The AI Singularity

The singularity, when it comes, might look like that scene from Start Trek 1, The Motion Picture (the very first one) when a new life form is created and then proceeds out of our ability to even see or know it in the blink of an eye.

Star Trek The Motion Picture – A New Life Form


I would prefer to remain human and get there as told by fables and legends in metaphors of old, to naturally bring my heart and ability to know beauty and love with me. To take my soul with me… I was reminded of Debussy yesterday by a video so I called on an old friend, ‘Afternoon of a Faun’. I grieved for the loss of such insight into the beauty and wonder of nature, and the people gifted enough to give us such a tone poem.

It hit me deeply that humans come from such – our souls reside in the expression of that perceptive ability. Could we even exist without it? One could speculate that we would go on, creating from the new vantage of transformation into the singularity, but I would posit that this earth, this planet is what gives us our notion of good and beautiful, and that with out our human tie to it we would suffer a lack of spirit – the understanding of natural good and beauty and the creativity to express it. That resonance would forever pass out of our experience – and the understanding of it, which is the greatest gift.

I for one would prefer to take the time to become the fullness of mother earth’s plan for us to be fully human and fully developed within our own natural potentials than be boosted by technology and forget my soul – the soul that can be overcome by glorious sunsets, and sparkling snow and life-giving water. The ability to feel and understand life is innate in the soul. My soul is why I perceive this beauty, why I am moved by it, my soul is all the goodness that resides within me.

I am thinking that our soul is our humanity and should we give it over to unthought out union with technology we risk becoming empty husks, and until proven otherwise I will not go there.  I will risk being left behind with the animals and bugs amid the rains and the snow and the sunsets and the quiet dawns, and when I die my body will go back to mother earth where it belongs and my soul, well, it will be far richer for living free here on this earth than any technology would ever be able to give me.

Soul Awakener

My husband is back in the hospital for a colon issue. He spent the night consuming the glug that cleans your gut so they can scope him today. Last night I awoke in a dream, but was awake and watched as his dream body mechanically walked into the room, like he wasn’t sure whether he wanted to walk or float in his dream body. My mind in that halfway state sensed it was him and told him to get in bed and go to sleep – since I knew in that state he had come home for rest and solace. He wanted comfort, I extended it to him and he rolled into his side of the bed.

Then around 4:30 I had a dream that a dire wolf was sitting behind me with his head on my right shoulder. All I could feel was a deep solidarity and love, a steady presence at my shoulder. He was huge, gray and grizzled with great wisdom emanating from him. He kept inserting himself into my dream state until I realized that I was seeing the dream/soul body of my dog, Diesel. Then I did open my eyes and look, and my dog was sleeping at my back with his head at my heart chakra, where I always ‘feel’ entities if they are near. Then I really realized it was him. He knows it, he is intelligent and kept at it to make sure I could actually see him in my mind’s dreaming eye. All in all it was a beautiful dream night, even if it was busy.

Which, in that wonderful space between sleep and getting out of bed, I was struck with the thought of ‘What is so special about wearing a body?’ Learning about the consequences of 3D decisions? The impact of emotions, feelings? Are emotions an evolutionary step that many need to understand and evolve? Because, even our animals and plants have feelings. Or, is it the planet, this place, the overall vibe/frequency of here? Feelings always engender a choice, a new awareness that all who wear this frequency body must learn and choose?

The thought then followed that this place, this earth is an awakener where souls learn to open their eyes. The opportunity to take the next step exists here. Do you choose goodness, do you choose what this place teaches?

Some of us have other tasks too. One day walking my dog the certainty hit me that some people just need to hold the space, the pass-not barrier, the strong frequency of the vision for the future of this place and a barrier to things that will NOT be allowed, so the gift this place holds continues. So that the lesson of this planet – the evolution out of sleep and not knowing grows into knowing that love continues, because this planet IS love.

