It states that, much like waves in classical physics, any two (or more) quantum states can be added together (“superposed”) and the result will be another valid quantum state; and conversely, that every quantum state can be represented as a sum of two or more other distinct states. Mathematically, it refers to a property of solutions to the Schrödinger equation; since the Schrödinger equation is linear, any linear combination of solutions will also be a solution.

An example of a physically observable manifestation of the wave nature of quantum systems is the interference peaks from an electron beam in a double-slit experiment. The pattern is very similar to the one obtained by diffraction of classical waves. From <>

  1. as consciousness

Ok, in plain words, think about telos, or final intent (a goal). An intention is an idea about what you want to have happen in the future (time – which is an artifact of consciousness) which creates a visual-spatial representation or story in your mind’s eye.

When the story forms in your consciousness it is in a superposition quantumly; instead of watching it happen in the here and now, you are watching it happen in the future.

Once you watch it you then know what it is you have to do to create it and you make your first steps; or, once you watch it you collapse the wave form out of its super position and backwards into time to the here and now. Interestingly enough, once you take the first step in the here and now, the universe conspires to help you out and you get synchronicity. From <>

What it boils down to is that observation actually changes what is there – what you observe and it is actually chosen in your mind by what you decide to see –

When Max Planck was asked what had he learned, he said that;

“Consciousness is fundamental and causal. Space and time arises from consciousness, not the other way around. You can’t get behind consciousness.”

(Consciousness IS the unified field. – A. Bell)

“Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.”

Max Planck, Where is Science Going?

We are entangled….

Whitely said it makes the visitors emotionless to already know what is in front of them (probably because of the way they live in time which is not linear to them) and they need to share time in a body with us, to feel the feelings living in time can bring.

Michael Pollan say in his new book that:

One of the things that commends travel, art, nature, work, and certain drugs to us is the way these experiences, at their best, block every mental path forward and back, immersing us in the flow of a present that is literally wonderful—wonder being the by-product of precisely the kind of unencumbered first sight, or virginal noticing, to which the adult brain has closed itself. (It’s so inefficient!) Alas, most of the time I inhabit a near-future tense, my psychic thermostat set to a low simmer of anticipation and, too often, worry. The good thing is I’m seldom surprised.

The bad thing is I’m seldom surprised.

Pollan, Michael. How to Change Your Mind (p. 16). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

The Psychology

However, (thought experiment here) I do not think a non-mammalian construct can understand the intent of a human until they walk in a human body, so I will have to agree to Whitley’s assessment of one of the reasons why the visitors want to time-share a body with us.

But, and here is the experiment – could you imagine what it would be to pop into a human body without any referents and be inundated by a flood of literally ‘alien” sensation and feeling that was unknown to you??? Maybe they observe as they ride and some part of us explains…?

But Cliff High also has some ideas on this. His theory addresses the issue through the vagal nervous system in the human body:

The Vagus Nerve or, the 10nth Cranial Nerve is the longest nerve in the human body.

The vagus (CN X) nerve historically cited as the pneumogastric nerve, is the tenth cranial nerve or CN X, and interfaces with the parasympathetic control of the heart, lungs, and digestive tract. It is the longest nerve of the autonomic nervous system in the human body..[1] From <>

In trying to find the video that Cliff High did where he explained this, I got lost, but I did come across a video by the developer of the theory, Dr. Stephen Porges. His name for it is the Polyvagal System.

In this short 25 minute lecture video he explains that we have a trifold system that is ‘phylogenetically ordered’, meaning it has three parts developed over time for definitive purposes. The newest system additions being used first as a subconscious response to the environment (which he calls Neuroception: the body’s ability to respond to environmental cues bypassing a cognitive realization) such as facial cues and language and tonality to judge safety, danger – which engages a slightly older system and gives us fight or flight, to the very oldest system relating to a life threatening situation which can cause paralysis and feinting.

