Plausible Deniability – again…Sigh


I had said in one of my articles from 2018 that it would come to this… and, it has.

It bothers me that the above (plausible deniability for the government being the impetus for new business models like TTS.) is being shifted very slowly into the corporate sector   …I can’t shake the feeling that something very tricky is going on right underneath our noses and when we figure it out, we are NOT going to like it at all

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So, here’s to tricky.

Sources say the key to understanding current denials of UFO studies in AATIP comes from a phrase stamped on each page of the BAASS Ten Month Report obtained by Popular Mechanics:

“The information is proprietary and cannot be disseminated or used without prior written consent from the Operating Manager of BAASS.”

Gordon, whose area of expertise is in federal contractor misconduct, contractor accountability, and government privatization, says running the “commercial in confidence” program through AATIP is consistent with how the DoD deals with programs it wants to keep secret. “Whether it’s right or not is another story,” Gordon says, “but everything sounds very common for how black budget programs run.”

The DIA may have had extensive access to the UFO materials, but because all of the data technically belonged to BAASS, under the Economic Espionage Act of 1996, disclosing or releasing proprietary materials provided to the government in confidence is a federal crime. Essentially, the DIA’s UFO program was set up to circumvent FOIA requests and avoid having to discuss UFOs publicly.


There you have it.


And I can’t seem the shake the emotional impact of the thought that it’s all real, when I listen to most speakers in this new year of 2020, or read excellent articles like the one above from popular Mechanics. I just keep saying quietly to myself in my head to the rest of all my selves, “One day they are going to realize that it’s all real – it’s all true – it’s all connected.” and in light of that all the people who worked so hard to hide the truth, twist the truth are going to be shown for what they are. So will all those motives, how this mess all got started and why it became so convoluted. Why the process has taken so long and how it has the power -still- to totally devastate some very good people through well entrenched and beloved ideas about their lives, if they are not careful about how they let this really go down. From what I can tell there are some very interesting players in this game out there and I’m pretty sure we are only seeing, maybe, about a third of them and maybe over half are off the planet, and the other half are really different – not just breakaways…aaand, it’s ALL real. It’s the darnedest surety of feeling that just intrudes into whatever I’m listening to. It’s almost as if it is coded into the audio subliminally. Odd.

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