There are many who need to come here and learn – they wish to awaken themselves to the feeling of this awareness. This fits with the download I had in middle school when I realized this place was love and called to all who wished to learn it. We all, on this planet, hold love and its loss, therefore its value and the awareness of that nuance in our lives. This planet opens sleeping eyes to the knowing of love, and then we choose. We are all in a place where transformation can happen in a thought, the blink of an eye, from quiescence to full knowing.

This planet is a gift to all that exist in her vibratory field. Whether those that come here have the capacity to ‘feel’ love or not – all who come here, leave here changed.

This frequency intrinsically births the awareness within all those who get close to Gaia, of love, even if it waits thousands of time periods later to be realized, to bloom, the seed, the capacity to understand and feel it exists within the frequency of that soul forever. Once you have tasted this frequency you exist forever changed.

That is what calls to so many across universes and brings them here, to earth.

Mother Gaia, she, is the soul awakener.

To Be Enough…

I dreamt there was a way into another world that has been secret forever – but right in front of our faces, a wonderful place. Hidden, but not, a sanctuary that you have to be something-enough to discover. The ‘something enough’ was important because without it, what is right in front of your face cannot be seen.

It is not hidden, this place, and it is for each person to find it. I came out of the dream feeling like I was being reminded of something I should have already known. It is now for me to solve the puzzle, to ‘be enough’ to figure it out, to ‘see’ it – now that I remember it is there. Kind of like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. “There’s no place like home…There’s…”

So, I think this place is a sanctuary of the heart, a frequency, a feeling that once felt can never be lost. I have found in my 65 plus (more than half way to 70 )years old life that the world will try to rob you of this, it will try to make you forget, it will ‘drudgery’ you out of it, it will break your heart over and over – but if you can just remember the feeling, you can find your way home, to sanctuary.

I have always wondered why more people didn’t know this. I have been angry about it not being taught. I was lucky. I had a parent who knew this and I had ‘friends’ who knew this. I was given sanctuary at a young age and I really needed it. I would have willfully ended my very young life had there not been intervention. This intervention came from not-human-beings. That’s the only term I have for it. Because one night laying in my top bunk bed with my sister asleep under me in her bed, with an extremely anguished heart I asked whoever was out there if everybody everywhere (and I meant in the universe because I already had a sense there were others out there) was mean. And I received an answer directly. The answer was – no, not everybody ‘everywhere’ was like what I experienced on the earth. The feelings of understanding and agape love that went with this answer were my first taste of sanctuary. It never occurred to me that from that time onward sanctuary was mine, just that somewhere out there it existed and in my young mind all I wanted to do was to go there. This began a life long relationship with these beings, that me being the idiot I am, didn’t realize what it was. This is the programming of this world, and lets just chalk it up to my naivety.

And as life goes, normal on this planet is the opposite. To the point where sanctuary is forgotten, where you just need to get through the next day. And I didn’t know I was enough… I spent over half my life exploring everything I could to figure out how to become ‘good enough’ to be offered this sanctuary, never realizing that it had been given to me way back in my childhood, because the litany in my childhood was I was never good enough so it followed that I would have to work very hard to become maybe good enough to be able to be in the company of those people who gave me sanctuary many years ago… and I waited for the day when I would be told I was good enough, never realizing that I had been in their company and speaking with them and to them and feeling them in my life ever since that moment, that it was about the feeling in my heart, not about judgment and weights and measures. Its about true love, and my ability to accept that feeling.

What is enough?

Enough, sufficient: Beside, near, by, with, to reach, to attain

Sanskrit: asnotti  to reach

Hittite: ninikzi  lifts – raises

Latin:  nancisci  to obtain

To make equal with, level with

Moderately, tolerably, sufficient for the purpose…’you’ll do’

‘Beside’ being the most important word here, not as good as, not the same, just beside, because I didn’t understand that I already carried sanctuary in my heart and there was no good-enough or achievement, it was already given – I just needed to realize it. But I was still waiting to ‘graduate’….