(This theory could possibly explain two very interesting facets of the abduction syndrome, that of immobility/paralysis and of the feeling of never wanting to look into the eyes of the captors, because that is one of the cues of the safety zone higher functions – mostly cued by facial relaxation or tension in and around the eyes and forehead.)

This creates two (maybe more) probability theories:

1: That these beings are a life form that is not mammalian ie: they don’t have a vagal nervous system therefore have a complete inability to understand the values, ethics, thinking and social structures that emotions and feelings engender. Imagine a species that didn’t understand our emotion that didn’t have a mammalian vagus nerve system – they would be unable to find meeting ground with us, much less understand our thoughts and short hand in our minds visual cues or our moral codes and ethics. Their understanding would have a completely different set of values depending on how they perceived reality and what their structures of organization were capable of realizing. ( a good reason they might want to ‘ride’ with-in us??)

2: They are a highly developed AI.

So: Out on a limb here by trying to put three different viewpoints together (and clumsily, I might add)

We have a few disingenuous races here, and many visitors – we have wounds to heal between the race that wanted union with us and the races that have come after us in many frequency forms – physical and not so physical. We need to remember what happened to us eons ago in order to know what is happening now and how it needs to be healed for the present and the future. And, IMO we have to realize that we were created for this type of union, we were made to be inhabited – at least the bodies that we are inhabiting now. We can learn to share, we can decide to be sovereign or we can abdicate and to whomever or whatever. But we can only make that decision if we know we have those options.

We are also stuck, for the moment, in a perceptual black hole. I am sure there are technologies out there that have already pulled us out of that hole, however, they are not open to the public. There are also people who have developed, using biological tech (their bodies) a way to communicate out of our current frequency cage, but those people are minimalized and laughed at in the general public.

IMO, Whitley, in good faith and with years of practice has connected to another set of frequencies and has opened dialogue with those that live there, however even he states in his book that many different beings come through; some are his friends, and some are not.

I think he is right about the urgent need for opening human perceptions, because right now we are all like the three blind men describing a different part of the elephant. He uses the sensing exercise from Gurdjieff to expand his senses, but there are other ways too and it boils down to ‘noticing’. Whether that noticing happens in the body, the mind or the emotions – it is noticing a difference in the now-in-the-moment homeostasis of you. If you are not paying attention, or don’t know what to notice it is impossible to perceive slight alterations on any of the above systems. The reason it works on people who have endured abuse is because they already have everything primed to duck, and once you learn that it is always on and always in the back ground and IMO it is powered by the Polyvagal System.

We experience fear when we encounter different frequencies out of our normal range – this is part of the above mechanism, sort of like an early warning system. The greater the difference the greater the fear. This knowledge is used as a tool to manipulate us. If those circuits are used we can be immobilized by fear and if the dickering in our brains goes to an even older deeper place, we can be paralyzed while fully cognizant. It is as instinctual as breathing because breathing is part of the vagal path. IMO It may take a bit of practice to learn it, how to control it and when to listen to it. Like learning a new language or new sport. Until we can get up to speed with it, we will unwillingly be controlled by it. Like riding a bike, you crash and try again until you are so skilled that you can let go of the handle bars gliding down the street if you wanted to.

IMO this could be hard, but not… and by that I mean that like any other thing we Intend to do we can learn this, we can pioneer this, we can McIver this, seriously. Let’s pull it out of superposition and make it a reality, dang – I sure want to talk to, experience, whoever they are, I mean really, all I want is a peek. IMO, it is the only way we are going to figure out who we really are.

Abductions aren’t Real???

Here’s the thing. They are real. However I agree with Grant Cameron when he says this subject is classified the highest of all. ( lol – its classified so high that the person who said they aren’t real didn’t even know…IMO) He also said if you don’t want to reveal, you don’t talk about it, and nobody is talking or even recognizing this subject. Bingo.

