Medicine should never be used politically for any reason.

I had an entire paragraph disappear on word press yesterday while writing an article about the cv. It disappeared like it was never there – was not in any of the edit chain, it wasn’t anywhere. It did exist because I read it to my husband around 10 am outside at the table and he laughingly said “Gee Alison, tell me how you really feel.” It was a paragraph linking cv with genocide, media gofer boys, globalists and the plandemic. It was verbose but succinct in the same breath and it was good. I was deriding the media for being the hub of unbelievability in this whole mess.

I had included the recent open letter of the Belgian doctors, the suit filed against Ohio for their Faustian lock-down measures, the paper written by the escaped Chinese PhD about the creation of the cv in a lab, the Corvelva web site where they have managed to report uncensored information on the cv,, the only place where you can find and watch Plandemic 1 & 2 and doctors like Sherry tenpenny who lays out the mask-myth, …and then… The mysteriously vanishing Paragraph, and to support my extremely acerbic verbiage, three paragraphs from the Open Letter. It was sweet and to the point – until the entire article fell apart and none of the internal graphics showed up on the preview.

It occurs to me that my emotions, my rants are nothing. That only the facts should be presented, that even if someone actually read the papers listed (which nobody does) they would still be driven by media-hyped-fear.


It’s not that we are ‘like’ the Iotians:

” A Piece of the Action” is the seventeenth episode of the second season of the American … This was the last Star Trek script credited to Gene L. Coon. … The ship receives a message from Bela Okmyx, an Iotian, who promises information …

Episode no‎: ‎Season 2; Episode 17

Directed by‎: ‎James Komack

Original air date‎: ‎January 12, 1968

Story by‎: ‎David P. Harmon

We ARE them! – So freaking suggestable that we can’t tell our heads from a hole in the ground. When:

  • Statistics don’t matter
  • Peer reviewed science papers don’t matter
  • Forensic evidence that the virus was lab created doesn’t matter
  • Forensic historical financial evidence behind the matter (Gates/Fauci) doesn’t matter
  • Dr Judy Mikovits testimony and evidence doesn’t matter
  • A Proven treatment regime that is low cost and effective doesn’t matter
  • Obvious dangers and studies showing that masking is wrong don’t matter

Then what does anything I can write about matter?


News has become a cultural artifact. Nobody younger than me even remembers what real news is, and I am just another voice of opinion on a blog that nobody reads.

It doesn’t even matter that the actual facts are out there – the doctors and the scientists willing to risk their careers for the truth and the Hippocratic oath they took, the one that says:

“I will above all care for my patients, promote their health and alleviate their suffering”.

“I will inform my patients correctly.”

“Even under pressure, I will not use my medical knowledge for practices that are against humanity.”


And I didn’t even get into the 5G connection to all of this, which is the closure and the lock on this loop of DOOM we are all caught in, or the information of the Children’s Health Defense organization about unsafe vaccinations and how RFK Jr. is being vilified by the media in every way possible. Nor the fact that the vaccines developers of the world are not held accountable for ANY damages caused by their product.


But nobody cares or is smart enough to shake off the propaganda that is being used on them long enough to actually LOOK at the truth.

The Open Letter from the Belgium Doctors:

This is the paper that the defecting Chinese Scientist wrote:

September 14, 2020Working paper Open Access

Unusual Features of the SARS-CoV-2 Genome Suggesting Sophisticated Laboratory Modification Rather Than Natural Evolution and Delineation of Its Probable Synthetic Route.

Yan, Li-Meng; Kang, Shu; Guan, Jie; Hu, Shanchang

This is a suit filed in Ohio, against Ohio, by Thomas Renz:

Find Dr. Judy Mikovits testimony, Dr. Sherry Tenpenny’s information is there also, plus an entire world of video information that has been washed off youbloob.

Corvelva News

An article I wrote about a journal entry in Virology Journal on hydroxychloroquine:

A good over view of the Gates Empire:



How is 5G connected to the stupidcvirus?

This is a definitive look on how all the dots connect. This article.

There is massive evidence out there now, about what is literally going on that you don’t see, but are being utterly brainwashed to want that will ultimately become your demise: 5G.

“If you are not paying for the product then, you ARE the product”

from the movie ‘The Social Dilemma on Netflix’

It’s the gradual, slight, imperceptible CHANGE in your own behaviour and perception that is the product…

It’s hard to connect an electrical impulse to an illness, WiFi and Bluetooth rule our lives now and we can not even work, or do jobs, that don’t use this convenience. The above article explains how pulsed millimeter waves, more than the frequency, are responsible for the creation of electrical imbalances in the body tissues that are creating the current symptomology of a viral look-alike illness. The symptoms and body distress are VERY real, but no singular virus can be found… Of course they are finding RNA (think pcs of DNA) floating through our systems because the pulsed 5G frequencies are BREAKING apart cells in the body, and the body is frantically trying to clear them out. It does that by stuffing them in a structure similar to cell walls. I call it cell poop, because the cell has evacuated it from its internal structure, packaged it and sent it on its way out of the body. Depending on how irradiated you are you will have lots of junk in your waterways and blood trying to find its way out, or not. The pulsed frequencies of 5G can even break apart the cell poop containers placing your body under more stress as it tries to clean this up by using the immune system…

ICNIRP, EU, UK and other “safety guidelines” are all based on average intensities over a 6 minute period, with allowable exposures set by SAR, a measure of heating. Predictions of these safety guidelines have been tested by 8 different highly repeated types of studies and each of these 8 shows that the safety guidelines fail and fail massively.

Modulating pulsations, nanosecond pulses and paired nanosecond pulses of identical polarity each produce large effects that the safety guidelines claim cannot be produced. These pulsation effects are of high relevance to 5G because 5G is designed to be very highly pulsed in order to carry vast amounts of information per second because it is the pulsations that carry the information.

Other types of evidence showing that the safety guidelines do not predict biological effects include the calcium channel blocker studies which show that low-intensity EMF exposures produce effects through VGCC (voltage-gated calcium channel) activation rather than by heating, the many reviews showing non-thermal health impacts discussed above and the findings that there are exposure windows that produce maximum effects but lower and higher intensity exposures produce much lower effects. The failure of the “safety guidelines” to predict biological effects and therefore safety means that these are not safety guidelines. Consequently, any claims of safety made by the multi-trillion euro telecommunications industry based on these “safety guidelines” are simply fraudulent.


1889: first powerline harmonic radiation – influenza pandemic

1918: Radio LF and VLF – Spanish influenza

1957: Radar – Asian influenza

1968: Satellites – Hong Kong influenza

And so it goes from there – every major health problem today can be linked to another frequency that we are swimming in. I recommend the book, “The Electric Rainbow” by Arthur Firstenberg for a full picture of every indication that the electrification of our world has had on our physical well being and that of all the life forms on earth.

The research on this has been ongoing for quite some time and there is now definitive proof of  how this is effecting our health, DNA and our evolution. There is hope because we are still here. We do learn to adapt and those of us walking the earth today have bodies that have overcome these problems created by increased electrification.

There is only one caveat that I would call your attention to, and it is this. The infamous ‘They’ now know how to alter the pulsations of 5G accurately enough to warrant our notice. They can create things like the stupidcvirus. They can create worse forms like they are going to try to do in November – December. Be aware that they can now pretty much decimate us with the flip of a switch – a globalist’s wet dream. I encourage you to do your homework, do your research, detoxify your body, eliminate as much as you can those sources of toxicity in your life and hang on!

Large numbers of non-thermal pathophysiological EMF effects can be explained through the action of VGCC activation as produced by two different pathways of action shown in Fig. 1 below: the calcium signaling pathway and the peroxynitrite/free radical/oxidative stress/inflammation pathway. These include are 9 types of effects produced from microwave frequency non-thermal effects as shown in from 9 to 38 different reviews: Lowered male and female fertility; increased neurological/neuropsychiatric effects; 3 types of effects on cellular DNA; endocrine (hormonal) effects; increased apoptosis (programmed cell death); cardiac effects on the electrical control of the heart; oxidative stress/free radical damage; excessive [Ca2+]i; cancer.

Penetration of Millimeter Wave Effects

What can we say, then, about 5G? MM-waves used for 5G also work via VGCC activation. 5G is designed to carry extraordinarily high amounts of information per second and is, therefore, extraordinarily highly pulsed. The electrical parts of these MM-waves do not penetrate well into buildings, such that millions of 5G antennae are planned in close proximity to our home, schools, churches, businesses, etc, such that it will be nearly impossible to avoid exposures. Given the high pulsation level for 5G radiation, even short exposures may well produce severe biological effects. In addition to this, the finding that 5G systems involve output power sometimes like 30 times higher output than did previous systems, we have an strong argument for disaster (Human exposure to RF fields in 5G downlinkI Nasim, S Kim – arXiv preprintarXiv:1711.03683, 2017 –

It has been argued by the industry that 5G will only produce effects in the outer millimeter of the body because of the absorption of 5G radiation and other MM-wave frequency EMFs. It is the case that 5G and other millimeter wave frequencies will produce very strong surface effects which are of major concern. But it has also been shown that MM-waves produce highly penetrating effects, impacting human brain function and EEG activity and also impacting many internal organs in animals.

