How much is enough?

How much suffering is enough? I suppose the suffering is over when a person, group, nation or world decides it’s had enough. How about when we decide (for real) that we must all rule ourselves instead of foisting that responsibility off on someone else? 

If Trump wins do we settle back into not caring and go to sleep again: allow the more vocal and power hungry to lead us instead of leading ourselves (which got us into this mess in the first place)? Or if Biden wins we will have to take the fight for the freedom of our souls down to the last grain of sand on the planet? If the vaxines win – the vehicle for the expression of our souls in this 3D reality will be so severely limited it might take hundreds of years to fix it – or not at all.

Is the” event” just hopium? Because the only hope left would be if we All wake up.

Even if Trump wins, the” Event” is necessary. It’s necessary for space travel. For getting off the planet. If Biden wins, well, the event (whatever it is) will be necessary to just stay human. Trump = progression—> Biden = regression<—

However, if the truth comes out either way, we will (there’s that pesky word ‘will’ again) still have to stand and deal. If we gain truth, insight and awareness (such that the fight goes on and doesn’t go out of us) there will still be as many interpretations of that truth as there are people on the planet. I’m not quite sure what that would do – where it would leave us or what result it would produce.

What if we really are avatars that were created for someone else’s use, that woke up, developed sentience and decided we wanted to create our own destiny? 


What if 20,000 years of history has been hidden-and manipulated so all that what we think we know is wrong, all wrong: enough to change society forever once we figure it out, wrong.


What if we really are a planet of refugees from an ancient war, with amnesia and this long ride on this rock has been a recovery from the fragmentation of our souls back to wholeness, except that now, we really don’t want to face the truth that put us here? It’s plausible that both sides got stuck here: it would explain some of the animosity, hate and fear…

What if all three things are true?

And last but not least this could all be some dream playing out in my mind in allegory and symbolism while I lay in some hospital bed somewhere, deep in a coma or in suspended animation in a ‘matrix’ somewhere trying to find my way out…

Yep, that last one prolly is it… that makes the most sense, I suppose😜😂👌

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