Ever since I was young and I found out about spiritual principles not tied to dogma and church or religion, I have been angry that it is not taught, or simply just a part of life. I thought these were the actual steps to knowledge/feelings that could have helped humanity evolve and progress.  I lost a teacher over that rant. These principles are embedded in quantum theory, telepathy, frequency and dimensionality and are a gateway to other worlds and peoples and our own development as souls. It seemed to me that every place I looked this information is always treated as ‘Secret’ as if being a better person was not allowed or sacrosanct. I was frustrated because the world could have been a better place already, instead it just sucked because everybody who knew, kept this secret, or so it seemed.

It’s said that becoming a better person is up to the person themselves and must be discovered as an inner process, meaning it cannot be taught. But it is taught, by those around you and the way they treat you especially, when you are young. It is transmitted person to person and soul to soul. It has to be understood as a ‘ground feeling of being’. But once you have felt it, received it from another it is resident within you, at any age. These beings offered it freely and then offered of themselves. I have met very few people with that same heart song in my life. But, I have met them.

Back to sanctuary. With the above in mind, to me it seems that the ‘enough’ part has to do with emotions and heart, something we have been trained to see as useless block to getting ahead in a rational world. And maybe the door or curtain, or veil you walk through, is a frequency of feeling – which is why sanctuary is a protected place, because those who do not know it are blind, they must learn it through feeling it, take it in to lift that boundary to see it. And there is a faction here, today, on this earth who are incapable of ever knowing this feeling… but this sense, this sanctuary is what will save this earth in the end, I think, if we can only share it every day and every moment as a standard from our inmost selves, wisely and unwavering, gently and strongly, with the entire presence of sanctuary beside us.

So maybe it is a moral dilemma, because to just say this will not move anyone to find this feeling, it needs to be transmitted person to person and not everyone can feel it, or learn it, or believe they have the capability. However, as I understand it, it is the imperative of every soul on this planet to find it…

Or not. This a free will planet… That is the moral dilemma.

Stealth-Ninja Re-publish from 2015, or Car Karma

energy follows zukovIt just seemed applicable for now and it came up so I am re-publishing…

p.s. the subconscious mind loves to play.

So, from most of the reading I have been doing while recovering from a pretty savage flu, it seems that one of the very most important things that we need to do or learn is to improve our emotional tone and flow. It sounds like it is going to be pretty important to us in the future at the big wake-up. (4 years later, I’m pretty sure it’s gonna create the big wake up)

Energy Follows Thought:   Emotionally empowered thought creates absolutely and almost immediately in your environment.

I wanted to write about some emotional Ninja skills I’ve picked up just from playing around with a few ideas in my life over the years. Realize that every emotionally toned thought you send out comes back to you, magnified for your learning purposes. That means aggravation begets aggravation, snipes beget snipes. Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Are you putting out those feelings to any and all who get within ten feet of you? Was your day one of those that went from bad to worse? Feelings are fine,  what you do with them is more important. The first step to de-constructing what looks like a bad day ahead, is to get in touch with your feelings and say, “Ok, I feel (insert emotion) but I refuse to visit it on everybody else, so I will choose to work this out later when I can, and temper all my reactions and responses today, knowing I want to wring anybody’s neck I can get a hold of.” In the same manner, understanding begets understanding, and empathy begets empathy and so on for love, joy, happiness….

A good way to practice this principle and have some fun doing it is observing your Car Karma….

A common place that we all feel frustration and sometimes rage is in the car. Once again, feelings are inevitable, it’s what you do with them that counts. So the game goes like this: Turn on an energy ball of peace around your car, one that extends out about 4 feet in every direction to the exterior of the car. Then, monitor your thoughts about the drivers around you. Instead of driving down the road as a blistering ball of fury, can you create a ball of energetic flow (peace) around your car while observing the efficiency of this effect by getting to your destination earlier? Trust me this works. It also helps prevent accidents. The energetic ball of flow tends to wake you up, and you avoid a lot of minor irritants that way. I got this idea one day while driving down the street and getting blasted by a nasty wave of rage from a driver going the opposite way. My kids were young and I was being safe and I put white light around the car often. Then it occurred to me that I could protect myself from unwanted incursions of others messy emotions AND slip through the traffic flow easier, if I just put that thought around my car. WOOT! It worked wonders.

