6 Steps

Dream: was handling an almost kindle size device that was supposed to be a phone. It was Very Clumsy- 

To write I must slow my thoughts down enough to ‘speak’ them in my head. Then even slower to write them long-hand and even slower to do it clearly enough for this device to decode it back into digital text: to send to my computer, for me to correct the letters I wrote that it couldn’t decode… What a process. It’s sometimes so slow that my fingers try to write ahead of my inner speak and I skip letters or words. (This doesn’t happen with paper.) All while errant thoughts skip through my brain that I sometimes lose. 

The thoughts come more as feeling/impulse that must be translated into words… The process is laborious. The only good thing is that it is mostly done instead of a retype/rewrite into the computer. That step is eliminated. However what I write here is immediately “cloud-ed” and is no longer private. For that reason, I still keep a paper journal for thoughts that are strictly personal.

  • Feelings
  • thought speech
  • to this tablet
  • to computer via email
  • to One Note
  • to WordPress 

6 steps before publication to the world. By the time this process is done I have had the time to refine the words, their flow & meaning & my point. All to process my tiny thoughts to the world. So many filters from floating input into my brain to output into the world! Really nothing direct about it. Very much like the process we go through to create what shows up in our lives.

As humans go, we must have that many filters from soul to action in a 3D world. However instantaneous we feel it is, it isn’t. We are many steps away from original thought/impulse to action (manifestation) out here. Most of it subconscious at that. (We are unaware of most of it.) Imagine how many steps in our process can be interfered with and hijacked. (think media here)

Interesting thought: levels before 3D appearance. Caroline Myss says you know what will happen in the future because you spent last week creating it in your thoughts and attitudes. This is why meditation is important. It helps to put positive, organized, coherent thought into unwitting creation on a daily basis. Especially to those of us right brainers who spend a lot of time floating out there or “in” there like a helium balloon let loose to the sky.

That is why writing is such a valuable tool for me. I started it in my 20’s to help discover my inner intentions and what role they played in the daily creation of my life. Mainly because my life sucked and I wanted to find out why I was doing this to myself…lol An effective tool.

That started with the recognition that I created what I was living through moment to moment with my thoughts. What comes before thought? Intention. What then was the core motivator? In time, (we are in time) what was the lag between thought/emotion/intention before it showed up in your life? Over the years it has shortened for mankind, as we have become more self-aware as a race depending on what we are creating, its complexity and its involvement with others.

Errant thoughts can be the hardest because they involve belief structures that guide your thoughts and therefore present a creative “fence” that you need to understand and most times dismantle to make any progress in understanding ‘How’ you do this. You become aware of all the inner voices that create the confusion and eliminate your choice. Just almost like the involved process I go through to write and develop an idea for Word Press. Not counting the time I sit still and listen/feel for the idea to come through in the first place.


                    -And the first step is always the Question.

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