Do these idiots realize just HOW much we’d be willing to pay for any of the technologies they are hiding???? There would be no need what-so-ever for a black budget! Or just how fast those technologies would be engineered for safety in the general public, if that really was the only criterion for their release?


We are a creative lot. It could happen overnight. And the thing is, half the problems we have are created from living in an antiquated system. Should those technologies come out, the situations that would encourage people to re-engineer them for harm would vanish. Yes, there will always be the criminally insane, especially on this planet, but the numbers of them would be far less and they could be treated far better than they are now, possibly actually healed instead of re-trained and indoctrinated.


Every argument that I have heard against the release of these better technologies has a real-world solution. Just think, the technologies themselves would take care of the problems that are creating the reserve against their release. Actually, the answers to the problems are part of the technologies. In other words, these problems are not solvable without the use of the ‘secret’ tech. Ahem.


IMO the only persons benefitting from not releasing the technology from the black projects are those that need the healing. They do not even understand the most basic fact that we would be willing to pay for the tech. No problem!!! They wouldn’t need slaves to go into space to work for them, there would be plenty of people willing to go just for the adventure alone! But they, enclosed in their world of power and fear cannot see that. They are more caught than we are in the programming, more fearful and more separated than we will ever be – they need the healing. (remember if you are the alcoholic, you don’t have a problem – you like drinking, it’s just everybody else around you that suffers)


I have a feeling I have argued this many times, in many places, before many peoples and many councils. It has waited for world awareness and in many ways, the internet. World awareness in freedom of information and communication between people – person to person. Today, even though we do not realize it (because of negative programming) we are closer to unity and communication than this current world has ever been. And because of that there is more honesty and openness amongst peoples than there ever has been, giving open hearts and hands an easier way to reach out to each other.


This technology of the internet and cell phones, computers, tablets etc. could be and is used very wrongly in some cases, however, mostly it has brought this planet together and the benefits of it far outweigh the negatives. Which, we are finally deciding to choose-to-use rightly, and for the best good, most of the time.


And… might I say, here we are, all talking to each other, all because of technology. You even get to read ridiculous blogs by old grandmothers like this one… Ahem



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