If the abductions are real, then the experiencers could show up all the lies AND there are more experiencers than people working in black projects. Yes, that many more, over generations of regular, everyday, John Q. Public people have had these experiences. Some remember, some don’t.

IMO the ET’s were smart about this after the first few interactions with us beasts, they realized that some of the regular folk really did want to know and really did want to meet, so to speak. Ok, maybe we weren’t as smart as the ‘elite’ and not as educated or experienced, but, we also had more heart, sympathy and curiosity. They probably realized that we didn’t have a voice (lord, just look over our history, especially religion) and were never going to get a say in the matter, so they circumvented that and found us, quietly, on the QT.

This finding happened in every way imaginable, just look at the heroic research and book done by FREE: ‘Beyond UFO’s The Science of Consciousness and Contact with Non Human Intelligence‘ . This book is the most exhaustive research ever done on the subject to date. The people were taken at their word, the experiences were handled as valuable and within this cross section of society many similarities were found. None of these people knew each other and in the third part of the research questionnaire, people were asked to describe in their own words, their experiences. This study was extremely statistically relevant. There IS contact. There ARE abductions. There is NO doubt.

There is another facet to this and that is MILABS (Mil – military + Abs – abductions). Melinda Leslie is an excellent source on the culpability of our gov’t (and maybe gov’t and commercial programs together???) creating a re-abduct program to get information on what the ETs said and did and in some cases they are most likely to be responsible for lost memory and idiotic, painful abusive medical invasion of their persons.

IMO: I am so glad researchers like Grant Cameron are tackling the phenomena part of this, the consciousness end of this. I have had so much weird shit happen that I didn’t know was weird – like apports, I even wrote a blog post about my shoes cause that pissed me off, but car keys, important things like bits of jewelry, rings and such that have sentimental value have come and gone… it was just normal in my house. Mom used to tell me not to worry, they’ll show back up. I discovered a weird trick that works it you don’t mind looking and acting like a fool: if you walk around the house calling out the name of the thing – using sound, a frequency, you’ll usually find whatever is missing very quickly. In fact I resorted to that to find my shoes that had been missing for months. I never thought it was part of the whole ball of wax. I just thought it was normal. We’ve always had a family ghost that moves from place to place with us and I always thought it was one of our loved ones watching out for us. Last month, I woke up with my nightgown on backwards… trust me that was silly. I had been asking for a bit of evidence – I got it. I’ve written blogs on all this stuff. So we have two levels, the human one and the upper cloth one and probably a few more if I sat and thought about it.

Aaaand you don’t have to be abducted to have an up front and personal experience with ET’s or ships, or the paranormal it’s all around us, but we are so trained to ignore and run from it – we are so trained and afraid of being called crazy, losing credibility, that it could happen right in front of our blind eyes and we’d never even notice it.

And what’s the best way to shut up the people who have had any experience of any type? Call them crazy. Make them feel they have to have a piece of paper from god knows what authority saying that what they went through was real… Excuse me. It’s your experience you had it, they didn’t and they have no way of knowing.

I say to anyone who labels like that , “Ahem, go suck a rock”.


“There are more things in heaven and earth Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

What is the difference between weird-icky and weird-wonderful? And is there really a difference? I ask in light of all the recent hoopla around flights of fancy vs. real stuff. Its ok to talk about all the people missing out of national parks and human sacrificial cults but not ok to talk about ufo cults and religious similarities? Especially when they are very similar? Or how the movies and books can now be considered having as much impact on your psycho-social development as real life experiences, proven by the research?

Both movies and sightings are “events” in that they have distinct beginnings and endings. Zacks’s research indicates that people cognize some media or film events in ways that are similar to real-life events.22

22) Gabriel A. Radvansky and Jeffery M. Zacks, Event Cognition (New York: Oxford University Press, 2014).