Zalyobokskaya NP, 1977. Biological effect of millimeter radiowaves. Vrachebnoye Delo 3: 116-119. Declassified and Approved for release 2012/05/10: CIA-RDP88B01125R000300120005-6 Levedeva NN, Reactions of the central nervous system to peripheral effects of low-intensity EHF emissions. Approved for release 2000/08/10: CIA-RDP96-00792R000100070001-9 Potekhina IL, Akoyev GN, Yenin LD, Oleyner 1992 Effects of low-intensity electromagnetic radiation in the millimeter range on the cardiovascular system of the white rat. Fiziol Zh 78:35-41Numerous other citations showing penetrating effects of millimeter waves are cited in: Betskii OY &Lebedeva NN. Low-intensity millimeter waves in biology and medicine. In: Clinical Application of Bioelectromagnetic Medicine, Marcel Decker, New York, pp. 30-61. A very recent paper came to the same conclusion that millimeter waves produce highly penetrating effects for the same reason, extensive empirical evidence: Kostoff et al (Toxicol Lett 2020:323;35-40).

So the industry claims are wrong on this as in so many other areas. How can we get such penetrating effects? The magnetic parts of the coherent EMFs are highly penetrating. They place forces on dissolved ions in the aqueous parts of our cells and bodies, moving those ions and regenerating the electrical parts of the EMFs with the same frequency and pulsations, just much lower intensity. Those can then activate theVGCC voltage sensor because of its extraordinary sensitivity to the electrical forces of even very weak EMFs. So the physics again tells us how the system works on the main actual biological target of the VGC voltage sensor.

The impacts of any full-fledged 5G (it always works together with 4G) will be vastly worse than any initial impacts seen following the turning on of 5G, because initially 5G has little to communicate with, so it will initially have much less pulsation. My six worst nightmares is that 5G will produce widespread in most cases universal or near-universal impact of the following types (and each of these needs to be considered in detail, based on the available evidence):

1. A rapid and irreversible crash in human reproduction to close to zero, based mainly but not solely on the impacts on male reproduction.

2. A rapid (albeit somewhat slower than in 1) crash in our collective brain function produced by massive impacts on human brain structure and function.

3. Very early-onset Alzheimer’s dementia also caused by the human brain impact seen in 2.

4. Autism and ADHD caused primarily by perinatal 4G/5G exposures.

5. Massive deterioration in the human gene pool, caused by the DNA effects in human sperm and possibly also on human eggs.

6. Widespread sudden cardiac death in all age ranges caused by the EMF impacts on the pacemaker cells in the sino-atrial node of the heart.

What are we actually seeing initially from 5G?

The reports of human effects in Switzerland included many reports of neurological/neuropsychiatric effects and also cardiac effects .

There are, of course many reviews reporting such effects, as discussed above, following EMF exposures. The physicians in Stuttgart reported these same two types of effects following 5G rollout and in addition, high amounts of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS).

All three of these effects were reported to occur following smart meter exposures in both the Lamech and also the Conrad studies; all three were also reported to occur in the largest EMF occupational exposures studies ever performed as reviewed by Professor Emeritus Karl Hecht. The difference is that the effects appear to be much more severe following 5G exposure as opposed to the occupational exposure studies or even the smart meter studies. I am aware of still more severe apparent 5G neuropsychiatric effects in Southern California, but those have not been published to date. We have every reason to believe that any full fledged 5G system, communicating with the “internet of things” will produce still vastly greater effects than any of these initial findings.

It was proudly announced in England that an ambulance service will be using 5G communication between the ambulances and the hospitals served by them. The first such ambulance, it was proudly announced, was to be put into operation in Coventry in the West Midlands region of the UK:

So what happened when that 5G ambulance was operational? What happened is that three of the ambulance personnel died within an 11 day period of apparent suicide: Three NHS workers die suddenly while working for same ‘toxic’ ambulance trust. Could 5G be related? Alan Selby Mirror Sun, 24 Nov 2019 02:23 UTC; 22/concern-for-welfare-of-east-of-england-ambulance-staff-after-three-deaths-in-11-days/

Shortly before their deaths a whistleblower wrote to the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust’s boss complaining about psychological abuse. There are widespread neuropsychiatric effects produced by low-intensity EMF exposures, including depression. Depression can cause suicide and various neuropsychiatric effects may well lead to abusive behavior.

Two large occurrences of panic in cattle in the North Friesland area of the Netherlands correlated with 5G testing exposures:

This should not be surprising, given that EMF exposures cause neurological/neuropsychiatric effects. Two specific mechanisms are likely to be involved in producing panic in cattle. Excessive VGCC activity produces fear conditioning in animals and in humans (Kabir et al, J Physiol 2016; 20:5823-5837). EMFs also acting via excessive VGCC activity also produce large increases in the release of norepinephrine, the fight or flight hormone. These two are likely to act together to produce panic. The impact of EMFs on milk production in dairy cattle suggests that cattle may be quite sensitive to EMF effects. There are also several incidences of bizarre, aggressive behavior of cattle and sheep from Germany that may also be related to 5G radiation effects:







Each of these needs to be clearly investigated for possible roles of 5G radiation. The 5th of these is the most clearly linked to 5G because the cow involved is from North Friesland, where cattle were, as noted in the second paragraph above, exposed to 5G radiation. Each of these must be investigated before any final conclusions can be drawn. However given that the “safety guidelines” have been repeatedly shown to fail to predict biological effects and therefore safety and that therefore, all assurances of safety based on those “safety guidelines” are fraudulent, and that there are plausible mechanisms by which EMF exposures can cause these effects, it is essential that the obvious possible cause, electromagnetic field exposures from 5G and/or high antenna density 4G radiation, should be extensively studied.

There have been a series of very unusual human birth defects, in both Germany and France, involving aberrant limb development, such as aberrant hand and finger structure and even missing hands or missing arms.

France launches nationwide investigation after babies born with missing or malformed limbs

None of the many articles on these limb birth defects have suggested a link to 5G EMF exposures but such a link should be considered. The reason for that is that Bates et al, Ion Channels in Development and Cancer, Annu Rev Cell Dev Biol 2015; 31: 231-247 showed that elevation of both VGCC activity and also elevation of other voltage-gated ion channels can produce aberrant limb development. While the excessive activities of single channels do not produce aberrations identical to those in these recent human birth defects, a combination of excessive voltage-gated ion channel activities may well do so. Among the genetic studies showing that excessive activity of a particular VGCC produce limb developmental defects are the studies on Timothy syndrome. The Timothy syndrome mutation produces much higher VGCC activity because the closing mechanism of the channel is defective, such that activated channels close extremely slowly such that they produce much higher [Ca2+]i. The Timothy syndrome mutation produces not only limb development aberrations but also severe cases of autism and also cardiac effects. Most Timothy syndrome individuals die of apparent sudden cardiac death at age ranges circa 3 to 7 years old – the oldest known Timothy syndrome individual died at age 13. Here we have two effects produced or apparently produced by 5G exposures, the cardiac effects and the limb birth defects and a third proposed to be caused perinatal by 5G exposures, namely autism, all linked in their causation to VGCC activation.

There were hundreds of birds that died of apparent sudden cardiac death during three days of 5G testing in a park near Rotterdam.

There had been earlier stories published on these bird deaths where the industry denied doing 5G testing but in this article, it was shown that workers had been told to lie about those tests. It has been shown in rodents that MM-wave exposure (non-pulsed) can cause sudden cardiac death (Potekhina IL, Akoyev GN, Yenin LD, Oleyner 1992 Effects of low-intensity electromagnetic radiation in the millimeter range on the cardiovascular system of the white rat. Fiziol Zh 78:35-41 (in Russian)), making it very plausible that these bird deaths were in fact caused by 5G exposures. A second apparent large epidemic of birds falling out the sky of apparent cardiac death occurred last October shortly after the 5G ambulance was turned on in Coventry (see discussion above): , In October, there were already reports that birds fell down from the sky outside the Coventry hospital, after 5G antennas were turned on to enable the Smart Ambulance 5G wireless system in Coventry. See link:

Insect will be massively impacted by 5G EMFs. In 2000 and 2001, two US patents issued for the use of millimeter wave EMFs as insecticides (patent #s 6,073,365 and 6,192,598). These were for using nonpulsed EMFs not the extraordinarily pulsed and therefore dangerous 5G EMFs. 5G will likely cause massive fires because of the impact of 5G EMFs on plants. EMFs impact plants producing large increases in intracellular calcium levels which act in turn to produce large increases in highly volatile and highly flammable terpenes. This, in turn, can make the plants burn as if they were sprayed with a light spray of gasoline. We may have seen the first 5G fires. Five cities along the east coast of South Korea, where some of the earliest 5G rollouts in the world occurred, had their 5G systems turned on – late April 3, 2019. The five unprecedented fires occurred in those same cities 1 ½ days later, April 5, 2019!;

Other possible 5G fires may have also occurred in 2019 in areas of Southern California where 5G was rolled out, including along I405 freeway.

Role of 5G in the Coronavirus Epidemic in Wuhan China

Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province in China, was chosen to be China’s first 5G “smart city” and the location of China’s first smart 5G highway. Wuhan is also the center of the horrendous coronavirus epidemic. The possible linkage between these two events was first discussed in an Oct. 31, 2019 article entitled: “Wuhan was the province where 5G was rolled out, now the center of deadly virus”

The question that is being raised here is not whether 5G is responsible for the virus, but rather whether 5G radiation, acting via VGCC activation may be exacerbating the viral replication or the spread or lethality of the disease. Let’s backtrack and look at the recent history of 5G in Wuhan in order to get some perspective on those questions. An Asia Times article, dated Feb.12,2019 ( stated that there were 31 different 5G base stations (that is antennae) in Wuhan at the end of 2018. There were plans developed later such that approximately 10,000 5G antennae would be in place at the end of 2019, with most of those being on 5G LED smart street lamps. The first such smart street lamp was put in place on May 14, 2019 (, but large numbers only started being put in place in October, 2019, such that there was a furious pace of such placement in the last 2 ½ months of 2019. These findings show that the rapid pace of the coronavirus epidemic developed at least roughly as the number of 5G antennae became extraordinarily high. So we have this finding that China’s 1st 5G smart city and smart highway is the epicenter of this epidemic and this finding that the epidemic only became rapidly more severe as the numbers of 5G antennae skyrocketed.

