Baby Yoda sparkles and Normalization

Instead of writing about how we are being f*ed 6 ways to Sunday, how it is absolutely being documented by historians, financial experts, scientists and doctors, or the insanity of two sides of the deep swamp pretending to be polar opposites when they are not, I thought I’d write about aliens – I mean – why not? It feels far less crazy than the rest of it.

I’ve recently put a lot of thought into the normalization of the weird in my life, because I ran across a couple of interviews that made me think about it. Grant Cameron interviewing Terry Lovelace, and then Preston Dennett, and The Higherside Chats interview of Mathew La Croix, and lastly The Q’s Objective with Dr. Salla. 

My contact has always been mostly telepathic for two reasons; its easy and I’m a scaredy cat. But, in frustration trying to put some picture of my life together I once again said to the aethers in general that I wanted to remember in detail and maybe see a few phenomena for myself, to whit, I was instantly reminded that they agreed to my memory loss and no see policy, because I asked for it! I then said, “Well, I’m revoking it!”

So, on all hallows morning at around 12:28 am, I awoke to something banging into my dresser drawers. I woke up very quickly because that is usually what I hear when my beloved Diesel has a seizure. I looked on the floor, he was sleeping soundly and so were the cats for that matter (odd because once I am coherent my fat cat thinks its my sacred duty to feed him immediately) so with a sigh I put my head back down on my pillow when by the corner of my chest of drawers I see (the room is almost dark – we have an insane amount of light coming from a three story apt building that has halogen laser-gulag-lights that shine into our upstairs and come through room darkening blinds) a cute baby Yoda, maybe max 3 ft high standing there wrapped in sparkling rainbow light. I blinked, I raised up onto my elbow to really look, and realized that I was terrified. Well, I should say, my body was terrified, but my mind was enchanted. I put my head back down on the pillow and wondered if I was still dreaming until I realized that I now had to pee and knew that I had to get out of bed, out of the warm nest of blankets and visit the bathroom and sit on a cold toilet seat for the duration of that cold operation or I’d be in pain for the next 4-6 hours of sleep.

While I sat there with a cold derrière (at this point I was really quite awake) this conversation ensued: 

Them: “Do you see?”

Me: “Yes, appearances aside, the vibe is so different that my body was shocked/frightened, not so much my mind.”

There was great humor in this 20 second exchange and compassion. I have talked to these people for my whole life, they know me, and there must not be much importance to my life’s path in being able to be in 3D to 3D presence, or I perhaps would have worked through it by now.  I’m what you call a body empath – I feel others emotions through picking up the frequency of their physical presence, so my body and I work pretty closely – but the terror my body felt conflicted with the sight of the baby Yoda who was so cute and amazing. This however was one of the first times that my mind dominated this type of quixotic event. Actually I was embarrassed to have been so physically frightened, but they were proving a point to me and were not offended. Compassion. I still want my policy revoked, Imo, I have to get used to this. I want to get used to this. This week I have remembered some stuff, little, normalized, stuff, that is suspect in light of listening to Terry and Preston. Like the time I heard noises out side of my second story window when I was fourteen or fifteen and went and got my mom. When she heard them too we both looked at each other and she got that look of iron determination and opened my drapes. All either of us could see were two huge luminous eyes staring at us. Then instantly we both recognized the face of a racoon. We laughed – sort of – and went back to bed.

However, how did it get up that far, and why was it not in our garbage cans instead of at my window on the other side of the house where nothing was going on and why was it trying to get in my window at 3 am in the morning? 

Or the time I was dreaming that hundreds of black orbs were coming through the ceiling across the room and out – I woke my mother and she said she was dreaming the same thing, only the orbs were white.

Then there was the time that I had two green round spots of light on my bedroom wall – another 3am-er, that I got mom up to come and see, that were not being projected from any point in my room. (we checked) I had forgotten about the these events until listening to Terry tell his story. 

Terry talks about being awakened from chest pain and nausea, winding up at the hospital. I’ve had that happen twice – not the hospital part – and wondered if I didn’t have heart problems. I went and got a stress test and found out my heart is really strong…

Did we ‘normalize’ an event to make it reasonable when we shouldn’t have? Normalization can be good and also quite bad. You can normalize bad behaviour, bad diet, weird events, even good things like a life style change. It’s like practicing an instrument or becoming so used to arthritis pain that you don’t feel it – all so you can just go on. Or like the madness we have all been going through this year – they are just waiting for us to normalize it all… Do you really remember what it was like before the Stupid CV and masks, or are you going to be feeling just a little too free if it was lifted at this very second? Hmmm?

I’m going to put together a notebook of these things as I remember them, but wasn’t this more fun than thinking about the real lunacy going on right now?

However, do I need to point out what we are now ‘normalizing’ that we shouldn’t be?

Apparently I didn’t know Baby Yoda Sparkles was a thing until I looked it up to find a picture for the article – this is basically what I saw standing by my chest of drawers, just imagine the sparkles all around him.

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