My Apologies, Content Curation, and loss

I have just realized (call me dense) that through incorrect curation of content from my favorite web site, In5D, that I have gotten myself banned from the very web site I’m always talking about. I had to really think about that to figure it out also. So I (finally) went and did some research on it. It seems there are a lot of things you must be aware of.


There is a web site that made the most sense to me and even gave examples of good ways to mention other’s web articles. This web site, Content Curation Marketing gave some very clear examples with explanations and graphics so I could understand it. In plain English.


Although the blog I write has no advertising on it, and nobody makes any money off of it, I didn’t know that you got paid on some web sites by clicks or how people visit that site and then see the ads by the advertisers.20121101_152951 Duh! I was wondering how people made a living writing a blog. I’m not stupid, but it can really seem like that. Mostly I’m all about other stuff, so this never occurred to me.


That being said, what I did learn is that I must use links that encourage people to visit the site I am speaking about. Short but obvious things that will make people visit the site. I can paraphrase, or state my opinion.




After unintentionally angering the people over at In5D, I am publicly apologizing for my illiterate use of their good material. I will henceforth never do it again, especially because I will never be allowed to read anything from their site again! Even so, all my content from them has been taken down. Now I understand. It took me some research to do it. This being my first experience ever with writing, having anybody at all reading my stuff, I never realized how the business end of this ran. Now I do. So not only I am I mortified at my stupidity, I am truly sorry.

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