Are these findings coincidental or does 5G have some causal role in exacerbating the coronavirus epidemic? In order to answer that question, we need to determine whether the downstream effects of VGCC activation exacerbate the viral replication, the effects of viral infection, especially those that have roles in the spread of the virus and also the mechanism by which this coronavirus causes death. Accordingly, the replication of the viral RNA is stimulated by oxidative stress: J Mol Biol. 2008 Nov 28;383(5):1081-96. Variable oligomerization modes in coronavirus non-structural protein 9. Ponnusamy R, Moll R, Weimar T, Mesters JR, Hilgenfeld R.

Other aspects of viral replication including those involved in the spread of the virus are stimulated by increased intracellular calcium [Ca2+]i, oxidative stress, NF-kappaB elevation, inflammation and apoptosis, each of which are increased following EMF exposure. The first citation below shows an important role of VGCC activation in stimulating coronavirus infection.

Virology. 2020 Jan 2;539:38-48. Porcine deltacoronavirus (PDCoV) modulates calcium influx to favor viral replication. Bai D, et al.

J Virol. 2011 May;85(9):4234-45. Distinct severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-induced acute lung injury pathways in two different nonhuman primate species. Smits SL, et al.

Cell Calcium. 2018 Nov;75:30-41. NAADP-dependent Ca2+ signaling regulates Middle East respiratory syndrome-coronavirus pseudovirus translocation through the endolysosomal system. Gunaratne GS, et al.

J Virol. 2011 May;85(9):4234-45. Distinct severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-induced acute lung injury pathways in two different nonhuman primate species. Smits SL, et al.

Proteome Sci. 2011 Mar 8;9:11. Proteomic analysis of chicken embryonic trachea and kidney tissues after infection in ovo by avian infectious bronchitis coronavirus. Cao Z, et al.

Res Vet Sci. 2015 Jun;100:12-7. Serum biomarkers of oxidative stress in cats with feline infectious peritonitis. Tecles F, et al.

J Infect Dis. 2008 Mar 15;197(6):812-6. Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency enhances human coronavirus infection. Wu YH et al.

J Virol. 1998 Jun;72(6):4918-24. Transmissible gastroenteritis coronavirus induces programmed cell death in infected cells through a caspase-dependent pathway. Eleouet JF, et al.

The predominant cause of death from this coronavirus is pneumonia. Pneumonia is greatly exacerbated by each of those five downstream effects of VGCC activation, excessive intracellular calcium, oxidative stress, NF-kappaB elevation, inflammation and apoptosis. The first of the citations listed below shows that calcium channel blockers, the same type of drugs that block EMF effects, are useful in the treatment of pneumonia. This predicts that EMFs, acting via VGCC activation, will produce increasingly severe pneumonia and therefore 5G radiation as well as other types of EMFs may well increase pneumonia deaths.

Zheng et al. 2016 Preadmission Use of Calcium Channel Blockers and Outcomes After Hospitalization With Pneumonia: A Retrospective Propensity-Matched Cohort Study. Am J Ther. 2017 Jan/Feb;24(1):e30- e38.

Fang et al. 2017 Pneumolysin-Dependent Calpain Activation and Interleukin-1α Secretion in Macrophages Infected with Streptococcus pneumoniae. Infect Immun. 2017 Aug 18;85(9). pii: e00201-17.

Fettel et al. 2019 Sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P) induces potent anti-inflammatory effects in vitro and in vivo by S1P receptor 4-mediated suppression of 5-lipoxygenase activity. FASEB J. 2019 Feb;33(2):1711- 1726.

Liu and Shi. 2019 Calcium-activated chloride channel regulator 1 (CLCA1): More than a regulator of chloride transport and mucus production. World Allergy Organ J. 2019 Nov 29;12(11):100077.

Sci Rep. 2018 Oct 18;8(1):15393. Surfactant protein D attenuates acute lung and kidney injuries in pneumonia-induced sepsis through modulating apoptosis, inflammation and NF-κB signaling. Du J, et al.

Curr Neurovasc Res. 2020 Jan 28. MicroRNA (miR)-429 promotes inflammatory injury by targeting kruppel-like factor 4 (KLF4) in neonatal pneumonia. Zhang L, et al.

Life Sci. 2019 Jul 1;228:189-197. Long noncoding RNA SNHG16 targets miR-146a-5p/CCL5 to regulate LPS-induced WI-38 cell apoptosis and inflammation in acute pneumonia. Zhou Z, et al.

These all argue that 5G radiation is likely to greatly exacerbate the spread of the coronavirus and to greatly increase the lethality of the infections produced by it. The good news is that it is likely that those of us that live in areas with no 5G radiation and who avoid other EMFs wherever possible will probably escape much of the impacts of this prospective global pandemic. It is highly probable that one of the best things Wuhan can do to control the epidemic in the city is to turn off the 4G/5G system.

In summary, we have a series of 5G linked events that have occurred in more than one situation, where we have plausible mechanisms by which 5G radiation can cause them and where we know that counter arguments are based on “safety guidelines” which fail to predict biological effects and are, therefore, fraudulent. These include:

1. Neurological/neuropsychiatric effects reported both in Switzerland and in Stuttgart Germany, effects similar to but more severe than effects caused by other EMF exposures.

2. Three suicides within 11 days of each other in the first 5G ambulance personnel

3. Cardiac effects also reported in both in Switzerland and in Stuttgart Germany, effects similar to those found in in humans in following other EMF exposures as well as in animal experimental studies.

4. Two cases of massive, almost instantaneous 5G bird sudden cardiac death effects, one in the Netherlands and one in the UK.

5. We have cases of mass panic in cattle, as well as unusual aggressive behavior in cattle and sheep.

6. We have multiple cases of human limb birth defects in France and Germany.

7. We have multiple cases of apparent 5G fires in Korea and in Southern California.

8. We have large apparent increases in EHS in Stuttgart Germany. While this is a single example, to my knowledge, similar although more slowly developing examples of EHS have been shown to occur in occupational EMF exposure studies and in the two smart meter studies. The case may be weaker here, because it is based solely on the Stuttgart example, but is still substantial.

9. Four downstream effects produced by EMFs acting via VGCC activation, oxidative stress, NFkappaB elevation, inflammation and apoptosis greatly stimulate both coronavirus infectious process, including aspects involved in viral spreading and also pneumonia, the predominant cause of death in the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic. It follows from this that the “coincidence” that Wuhan, China’s first smart 5G city and location of China’s first 5G highway and the other “coincidence” that the epidemic was first discovered when high 5G antenna densification started, with the severity of the epidemic and death rate increasing very rapidly as circe 8,000 5G antennae were built all over the city of Wuhan. It is, therefore, highly probable that these are not coincidences but rather involve causal roles of 5G EMFs.

In each of these cases, as stated above, we have plausible mechanisms by which each of them can be produced by 5G EMF exposure and where all contrary claims based on “safety guidelines” are simply fraudulent. In the eight of these of these effects (#8 being an apparent exception), we have a prima facie case for 5G causation. And let me repeat that any effects seen with the initial “rollout” of 5G radiation will be a tiny fraction of those predicted by a mature 5G system interacting with the “internet of things” because any initial 5G system has very little to communicate with on initial rollout and therefore will produce only a tiny fraction of highly pulsed EMF effects of such a mature system. The very high impacts of modulating and nonmodulating pulses mean that the extraordinarily high level of modulating pulses in 5G radiation, with those pulses communicating vast amounts of information per second, means that 5G radiation is vastly more dangerous than the exposures we previously have had and those previous exposures have already having massive impacts on us and on other organisms.

The eight apparent 5G effects listed above do not include other predicted massive effects of 5G radiation where we have no evidence of whether they are occurring or not but where we have evidence of important causal roles of other EMF exposures. These include:

1. Massive impacts on male reproduction, where 5G radiation may well produce very rapid crashes in male reproduction to close to zero.

2. Universal of near universal very early onset Alzheimer’s dementias (AD). Here we know that all you have to do to produce universal or near universal very early onset AD in a rat model, is to give a series of EMF pulses during one day and even during one second. If you give pulses every day, you get universal or near universal AD in six month old rats (roughly the equivalent age of a 12 year old child).

3. Universal or near universal autism. We know, from genetic studies, that human autism is caused by excessive VGCC activity and because this is the primary mechanism of action of EMFs, including MM-wave EMFs of 5G, it is highly plausible that the very highly pulsed 5G may cause universal or near universal autism. 4. Very high levels of germ line mutations caused by the impact of 5G radiation acting via VGCC activation on the DNA of human sperm and on the DNA of human oocytes. What this argues is that what little human reproduction survives the effects of #1 may well be heavily impacted by very high levels of de novo mutation.