Manifesting as proof that your thoughts can and do have an effect on your immediate life.

Another fun way to play with this concept is to image in your head the parking spot you want at your destination and getting it. This is simple proof that your thoughts are things that effect your life instantaneously. It works scary good and it only involves yourself and your thought and the desire (emotion) for a good parking spot. (I know that this is an old game, but practicing it actually creates a skill level…)

Create your own games.

Treat energy as a concrete thing, power your thought with emotion and watch what happens. When I first discovered this game I used to lob white light at everybody and every thing just to watch the results. Then I began the deeper game of adding and modifying my emotions in the mix. I learned quite a lot at that point.

Platitudes and memes.

buddhaThese are all thought bites, Zen smacks. They might work for thirty seconds or so… What will really teach the HOW and WHY this works is by actively playing with it and watching the results. Play is fun and it is the easiest way to learn. It makes you a stealth-ninja-energy-follows-thought-impelled-by-emotion expert. 🙂 so go PLAY!

Bargaining for cookies

Today is one of those days where the dappled sunlight outside my door calls to me to come sleep in it. I awoke at just about every hour last night and gave up around 4:14. The last dream was about car that was stolen from me and my bad manners in getting it back. Grrrr. (no, I don’t own that car, but it would be fun…)

Better, was a dream I had last week about being on a ship and getting to hug greys. These guys were not automatons, avatars – maybe, but they remembered me and I remembered them and the hugs were sweet. The light was low and bluish and in some places purple and the hallway we found ourselves in was curved on top – rather organic. The emotion was so sweet I woke up, musing to myself that yes – that is what it should feel like.

I have recently listened to a 15 minute excerpt on ‘Alien Etiquette’ on a you tube channel called Pineal Ascension. It features some of Emery Smith’s anecdotes about the cultural situations that can happen between humans and off world people. It’s weird, but I have been thinking about this since I was a kid, and many of the things he talked about have been a mind adventure – (a daydream) in my head too.

I always harken back to the ST show where they were mining life forms on a planet that were tiny, very sentient silicon and didn’t know they were hurting them. They didn’t even know they were alive. When communications finally happened, the universal translator produced their name for humans: Ugly-bags-of-mostly-water. I find that funny – because we are. Then there was the Mother Horta that Bones had to patch up with concrete… or the energy forms that roamed space finding unaware humanoids to evoke strong hate from because they fed on those emotions, the creature who needed salt, or the energy being that kept ‘the man’ (Zephram Cochran) alive on her planet for hundreds of years….

All my life I have thought about what Emery talked about, and some of what he said brought tears to my eyes – because that is what I thought it should be like between people when I was a kid. My heart knows that is the way it is supposed to be. When I was born I thought it was that way – I spent a good 20 years very confused. And for many years I thought it was me, that there was something wrong with me. Well, it was me – for being a fool… it took me so long to figure it out.

This world is what it is and I suppose we are all here to help it out. I must have come in full of love and no wisdom. By the time I leave I will have vast wisdom and a sad heart. Listening to Emery brought tears because there it was! What I thought about the way it should be, right there coming out of his mouth. All I could do was sit and murmur in my mind, ‘yes, there it is, I know this, and this is the way we should all feel about each other all the time. It felt like home. Bless all the people who have come here and volunteered. This is no easy work. And we are no easy people. What they have offered to us is no less than a herculean task and offered up to very tired snipey children that need a nap and are bargaining for cookies. That is a compassion level most of us will never understand.


Bless those that come here. Bless you all.

Wisdom needs weight: the need to remain conscious of timelines and their history.

Wisdom needs weight

If it is possible, that we are timeline creating and jumping, let us not forget that the wisdom we need to create an optimal timeline, one where we are the compassionate beings we are meant to be, requires memory of where we have been because it is the sum of our learning that is the wisdom that is the key linchpin of who we choose to become in every moment. Wisdom is the knowing WHY we are choosing differently, wisdom is the ability to discern the choice.

