Today is one of those days where I sit and I can feel the tug of the light and the dark or the happy and the sad, or the neg. and the pos. and it is with effort that I stay on the razor’s edge. Balance. Because tumbling off in one direction or another at this point would not be a vote for either, but a falling into a messy whirlpool and getting sucked under into a place of no choice and no wisdom and no understanding. Something inside of me knows that giving in to the lure and pull of either right now would increase the swirling confusion surrounding us all.

There is a niggling sense in the back of my consciousness that is telling me that the confusion has a purpose for control at a very deep integral level, that jumping off either side would send us all back to sleep again, but, like awakening in the morning, what is needed is a stretch and a few good deep breaths. Plus a little loosening up, a bit of morning clarity, a damned good cup of coffee, and some strategizing about how to keep your head above the maelstrom. It has become the ubiquitous job of the century, this waiting for the ornery children to be done with their games so the real business of setting things to rights can begin.

Those of us who wait and watch are getting feisty, ready to jump on anything hoping for that one tiny morsel of whatever that will open the flood gates to intelligent information. While others out there are already scheming on how to make the next dollar by taking any scrap of stupidity and creating the next great calamity to make a buck off of. With all of the normal, really intelligent, cogent sources of information out there almost totally gagged by the thought police, finding any information that is not pathetically warped is difficult. Point in case, I found a video that Walter Bosley (Thank You Walter!)uploaded yesterday that really addressed the Sun Spot issue with more than just one brain cell. He does have inside sources, he did call them and he did report with his intelligence background hat on what I assumed was going on all along. I alluded to it in ‘Quicksilver’ but the imp in me had to add the rest of it… (not sorry) – lol.

One of the points that nobody wanted to be responsible on were all the other ‘supposed’ observatory closings, which after listening to LMH’s regular Wednesday live broadcast, I knew were false – and some idiots out there are still trying to say the observatories themselves were closed. (does no one know how to check on these things????) What went down were the satellite link ups which included the live cams to public output for as long as it took to trace the ‘leak’ and plug it up because the observatories were all linked via satellite. Many possibilities here…

I am rather frustrated (other words would be more succinct and to the point, however…) those that do have the ability and resources, inside information etc. to report on instances like this are either blocked or are now under a pay to view veil. I can’t say that I blame them, but it makes the bread crumbs coming out to the public dwindle to almost nothing – AND it helps the faction trying to infiltrate the altmedia and make it look ridiculous accomplish their goals without even trying. When I added up the pay to read-view sights that I think have great merit and would love to follow, it came up to well over $500 dollars a year. I can’t even afford one of them, and I only looked into 4 sites. So there you go, one way or another cogent information is getting buried under the need (and truly I do understand the need to eat) to survive.

And…. So it goes. Balance. The middle path. The larger picture. The bread crumbs through the forest. Trudging on. As those breadcrumbs begin to dwindle on an ever darkening path.


Journey bravely.

2 thoughts on “Crumbs”

  1. Well put. In every way. I was so flummoxed by the ongoing echo of clearly inaccurate information regarding observatory closures by people who want truth, knowledge and consciousness. While we refer to ourselves as a “woke” community, we are almost creating the same echo chamber as the rest of the world, with just different sounds bouncing off the walls. We can do better.


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