Possible causation of each of these by 5G radiation could have been tested by animal model studies, before any 5G rollout. It is my opinion that it is an atrocity of almost unbelievable proportions that no such tests have been done. All of this argues that 5G presents threats of the sort that we have never seen before – multiple imminent existential threats to our survival.

by: Dr. Thomas Cowan


The ‘Other’

What is other? Other than… ? Other than me? On this planet it seems that we must break things apart into components and yet smaller and smaller bits to understand them until nothing exists and we are confronted by a homogenous sea of…what? Energy. No matter left.  And really when you look at it, it doesn’t matter…

We on earth operate at our skin. If it isn’t part of what’s inside our skin, then, it’s other. Therefore that tree over there isn’t me, nor is the dog at my feet, or cell poop I breathe out (coVid et all), or the ET standing behind me just out of range of the teensy-tiny electromagnetic range that my skin can perceive. It seems we are the only ones who are that blind. Not only can our pets see beyond this marker, but every type of life an the planet can – but us. I basically think it’s because of all the programming. But that’s just me.

However, if we are going to join the wider community that exists off planet, including just the ones who go off planet and come back, we need to open that little lock (purposefully put there) on our perceptions and begin to ask the basic questions that will broaden our perceptions and thereby unlock us. Simply asking the question will begin the process.

The nexus between quantum science and consciousness, which IMO are just the same thing in different levels of understanding, is where most all things become apparent. It doesn’t matter which end you start from either – they both lead to each other and create a new reality when they touch. We are all becoming aware of this on some level because it’s emerging from the collective unconscious of the world. Which means, we already understand it – we just have to admit that we do.

Which leads me back to ‘The Other’. When you get to the nexus between consciousness and quantum sooner or later you realize there is NO ‘other’. Even if its only in theory. Which would worry a lot of people because of the fear of loosing….the ‘me’. But just like goldfish swimming in a bowl, they are all connected and yet discrete, you know this because you can see the fish. But do the fish know there is an entire world outside their bowl? Bet not.

We all exist as a quanta of energy wearing a meat suit – which also has it’s own intelligence, but we call it ‘me’, as in part of our distinct self, without realizing we are already a ‘we’. But does it threaten our sense of self – who we call me? No. It does not. The body is so much a part of our ‘me’ that we recreate it in our dream lives where we are not really using it, because it’s back resting in bed…

So just as the goldfish in that bowl, were we to entertain the idea that there is an entire panoply of wonderous things just beyond the glass and we simply need to consider the idea that it’s really not other, that we are swimming in a much larger, wider field of energies – that if we chose to we could perceive – then a whole new universe of wonder would open up to us. We don’t stop at our skin, but that doesn’t dissolve the me inside, it only opens the door to paradise. Finding all the variations of how life lives is a joy. Me thinks the universe was created for that purpose.

This Time

I want to know why ALL the history, the most ancient history, is always an underdog story – crashed civilizations, sunken and destroyed planetary civilizations, invaded civilizations, buried civilizations. I want to know why ‘the people of earth’ are always considered as sinful, bad, in need of repenting, needing rules, or just flat out too stupid for consideration? WHY is there always a big, big, bad wolf, invader, human eater, slaver? And most of all why on earth do we keep shoving responsibility for our messes off on a big, big, savior instead of taking the mess on our own shoulders? WTF?

I ran into another ancient history/prophet yesterday who’s story is much the same as Ashayana Deane. Her name is Sylvie Ivanova and she is the translator of a Russian prophet named Alexander Paramonov. Both of these people talk about a ‘fallen’ planet, a fallen sector of the galaxy. Deane says we have 200 years to get it together before this planet ceases to exist. Her language is very technical and new agey/physics. Ivanova says basically the same thing from a biblical myth, Russian and Indian Vedic writing point of view: there will be 200 yrs of tyranny and digging our selves out of the garbage pit that this planet was put in. They both use multidimensional frameworks, they both talk about interference on this planet by advanced life forms to our advantage and disadvantage. I have also read this same information in Theosophical literature and in the Alice A Bailey books.

Then there is a man named Bruce R. Fenton who talks about the exogenesis of the planet and has proof in the geological record of earth of much of his recounting of history. The one book that would explain the story from the migrating people of the Pleiades point of view by Valerie Barrow is called “Alcheringa: When the first ancestors were created” has been out of print for a very long time and costs over $900.00 when it can be found. It’s the larger view of the people who came here 790,000 years ago, who followed them and what happened after a treaty was broken. There is actual evidence scattered all over Australia called Australites of a huge explosion of a silica ship – er ah, asteroid.

It seems none of us and no history books have any recounting of any such past civilizations or history. Every shred of information has been eradicated or hidden…

Then there are very brave modern puzzle solvers with brains, beauty and mental brawn like Kerry Cassidy who has her finger on right now, geopolitics, exopolitics, global machinations, who has taken much of all the information both ancient and current, hidden and known, who doesn’t give a goodgodamn who will come after her for telling the truth to the best of her ability. People fear her for her innate ability to sus out truth. Her videos from years ago are now telling true, especially the ones that I listened to that made sense but were really far out there.

Which brings me to my point. Today. This time and whether or not we make it through a bottle neck that seems to have brought us to our knees about five times before this. Yes, it would be nice to know – but history is always written by the victors. So you have to ask yourself: does history/herstory really matter, mean anything to us finally getting through this bottle neck?

We simply need to stop the murder of the planet THIS TIME. To make it through, for once, on this earth. Retribution doesn’t matter because the buck has to stop here and we all know it!  It doesn’t matter what time line, which version, which root race, or who’s repeated history. It doesn’t matter who did what to whom, or how far back in history, how many worlds – systems – galaxies. It only matters that we WAKE UP NOW – THIS TIME!!!




(because what if it’s a lie that we are bad and fallen from grace….)



This last month, my personal journal has reflected mostly a tight loop of anger. My sleep has been rotten and I have brain fog. These are all symptoms of mental abuse, just like being in an abusive relationship. Psychological Terrorism. You always wind up waiting for the next debacle, the next emergency. Therefore, you are always on high alert, never really resting, until you can’t stand it anymore and you do something about it. You take up your bed and you walk. There is no thinking you can you to get around it, no self correction you can make other than removing yourself from the situation. Seeing as how the current conditions are global, and it’s a year now that the shenanigans have gone on, it has become intolerable, with very few options.

Although the bravest of the brave are out there fighting – speaking to the world and the world is waking up, if we do not realize the full scope of the problem in the US, we will loose this WAR. There are EPIC, peaceful protests of thousands of people in England, and in Germany – every where BUT here in the US. Doctors are speaking out, advocates for real freedom and truth like JFK Jr. are touring the WORLD to speak out. But not here, not in the US. Here the invasion force would turn 30,000 people come to hear truth into a bloodbath. Yes Antifa and BLM are invasion forces led by the enemy, spearheaded to every protest that might make a difference, every city that might resist the common meme, to beat them down into submission. They all understand that this is a real WAR.

I just called it what it really is. It took me a while to find the nerve to see it that way. Jimmy Church gave the stated percentage of the population that had connectivity to the world wide web as: 4,833,521,806 or, 58.7% of the human population in the above link to the H Factor, episode 2. There are currently 7.8 billion people here on this rock as of August 2020. Those that don’t have access to the net, don’t even know there is a War going on. Those of us on the side of freedom in this digitized, electric War fight for them too.

Everybody who has access to the net is a Soldier, whether they know it or not, whether they want to be, or not. This is a psychological information War. We pick sides. We either help or hinder our own freedom by the thoughts of our hearts. We either show our intelligence, or what number the sleep setting is on our beds. Those that are fearful and refuse to seek answers, to make informed decisions are unwittingly and sometimes unwillingly – the enemy.

This is an information War via the internet. Just as the quote above says – that covid drew us even deeper into its sticky spider’s web, it illustrates what can be done with information or propaganda, what is currently being done with it. The UFO question is a perfect example of a misinformation campaign, one that is approaching its 100 year anniversary and we STILL can’t make definitive heads or tails of it. However, hopefully when you translate that over to a global population, at least 58.7% of it, and convince people to self hurt (masks and vaccines) sooner or later the population notices that something is incidiously wrong (hopefully).

There will be many out there who can dig into the research and find the facts, bring them out and educate some people, but just like any good misinformation campaign – like the giggle factor of the UFO – the enemy will use deception and twisted thinking to try to change the way people see those facts. They will demonize the people with the courage to speak out. They will jail them, if they have to, to keep them quiet. There are doctors out there who really meant their oaths when they took them, who are speaking out. There are scientists who are developing alternative therapies and looking at the ‘problem’ from other angles, who have much startling information that needs to be heard and digested, but instead they are vilified.

However, if this hadn’t been an information War, IMO it would have been another bloody battle – boots on the ground War. Because: This Is War! (But, it’s not. Confusion is one of the tactics in the treat bag of psychological terrorism) It’s all taking place in our heads, and in how we choose to act on the information being fed to us. The enemy are the corporations, the infiltrators (notice the word ‘traitor’ in that word??) the mind benders, the mask enforcers (mask Nazis). Masks have become the ‘Mark-of-the-Beast’. Luckily, YOU CAN TAKE THE MASK OFF… let that sink in because one day, you may not be able to. One day it may swim in your bloodstream. Right now it is a uniform of identity. A Political Statement.

Some wear masks because they have been thoroughly captured by the enemy – brainwashed. Others wear them like a spy in enemy territory. The masks in my eyes are evidence of the downfall of the political system of this country – because the system that governs us insists on the mask. What governs us, is harming us and therefore is the enemy. The enemy does not care about the science or the facts, the medicine, or the research. ALL the enemy cares about is control OVER the people.