Yes, our history can be so very heavy – the weight of previous choices is like a rock – it can weigh us down, however, without the memory and the wisdom it brings, we will never be able to know the best actions moving forward. We cannot dump all the bad our of our past, jumping to places where events had never happened and expect to arrive at a beautiful future with the ability to pass it onto others. And that is the point? Isn’t it? Otherwise we would be like idiot savants, never knowing how we do what we do, but just doing it. As in the Chinese term ‘happy mistake’ This would leave us open for ever, to take overs and manipulations – just like it did in the very beginning. Loss of memory is loss of wisdom.

The problem occurs when walking forward with the weight of the past upon your soul and maintaining the vivacity and joy of our creative selves – unless we get this forgiveness thing under our belts and realize that this process is the only thing that allows the release of the weight (sorrow) and the keeping of the wisdom. This transformational process is akin to the greatest alchemy there is – but you can only forgive if you have taken full responsibility for the actions/thoughts/deeds that created that need to forgive. Forgiveness is the full recognition in empathy for all of an action/reactions effects upon yourself and others. Forgiveness creates utter understanding and total compassion for yourself and others and a true learning, which in turn becomes the wisdom that is the basis for further development of yourself and others.

If we jump to timelines where things like 911 or earth shattering changes killed many due to our own lack of compassion, never happened, we will end up repeating the things we need to learn in a different way until we learn those things. We will recreate the mess until we perceive the wisdom of NOT doing it that way. There are NO easy outs. Just learning and the product of that learning, Wisdom. Forgiveness is the way to carry that learning forward and it is the way to make the rock of our past learning experiences easier to carry. It is also the way we develop the intrinsic, necessary beauty of compassion that allows us to evolve into who we are meant to become. Without the wisdom, the weight, and the forgiveness, we are deaf, dumb and blind.

Kintsugi: the art of being broken, the value and beauty of the healed

As a philosophy, kintsugi can be seen to have similarities to the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, an embracing of the flawed or imperfect.[9] Japanese aesthetics values marks of wear by the use of an object. This can be seen as a rationale for keeping an object around even after it has broken and as a justification of kintsugi itself, highlighting the cracks and repairs as simply an event in the life of an object rather than allowing its service to end at the time of its damage or breakage.[10]

Kintsugi can relate to the Japanese philosophy of “no mind” (無心 mushin?), which encompasses the concepts of non-attachment, acceptance of change and fate as aspects of human life.[11]

Not only is there no attempt to hide the damage, but the repair is literally illuminated… a kind of physical expression of the spirit of mushin….Mushin is often literally translated as “no mind,” but carries connotations of fully existing within the moment, of non-attachment, of equanimity amid changing conditions. …The vicissitudes of existence over time, to which all humans are susceptible, could not be clearer than in the breaks, the knocks, and the shattering to which ceramic ware too is subject. This poignancy or aesthetic of existence has been known in Japan as mono no aware, a compassionate sensitivity, or perhaps identification with, [things] outside oneself. From <>


Once upon a time, in the far, far east, east even of Eden, lived a great emperor, in a great palace, gorgeously stocked with the richest of goods. It was early spring, and the season of royal visits, when kings and princes called on one another and admired each other’s choicest possessions, gave wonderful gifts and enjoyed bountiful banquets. And this year was special, because the visitors would see the investiture of his beloved son Kintsukuroi as Crown Prince of the empire.

The emperor was excited this year because he had a new and beautiful bowl to show to his friends, specially made for him by the finest of craftsmen from the finest of materials. Imagine then his horror when on going to his cabinet he discovered that it was broken apart, into a hundred pieces. How could it have happened? No-one knew. What could be done about it before the first visitors arrived? No-one could offer any idea, for the time was too short to start again and make another one.

The emperor was dismayed, sad that he could not show off his beautiful bowl, but even sadder that something so beautiful should have broken. He retired into his private apartments with only his beloved son to share his sorrow, and they talked long into the night together.

