Nancy Channeling my Guides (poor dear)

guardian-angelIn most of my recovered past lives, I was a vigilante for real truth. It was a theme of my young life, and got me beaten a lot. I was thrown into a dungeon in some lifetime where I was forgotten about and died for speaking the truth. I’m pretty sure they didn’t think it was the truth when they locked me up… but oh well.

Aaand, I think now I’m being asked to get over it and go on because this just happened. And it happened in the middle of a really good video on cosmic sovereignty with Amy Moutray, Justin Deschamps, Yvonne Palermo.


12:08pm Nancy Amdahl Follow the stream The vibrational frequency of that thought It’s training

12:09pm Alison Bell my point has always been to say it out right – not confusticate the issue to see who’s smart enough to get it – at this pt. in time we ALL need it NOW and in a great HURRY! that older game is FINIS

12:09pm Nancy Amdahl I understand That’s not the point

12:09pm Alison Bell We, as a race are right now creating where we will go next… it IS the point!!!! lols

12:10pm Nancy Amdahl How do you learn ?? Thru experience of an event whether trauma or struggle correct?

12:10pm Alison Bell sometimes…. its also like we cannot understand ‘Peace” with out using its opposite in the definition???? that means we really don’t know peace

12:11pm Nancy Amdahl What is your best teachers? Struggle or success

12:11pm Alison Bell creativity….

12:11pm Nancy Amdahl Alison.

12:11pm Alison Bell and you can take your lessons in wisdom or woe

12:12pm Nancy Amdahl Same thing different wording You’re thinking in words

12:12pm Alison Bell this paradigm on this world of struggle and pain IS what is WRONG with this place and part of the enemy mind graft!!!!!

12:12pm Nancy Amdahl

Try thinking in vibration

Try thinking in vibration

Try thinking in vibration

12:13pm Alison Bell 3X? srsly

12:13pm Nancy Amdahl Words are limiting

12:13pm Alison Bell only as you allow them to be – they are also enlightening and shifting…

12:13pm Nancy Amdahl What are the intention or vibration of the words Because of the vibration

12:14pm Alison Bell part of my JOB is to use those words to convey a sense of thinking differently – an opening.

12:14pm Nancy Amdahl Your thinking in 3D

12:14pm Alison Bell I have to be able to condense vibes into symbols

12:15pm Nancy Amdahl Think beyond No

12:15pm Alison Bell because it’s my job to convince all the others in 3D …

12:15pm Nancy Amdahl No

12:15pm Alison Bell to wake up yes it is – that is why I write in simplest terms

12:15pm Nancy Amdahl Bring 4-5d to here

12:15pm Alison Bell in words….. I am writing to newbies…

12:16pm Nancy Amdahl Thru your intention and vibration of your words

12:16pm Alison Bell why I’m so adamant about no confusion

12:16pm Nancy Amdahl Only limits you put on ppl are the ones you decide. Think Big

12:17pm Alison Bell no hoity-toity bullshit couched in old terms that were conceived of expressly for the purpose of keeping the mysteries out of “unworthy” hands….

12:17pm Nancy Amdahl Alison. Wait Deep breath Clear your mind for a minute

12:17pm Alison Bell we are ALL WORTHY and if we had had the information before this, we would not have been in such a fucked up mess PISSSSSSSED at PTB archons – the little brats!

12:18pm Nancy Amdahl Yes PTB?

12:18pm Alison Bell my soap box… powers that be

12:19pm Nancy Amdahl Ok.

12:19pm Alison Bell lol hit a trigger there… lost it – I’m back now

12:19pm Nancy Amdahl Really? Lol Didn’t notice

12:19pm Alison Bell :~~~~~~~~~~*

12:19pm Nancy Amdahl Lol

12:19pm Alison Bell raspberries

12:19pm Nancy Amdahl I know Lol

12:20pm Alison Bell or dragon fire…

12:20pm Nancy Amdahl Ok. You read the book autobiography of a yogi

12:20pm Alison Bell yes

12:21pm Nancy Amdahl You know how it reaches many different ppl on different levels the same words

12:21pm Alison Bell he was a nice guy… not a fucktard

12:22pm Nancy Amdahl Because he wrote the same words a baby or an adept could understand Because of his intentions and vibrations of his words

12:22pm Alison Bell yes on Sri yes

12:23pm Nancy Amdahl Stop thinking with your head Start thinking with vibrations

12:23pm Alison Bell how else do you think??lol you feel those…

12:23pm Nancy Amdahl The vibrations of the thought will translate into words Yes

12:24pm Alison Bell ok, with you here –

12:24pm Nancy Amdahl I perceive vibrations which turn into feelings which turn into words

12:24pm Alison Bell yes

12:25pm Nancy Amdahl No anger no judgement

12:25pm Alison Bell right

12:25pm Nancy Amdahl Pure vibration love

12:25pm Alison Bell yes…. and so?

12:25pm Nancy Amdahl That’s where you need to write from

12:25pm Alison Bell I do! … I write to newbies on purpose.

12:27pm Nancy Amdahl my point has always been to say it out right – not confusticate the issue to see who’s smart enough to get it – at this pt. in time we ALL need it NOW and in a great HURRY! (repeating what I had typed above...)