I wear a string crocheted mask that does nothing – but so long as I have the ‘Mark-of-the-Beast’ on nobody cares, nobody notices and nobody has the wits to counter. I wear the mask, therefore they look no further.

This is broken thinking – or no thinking at all. The people who work are all under –Corporate Mandate– to wear the mask, held to suffering in silence or threat of loosing their income. They are their hostages. Treat them kindly. They have no choice. On the net, in the world even, there is a push back to every fact we present. This is psychological bullying (like I pointed out at the top) and monetary prison, and depending on the Nazis in your neck of the woods, physical punishment.

The enemy has sent raiding parties to all the major cities of the US under the guise of Antifa and BLM to incite riot and rage in any forum of protest that might be big enough to be noticed. We have been invaded and terrorized. We need to rise up, like Germany and England this past weekend. We have been invaded in the heartland of the US, in the minds and thoughts of all who live here and our ability to enjoy what this country once stood for, Freedom to Thrive, is all but gone.


(I guess I’m still angry…sigh)

The Fight: evidence and forensics

I am very grateful. There are people who are willing to at least attempt the fight.

Attorneys Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Roger Teich, and Mary Holland represent Children’s Health Defense in the litigation.

The lawsuit also challenges Facebook’s use of so-called “independent fact-checkers” – which, in truth, are neither independent nor fact-based – to create oppositional content on CHD’s page, literally superimposed over CHD’s original content, about open matters of scientific controversy. To further silence CHD’s dissent against important government policies and its critique of Pharmaceutical products, Facebook deactivated CHD’s donate button, and uses a variety of deceptive technology (i.e. shadow banning) to minimize the reach and visibility of CHD’s content.  In short, Facebook and the government colluded to silence CHD and its followers. Such tactics are fundamentally at odds with the First Amendment, which guarantees the American public the benefits to democracy from free flow of information in the marketplace of ideas. It forbids the government from censoring private speech—particularly speech that criticizes government policies or officials. As Justice Holmes famously said, “the best test of truth is the power of the thought to get itself accepted in the competition of the market.” The current COVID pandemic makes the need for open and fierce public debate on health issues more critical than ever. Millie Weaver’s new video “Shadow Gate” explains shadow banning and the devices being used to modify what we think by presenting only certain facts and making a laughing stock, straw man and ad hominem attacks of the authors of articles and videos they do not want us to really understand. (They have even banned .gov official articles.)


London Real’s web site carries the 2 Plandemic documentaries, the first of which details Dr. Judy Mikovits’ saga at the hands of Fauci, the second goes into the global web of finance, big pharma, vaccinations, patents, and much more – it’s a very rich experience. All explained so that you do not have to be an expert to understand all the connections.


As to the nitty-gritty research, David Martin presents heavily researched, documented evidence that was found in the movie. Interestingly: – the web site made available for those who wanted to dig deeper into the resources talked about in the movie WAS TAKEN DOWN. But I copied at least the sites shown on screen:

David Martin:

Dr. Judy Mikovits PhD:

Rashid Buttar:

Aaron Lewis:

Curtis Cost:

Zach Vorhies:  (google leaks… omg)


David Martin: The creator of Linguistic Genomics, a national intelligence analyst and founder of the IQ100 Index (NYSE) says in his blog, (this is THE timeline of the criminal actions: the FORENSICS OF THE MATTER!) RE-READ THAT AND LET IT SINK IN…


On April 22, 2020, I provided the evidence that our current “SARS coronavirus pandemic” and the set of symptoms branded “COVID-19” were the direct consequence of illegal actions coordinated through the United States Department of Health and Human Services and their primary conspiring entities – the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (“NIAID” headed by Dr. Anthony Fauci) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  My evidence and complaint was submitted to the Office of the Inspector General on April 23, 2020 and to the U.S. Department of Justice COVID legal team identified by U.S. Attorney General William Barr coordinated by U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan Matthew Schneider and Assistant Attorney for the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division Eric Dreiband.  None of the aforementioned and none of the myriad of attorneys with whom I’ve spoken about the heinous abuse of public trust have had the courage to stand up for We The People.

Oh, and as of the date of this publication, NO attorney, NO Department of Justice official, and NO judge has had the moral or ethical spine to take this matter on.  So, if you’re holding your breath for Q, a Kennedy, or a savior, don’t.  Breathlessness is a symptom of COVID-19 and you’ll just add to the body count.

COVID-19 Anti-Trust Argument




Some of this information was submitted to the Office of the Inspector General for the United States Department of Health and Human Services on April 22, 2020


Request for Investigation – Possible Sherman Act Violation

 Citizens of the United States of America


United States Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Robert R Redfield, et al.

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Anthony Stephen Fauci, et al.

Governors of All States Issuing Executive Orders abridging the 1st Amendment of the Constitution

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Professor Ralph Baric, et al.

And unknown Parties

On April 25, 2003, the United States Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (hereinafter, “CDC”) filed an application for a United States (Application Number US46592703P, subsequently issued as U.S. Patent 7,776,521) entitled “Coronavirus isolated from humans”.  Claim 3 –A method of detecting a severe acute respiratory syndrome-associated coronavirus (SARS-CoV) in a sample…; and, Claim 4 – A kit for detecting a severe acute respiratory syndrome-associated coronavirus (SARS-CoV) in a sample…, provided the CDC with a statutory market exclusion right the detection of and sampling for severe acute respiratory syndrome-associated coronavirus (SARS-CoV).  Securing this right afforded the CDC exclusive right to research, commercially exploit, or block others from conducting activities involving SARS-CoV. On September 24, 2018, the CDC failed to pay the required maintenance fees on this patent and their rights expired.

From April 2003 until September 2018, the CDC owned SARS-CoV, its ability to be detected and the ability to manufacture kits for its assessment. During this 15-year period, the effect of the grant of this right – ruled unconstitutional in 2013 by the United States Supreme Court in the case of Association for Molecular Pathology et al. v. Myriad Genetics – meant that the commercial exploitation of any research or commercial activity in the United States involving SARS-CoV would constitute an infringement of CDC’s illegal patent.

It appears that, during the period of patent enforcement and after the Supreme Court ruling confirming that patents on genetic material was illegal, the CDC and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases led by Anthony Fauci (hereinafter “NIAID” and “Dr Fauci”, respectively) entered into trade among States (including, but not limited to working with Ecohealth Alliance Inc.) and with foreign nations (specifically, the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences) through the 2014 et seq National Institutes of Health Grant R01AI110964 to exploit their patent rights.

It further appears that, during the period of patent enforcement and after the Supreme Court ruling confirming that patents on genetic material were illegal, the CDC and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (hereinafter “NIAID”) entered into trade among States (including, but not limited to working with University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) and with foreign nations (specifically, the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences represented by Zheng-Li Shi) through U19AI109761 (Ralph S. Baric), U19AI107810 (Ralph S. Baric), and National Natural Science Foundation of China Award 81290341 (Zheng-Li Shi) et al.

It further appears that, during the period of patent enforcement and after the Supreme Court ruling confirming that patents on genetic material was illegal, the CDC and NIAID entered into trade among States (including, but not limited to working with University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) and with foreign nations to conduct chimeric construction of novel coronavirus material with specific virulence properties prior to, during, and following the determination made by the National Institutes for Health in October 17, 2014 that this work was not sufficiently understood for its biosecurity and safety standards.

In this inquiry, it is presumed that the CDC and its associates were: a) fully aware of the work being performed using their patented technology; b) entered into explicit or implicit agreements including licensing, or other consideration; and, c) willfully engaged one or more foreign interests to carry forward the exploitation of their proprietary technology when the U.S. Supreme Court confirmed that such patents were illegal and when the National Institutes of Health issued a moratorium on such research.

The aforementioned items appear to constitute, “contract, combination in the form of trust or otherwise, or conspiracy,” as defined under 15 US Code § 1.

Under 15 U.S. Code § 1 (the Sherman Antitrust Act) “Every contract, combination in the form of trust or otherwise, or conspiracy, in restraint of trade or commerce among the several States, or with foreign nations, is declared to be illegal. Every person who shall make any contract or engage in any combination or conspiracy hereby declared to be illegal shall be deemed guilty of a felony, and, on conviction thereof, shall be punished by fine not exceeding $100,000,000 if a corporation, or, if any other person, $1,000,000, or by imprisonment not exceeding 10 years, or by both said punishments, in the discretion of the court.”

Reportedly, in January 2018, the U.S. Embassy in China sent investigators to Wuhan Institute of Virology and found that, “During interactions with scientists at the WIV laboratory, they noted the new lab has a serious shortage of appropriately trained technicians and investigators needed to safely operate this high-containment laboratory.” The Washington Post reported that this information was contained in a cable dated 19 January 2018. Over a year later, in June 2019, the CDC conducted an inspection of Fort Detrick’s U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (hereinafter “USAMRIID”) and ordered it closed after alleging that their inspection found biosafety hazards. A report in the journal Nature in 2003 (423(6936): 103) reported cooperation between CDC and USAMRIID on coronavirus research followed by considerable subsequent collaboration. The CDC, for what appear to be the same type of concern identified in Wuhan, elected to continue work with the Chinese government while closing the U.S. Army facility.


