Tell us what to dooo!

You can’t talk about facts, because people aren’t smart enough to understand.

You can’t talk about facts, because there is quite a lot of wrong information out there in actual science that is planted and wrong on purpose and to understand that you have to actually know some science. 

You can’t talk about facts because people’s eyes begin to glaze over.

You can’t talk about facts because you hit a brick wall of emotion – mainly fear and resistance to new ideas which would make that brick wall crumble.

This happens especially to people who trained in any higher education because of the time and money they put into their indoctrination. At some point after their education is over they stopped learning and refused to look at new information because they subconsciously knew that it would make null and void what they worked so hard at in the first place. Its almost as if they prefer fear, instead of learning.

What ever….

Whatever is done, whatever is said, whatever ‘science’ is presented by the experts is LAW. There is NO independent thinking. At this point, there is no independent anything! Because people need the “EXPERTS!”

EXPERTS TELL US what we should do!

EXPERTS TELL US how to behave!

EXPERTS TELL US what to value!

EXPERTS TELL US our purpose!

We need them to just TELL US!!!!!

God forbid we step off the beaten path and discover ourselves – because, FEAR! God forbid we go inside to find our spirit. God forbid we gather our own information and actually think about it or that we use that ability to be whole human beings – NO!


Because we absolutely can’t do it unless you  – TELL US TO!

In a way, we must grow out of our youth and into our teenage rebellion years to get us out of this mess we are in – or just stop for a minute and really think about things and if we don’t know then go find the information. Real information not opinion (like this blog) and decide for ourselves!!!


Nobody told us we could – so…

We have forgotten what it feels like to feel free in our very souls. On a very intimate level we have allowed others to dictate our divine right to think. We have lost our courage to act with integrity.

All because some expert has not given us the permission to be whole.

They didn’t tell us to….

2 thoughts on “Tell us what to dooo!”

  1. There is way too much information to learn, that’s why there are experts. It is true, everyone MUST figure the most fundamental thing out for themselves. But still, humans need teachers.


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