Next morning the emperor woke to the sound of a great commotion. His senior ministers demanded to see him urgently. The cabinet of treasures had now been broken into, and this time the great new golden diadem that has been made for his beloved son, ready for the investiture, was quite simply gone – along with the broken pieces of the broken bowl, but who cared about those now.

What is more, the thief had been seen, but not recognized, since he was covered in dirt and scars, with nothing to distinguish him from a thousand other down-and-outs who hung around the palace, for the emperor – to the annoyance of his ministers – refused to turn them out but shared his food with them.

No-one knew for sure where the thief had gone, but he had, they thought, run off towards the princes apartments. There the doors were most unusually now locked and there was no answer to their knocking, though they could hear sounds inside. Would the emperor give his permission for them to break down the door: they dare not act without it.

The emperor was silent for many minutes. On his face his ministers saw sadness but not anger, lament but also love. What was going on? Eventually the emperor spoke. “Leave the prince and his apartments alone. If he is ready to rule, he must be allowed to act. His will and my will are as one.” The ministers were not at all sure just what this meant, but the message was clear. They were to do precisely nothing.

So the day passed. The emperor remained in his private apartments. Those of the prince remained locked, though smoke could be seen coming out of the chimney and a fire had obviously been lit. And eventually the ministers tired of their waiting and went to bed. The important guests were expected the very next day.

Imagine now their surprise in the morning when they went to the treasure cabinet to prepare its items for display and found the precious bowl back in its place, whole again, but glistening with veins of gold where the cracks had been. Its beauty seemed all the greater. And by it the prince’s crown, a slim band now, but speaking in its simplicity of a strength, an authority all the more striking, because it had given itself away and given glory to another, but was the greater itself for it. The investiture could go ahead.

A smile of secret understanding passed between the emperor and the son whose newly scarred hands had shown him worthy to come into the kingdom.

Kintsukuroi means ‘to repair with gold’ in Japanese, and is the art of repairing pottery with gold and understanding that the piece is the more beautiful for having been broken.

From <>


There is an art to being broken, and yet more than who you were after the mending. There are many metaphors for this. The Butterfly who emerges from its chrysalis, the dragonfly larva who can now fly, ascension… we are a vessel that has been fractured.  It is the prime act of healing. It is not the limbo land of being defined by your history or your biography. It means to emerge whole and more than you were before, with a greater depth and beauty. Many times to grow we must shed ideas that are keeping us from becoming. We must change and learn, evolve into something different. This is only difficult if we stop the process. If we stop the flow – the experience of changing. This causes pain. Most of us will not change unless prodded by that pain. We tend think that pain means you are broken. But not really. Pain of any kind, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual just means you have outgrown your shell and it is time to expand. Pain is only an indicator.

Most of us walk around in a societally approved shell. We have been accultured and shaped by our lives and schooling and the laws of our land and the media, and we bounce along until that day that something calls us to awareness, or breaks our shell open. Whatever the inciting incident, which could be small or huge, we then have a choice whether to go with the flow and change effortlessly, or hang on and jam ourselves back into our safe shell. Inevitably if you jam yourself back into your old way of being, you will only be able to do so for a limited amount of time – just like a shoe that is too tight, after walking a mile or so, you are going to be in excruciating pain. Whether you decide to medicate that pain, or actually buy another pair of shoes that fit…. Well that’s up to you.

There is an art to being broken and yet more than who you were after the mending. There is a wisdom you gain with growth and confusion. There is a capacity to offer to the world a service of your insight and your compassion. There is beauty in a larger wholeness. There is a grace to our scars. There is a sacred knowing – an inner core oneness that is achieved in the healing that shines out from us when we choose to mend, an offering to others, a way-showing. There is a new strength and powerful connection to a deeper us. Where society today teaches us it is ugly to be damaged and that you will be eternally less, Kintsugi teaches us the value and beauty of the healed – the greater balance and grace of one who has become more than they were.

This is how we begin.