Reportedly, on December 31, 2019, the Chinese government informed the World Health Organization (WHO) that a number of cases of suspected coronavirus-associated SARS cases were being treated in the area of Wuhan.  The CDC reported the first case of SARS-CoV like illness in the United States in January 2020 with the CDC’s Epidemic Intelligence Service reporting 650 clinical cases and 210 tests. Given that the suspected  pathogen was first implicated in official reports on December 31, 2019, one can only conclude that CDC: a) had the mechanism and wherewithal to conduct tests to confirm the existence of a “novel coronavirus”; or, b) did not have said mechanism and falsely reported the information in January. It tests credulity to suggest that the WHO or the CDC could manufacture and distribute tests for a “novel” pathogen when their own subsequent record on development and deployment of tests has been shown to be without reliability.

Notwithstanding, the CDC and WHO elected to commit to a narrative of a novel coronavirus – exhibiting properties that were anticipated in the U.S. Patent 7,618,802 issued to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill’s Ralph Baric – and, in the absence of testing protocols, elected to insist that SARS-CoV-2 was the pathogen responsible for conditions that were consistent with moderate to severe acute respiratory syndrome.

On March 4, 2020, California Governor Gavin Newsome appears to have violated the law of the State of California by issuing Executive Order N-33-20 based on the “threat of COVID-19” with no evidence that such threat existed as confirmed by serology or confirmed immunologic evidence.  The Government Code sections cited in the Order (Government Code sections 8567, 8627, and 8665) require that criteria be met which do not include the “threat” of any condition but evidence of said condition. At that time, neither the CDC nor the WHO had sufficient testing in place to: a) confirm and isolate “a novel coronavirus” from other coronaviruses; b) California did not have pathology data to suggest that an epidemic was imminent; and, c) the rest of the United States was equally incapable of making any such assessment as a result of the aforementioned conspiring parties actions.  Governor Newsome’s Executive Order, followed by numerous other similar orders, all are based on the threat of a thing that may or may not exist.

Around March 12, 2020, in an effort to enrich their own economic interests by way of securing additional funding from both Federal and Foundation actors, the CDC and NIAID’s Dr Fauci elected to suspend testing and classify COVID-19 by capricious symptom presentation alone.  Not surprisingly, this was necessitated by the apparent fall in cases that constituted Dr. Fauci’s and others’ criteria for depriving citizens of their 1st Amendment rights.  At present, the standard according to the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists Interim-20-ID-01 for COVID-19 classification is:

In outpatient or telehealth settings at least two of the following symptoms: fever (measured or subjective), chills, rigors, myalgia, headache, sore throat, new olfactory and taste disorder(s)


at least one of the following symptoms: cough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing OR Severe respiratory illness with at least one of the following:

• Clinical or radiographic evidence of pneumonia, or

• Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

AND No alternative more likely diagnosis

Laboratory Criteria for Reporting

● Detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA in a clinical specimen using a molecular amplification detection test.

● Detection of specific antigen in a clinical specimen.

● Detection of specific antibody in serum, plasma, or whole blood indicative of a new or recent infection.* *serologic methods for diagnosis are currently being defined

After inflicting grave harm to the citizens of the United States of America in economic hardships resulting from their allegation of an “epidemic” or “pandemic”, the CDC and the NIAID set forth, and the President of the United States and various Governors in the respective States promulgated, standards for lifting conditions in violation of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution that serve exclusively to enrich them.  Both the presence of a vaccine or treatment and, or, the development of testing – both that solely benefit the possible conspiring parties and their co-conspirators – are set as a condition for re-opening the country. This appears to be an unambiguous violation of the Sherman Act and, if so, should be prosecuted immediately to the full extent of the law.


Additional information is available upon request.

Submitted this 22nd of April, 2020




Here it is!!! The ANSWER to my prayers.


The Unidentified Enemy

In a dream caught in the astral covid nightmare, I am observing people walking around with squares of TV fuzz above their heads. These range in color from very light almost translucent to almost black. The darker the squares the more ‘infected’ and controlled you were. I was seeing it from someone else’s view point that thought it was funny that the people neither noticed the squares or knew their meaning.

‘They’ have made this fake crisis a global one. As people we can’t find unity in the fact that we all walk, talk, love and bleed red. Its takes a hidden global enemy to unify us – whether we like it or not – this enemy knows no boundaries or skin color. It is sad that it took a hidden invisible enemy to do this, to make us all powerless and bow our heads to fakery.

This is a Planetary FALSE FLAG. It has gone beyond the ridiculous and firmly lodged itself in the subconscious mass mind of the world. In this dream the people were squished together like sardines in a tin can, touching shoulder to shoulder (no masks) unawares, sleep walking along the city streets doing their assigned tasks.

There is a very nefarious message in this dream and I am rather disgusted to have been caught in that part of the astral to witness it. It indicated that people were less than cattle and sheep, that we were rather akin to sardines, already processed and ready to go, in perpetual sleep, reduced to automatons. The virus is really in their minds and to the extent that they bought into the meme (believed the story) the TV static squares above their heads indicated it.  The Covid Mind Virus. (CMV) a metaphor of the planetary psyche.

  • Gray boxes: electronic or energy metering devices
  • Color: the amount of infection
  • Faceless bodies: soulless
  • People were black and white – like old noncolor TV: no feeling
  • Stuffed together like on a subway: plentiful and packed food – controlled and stored

Part of the whole meme for me has been accepting the absolute stupidity of people, the ‘herd’ mentality that refuses to even try to educate themselves and the ‘authorities’ who are seeing just how far they can push the control button on all of it. Maybe also to identify all of us who refuse to buy into it – the free roaming awake souls, hiding amongst the sleepers, some sort of an identification program?

Are we the great roaming herds of meat on the Serengeti planet, ripe for the picking because we do not even see the hunter? The CMV, imo, is definitely a mind virus because it certainly is no more virile than the common cold – even less so. The vaccs will be yet another way to poison us, to speed up the process, because we certainly multiply faster than they can use us… it mistakenly makes us feel like mother Gaia is against us, but she is not. She keeps giving us things to heal ourselves, sheltering and nurturing us.

What we are really dealing with is the Unidentified Enemy. Like the alien VS. predator movies, you can sometimes catch a glimpse of a disturbance in your peripheral vision, out of the corner of your eye – if you are watching. It takes a while to realize that you are seeing something and another while to put it together. You have to look at the grass bending in the field and observe it’s passing by – noticing that there should be something there, but you can’t see it. So you look at the disturbance in the environment and you observe the trails left behind to find the evidence, much like forensics, of its passing, never seeing the actual enemy.

I left my phone inside today, more than 6 feet away from me to see if my writing would be clearer and lo-and-behold, it was. Have we become electronic automatons? Do we feed into this electronic field with our gaze and does it suck the soul energy out of us at an alarming rate? It is interesting that I find more freedom within my dreams than I do in waking – more healing, more reality and more humanity. Waking reality becomes the grandest of all day-mares, because we believe the concocted mess presented to us daily.

Look around you. There is really nothing wrong. We are here. We are whole. We just have to quit swallowing our daily dose of poison, then our vision would clear and the enemy would become visible, unidentified no more.


Quinine: from the bark of the cinchona tree

The insinuation that hydroxychloroquine’s effect might be ‘healing’ broken DNA producing the pre-during-post effects it has on the body’s reaction to SARSCOV2 ‘virus’, (if in deed it is a virus) has been investigated for other functions related to DNA damage, obvious in the patent below. My two dot connections are that: 1.) if it actually does perform by alkalizing the cell insides and surrounding interstitial tissues there by making it impossible for the RNA to replicate by various means, and 2.) does protect the DNA from radiological damage (radio frequency – think 5,6,7G band tech) and chemical toxicity then it would combat two reasons CV19 is able to decimate certain members of the population (toxicity of the body) and block certain frequencies we live in from having a CV19-like effect on the rest of us. (the charts – not included in this blog are VERY revealing and are linked)

To me, IMO, this is further proof of why this drug, hydroxychloroquine, was so speedily blocked from usage.

I have picked choice passages from the google listing of a patent to include below as, I found them very pertinent.

Here is a dosage article on its usage:


Tonic water contains no more than 83 mg of quinine per liter—a much lower concentration than the 500 to 1,000 mg in the therapeutic dose of quinine tablets. Drinking a few ounces of tonic water shouldn’t be harmful…



by Stefan Adrian  27. Juli 2017   0 comments

What is tonic water? Here are seven facts about this bitter thirst-quencher that’s mixed most often with gin. Cheers

Even Oasis sang, “I’m feeling supersonic, give me a gin and tonic”. It’s a well-known fact that gin has enjoyed a major comeback in recent years rivaling John Travolta’s reemergence after Pulp Fiction. And some of this renewed acclaim has rightly rubbed off on gin’s own partner-in-crime, tonic water. But what is tonic water exactly? Where does it come from, and what makes it what it is? Here are seven facts on what’s probably the most popular mixer behind the bar.


In simple terms, classic tonic water is carbonated water infused with quinine. For added taste sometimes sugar or fruit acids are mixed in. The higher the level of quinine in the water, the more bitter it tastes. Quinine comes from the bark of the cinchona tree, which despite its Asian sounding name is actually found in South America. “Tonic” is synonymous with “refresher” or “energizer”, and the Greek root word “tonikos” means “invigorating.”



From a delightful article in Mixology which I highly recommend you go read.


United States

Treatment of radiation disorders


This invention was made in the course of research sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH Grant Nos. CA71387). The U.S. government may have certain rights in this invention.



Cancer is now the second leading cause of death in the United States. Over 1 million new cases of cancer are expected to be diagnosed in 2003 and over 500,000 people are expected to die of cancer.


