Little old ladies…

I woke at 2:24 from a dream where someone was convincing me that earth was a closed system, connected to nothing, in a vacuum, locked in a non-space. Almost like that place that superman locked up the criminals from Krypton. I asked questions in this dream and the more I asked the nastier the answers got, until I was left with a picture of the planet as a white dot of poisonous mold. 

The last thing I said before I broke communication was 

“You are wrong! Earth is an open system within a vast universe.”

“You can’t prove that.” it said.

I replied, “I don’t have to, I’ll take it by faith and my gut!!!”


My body was in discomfort, I got up to pee and stumbled back to bed, doing some deep breathing and finally fell back to sleep. You know, I don’t care whether I should have proof or not, I know it deep it my heart, but I imagine that is what the slime wants us to believe. 

They are really loosing when they come to attack little old ladies in the middle of the night.

Then this morning on the way back from getting groceries (brats n burgers because it will be 70 degrees today!) I was ruminating on that dream and Zing! Into my head came one of those complete pictures with body feelings and emotion and cognition. It was powerful. 

Imagine that soon here, the constraints we are living under just disappear, and the effect is so profound that it feels like coming up from immense pressure like deep scuba diving. It felt like my soul could breathe, finally. My body could breathe, the light could get through to it and all I could think was there it is! The clarity was stunning. And I could only hold it, embody it, for a about 30 seconds before it started to fade, but it was amazing. 

Interesting that the dream sucked you-know-what, but the morning’s direct cognition was a billion times more powerful and true. I’m putting it out there because I want to share what was given, and because you all should know what it felt like. It’s a reality and I feel like its coming soon.

Hold on, keep standing, its almost here. 

2 thoughts on “Little old ladies…”

  1. Losing…. Not loosing…. Just sayin… there are forces at work that would take your breath away…. Just sayin…


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