We know that media can bypass the conscious mind and flow straight into the unconscious mind, where it forms memories and occupies its own place. This suggests that the realism of fictional characters and narratives must be re-examined, first as actors within the unconscious but also as potentially real and autonomous agents. The psychic component of UFO and apparitional events once experienced by the few can now be experienced by millions, due to media technologies. The beings really are in our heads; for those born in the 1950s and beyond,

23) Andy Clark, Supersizing the Mind: Embodiment, Action, and Cognitive Extension (London: Oxford University Press, 2008), 131–132.

Pasulka, D.W.. American Cosmic (p. 254). Oxford University Press. Kindle Edition.


To read Walter Bosley’s books is a real experience, he speculates off of factual and historical research. The speculations are intrinsically interesting in his willingness to climb out on the skinny end of the twig. Diana Pasulka in her book, ‘American Cosmic’ does the same thing eventually leading the more academic staid reader, to the same conclusion:

“There are more things in heaven and earth Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

But, IMO, what we are looking at in both cases are situations where people have come upon information that is unexplainable except but by speculation because in one instance, they have been shut up or suicided or whatever else, and in the other, the religious community has imbued it with their very own brand of horror or confustication. (have you noticed horror is a useful tactic to muddy the waters, esp. if you want people to stay away from certain information?) Make no mistake, the catholic church is very guilty of using horror, for what were demons before they were demonized? And visitations were only sanctioned and made right in the eyes of the church after enough investigation had gone on to make sure that nothing that was said went against the dogma of du jour. This usually happened years and centuries after the visitee was long gone and buried thus unable to speak anymore and goof up the narrative.

Which really strikes me as what is happening in the vaunted halls of Ufology today. What is coming out can’t be edited, or re-asked about because those that told it are all but dead, and therefore the narrative can be toyed with to fit the purpose du jour…. See where I am leading?

Very much like religion, Ufology has its demons and scary parts that are signposts that say, ‘Don’t go that way!’ and there are sometimes very real physical things that happen to the people that do. We have our cults just like the various religious factions do, we have our mystics, we have our intrepid investigators, just look at the patterns.

And beneath it all is a something that is hidden, something that at all costs must be never revealed. It also has dark and  light sides to it, whatever it is will either kill you or disappear you or give you the tools to do that to others. And just like other orders/groups there are levels of in-ness, initiates and the like who are lead to believe that only their part of the story is correct by being confusticated by the information and by those who imparted it. IN EVERY CASE. Without exception.

The scant few normal, hyper-curios and imaginative people that have actually put two and two together as four always seem to vanish as if they found the off switch to this place. Either that or they have been cowed into a sort of submission on overdrive and never speak of it again. And those that stay here and know, write odd and weird ditties that one can never really know the truth of, and only….speculate about. IMO because the language dis-allows for the actual description of said qualities. For example


a prefix appearing in loanwords from Greek, most often attached to verbs and verbal derivatives, with the meanings “at or to one side of, beside, side by side” ( parabola; paragraph; parallel; paralysis ), “beyond, past, by” ( paradox; paragogue ); by extension from these senses, this prefix came to designate objects or activities auxiliary to or derivative of that denoted by the base word ( parody; paronomasia ), and hence abnormal or defective ( paranoia ), a sense now common in modern scientific coinages ( parageusia; paralexia ). As an English prefix, para- 1 may have any of these senses; it is also productive in the naming of occupational roles considered ancillary or subsidiary to roles requiring more training, or of a higher status, on such models as paramedical and paraprofessional: paralegal; paralibrarian; parapolice .


“standard, pattern, model,” 1821, from French norme, from Latin norma “carpenter’s square, rule, pattern,” which is of unknown origin. Klein suggests a borrowing (via Etruscan) of Greek gnomon “carpenter’s square.” The Latin form of the word, norma, was used in English in the sense of “carpenter’s square” from 1670s.

The very word used to describe the reality next to us begins with the subtle suggestion that it is less than, abnormal, wrong, in its prefix. The idea of its invalidness is already implanted in the word!

