Gordon White and Richard Dolan

“Ufology ends up in philosophy” – Gordon White



Two of my favorite theorists and philosophers in the same place talking about Gordon’s new book Star Ships. It is a very multifaceted rich read, and requires an open mind that can be drawn into a new way of seeing this paradox, allowing layering of the ideas presented in it to arrive at a whole new, and might I say, very valid, view point on not only man kind’s ancient history and story, but a new context for the whole ball of wax.

(I now need to become members on both their sites, along with Joseph Farrell’s site and one other, and I guess it doesn’t matter that I eat, and who needs clothing, anyway. Really.)

I found Rune Soup last year when I realized that I needed a better perspective on the consciousness aspect of how we work. Gordon is not only a true magician, meaning he is searching for the real operating principles of consciousness, he is also a hermeticist, anthropologist, philosopher and true out of the box thinker.

This was his first interview with Richard Dolan. Gordon has a weekly podcast that I listen to with almost religious fervor. Richard and Gordon met at a seminar in Australia given by Catherine Austin Fitts and was present at Richards Wedding Ceremony – which, IMO, doubly blessed the union.


Be prepared to have your jaw on the floor – enjoy!

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