Cancer is typically treated with one or a combination of three types of therapies: surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Overall costs for cancer, including treatments, were approximately $170 billion dollars in 2002. The cancer treatments are not only expensive; they are ineffective most of the time and also have many side effects. Hence, there is a demand for more effective cancer prevention and treatment agents, as well as for the prevention and treatment of DNA damage related conditions.


Radiation is all around us. Exposure to radiation includes radiation from natural sources and man-made sources. Acute and/or chronic exposure to radiation causes several adverse effects, including occasionally causing death. The current treatments for treating the adverse effects following exposure to radiation are ineffective most of the time and also have many side effects. Hence, there is a demand for more effective treatment of effects following exposure to radiation.



The present invention provides compositions, methods, and kits for the treatment and/or prevention of DNA damage related disorders, disorders caused by radiation exposure, and death associated with radiation exposure. In one embodiment, a chloroquine compound is administered for the prevention of DNA damage related disorders, like cancer and radiation related disorders. In another embodiment, the chloroquine compound does not prevent a localized skin cancer alone. In yet another embodiment, the cancers prevented by the chloroquine compounds are a localized skin cancer and a cancer that is not a localized skin cancer. Also described herein are methods of inhibiting the side effects of chemotherapeutic and/or radiotherapeutic agents using chloroquine compounds. Another embodiment is the prevention and/or treatment of lethal or sub-lethal radiation toxicities associated with acts of terrorism or war on response to such acts. The present invention also provides compositions, methods, and kits for use in the treatment of radiation related disorders.


Not intending to be limited by one mechanism, it is believed that the chloroquine compounds and chloroquine like compounds act by enhancing the activity of Ataxia Telangiectasia Mutated (ATM) kinase and downstream events. The agonistic properties of chloroquine on ATM kinase have been demonstrated. Hence, it is intended herein that chloroquine-like compounds include compounds that are agonists of ATM kinase. Agonists of ATM kinase include compounds that promote the dissociation of ATM into active monomers and/or compounds that promote phosphorylation of a serine corresponding to the residue1981ofATMkinase of SEO ID NO:1.


The methods described herein generally involve the administration of effective amounts of chloroquine compounds and/or chloroquine like compounds for the treatment and/or prevention of DNA damage related disorders. The term “DNA damage related disorders’ include, but are not limited to, cancer, aging, disorders caused by damage to DNA  due to exposure to carcinogens, toxins, free radicals, like oxygen radical, or DNA damaging radiations like ionizing radiation and UV radiation. The chloroquine compounds are also  useful for prevention of tissue  injury resulting from ischemia, such as that which occurs following myocardial infarction or Stroke. The effects of the chloroquine compounds used in the methods described herein include systemic, local, and topical effects. It is preferred that the effects of the chloroquine compounds in the methods described herein are systemic.


In one embodiment, the chloroquine compounds are used as prophylactics to prevent DNA damage related disorders. The chloroquine compounds are useful in the prevention of cancers caused by toxins, carcinogens, DNA damaging radiations, and/or genetic mutations. For example, chloroquine compounds are useful in the prevention of cancers caused by exposure to toxins and carcinogens like aromatic hydrocarbons, cigarette smoke, acetylamino fluorine, MTBE, etc. Also, chloroquine compounds are useful in prevention of cancers caused by DNA damaging radiations like UV and ionizing radiation. The ionizing radiations includes both natural and therapeutic radiation exposures. Examples of ionizing radiations are X-rays for diagnostics and radiation therapy used for tumors and unintended exposure to radiation as an act of terrorism or war.


In a preferred embodiment, chloroquine compounds are used in the prevention of one or more of the following cancers—melanomas, prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, retinoblastoma, neuroblastoma, sarcomas, and ovarian cancer.


The chloroquine compounds can be used to prevent secondary cancers, i.e., cancers that are caused by radiation therapy and chemotherapy used to treat the primary cancer. In one embodiment, the chloroquine compounds are used to prevent the occurrence of breast cancer in patients receiving radiation therapy for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Also, in these patients the chloroquine compounds can be used to inhibit the cellular damage caused by the radiation therapy to normal cells and enhance the repair process of the normal cells. The chloroquine compounds are also suitable for prevention of the reoccurrence of cancers in patients who have had prior incidences of cancer.


In one embodiment, the chloroquine compounds are administered to decrease or prevent the side-effects of radiation therapy used to treat cancer. The chloroquine compounds can be administered prior to, during, or after treatment with radiation. In this embodiment, the beneficial effect of the chloroquine compounds is contemplated to be not solely limited to a beneficial effect on pathological skin conditions like skin carcinomas and dermatoses. The use of chloroquine compounds in combination with radiation therapy is contemplated to protect the normal cells and inhibit the cellular damage caused by the radiation therapy to normal cells and enhance the repair process of the normal cells.


In one embodiment, the chloroquine compounds are used in immunosuppressed patients, like transplant patients. In immunosuppressed patients, the chloroquine compounds can be used to prevent cancers. The chloroquine compounds can be used to prevent Epstein Barr virus induced lymphoproliferative syndrome.


(How it is intended for use)


Claims (30)


1. A method of treatment for a radiation related disorder comprising administering to an animal subject in need thereof an effective amount of a chloroquine compound.

2. The method of claim 1 wherein said radiation related disorder is caused by an exposure to a non-ionizing radiation.

3. The method of claim 1 wherein said radiation related disorder is caused by an exposure to an ionizing radiation.

4. The method of claim 3 wherein said chloroquine compound treats a skin damage symptom caused by said ionizing radiation.

5. The method of claim 4 wherein said skin damage symptom is at least one symptom selected from swelling, itching, redness of skin, and hair loss.

6. The method of claim 3 wherein said chloroquine compound treats a non-skin damage symptom caused by said ionizing radiation.

7. The method of claim 6 wherein said non-skin damage symptom is at least one symptom selected from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, fatigue, fever, diminished organ function, seizures, cancer, and coma.

8. The method of claim 1 wherein said radiation related disorder is acute radiation syndrome.

9. The method of claim 1 wherein said chloroquine compound prevents a death due to radiation exposure.

10. The method of claim 1 wherein said chloroquine compound protects from sub-lethal and/or unintentional radiation exposure.

11. The method of claim 1 wherein said chloroquine compound protects from sub-lethal and/or lethal intentional radiation exposure.

12. The method of claim 11 wherein said intentional radiation exposure is due to an act of terrorism.

13. A method of treatment for an adverse effect of a radiation therapy comprising administering to an animal subject in need thereof an effective amount of a chloroquine compound.

14. The method of claim 13 wherein said adverse effect is at least one effect selected from a skin damage, alopecia, or neutropenia.

15. The method of claim 1 or 13 wherein said chloroquine compound is at least one compound selected from chloroquine, chloroquine phosphate, hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine diphosphate, chloroquine sulphate, hydroxychloroquine sulphate, or enantiomers, derivatives, analogs, metabolites, pharmaceutically acceptable salts, and mixtures thereof.

16. The method of claim 15 wherein said compound is at least one compound selected from chloroquine, chloroquine phosphate, hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine diphosphate.

21. The method of claim 1 or 13 wherein the amount of the compound administered is at least about 0.1 mg/kg/day.

22. The method of claim 1 or 13 wherein the amount of the compound administered is up to about 10 mg/kg/day.

27. The method of claim 1 or 13 wherein the chloroquine compound is administered more than once a week.

28. The method claim 1 or 13 wherein the chloroquine compound is administered daily, every two weeks, or once a month.

29. The method of claim 1 or 13 wherein the chloroquine compound is formulated in a sustained release formulation.

30. The method of claim 1 or 13 wherein said amount of said compound administered is about 0.1 to about 9 mg/kg once a week.

It just gets deeper and stinkier…. I encourage you to think on your own, do on your own and investigate everything.

Mass Extinction

I was awakened at 4:33 to write about what? So I asked. What was said very clearly was: MASS EXTINCTION. All I could think of in relation to those two words was the ‘science’ about how we are killing the planet – not about our (the human race’s) Mass Extinction.

So, when does the livestock of the planet stand up and say no? Obviously we are being herded towards something. But is it a something that we want, or would choose? IMO we are in the middle of a planned Mass Extinction – and everybody was so confused by the Georgia Guidestones…

A message consisting of a set of ten guidelines or principles is engraved on the Georgia Guidestones[8] in eight different languages, one language on each face of the four large upright stones. Moving clockwise around the structure from due north, these languages are: English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, and Russian.

    1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
    1. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
    2. Unite humanity with a living new language.
    3. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
    4. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
    5. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
    6. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
    7. Balance personal rights with social duties.
    8. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
    9. Be not a cancer on the Earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.


In singular units people die everyday. But in mass quantities all at once or almost all at once is rare. We are in the middle – NOT the beginning of a planned mass extinction (MURDER). Mostly we are being asked to wait for it…trust the plan and do nothing while others are out there showing actual research that supports the extinction level event and the improper science being used to cover it up like Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. Andy Kauffman.

Not to mention the fear tactics and mask shaming going on at all levels of society as reported by Dr. Mikovits’ book:

Remember what we said about “fear” overriding your rational mind? That’s what we’re getting from so many of our politicians, public health officials, and celebrities like Joy Behar who claim to be driving around their cities and “mask-shaming” those who aren’t wearing their masks. (56)

(56) Sam Dorman, “Joy Behar Says She and Her Husband Drive Around Looking for People Not Wearing Masks,” Fox News, June 23, 2020,

Mikovits, Judy. The Case Against Masks: Ten Reasons Why Mask Use Should be Limited . Skyhorse. Kindle Edition.