Recently one faction of the UFO group has compiled huge amounts of data pointing to an altered (paranormal) state of mind as a requirement to the perception of said phenomena. But they cannot tell us what that state of ‘mind’ is, nor can science adequately measure, or define it. We can only look at it through the people who have experienced it. Just like any other religious experience. (remember, it’s called The New Testament.) All our religious writings and texts are Testaments

This is itself, IMO, a major tactic being used to conceal what ‘it’ really is. In Pasulka’s book she said that ‘James” in a discussion said,

“We will start by stating that the phenomenon commonly referred to as UFOs exists. The evidence supports that there is a phenomenon, it interacts with humans, but we cannot as yet explain it. However, we can identify its effects on humans and the physical channels of communications through which it operates. Through studying its modes of interaction with us, we can gain considerable knowledge about it.”

Pasulka, D.W.. American Cosmic (p. 63). Oxford University Press. Kindle Edition.

This is exactly what all religious scholars do, because the original source is gone, or untouchable – except by direct, personal, revelation that when its is imparted to others becomes….testimony.

She has two quotes by Jacques Vallee:

[The phenomenon] has a technological basis. But we cannot ignore the fact that the emotions it generates in the witnesses are religious in nature. —Jacques Vallee (1)

Everything works, in my opinion, as if the phenomenon were the product of a technology that followed well-defined rules and patterns, though fantastic by ordinary human standards. Its impact in shaping man’s long-term creativity and unconscious impulses is probably enormous. —Jacques Vallee (2)

1) Jacques Vallee, The Invisible College: What a Group of Scientists Has Discovered About UFO Influence on the Human Race (San Antonio, TX: Anomalist Books, 2014), 153.

2) Ibid., 30.

Pasulka, D.W.. American Cosmic (p. 153). Oxford University Press. Kindle Edition.

All this to say, that I am not the only one who thinks that the ‘phenomena’, if you can even call it that, is an effect of a something or someone, or an ‘it’ that is in the process of conditioning ‘us’ into a state of being or learning for its own reasons – historically using religion and religious themes and now using ‘spiritual’

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.               -Arthur C. Clarke

technology to accomplish whatever it/their purpose is. Most assuredly, UFO’s and the speculative beings that might surround this subject are not it.




noun: ubiquity

  1. the fact of appearing everywhere or of being very common.


The idea that we are separate from the core matrix of the universe, is the number one fallacy that keeps us blind to reality.

The real reality is that we are not – which in turn means that everything we label ‘phenomena’ to feel safe in our little cocoons, is also part and parcel of the human condition. However, if you really look at it you find that ‘phenomena’ are ubiquitous. The ways in which we have been distracted from this reality are legion, and we are schizophrenic trying to not look at it and how it intersects with our daily lives – the million different little ways we have been taught to guard against it – ignore it and push it away.

My experiences started very early. I have had both kinds, nasty-scary and wonderful and life enhancing. I am an extreme empath, whether it is because the experiences woke that in me when I was little, or because I was born that way (there is a family history of sensitivity on both sides) and that attracted the experiences is, 65 years later, a moot point.

In listening to Reinerio Hernandez on UFO News Network Sunday talk about the results of the FREE project study, I felt I needed to point out that if you breathe on this planet, you have had more interaction with ‘phenomena’ than you recognize or would even want to. We all do, every day. In a way, I agree with Grant Cameron on this, all the 3d hoopla is mainly to get our attention. And in a way what I think the human race is going through is a retraining process to gradually get us to pay attention to the fullness of our own human perceptions. We are not alone. We are not separate. We never have been – ever. In trying to put my life into some sort of understanding in this regard, it has been confusing because the bulk of my contact has been telepathic and phenomenally based – occurring in my mind and imagination… Totally unprovable to anybody else.

