In The Mind’s Eye

This will be the un-ending theme on my site be cause its all about what the mind’s eye is. Imagination, third eye, portal, stargate, universal connector, reality, real reality…. and on infinitum.

I love to take pictures of the skies. If I manage to look up when I get that impulse to and my camera is handy, I am almost always gifted with an imaginary something. 🙂

Either they have a sense of humor, or I’m nuts.


Looks like a classical Adamski craft


A flying triangle cloud… lol


the Mothership


They're everywhere.
They’re everywhere.


Just sitt'in on my patio and I looked
Just sitt’in on my patio and I looked up…lol
Once again, the theme of my mind’s eye. I used to do calligraphy. This is one of my favorites. Quote by Eden Phillpots, A Shadow Passes.


One thought on “In The Mind’s Eye”

  1. Hey alright! Lookin good Alison! You might want to shrink down the top image a bit so folks can see some content below so they know to scroll down. You can consider changing your theme to inside the Dashboard under Appearance.


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