Masks wake up the virus already inherent in the population that has been in all vaccines since 1980. For 30 years the vaccines have had the XMRV virus in them as part of the RNA load. XMRV: X=xenotropic (out side of or foreign) M=cancer causing mouse virus RV=retrovirus.

A retrovirus is a type of RNA virus that inserts a copy of its genome into the DNA of a host cell that it invades, thus changing the genome of that cell.

Viral RNA changes the DNA in all the cells it invades for EVER. A virus needs a host cell to activate and to become an obligate parasite. It cannot live without using a host. The XMRV was introduced over 30 years ago (think HIV) into the blood supply and is everywhere today, including all vaccines. I am sure that plan that went into operation 30 years ago and had its planning stages years before that.

By the way, the Georgia Guidestones ‘officially’ opened‎: ‎March 22, 1980…

The AIDS epidemic, caused by HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), found its way to the United States as early as 1960, but was first noticed after doctors discovered clusters of Kaposi’s sarcoma and pneumocystis pneumonia in gay men in Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco in 1981.

Are you beginning to see a correspondence here? I am. Since that time we have also been increasingly encouraged to eat frankenfoods loaded with more RNA changing bits and chemical contaminants that overload the liver/lymph /blood/elimination pathways making us even more toxic and unable to handle or clear an increased viral load.

Then we need to look at the history of vaccinations. I remember being little, (1956-57) sitting on pediatrician’s table and getting an oral polio vaccine:

To develop the vaccine, the epidemiologist and physician Jonas Salk, who died in 1995, grew the poliovirus in a culture (think, petri dish) of monkey kidney cells. He then used a chemical called formalin to kill the virus, rendering it unable to cause polio.

When this dead virus is introduced into people’s bodies, it teaches their immune systems how to build up defenses against the virus. In this way, the polio vaccine, like other vaccines, shows the body how to develop the tools it needs to fight off the live virus, if exposed to it.

But in the early years of the vaccine’s administration, two unexpected issues occurred. In 1955, some lots of the vaccine produced by one company actually contained live poliovirus, explains the CDC. This led to more than 250 cases of the disease polio and 10 deaths.

The second incident pertains to our readers’ questions.

In 1960, scientists discovered that some of the monkey kidney cells used to make the polio vaccines were contaminated with simian virus 40. For monkeys, this virus is harmless, producing no symptoms. But in high doses, SV40 can cause cancer in rodents.

Ahem, excuse me but this paper says otherwise:

The novel human retrovirus xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus (XMRV) is arguably the most controversial virus of this moment. After its original discovery in prostate cancer tissue from North American patients, it was subsequently detected in individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome from the same continent. However, most other research groups, mainly from Europe, reported negative results. The positive results could possibly be attributed to contamination with mouse products in a number of cases, as XMRV is nearly identical in nucleotide sequence to endogenous retroviruses in the mouse genome. But the detection of integrated XMRV proviruses in prostate cancer tissue proves it to be a genuine virus that replicates in human cells, leaving the question: how did XMRV enter the human population? We will discuss two possible routes: either via direct virus transmission from mouse to human, as repeatedly seen for, e.g., Hantaviruses, or via the use of mouse-related products by humans, including vaccines. We hypothesize that mouse cells or human cell lines used for vaccine production could have been contaminated with a replicating variant of the XMRV precursors encoded by the mouse genome.

This paper is not: ‘Can mice retro viruses jump species?’, but the question posed here is: HOW IT DID JUMP SPECIES!

Starting in 1961, authorities required new lots of polio vaccines to be free of SV40. Still, many vaccines produced prior to this year weren’t recalled.

Altogether, scientists estimate that around 100 million U.S. residents received one or more doses of the polio vaccine between 1954 and 1963, including those who were vaccinated during a clinical trial in 1954.

Here are all the vaccines that kids get now, in comparison to the 1950’s when I was a kid.

2019 | Recommended Vaccines Late 1950s | Recommended Vaccines
Diphtheria* Smallpox
Tetanus* Diphtheria*
Measles** Tetanus*
Mumps** Pertussis*
Rubella** Polio (IPV)
Polio (IPV) * Given in combination as DTP
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis A
* Given in combination as DTaP
** Given in combination as MMR

What they have hidden in the research today that they are using to create this Mass Extinction is criminal. People who neither have the time, or the wherewithal to even begin to look, much less understand the criminal minds that designed this ‘Plandemic/Extinction’ will never be able to unravel the mess its all hidden in. The planners even took out patents on the viruses before they were discovered ( in the public, that is) and patented the vaccinations planned to be given for the undiscovered viruses. You can’t patent a thing unless you can explain it well enough so that anyone can follow your instructions to make it themselves. So these so called ‘new’ and ‘novel’ viruses were created quite a bit ago. In a US patent from 2004,  US20060257852A1 United States  Fig. 18 lists its viral components as:

FIG. 18: Genome organization of Coronaviruses representative of group 1 (HCoV-229E, accession number: AF304460), group 2 (mouse hepatitis virus MHV, accession number: NC—001846), group 3 (avian infectious bronchitis virus AIBV, accession number: NC—001451) and SARS coronavirus. Other completely sequenced coronaviruses used in this study are available at the following accession numbers: porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV), AF353511; transmissible gastroenteritis virus (TGV), ND—002306; Bovine coronavirus (BCoV): AF220295. Red boxes represent group-specific genes. The position of the leader RNA sequence and poly(A) tract is also indicated in genomes where they are reported. The position of specific IG sequences is indicated by circles of different shades. In the SARS genome, we also find three IG sequences specific for group 2 coronavirus.

Notice the animals these viruses come from.

Then pls note:

Although the extent of any risk is difficult to assess, Simon Wain-Hobson, a virologist at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, points out that the researchers have created a novel virus that “grows remarkably well” in human cells. “If the virus escaped, nobody could predict the trajectory,” he says.

So… because of  things like ‘Gain of Function’ research etc., viruses DO jump species.

And we are not supposed to NOTICE that this was planned?????

I suppose the next to last and almost most useless question is: WHO THE FUCK IS BEHIND THIS AND TRYING TO KILL OFF THE HUMAN…’HERD’????????


And the winner is: WHY?

Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread. August 22, 2005

They have known this for a very LONG time.

My guess is this post in face book will be taken down, even though nothing stated in  it is false and all information can be found on line.

Virology Journal – the official publication of Dr. Fauci’s National Institutes of Health – published what is now a blockbuster article on August 22, 2005, under the heading – get ready for this – “Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread.” Writes the researchers, (Just so there are NO mistakes for the ‘fact checkers’ to dispute THESE ARE THE AUTHORS of this paper — DR. FAUCI DID NOT WRITE OR RESEARCH THE PAPER!)


Special Pathogens Brach, Division of Viral and Rickettsial Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, 1600 Clifton Road, 30333, USA

Martin J Vincent, Bobbie R Erickson, Pierre E Rollin, Thomas G Ksiazek & Stuart T Nichol

Laboratory of Biochemical Neuroendocrinology, Clinical Research Institute of Montreal, Montreal, 110 Pine Ave West, QCH2W1R7, Canada

Eric Bergeron, Suzanne Benjannet & Nabil G Seidah

Corresponding author :  Correspondence to Stuart T Nichol.

Additional information

Competing interests

The author(s) declare that they have no competing interests.

Authors’ contributions

MV did all the experiments pertaining to SARS CoV infection and coordinated the drafting of the manuscript. EB and SB performed experiments on ACE2 biosynthesis and FACS analysis. BE performed data acquisition from the immunofluorescence experiments. PR and TK provided critical reagents and revised the manuscript critically. NS and SN along with MV and EB participated in the planning of the experiments, review and interpretation of data and critical review of the manuscript. All authors read and approved the content of the manuscript.

“We report…that chloroquine has strong antiviral effects on SARS-CoV infection of primate cells. These inhibitory effects are observed when the cells are treated with the drug either before or after exposure to the virus, suggesting both prophylactic and therapeutic advantage.”



About NIAID      Director, Anthony Fauci, M.D.




Previous Directors

Current Director

Anthony S. Fauci, M.D.

Director 1984–Present



See the link at the bottom of the article for further reading.



Open Access

Published: 22 August 2005

Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread

Martin J Vincent, Eric Bergeron, Suzanne Benjannet, Bobbie R Erickson, Pierre E Rollin, Thomas G Ksiazek, Nabil G Seidah & Stuart T Nichol

Virology Journal volume 2, Article number: 69 (2005) Cite this article


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Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) is caused by a newly discovered coronavirus (SARS-CoV). No effective prophylactic or post-exposure therapy is currently available.



We report, however, that chloroquine has strong antiviral effects on SARS-CoV infection of primate cells. These inhibitory effects are observed when the cells are treated with the drug either before or after exposure to the virus, suggesting both prophylactic and therapeutic advantage. In addition to the well-known functions of chloroquine such as elevations of endosomal pH, the drug appears to interfere with terminal glycosylation of the cellular receptor, angiotensin-converting enzyme 2. This may negatively influence the virus-receptor binding and abrogate the infection, with further ramifications by the elevation of vesicular pH, resulting in the inhibition of infection and spread of SARS CoV at clinically admissible concentrations.



Chloroquine is effective in preventing the spread of SARS CoV in cell culture. Favorable inhibition of virus spread was observed when the cells were either treated with chloroquine prior to or after SARS CoV infection. In addition, the indirect immunofluorescence assay described herein represents a simple and rapid method for screening SARS-CoV antiviral compounds.