I have often wondered why this is, why I have not had, or cannot remember 3d contact or interaction except sometimes in my dreams, throughout my life and the answer seems to be because I wish it so. That is what I can tolerate because I was so badly frightened in early child hood. I have had the characteristic downloads all my life, real conversations, shared experiences, telepathy and more the older I get. I would actually like to get some therapy on very early experiences, to be able to put an adult perspective to them, because I was so very young and I don’t remember the actual event, just the fear it caused. Therefore in accordance with my deepest truth and will, most of the contact I have had has been telepathic, or in dream states and meditation except for when I have mentally asked for it. Only once or twice have I been in contact without asking for it, and it has always been for help, or encouragement, one time was even physical. I have about blogged these.

It has taken us a very long time to get to the point where we can entertain ideas like non-local consciousness and quantum perspectives on things like: that the dream state may even be another reality, there might be a door way to other places in an altered state etc.  In the 1950’s talk like this wound you up in a nice cozy padded room. It’s been a long road, but finally, here we are.

The disconnect we feel between ‘waking-real’ reality and ‘phenomenal’ reality is a control mechanism, a false construct pounded into our heads by every institution on this planet. It’s time to get over our selves. Time to realize that every moment of everyday, waking, sleeping or in an altered state we are bombarded with phenomenal reality we ignore and turn a blind eye to. You cannot see the wind, you do not expect it to take visible solid 3d form, and yet we feel and see its results everywhere…

There is no great secret, or special training, or single piece of information needed to put yourself back together. You already are of one piece with all the equipment needed to function multidimensionally right now at this very moment. I realize science likes to know why a thing happens and academians like to make records of the things that happen, but we have been able to breath since we walked the earth without knowing how and why we did it and your connection to things beyond the 3d world is the same way. There is never a time when I am not in communication or in ‘touch’ with another intelligence.

Greys – must have been positive because I had a dream of hugging a friend grey I hadn’t seen in a very long time.

Humans – they are fun, funny and everywhere in real 3d.

Energy beings – I have been drawing them since my 20’s. The wings on these beings are the emanations of their heart chakra – huge and lovely.

Reptilians – I felt for the first time in the 70’s and have been drawing in the last 5 years – everyone who sits for a portrait in my mind’s eye while I have drawn them, has been polite and intrigued.

Telepathic contact – I have had much – with everybody. Number one rule in this realm, if you are being nosy, expect to be nosed back.

But I try not to be a bother, it would be like a mom with a full cup of coffee in her hand and the kid joggling her elbow to get her attention. However, the instant I ask, I get a response. I don’t think I have ever felt alone my entire life time. It’s kind of like two people in the same room each doing something on their own – you know they are there even if you are not currently directly engaging each other.

My point is that, there is never NOT (I know double negative) other phenomena going on. It’s time we just went there. Really.


It is Ubiquitous.

This Damned Aeon Game

It has been said, that humanity is not ready for advanced information because we would use it wrongly – an Atlantean racial memory, perhaps? In all the old records about this society – the channelings, the pulling down of info from the akashic records/siddhis, we are met with this one point – that a war between peoples destroyed the earth and collapsed an advanced high civilization. That they all migrated and integrated themselves into other civilizations and social systems on the earth while keeping their ideations alive – albeit secret. Joseph Farrel has an entire series of books that are written from an examination of ancient writings and academic studies on the translation of these records that show, illuminate this thread through time up to today.

Those two factions have been named the Belial Group and the Great White Brotherhood. (1) Their legacy comes down through time to today in the cabal/deep state and the mystery schools. Their infighting also continues today in that every positive movement message to teach society higher principles has been eventually twisted, and the new awareness movement has clued us all into what the deep state has been/is up to.

IMO if the information to raise humanity’s hearts and minds had been released earlier, even though humanity ‘wasn’t‘ ready for it, I think it would have eventually brought us to a different space – today, a more enlightened place where the current stranglehold on our hearts and minds may not have happened because this information has a peculiar effect to it that tends to raise and enlighten all those that come in contact with it. It has this ‘effect’ of opening up consciousness, changing DNA and evolving the soul. It would have been inevitable.

