The Miller Document: Fact Or Fake?

I listened to the Friday special broadcast of Beyond the Strange about The Miller Document. It was Beyond GOOD! If the regular Sunday broadcast is anything like Friday night’s,  this will be an EPIC SHOW!! So I invite you all to tune in.

Might I suggest you all start off by listening to this pod cast

  It’s time to start the weekend right by getting a little ‘Strange’. Tonight we revisit a past show topic, ‘The Miller Doc’ that possibly talks about Professor H. Miller. Dr. Miller is quite possibly the very first official researcher groomed by Gov. to study ‘Bigfoot’! Catch a special episode of Beyond The Strange that ties into our Sunday show following this one. Believe it!

in preparation for Sunday night’s 3 HOUR show which is looking like it will be very excellent.

Sunday, March 6

at 6 PM – 9 PM in PST

BEYOND THE STRANGE! LIVE! Ep#29 The ‘Miller Doc’-Fact or Fake? Sunday, Mar 6th, 2016 6pmPDT/9pmEDT


A strange document has surfaced on the internet. Known only as the ‘Miller Doc’, it talks about Dr. H. A. Miller, a real PhD and scientist, and how he was ‘groomed’ by the Gov. to become one of the first official researchers to find the bodies of human like creatures that resembled more like bi-pedal primates than your average human being today. Joining us, along with ‘T’ who has come forward with this information, will be the and only Alex Mistretta, and ‘North American Giants’ Lupe Mendoza as well our very own Steve ‘Bunk Steve’ Bunker and our ole pal LJ3-Les Johnson III. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS! BELIEVE IT! #bigfoot #cryptids #paranormal #conspiracies #aliens #bstrange From <>

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