12:27pm Alison Bell yes!!!!! who’s gonna tell the sleepers???? me

12:28pm Nancy Amdahl Yes

12:28pm Alison Bell what we read and understand – we get, but those who are asleep can’t digest or understand yet…. that has always been the problem… no basic education the old paradigm is set up to exclude, not include…

12:29pm Nancy Amdahl I have come to realize that sleepers have a place too. Not everyone is willing to move forward

12:29pm Alison Bell we need to create a new paradigm… that is true – but on the off chance… by the grace of Goddess go I.   NOBODY HAS EVER BEEN GIVEN AN OUTRIGHT CHOICE! they want to sleep – fine – but do they even KNOW there is a choice???? NO!

12:31pm Nancy Amdahl I know. But not everyone wants to be saved

12:31pm Alison Bell fine… then they don’t have to be – but they need to know there are options

12:31pm Nancy Amdahl I guess I look at it differently I don’t see urgency I see movement of the universe

12:32pm Alison Bell I am looking at it as a bridge from the old to the new – I started in this back in the 50’s. much has changed, but…

12:32pm Nancy Amdahl Where you are is where you are

12:32pm Alison Bell we are at a tipping point

12:32pm Nancy Amdahl It’s a choice whether conscious or unconscious

12:32pm Alison Bell maybe I am correcting old Karma for hiding this info in past lives..? truly driven here…. OK CHOICE – BUT

12:33pm Nancy Amdahl It’s about allowing ppl to be who they need to be

12:33pm Alison Bell DO THEY KNOW THERE IS

12:33pm Nancy Amdahl Being an example of a beacon of light

12:33pm Alison Bell A CHOICE???? that is my point


12:34pm Nancy Amdahl And when they ask. There is your opening

12:34pm Alison Bell well I am not forcing anything… I am just writing to an audience and giving them the chance to go , OH, wow…

12:35pm Nancy Amdahl Acceptance of ppl and who they are.

12:35pm Alison Bell if I had only known when I was a teen – or a kid that there was a choice… Wow

Nancy Amdahl You must convey love vibrations. Acceptance vibration. Yes I know how frustrated you are. But who’s to say this is not the time got some ppl to move forward. In the end Alison we all go back to the source.

12:39pm Alison Bell I know that. 🙂 but we are also in this here and now for a reason. part of that is to grow in understanding and knowledge and part of that is knowing what has been done and that there is a choice available to us NOW. it is an opening. we must take

12:39pm Nancy Amdahl Alison. I have no idea why the fuck this conversation got so weird.

12:39pm Alison Bell lols…. I know, but it’s a GREAT DIALOGUE!!!!!

12:39pm Nancy Amdahl Dude. Mind blown

12:39pm Alison Bell very yummy!

12:39pm Nancy Amdahl Lol

12:40pm Alison Bell thank you for that! grins

12:40pm Nancy Amdahl I saw some ahha moments yes?

12:40pm Alison Bell yes of course lols are you at work???

12:41pm Nancy Amdahl I was just wondering who the fuck was channeling thru me to you. Lol

12:41pm Alison Bell oh probably somebody who would like to take a hammer to my head….

12:41pm Nancy Amdahl LMAO

12:41pm Alison Bell he he he   did you get that feeling?

12:42pm Nancy Amdahl Yes 1/2 thru I said WTF

12:42pm Alison Bell tell whomever that I get the love part… also tell them that I am vigilante about correcting a few things…lol like it or lump it…. free will

12:43pm Nancy Amdahl Lol

12:43pm Alison Bell yeppers my guides drink more than I do…

12:43pm Nancy Amdahl This thinking with vibration shit was new Lol

12:44pm Alison Bell but very excellent!

12:44pm Nancy Amdahl Have to try that. Lol

12:44pm Alison Bell me too

12:44pm Nancy Amdahl Awesome

12:44pm Alison Bell those are hard when you down load them – b/c for me then it has to go into words… and that is the part I am always asking if I got it right about

12:46pm Nancy Amdahl Dude I was pushed aside and not thinking how to say anything.

12:46pm Alison Bell yes

My guides get insistent when they find someone who will be receptive…

12:46pm Nancy Amdahl Interesting

12:46pm Alison Bell I HEARD IT???? OK??? tell them that I promise to work with the concept….

12:47pm Nancy Amdahl Ok Lol

12:47pm Alison Bell I’m a hard headed woman -as Kolo says

12:47pm Nancy Amdahl I’m going to be hall monitor to make sure you are!!! Lol

12:47pm Alison Bell :~~~~~~~~~~***

12:48pm Nancy Amdahl All right. Should do some work.

12:48pm Alison Bell can’t guarantee I’ll listen…

12:48pm Nancy Amdahl Great talk Love you

12:48pm Alison Bell ok – THANK YOU SWEETIE! my guides are sometimes not fun…

love you too

12:48pm Nancy Amdahl



12:49pm Alison Bell




❤️ thanks –  from them and me, byeeeeeeeee


So I don’t know about your day but mine is shaping up quite interestingly. After Nancy and I got done with my impromptu channeling, I went back to listen to the rest of the video and I couldn’t get sound on it. I made sure that my speakers were on and everything…

Only to realize that maybe…just maybe this was my guides driving home the message….

Only to realize that I was blue toothed to the speakers inside…


Only after I heard what the guides said and replying that I did, yet again, hear them.


So guess what I am going to be practicing???? Hmmmm? Now what was it she said? Oh yes:

12:12pm Nancy Amdahl

Try thinking in vibration

Try thinking in vibration

Try thinking in vibration

Three times….

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