The argument against this was that the technology could have also been used to create great and horrible planet killing sciences – like the atom bomb. Notice, however, that some of it – like the bomb, made it out into mainstream and, well, we are still here. There was another part of this tech related to frequency harmonics and radio/microwave technology that also made it out ( from supposedly the good side and was twisted) and is being used for nefarious purposes against us in things like 5G and the space fence.

In occulting the main part of the understanding of this science the real effect was for us to get caught in developing devices/tech that use a dangerous part of it to try to help society, like nuclear power stations, that ultimately have turned against us by becoming an ecological disaster. Also, in occulting most of this information we are not prepared for it’s wrong use AGAINST US because we are unable to understand the whole of the weapon being used – BECAUSE THE SCIENCE IS TILL SECRET!

There is evidence littered all through society that this tech is being used behind our backs by an entire higher strata of advanced society that we have no part of, and it was/is created from the sweat of our backs and brows.


Richard Dolan talks about the breakaway civilization.

DW, CG, ES and JS all talk about the secret space program. (2)

Kathryn Austin Fitts talks about where the money comes from to support both the breakaway civilization and the SSP, how we are robbed of not only the money but the tech that could help us and what they are using it for.

Joseph P. Farrell talks about the origin of the two sides of the warring factions through historical proof, and also tracks the science, the secrecy and the money it took to keep it that way from a global perspective

Dark Journalist is chronicling the more modern mystery school vs. deep state roots and the twisted path through politics and government influence the information has been hidden.

Dean Radin is exploring how to rebirth it through science and demystify it.

Grant Cameron is following it through the UFO/phenomenology foot print.

LMH is documenting it through the tracking and reporting of anomalous events and amazing original thinking when connecting the dots.

Nick Redfern is tracking it through cryptozoology and myth and legend.

JAWs (John Anthony West) was exploring it through ancient Egypt.

Carmen Boulter is using sheer intuition and her academic training to go against institutional ideas and finding amazing archeological hidden treasures.

People like Wall Thornhill, Dr. Robert Schoch and Brian Foerster are all boots on the ground scientists who have bucked the system.


These are the people whose research is where to start looking when you want to see the outer pattern of this current mess and the unholy game going on today. Through all of these people who found a thread of this reality and pursued it, we find one commonality and that is a state of consciousness, a willingness to think out of the box and really see – an expanded consciousness – an ‘X’ factor, as DJ has been calling it of late. One that enables us to see differently information that has been in front of our noses in plain sight forever.

Consciousness is the unified field. Everything that could possibly be done to hide this fact has been done. This fact is not even worthy of a why, it requires we zero in on our own consciousness and head straight to the heart of the matter. It means we don’t stop till we figure it out. This is a branch of information that is civilization changing, civilization stabilizing, survival ensuring, life enhancing information.

Grant Cameron absolutely swears that the UFO tech does NOT work unless there is a state of consciousness that guides it, that the whole UFO question will be understood from a point of consciousness, not only nuts and bolts. Further, it has been documented that anybody who has had contact with the phenomenal effect will show a change in their DNA.

Since DNA is a frequency, (3) I posit that whatever this effect, this information is, it radically changes our frequency which is something the new 5G and the terrestrial space fence are trying to destroy….

To get ahead of this game, IMO, it is necessary to imagine 20 steps ahead if not more, have a planetary – nay, solar system grasp of the politics going on and have an open mind enough to be able to put this information together in odd and wonderful ways. The only way we regular people have of ever dreaming of getting a hold of this damned aeon game is by getting a head of the curve, because we will never have enough money or power or prestige to do it any other way.


We have minds.

It’s now time to use them.






(2) David Wilcock, Corey Goode. Emery Smith and Jason Sather


(3) DNA Science and What Russian Researchers Have Surprisingly Discovered…



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