There is an abundance of information coming at us on all sides, all day, all night, all the time. Some of it we know is lame – like the lame stream media, some of it not so lame, some of it decidedly fringy and yet we gobble it all up. It seems as though there is one thing we are all in agreement with: we dare not miss that single, one, lone piece of information that will be the lynch-pin to make everything else fall into place.

Therefore, we consume and consume until we have literal indigestion, our bodies giving us the loud and clear message of, enough is enough! But we keep on relentlessly consuming knowing that there exists a solution – one bit of information that will be the answer and then we can go back to some assemblance of ‘sort-of-normal’. All the while not realizing that along with the poisoning of our bodies by the vaxines, (misspelling meant) they are poisoning our minds as part of the pandemic. Which if we weren’t so preoccupied by the rest of the bull shit, we would figure out in a short second. (oh they so don’t want that) 

All of the systems we have for public protection and health are compromised due to being vaxed or walking away in objection to the vax. Our military, our police, our fire fighters, ENT’s, our truckdrivers, our nurses and doctors, and our teachers. (however right now schools have become the new stranger-danger…) Those small town mom and pop stable, been there for generations shops and business have been run out by the corporate systems trying to take over the world, our judicial system is in shambles, and nothing that used to support the people  exists anymore. 

However, imo, hopefully we will get to the place like Melbourne, where it won’t matter anymore – where we will just have had enough and hopefully have half the balls they do and STAND UP IN PROTEST. USA Today polled 1,000 registered voters on what ‘Lets go Brandon’s” single most important thing for him to do should be in the next year. Overwhelmingly they all said “Resign/retire/quit.”

We are in a crisis of epic proportions and we have a child in our highest office to lead us out of it and he can’t even read his cue cards…. AND NO ONE SEEMS TO REMEMBER WE THE PEOPLE ARE HIS BOSSES…. We pay all of these idiots salaries! We should all go watch the infamous TV show called the Apprentice and learn how yell at the top of our lungs:


(PS, the Pepto is in the bathroom cabinet.)

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